Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack


: You may put a creature card from your hand onto the battlefield. That creature gains haste. Sacrifice the creature at the beginning of the next end step.

Sneak Attack Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Ashlen's Bosh | Game Knights #38

1 week ago

Honestly surprised there is no Draco in here.

Plenty of ways to cheat him, and indeed others, out. Sneak Attack being one of them.

Ancient Stone Idol should have also been in here. Then when it does, you retain a 6/12 body. That's some serious value, man.


1 week ago

Personally, I would love to add Sneak Attack because it’s effectively a discard outlet with an upside. But the new Purphoros costs 5 to play and 3 to activate, which is a lot more. He is indestructible, but enchantments are hard to touch anyway. He’s too much mana for me. As for the old Purphoros, he does get a lot of extra damage in, but he doesn’t fit this deck perfectly. This deck goes tall, and not wide, so we don’t get as much out of him as we could. He’s still good, but he can be taken out of the deck if needed. He’s better than Torbran, though.

Icaruskid on Godtrackers of the Sky

2 weeks ago
  • The magic number for me was 13 ramp spells and 37 lands.
  • Sneak Attack and Quicksilver Amulet are strong alternatives to Mayael if she gets hated out.
  • Scroll Rack is not nice to have but almost a must have to improve your hit rate on Mayael.
  • Speaking of miss percentage and number of power 5+ creatures you run:

Fat | Miss %

20  | 32%
21  | 29%
22  | 27%
23  | 25%
24  | 23%
25  | 21%
26  | 20%
27  | 19%
28  | 17%
29  | 16%
30  | 15%
31  | 14%
32  | 13%
33  | 12%
34  | 11%
35  | 10%
36  | 9%
37  | 9%


2 weeks ago

A few thoughts! I'm a Feldon lover myself.

In my experience, Sneak Attack is absurd, surprise surprise. Your deck is full of powerful creatures that you wouldn't mind sending to your graveyard. I'm also fond of new purph for similar reasons, though obviously he's not nearly as broken.

Gamble is a super powerful tutor effect, and again, you don't mind when things go to the graveyard. It gives you better access to your kiki conscripts combo, as drawing 1 is common but both is harder.

Ruination is absurd in mono-red, enough said. If it's too mean for your tastes, that's fair.

Small critiques:

I think Mind Stone is better than Worn Powerstone. It's playable on t2 and doesn't compete with your 3 drop feldon, it carries less opportunity cost by making mana right away, and it cycles when you don't need ramp.

I think Tormenting Voice is better than Goblin Lore. You don't need a volume of cards in your graveyard, you need 1 or 2 specific targets in there. I would also give a shout out to 1 mana options that let you play feldon on 3, then loot and activate on 4, like Insolent Neonate or Merchant of the Vale, though admittedly these 2 options carry card disadvantage(although I think they're better than Rummaging Goblin). But I think TV is a pretty strict upgrade to GL because it will never mess you up by discarding noncreatures that you needed.

I don't think I see any graveyard hate in your list, and given the low opportunity cost of it, I think that's probably a miss. Obviously the premium option Relic of Progenitus hurts you somewhat, but cards like Soul-Guide Lantern or even Scrabbling Claws are sometimes very powerful, and when they aren't, they cantrip away at almost no cost to you. Anytime you can hurt an opponent while remaining card neutral for 1 or 2, I think it's a huge deal.

Wihito on Baevictis & Friends

2 weeks ago

Coward_Token: I'm slowly making the deck more creature heavy, so I might exchange the two of them later on!

zulado: I used to have Drownyard Temple in the deck but the cost felt like it was too much each time, and there's little space for colorless utility lands so I'd rather have other card take the sacrificial role for Vaevictis. There's too little benefit from trample with Dragon Fangs, while haste is a huge benefit from Dragon Breath. Thanks for the suggestions though!

VorelNailo: Splendid Reclamation along with Life from the Loam would be the first cards I'd put in if I ever scrapped my "only permanents" restriction! The other cards fits well with a creature token strategy, which this deck doesn't have. Though I'd like to put in more non-creature token generators because Oath of Druids is a pet card of mine and having it putting out heavy threats is awesome.

king-saproling: Used to have Herald of Leshrac but it felt too slow for its mana cost. Mimic Vat looks like a much better fit now compared to last time I considered it! Path of Discovery and Titania, Protector of Argoth are good additions but I'm very unsure on what to take out for them. Replaced Sneak Attack with Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded to power down the deck, but if I get my hands on a Sneak Attack I'll put it in! Not a fan of the one time use Generator Servant, I'd rather have repeatable haste enablers and mana rocks, and I'm trying to lower the number of small creatures for Oath of Druids to accidentally hit.

king-saproling on Baevictis & Friends

2 weeks ago

This is beautiful. I really dig your intent behind the deck too. Ever considered these? Herald of Leshrac, Mimic Vat, Path of Discovery, Titania, Protector of Argoth, Sneak Attack, Generator Servant

DemonDragonJ on Double Masters Speculation

2 weeks ago

DeinoStinkus, "Skittles" is a nickname for Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon, which I feel does not make sense, because, following his name, I would say that his nickname should be "Skithles."

Also, the fact that Sneak Attack was a mythic rare in Iconic Masters does not mean that it needs to be in this set; if Sharuum was downgraded, why not sneak attack, as well?

RNR_Gaming on Double Masters Speculation

2 weeks ago

Most things have certain rarity due to the draft environment. Though I'm not sure about the exact break down having Sneak Attack at rare would be super busted especially with blightsteel and skittles in the set

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