Basic Land — Island

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Island Discussion

Raxterflex on "how many cards are in your graveyard?"

15 hours ago

+2 Flooded Strand, +4 Watery Grave, -3 Swamp, and -3 Island. Consider Thought Scour and Crypt Incursion in the sideboard.

Lame_Duck on Do you want Myr? Because that's how you get Myr!

1 day ago

Thanks for the suggestions but Vedalken Engineer would require me to add some Islands to the deck, which I don't really want to do, and Myr Superion is a card that I use to have in the deck but removed because it's actually way worse and clunkier than it looks like it would be. I typically can't cast it until turn 4 and a 5/6 on turn 4 is just not that great and while it is pretty good imprinted on a Prototype Portal, it's still usually worse than any of the other good targets in the deck.

capriom85 on W: Green Blue Standard H: ...

2 days ago

I am looking for the following cards (and others in my binder):


2x Thing in the Ice  Flip

2x Traverse the Ulvenwald

I am also willing to take foil Forest and Island as filler for any trad that "isn't quite there".

Zicca21 on Tattoo worthy MTG Art?

3 days ago

Golgari Rot Farm and Gravecrawler are probably not ideal, to help you take some cards off the list. Full art lands would be cool, like the bowl islands from Zendikar.



Vampire Nighthawk

Brisela, Voice of Nightmares

But actually, in black and white, I'd do Emeria Shepherd. That looks pretty awesome.

Manuel_Ch_S on Delver Pauper

4 days ago

chaos5 Shuffle away late game extra Island and Daze with Brainstorm + Evolving Wilds

MindAblaze on Centre for Disease Control

5 days ago

Wonder also counts Breeding Pool and Underground Sea, so with all my fetchlands I almost always have an Island. That being said, I never want to draw it, so I see your point.

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