Walking Ballista


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Rare

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Walking Ballista

Artifact Creature — Construct

Walking Ballita enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

: Put a +1/+1 counter on Walking Ballista.

Remove a +1/+1 counter from Walking Ballista: It deals 1 damage to target creature or player.

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Walking Ballista Discussion

vryidr on Atraxa, Counter Queen

4 hours ago

Vigor, Tangle Wire, Walking Ballista, Doubling Season, Ezuri, Claw of Progress, Nissa, Voice of Zendikar all seem real good if you're trying to stay with the +1/+1 counter theme (which, despite my personally playing superfriends, is the coolest way to go imo).

JoshFox on Glittering Company

18 hours ago

SlappyBob you are probably right. I don't play combo. I just loose to them. And that was one of my losses. I've got him down to 5 life and I'm dominating the board. All he has is Devoted Druid. I've got Drown in Sorrow in hand. I'm waiting for one more combo piece to drop before putting the nail in the coffin. He plays Collected Company which plays Vizier of Remedies and Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip. He taps for infinite mana. He scries through the deck. Plays Walking Ballista for infinit power and kills me.

The bottom line is I lost to my own error. With the dominate board state I should have just kept the board clear and won the game the next turn.

But I thought the reach of the Ballista might help you in some circumstances. Perhaps against a Prison deck?

multimedia on Energy Elves (XLN)

1 day ago

My new test too see if this deck is going to work in new Standard, can I beat Ramunap Red without a nut draw? The answer to this so far is no. I can't consistently beat Ramunap Red with this latest version.

Ruin Raider is not going to work and Rampaging Ferocidon shuts down Aethersphere Harvester life gaining. Harsh Scrutiny has been very good at taking Hazoret before she can hit the battlefield, but other than Scrutiny black has been very underwhelming. Winding Constrictor is not even safe anymore because of Lightning Strike. Fatal Push is also not reliable enough as removal now in the matchup because Evolving Wilds is too slow to trigger revolt.

Some positives in the matchup are green, Ripjaw Raptor is most of the time a 2 for 1 or more and Shaper's Sanctuary has been very good to get some card advantage from all the abilities that make creatures unable to block. These two together in my control are especially good for me. Walking Ballista has been fantastic in the matchup.

The next step is back to the drawing board and adding red for Harnessed Lightning and Glorybringer.

JoshFox on Glittering Company

1 day ago

Vizier + Druid + Duskwatch = Infinite Mana + Infinite Scry. Pull out the Walking Ballista. End of game. This happened to me off of CoCo. I just now stopped crying.

JAPuckett85 on Corpsejack Constrictor

1 day ago

I will probably add another Kalonian Hydra, but Mistcutter Hydra only seems good as a sideboard against Blue/control decks. The thing I like about Protean Hydra is that its ability is a DTA (delayed trigger ability). So if I spend 4 mana on it with 2 Hardened Scales in play, it would enter the battlefield as a 5/5, right? (Could just as easily be 2 Winding Constrictor, or any combination of the two). Say I am able to block something with 3 power on my opponent's turn- then the 2 Hardened scales actually trigger separately for EACH +1/+1 counter removed, so that during their End Step, my Protean Hydra becomes a 14/14. Or I could simply remove a single +1/+1 counter from Walking Ballista on their end-of-turn, which with 2 Winding Constrictor in play would have exactly the same effect as I just detailed, making it able to attack as a 14/14. I would have to try it in some games first, but it seems doable.

multimedia on Golgari Works in Standard! [XLN]

1 day ago

Hey, 2x Deeproot Champion is not enough to matter. You want this card turn two and that won't happen consistently enough playing only two. Consider cutting it for Walking Ballista because of it's interaction with Ripjaw Raptor and great overall versatility.

22x lands is not enough land when playing 9x six drops and no Attune with Aether or Commune with Dinosaurs. You're going to want 24-25x lands here. Consider cutting Sword-Point Diplomacy for 2x more Evolving Wilds since it helps to trigger revolt for Fatal Push. A 9x and 7x pairing of basic lands is also kind of risky. You risk drawing only one color, but adding more Wilds can improve the chances of having the right color land. Don't expect to get Drover of the Mighty every game turn two and also don't count on it living to actually ramp you. Unfortunately you're counting on Drover's ramp too much for the deck to function.

You're relying on your six drops Tyrant, Vraska, Noxious to be win conditions which is a great variety, but you need to stay alive long enough to cast them. I recommend building an early game defense with Narnam Renegade, Gifted Aetherborn and Gonti, Lord of Luxury. This deathtouch defense will buy you time to get six mana to play your big spells. Something like a 4x, 3x, 2x split between the three. Bone Picker is not reliable enough to use as a defensive creature in the early game when you need it. If you could always cast it for one mana than it's great, but for four mana it's very lackluster.

Good luck with your deck.

Z4k16 on Stratified Tier 1 & 2 List

1 day ago

Kyomeii apologies I am new to the page, but in my opinion since the edition of paradox engine it is near impossible to build an arcum deck that isn't tier 1.


that's my deck with arcum.Citanul Flute + Paradox Engine + Arcum DagssonThis allows me to cast my entire deck, Citanul Flute for a 0 drop creature ( Ornithopter ), cast it then use it for Arcum Dagsson to search for something to give mana ( Sol Ring etc.), then repeat with the Citanul Flute. then Aetherflux Reservoir or Walking Ballista to win. You can cast your entire deck this way,if you get down Quicksmith Spy you can infinite draw too, I like to cycle Junk Diver and Myr Retriever with Arcum Dagsson + Paradox Engine for infinite loop.

GrimlockVIII on Nayasaurus Wrex!

2 days ago

While Champion of Rhonas does seem like an interesting addition, you would sort of need to focus the deck around him or something in order to make it work.

Like, you can't have Otepec Huntmaster in the same deck as Champion of Rhonas because they contradict one another. Why rely on Huntmaster's ability to cheapen the cost of your Dinos when Rhonas just ignores said costs when you exert him?

Walking Ballista would also counteract Rhonas because if he's brought out through Rhonas's exertion ability, he'll just have 0 Power and Toughness since you ignored his ramping mana cost.

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