Prismatic Omen


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadowmoor (SHM) Rare

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Prismatic Omen


Lands you control are every basic land type in addition to their other types.

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Prismatic Omen Discussion

Lorkhan on rainbow small angry men

17 hours ago

You might consider Aggravated Assault and Neheb, the Eternal to go with Radha, and Combat Celebrant to go with Reconnaissance. Bear Umbra and Sword of Feast and Famine go infinite pretty easily with Najeela out. And if you find yourself running into mana troubles, Prismatic Omen goes nicely with Chromatic Lantern.

BreadOfJustice on 360 degree angel

1 week ago

Prismatic Omen is a good choice for five color deck, IMO. Darksteel Ingot, Coalition Relic, Chromatic Lantern, Mana Bloom, Mox Amber and Pillar of Origins are super great Mana fixers, and I love Path of Ancestry/Cavern of Souls in this deck. I am glad you included Maelstrom Archangel, great angel!

RoutineInsanity on Looking for help on making ...

1 week ago

But as far as the type of deck....I have no idea. It's bounced between a bunch of ideas. Originally it had Prismatic Omen and Howl of the Night Pack then some cards to pull Night Pack back from the graveyard a couple times. It was a kinda late game condition but it worked at first. Then it never worked. And that's what the whole thing is. I'll try something and it'll work, then when it stops I'll focus on something else but keep the old thing. So really idk where it's going

garrukhunter98 on Ramos, dragon engine the blessed by the mighty ods

1 week ago

I would go with Mana Confluence instead of City of Brass, since it can't be manipulated to deal the one damage by opponents, unless you have something in the deck that prevents that one damage. With the Chromatic Lantern, City of Brass would still deal the one damage to you, while Mana Confluence would give you the option to pay 1 life or just tap to add the mana with no repercussions. The same fact is true about Prismatic Omen.

Forbidden Orchard and Reflecting Pool are also good options to replace the City of Brass. The 1/1 that Forbidden Orchard gives to opponents is negligible considering a lot of the creatures you are playing are way bigger than that, and it is like the one damage you would take from City of Brass could be dealt to someone else. Reflecting Pool is also good with all of the fixing that you have already. Deathrite Shaman is also a good card to have, especially with the 10 fetches that are in the deck, and just the graveyard hate that it brings along with it.

Progenitus_Likes_Hugs_Too on Tatyova - Weird Land Stuff

2 weeks ago

Her ability actually isn't draw a card off playing a land, but rather draw a card of a land entering the battlefield under your control. That's a crucial distinction for this deck. I'm not necessarily going for tier 1 here, I'm going for some goofy synergies with Life and Limb.

If I have life and limb out, and a saproling enters the battlefield under my control, that technically counts as a forest (a land) entering the battlefield under my control. Triggering Tatyova. If I have life and limb out with Arcane Adaptation (naming saprolings), then any creature enters the battlefield as a saproling, hence as a forest, triggering Tatyova. I could Mind Bend my Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth to forests for life and limb, or have Realmwright or Prismatic Omen make all of my lands forests for life and limb. For the silliness of making all lands saprolings.

Those are some of the main pieces of the deck. Much of the rest of the deck plays into these cards. I'm confident that 44 lands will feel like enough with my general, though play testing will prove that. Not only will I be drawing with Tatyova off lands entering the battlefield under my control, but also off of any saproling that enters the battlefield under my control. That could prove to be a massive amount of card draw.

For example, if I have Tatyova, Sporemound and Life and Limb out, then I've created a mandatory loop that will draw my entire deck. I could play a forest, triggering sporemound and creating another saproling, which is also a forest, continuing to trigger sporemound. Every one of these saprolings will trigger Tatyova. I could draw my deck out with Laboratory Maniac, or end the mandatory infinite loop with Snapback. This is just an example of what I feel to be a goofy way to try to win the game. It'll be fun/funny if it works. Again, not Tier 1, but it should be fun to play.

I am already running many extra land drop effects, including exploration.

And Cyclonic Rift is a good addition to any deck haha, but my copies are in other decks. So I didn't slot it here.

Thanks for commenting! Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

TheDuggernaught on Ramunap and Azusa in Knightfall?

2 weeks ago

I was able to cram 2x Scapeshift and 2x Prismatic Omen into my knightfall list and have success. I am sure tossing Ramunap Excavator and Azusa, Lost but Seeking in the mix would be fair. Most CW Company lists I have seen run 1 Azusa and 2-3 Excavators. So I would either go 1 Azusa and 3 excavators or 2 Azusa, and 2 Excavators. I would personally lean towards the 3 excavators as I feel as though he is generally more useful.I would also maybe want to look at Aven Mindcensors then? At least in the side? Mindcensor is just so good at turning your Path to Exiles into the best removal in the format, and Ghost Quarters into strip mines -- all while retaining your ability to search. And then Tireless Tracker... But that might just be transforming the deck into GW Company splash blue for Retreat, lol.

Starsky2814 on Omnath, Locus of Armageddon v2.5

1 month ago

Looks like I must have overlooked that aspect of Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and Prismatic Omen having great synergy together. Now it makes much more sense why it should be included. I might give it a try after all. Thanks for clearing that up, PhyrexiaUnleashed.

Falrek on

1 month ago
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