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Island Discussion

DarkEagleX on Patron of the Mill

1 day ago

Switching out all instances of Island for Snow-Covered Island for better use with Extraplanar Lens

Argeaux on Blockage [1st Match 2-0 Win]

2 days ago

SomeJustice thanks for the nice Comments on this deck.

My preference is for gender neutral language because when predominantly male pronouns are used it implies that no females use this site.

It's tricky to know what changes to make to this deck in order for it to be more competitive as I probably wouldn't have even chosen these colours, if not for the challenge.

I tend to choose cards/colours based on where I think the current set of cards are pointing, or for a set purpose, rather than choosing colours first and going from there.

I guess one obvious change would be to the lands.

I would adjust those to look like this:

6x Island
7x Plains
4x Port Town
4x Prairie Stream
3x Rogue's Passage

Knight of the White Orchid would probably be a better fit than Topan Freeblade, although I do like the Vigilance of the Freeblade and the chance for it to turn into a 3/3. There's also the issue that you need to play the Knight.

if budget was no problem I think Declaration in Stone would be a better fit than Claustrophobia.

Of course I'm just thinking of these cards off the top of my head. They would all need to be playtested. I might make some changes, test them, and get back to you.

123katty on Forged from the Lightning and the Flames

2 days ago

I don't think that AEtherling is necessary. Six mana is nearly always too much for Modern unless the card wins quickly. AEtherling may seem good with its varied abilities, but you pay too much to activate them when you could be casting your other spells. I think you should cut it for another Young Pyromancer, because the card is just so powerful.

The land count can also come down to around 22. 25 is quite high, and you'll be seeing too much land where you need spells. Perhaps consider swapping an Island and a Mountain for a couple of Delver of Secrets  Flip, although I'm not 100% sold on that because you only run 19 instants and sorceries.

There is a similar kind of deck like this which relies heavily on instants and sorceries for value, Blue-Red Delver. Maybe you could look through the list and pick out some cheap cards you like. Here's a link:

DasTree on Combo the Miz

3 days ago

Here Are the updates....

Taken out

Lightning Bolt, Magma Jet, Mental Misstep, Relic of Progenitus, Swiftfoot Boots, 3xIsland, Epic Experiment

And this is what when in. I feel it beefed up this version of the combo miz. I like the additions.

Zealous Conscripts, Tandem Lookout, Pestermite, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Deceiver Exarch, Breaching Hippocamp, Splinter Twin, Intruder Alarm, Elemental Mastery

Are the additions worth it? Did I take out the right cards? Is this deck gonna blow their minds? Any and all feedback is welcomed.

Fiat_Luxia on The Clues to Hedron Alignment

3 days ago


-2 Confirm Suspicions -1 Overwhelming Denial -1 Island

+1 Reflector Mage +2 Essence Flux (more opportunity for clues/bouncing creatures) +1 Mountain


3x Invasive Surgery

3x Send to Sleep (Nahiri can destroy tapped creatures and if we get spell mastery, very good)

3x Stasis Snare

3x Negate

safearus on Grixis Eldrazi Aggro

3 days ago

If I can offer any suggestions for you here's what I've got to start with:

The manabase is lackluster. Using Evolving Wilds is great, however you need to get some duals into the deck.

Sunken Hollow or Smoldering Marsh for instance in place of some of the basics you currently have.

Example: change

-- Remove 4 Swamp

-- Remove 4 Island

-- Remove 4 Mountain

-- Add 4 Sunken Hollow

-- Add 4 Smoldering Marsh

-- Add 4 Shivan Reef

This will not only fix your mana for casting the colored spells but should also help you produce the colorless for abilities of the cards you're playing.

If you're looking to play this deck as aggressive as possible you should also consider some number of Reality Smasher. He's pretty hyper-agressive and harder to remove than most creatures. Another decent addition to this list would be Matter Reshaper. He is a 3/2 that can replace himself when he dies.

Hopefully this helps some!

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Goryo and the Brain

4 days ago

I'd change up the manabase a bit. How often do you get to 4 lands? Fast lands have a lot of potential to just be ABUR duals in here.

Start with 3 Polluted Delta, 3 Bloodstained Mire, 1 Blood Crypt, 1 Watery Grave, and 1 Steam Vents. Then add 1 Island, 1 Swamp, and 1 Mountain. Finally, 3 Blackcleave Cliffs and 3 Darkslick Shores should round it out. With that manabase, if you find that you aren't getting your color fixing often enough, then cut 1 Blackcleave Cliffs and 1 Darkslick Shores for 1 more Polluted Delta and 1 more Bloodstained Mire.

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