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Island Discussion

Xydroth on Flushed away (budget mill)

13 hours ago

I playtested this deck against my brother. Who plays a counters deck. And uses Dromoka's Command. And... it kinda fuucked me up...

So he killed my first Sphinx's Tutelage. And i was so happy i got my second one. Then he got the command back with Den Protector and it was game over... Second game i had 2 Sphinx's Tutelage in my hand. Played my first. Had to sac it cuz you know... command. Played my second... another command... So yeah, I agree we need Duress.

So i was thinking, how to make it a deck... And the upcomming landcycle from Battle for Zendikar is gonna be great! But we need to adjust the deck for it a lot to work.

Zendikar dual landcycle

So i think we want 4 Duress and 2 or 3 Read the Bones. Sadly Read the Bones is relatively expensive to cast. so i think we dont want to much of it so we can keep drawing cards and dont get stuck with too few mana to spend. That's why idd say to keep Tormenting Voice since it is cheap and it fuels our deck for our treasure cruises. So we need to drop Divination, and the 4 Magmatic Insight and a few lands to get 4 Duress and 3 Read the Bones.

Now we need to change our landbase. I think we'll go back to 24. So something like this

5 Island

4 Swamp

3 Mountain

4 Swiftwater Cliffs

3 Dismal Backwater

3 Sunken Hollow

2 Smoldering Marsh

Still adapting on what is best, this is what i just came up with. We still need a good way to gain some life...

Figag on Islands

15 hours ago

And then I, the Island player, would put your tears on my side of the table increasing my watery strength. YOUR CRYING IS MAKING MY DECK BETTER!!!!!!!!!!

Krhaynes1 on Islands

22 hours ago

Honestly part of me wishes Wizards of the coast would ban Island. Let's be honest here any deck with blue in it is mean, but this deck is vicious. If I ever played against this deck I literally, not figuratively, might cry.

Deception975 on The Deck That is Too Good To Remove Cards Help!

1 day ago

Well, first take Derevi, Empyrial Tactician out of your deck list, since it is your commander.

You could do without Hibernation's End. Unless you are only using it to search for a 1 or 2 cmc creature. Unless you don't mind paying the 4 or 5 upkeep cost to keep it on the field to search for a 4 or 5 cmc creature.

You could do without Medomai the Ageless. You don't really need that extra turn.

And lastly, either Dryad Arbor, or an Island.

smackder on Islands

4 days ago

QuantumTCG Shh don't tell the pros!

Behgz Don't question what an Island is or isn't ;)

alex105008 This was the biggest problem i was thinking about when i first released the deck, if it catches on too much the whole meta will just be flooded with Island decks, hope wizards doesn't ban Island's any time soon...

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