Basic Land — Island

mana symbol t: Add mana symbol u to your mana pool.

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Island Discussion

shinobigarth on Budget list intended to beat ...

13 hours ago

DesolatorMagic's latest claim as the best deck in current standard. he says it "steamrolls everything it goes against." what are everyone's thought on it? I'm skeptical because he makes that claim with every deck he builds.

3 Mercurial Geists
3 Abbot of Keral Keep
4 Stormchaser Mage
3 Mage-Ring Bully
4 Niblis of Frost

4 Titan's Strength
4 Borrowed Hostility
3 Brute Strength
3 Expedite
4 Rush of Adrenaline
3 Uncaged Fury

10 Mountain
5 Island
3 Wandering Fumarole
4 Shivan Reef

Furiosto on Denyx Felyschief

16 hours ago

lagotripha Those seem like sensible changes even tho I hate cutting out Clever Impersonator, it's one of my favourite cards xD. If you don't mind helping me a bit further I'm trying to figure out how to fill in my mana needs. How about:

4xArcane Sanctum

1xDismal Backwater

1xScoured Barrens

1xTranquil Cove

4xTerramorphic Expanse

4xEsper Panorama




I can adjust 5x plains or island and one less Swamp if I feel like it would benefit the deck seeing as there isn't much of Swamp action.Tnx

monkeyprophet on Blue Black Undead Zombies

1 day ago

What about adding Cryptbreaker to full up your graveyard ready for shenanigans and provide you with card draw, and Haunted Dead as a cheap self re-animator. A possible tempo play from this:

T1 Swamp, Cryptbreaker

T2 Swamp, activate Cryptbreaker discard Haunted Dead

T3Island activate Haunted Dead, discarding Prized Amalgam and something else (in a perfect world, another Prized Amalgam or a Geralf's Masterpiece.

By your end step you'd have Cryptbreaker, zombie, Haunted Dead, spirit token, Prized Amalgam on board.

ChiefBell on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

1 day ago

My 3-deck budget metagame:

  • Mono-mana symbol g Elves Beatdown (Aggro)

  • mana symbol wmana symbol b Tokens (Midrange)

  • mana symbol umana symbol r Domain Control (Control)

Proposed metagame:

Aggro beats the control deck almost all of the time due to how fast it is. The control deck has answers in Pyroclasm and Wildfire but one is unreliable against the elvish lords and the other costs too much mana to reach before they die.

Control beats midrange most of the time due to how effective its answers are. The midrange deck can't do a whole lot until turn 3 or turn 4 which gives the control deck plenty of time to set up some ramp and land a Pyroclasm or Wildfire. In the late game the midrange deck just can't do a whole lot about Frost Titan given how hard it is to hit and the fact that a lot of its token producers cost 3 mana whereas Mana Leak costs 2. I am worried about the control deck losing to discard and removal because it only plays 4 Frost Titan. I may add a singleton Wandering Fumarole to give the control deck 5 threats. It really should win against midrange so I'm trying to facilitate that.

Aggro versus control is the typical coin flip. The aggro deck is much, much faster but the midrange deck has a good suite of discard spells and also plays 2 Zealous Persecution. Whichever wins depends a lot on opening hands and skillful play. Both have a lot of potential.

EminentRogue on Emrakul's Budget Control Force

2 days ago

i really like this deck and was thinking about constructing it soon, prolly juss throw in the Turn Aside in the sideboard for the heavy removal matchup. prolly swap it with the Nagging for Niblis of Frost hes useful and could totaly fit the deck its just hard trying to substitute with whats alrdy in the deck. i'd prolly say maybe a swap with 1 Island and 1 Prism Ring for 2 Niblis of Frost. see if it doesnt mana fuck you juss by ridding 1 mana.

Happymaster19 on Attrition Faeries

2 days ago

I was going to recommend swapping two Rivers for the Grave and an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. That Tomb can help your River stay online and Mutavault gets the colored fix that stung you. It's nice when you can keep your opponent fearing something like Victim of Night with just a Mutavault and an Island untapped. Not a necessary switch but possibly something to help smooth the edges on a great deck. I like the idea of a more painless manabase as it could be more accommodating to Thoughtseize.

costrander3689 on U/W Geist

2 days ago

I like the chances of this deck to catch someone off guard, especially as there isn't much like it in the current modern meta.

Question, though. Why do you bother to include Watery Grave? You'd be better off with 2 Islands instead. Makes the deck flashy, but you have no way of using the black as your deck is now, and it either slows you down or shocks you for the same effect you could get from just an island

Ullvantar on A treerible combo

3 days ago

Thanks for your comments hutthemutt! To run three colors I'd need to spend some more cash on the landbase which I'd rather not at the moment. As for Engulf the Shore I was thinking about that but with only 6 Islands it feels as if that four mana will just be a worse Languish- not sure though. I do run Unsubstantiate in the sideboard which is a similiar spell but for a single target.

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