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Battlebond (BBD) Rare

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Creature — Human Wizard

When Spellseeker enters the battlefield, you may search your library for an instant or sorcery card with converted mana cost 2 or less, reveal it, put it in your hand, then shuffle your library.

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Spellseeker Discussion

AlwaysSleepy on Zur Doomsday

1 day ago


Sadly, I think it's a worse Grim Tutor, and since I don't play that card, I have not played Spellseeker.

I'm not sure how I feel about Merchant Scroll lately. It's really just grab High Tide or Force of Will and I much prefer getting the latter since the list doesn't really need HT as much to go off any more. I also cut Candelabra of Tawnos so there's that, too.

I'm with you in waiting for something stronger in that slot. But I'm not sure when it will happen lol. I've been medium on Scroll/Grim lately but elect to play the Scroll.

Hjaltrohir on Locust god edh

6 days ago

This is looking super good! A few suggestions:

Lebleu1806 on Ezuri, Claw of Contest

1 week ago

Hi ThallionDarkshine thanks you for your comment, i very appreciate it !

I never think the Trinket Mage can find Walking Ballista or Hangarback Walker, forr me he can just tuto Skullclamp. Walking Ballista it's my greatest creature i put marker on and a tuto for it is very good, i will probably put it in !

Spellseeker is a great creature tuto who trigger ezuri, is a great addition too i think i will probably try her.

Craterhoof Behemoth is my bulldozer ! Just with 2 creature and ezuri, you can win the duel, It's a wincon like Cyclonic Rift. Anyway, if my opponent play a mass removal and i can't counter it, i'm in bad situation. If i draw a lot a small 1 CCM And Craterhoof Behemoth i can win after that.

SynergyBuild on Grixis Twin

1 week ago

You can make the decklist without Spellseeker or Grim Tutor, mk?

ThallionDarkshine on Ezuri, Claw of Contest

1 week ago

I feel like a Trinket Mage package would be really sweet in here. It would let you find Walking Ballista for removal, Hangarback Walker for tokens, Hope of Ghirapur for protection, or Skullclamp for draw. Additionally, the new Spellseeker seems very good here, finding removal, other tutors, counters, or protection. Finally, a card that I've loved playing in my multiplayer Ezuri list is Temur Sabertooth. It can help save your stuff from board wipes, reuse powerful etb triggers, or even just generate a few extra experience counters. I'm not sure if it's as relevant in duel commander, but it feels like it's still a powerful card.

One thing that I'm not a huge fan of in this particular list is Craterhoof Behemoth. While it's a ridiculously powerful card, I'm not sure you'll have enough creatures for it to be worth 8 mana most games. However, you have experience playing the deck, so maybe it works better here than I am guessing.

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

1 week ago

My main thought behind Grapeshot was that one of the main goals of Spellseeker was to grab you a tutor to get Ancestral Statue. That is its primary purpose, with its secondary role being to grab counter magic if you are ready to combo.

I was looking to see if Spellseeker, after getting Statue, could pull double duty and get a win-con as well. I haven't done extensive testing yet (10-12 games thus far), and I've yet to play a game where I have drawn into Spellseeker. Heck, I somehow haven't drawn into Imperial Recruiter in any of those games either. So yeah, all I'm working from is basically initial impressions here.

I picked Pact of Negation out of the other two options because Spellseeker can't get FoW and Mental Misstep is more conditional than Pact. But almost every time I've had Pact in hand and am ready to combo off I've not had enough mana on board to actually pay the cost if my combo failed despite having the Pact in hand. I was never in the position to use the Pact to stop someone else from comboing off without losing on my next turn, and I was in an "all or nothing" position if I used the Pact to defend my combo. Am I just missing some sort of setup that other people do to make the card safer to play? It tends to sit in my hand a lot.

I playtest a lot against a Flash Hulk/Hermit Druid type deck, so I can certainly appreciate what some free counterspells can bring to Animar, but I can't seem to beat my horrible luck with those cards. Is Mental Misstep the better option to run?

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

1 week ago

@ JMCraig lol, you sound so beleaguered in that last comment. You don't have to run it if you don't want too, I've just been in a mood for debate over the past few days and I thought the whole Grapeshot thing was worth discussing. Sorry if I've been a pain.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is and included Grapeshot in my own deck to test it out. Spellseeker isn't as great in my list because I don't own copies of Sylvan Tutor or Gamble. I took out Birthing Pod, Zealous Conscripts and an Island for Spellseeker, Grapeshot, and Pact of Negation just to see how things work out.

My current results are that I don't actually see Grapeshot much. I had it in an opening hand during one test, and it offered the possibility of sniping a couple mana dorks if I wanted to cast it early to slow opponents down. Choosing to hold on to it, it ended up being a backup win-con because having Ancient Ziggurat in play meant that I wasn't able to squeeze out both the Grapeshot and an Eldritch Evolution for Statue in the same turn. You could blame that on Grapeshot for not being a creature, but I've always had issues with Ancient Ziggurat due to those sorts of situations so I guess you could cast judgment either way.

Other than that though, I haven't actually drawn into Grapeshot in any of my tests thus far. It is the same thing like with all the other cards in the deck that aren't part of the usual tutor chains, they tend to end up in statistical limbo where they only seem to pop up on odd occasions unless you specifically tutor for them. On the upside, never drawing Grapeshot means that it is never a dead draw.

Brutalizer Exarch has been putting in work though. It's become the card that I tend to get the most often with Fierce Empath. I should have taken your advice on that one sooner.

Sloanan on EDH Inalla Wizards

1 week ago

I see you're running Bloodline Necromancer. If you're looking for a good and easy way to win, I'd thoroughly recommend finding a place for a Ashnod's Altar. Aside from being a great sac outlet that can really ramp you ahead with all of the token copies you make, it goes infinite with the Bloodline Necromancer, making infinite copies of it with haste so you can swarm the board (or cast Inalla and use her ability if someone is using Ghostly Prison or whatever). It's also a very solid option when you've got a bunch of wizards with counters on them and a Marchesa out.

On the subject of counters, I'd also suggest finding a place for Sage of Fables and Metallic Mimic if you can, as those can give your wizards a little more kick for combat and all, which is generally one of their weaker aspects.

I don't have my decklist online yet, but I built mine primarily as a tribal reanimator deck that abuses creature sacs and ETBS, then reanimates them to do it again. One of my typical lines of play involves putting out a Direfleet Ravager, making a copy of him, saccing both, cast something like Animate Dead on it, creating another copy, and by that point the table is drained enough that even my smaller wizards can swing for lethal. I also run Living Death and Patriarch's Bidding, as those reeeeeally help the deck have some longevity. A lot of my deck also involves looting, for which I'd recommend Champion of Wits as well, as that'll move things along quicker for you.

Spellseeker has also done some work as of late. Vedalken AEthermage is the tutor wizard you mentioned and well worth the include. AEther Adept is also a good choice as well, making for some solid tempo swings. Anathemancer can sometimes be a great finisher if you can find ways to reanimate it. Sower of Temptation is also good, as you can steal a few creatures off of it (plus you can oftentimes sac them if you've got a sac outlet and they try to kill the sower).

Seeing that you also have a Dualcaster Mage, I'd encourage getting Ghostly Flicker for the deck. If you cast flicker on whaever, then flash in the dualcaster mage, you can go infinite and make enough wizards to kill the board. Same for Naru Meha, Master Wizard with a kicked Rite of Replication (the copies will die due to legendary, but you can make infinite copies of every creature on the board with all the ETBs).

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