Basic Land — Island

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Island Discussion

pinkhamster on Best Deck EVER

2 days ago

You have way too many Islands, swap them out for Storm Crow.

VexenX on Egyptian God of the Rising Sun (Butts up!!!)

3 days ago

Hata98: Adding Gifts Ungiven was a goof.. can you tell I am not a blue player? lol

It is weird to hear someone say "To much card Draw", but I think you have a point.. lol. I honestly think Rhystic Study provides the best draw in my deck. Maybe it is just my playgroup, but I will draw at least 2-4 extra cards a rotation off this. Also, Skullclamp is good, but all the Zombie Lords make me not want to sac as much, thus the Clamp is not as good. I am making the following changes:



what are your thoughts on these changes??? I could really use the feedback haha

timboc19 on Izzet Though?

3 days ago

This deck is really fun when it gets going! Only critique is I find that 1/3 playtests, I can't find blue even after mulligans. Maybe swap one Island and Mountain? More than one Guttersnipe just makes everything hurt so bad.

TheBooman on 7 Deadly Sins, 7 Ways to Win... 7 Your Desires

4 days ago

I agree with all these changes, as for mana base, here's what I am running and what is working for me at the moment:

4xAether Hub

1xBlighted Fen

3xFetid Pools



2xSpirebluff Canal


2xWandering Fumarole

2xSmoldering Marsh

Matrixxx999 on Somebody stop me!

5 days ago

Well, I counted nine targets for fetchlands:

  1. Godless Shrine
  2. Hallowed Fountain
  3. Island
  4. Plains
  5. Scrubland
  6. Swamp
  7. Tundra
  8. Underground Sea
  9. Watery Grave

But to be honest, I can only recall a couple of games in which all the fetchlands were used.

I also had a lot of games in which Chromatic Lantern was on the battlefield. So all the lands (including fetchlands) were helpful.

clayperce on Rats! Lamest Combo Deck Ever.

5 days ago

True that. Even if a deck is nothing but 59x Island and a Storm Crow, I'm gonna rec' Island and Storm Crow :-)

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