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Basic Land — Island

Island Discussion

gnarlicide on Gather round, kids. It's story ...

20 minutes ago

So I am playing standard with this guy. He was on Jeskai Tokens, I was on UB Control.

Game 1 I got absolutely blown out. I was never able to get anything going and promptly died.

But game 2, whoa. After siding in my Aetherspouts, Tasigur, 3x drown in sorrows and Silumgar, I was ready for a swift death in game two.

Fast forward: so it's my opponents turn 10. I am at 5 life after his attack with his 3 goblin tokens and he has 1 card in hand. He passes the turn, in which I cast Jace's Ingenuity, he responds with Stoke the Flames.

Shit. I am at 1 life. So I begrudgingly draw my three cards and untap my lands for my turn 11.

I draw Tasigur, the Golden Fang

I play my eleventh land, (hitting my land drops was the only good thing to happen so far) and count the cards in my graveyard. I have exactly five cards (sweet, Tasigur is online for 1.)

I look at my opponents graveyard. I see three Lightning Strikes and four Stokes. He also has no cards in hand. Hell yes.

I delve Tasigur into play. Opponent says it resolves. I activate his ability, with nothing in my graveyard. And I mill...

An Island and Silumgar, the Drifting Death. The opponent looks and says: "one more land and you could have played it this turn."

I look down, and count. I move the swamp that played Tasigur away and the four lands for his ability away. Leaving me exactly six mana. My palms get sweaty.

Wildcard, bitches.

I slam Silumgar down faster than you can say, "fuck your tokens, dawg"

And the dude looks crushed.

He untaps his lands, and draws. Hoping for a lightning strike to kill me, he reveals a Raise the Alarm. Lol.

He scoops.

Game three was majestic for me. I dropped an Ashiok, and stole his Monastery Mentor after a couple turns.

He starts getting flooded and I decided to cast Heros Downfall, jaces ingenuity to pump up the four tokens I already had in play from my counters earlier. And beat his ass in.

I just wanted to share my epic game 2 haymaker Tasigur into Silumgar slam. I hope you enjoyed it.

smackder on Islands

1 day ago

Analog_98 You can't hide the Island no matter how hard you try!

cooldude145 on Temur Monsters

1 day ago

try 4x Frontier Bivouac, 7x Forests, 7x mountains, and 6x Islands so you can hit early threats like Savage Knuckleblade

zandl on Your best Duels 2015 deck?

1 day ago

I've kinda gotten back into Duels 2015. After the meta diversified itself from being 40% Spider Spawning variants and 40% R/W Tokens, there is actually a lot of fun to be had.

I've been rocking Grixis Control from awhile now with decent success on the ranked 360 leaderboards (was in top 10 for awhile, then I started experimenting...). It had 3 Darksteel Ingot and 2 Obelisk of Alara as a stabilizer/finisher backed up by a ton of removal, counterspells, and bombs (i.e. Griselbrand and Inferno Titan).

I've grown bored of that, though. While it was consistent and strong, the games took forever and aggro decks were always a challenge unless I saw Anger of the Gods or got a lucky break. I decided to start looking for something faster with more strength in turns 4 and 5.

I looked to Green midrange strategies as an archetype to build around, what with Cultivate being amazing and giving me either Stormbreath Dragon or Arbor Colossus on turn 4. But then I started losing really hard to bigger control decks that could wipe out my first few threats and then go toe-to-toe with my later ones (or just cast Spider Spawning 7 times in one game). The search continued for an answer.

I'd been toying around with Goblin Tribal for awhile considering there are a ton of great Goblins in the game. With Goblin Bushwhacker, Krenko's Command, Goblin Rabblemaster, Goblin Arsonist, and Foundry Street Denizen, there's definitely potential. Add in Raid Bombardment, Trumpet Blast, Quest for the Goblin Lord, and Shock, and the deck essentially built itself. I wound up being stuck in games where I ran out of steam too early, especially when Rabblemaster would be killed early, could be blocked efficiently (I'm looking at you, Guard Gomazoa), or just didn't pop up at all. I needed some way to generate fuel in the mid-game turns without having to resort to utter garbage, like Burning Inquiry.

I turned my attention to a splash of Blue, seeing both Military Intelligence and Bident of Thassa as possible support. A few iterations of the deck went by and I found myself staring at an evenly split U/R Tempo list. It was fun and could hold up to a lot of different archetypes by drawing insane amounts of cards over the course of the game. Now my only problem was that I would lose my opening creatures and then peter out before I could get much from my draw engines.

Then, in February's small expansion, along came muthafuckin Young Pyromancer. After dropping 3 copies of Hellspark Elemental for the 3 copies of Young Pyromancer I received, there's been no looking back. This is what I'm currently sitting on:

U/R Tempo (11-2 ranked 1vs1 record)

Creatures: 19
4 Cloudfin Raptor
4 Triton Shorestalker
4 Goblin Arsonist
3 Young Pyromancer
2 Chasm Skulker
2 Goblin Rabblemaster

Other spells: 20
4 Vapor Snag
4 Shock
2 Void Snare
3 Military Intelligence
4 Krenko's Command
1 Trumpet Blast
2 Bident of Thassa

Lands: 21
9 Island
8 Mountain
4 Izzet Guildgate

Now we're cookin' with gas. The goal is to use either 1-drop creatures that have some form of evasion and/or an overwhelming force of tokens to crash through for damage and draw a ton of cards. After playing ranked 1vs1 on 360 this morning, the deck is currently sitting at a record of 11-2 with the only losses being caused by unreasonable land-flooding. (Seriously; how do I draw 13 lands out of the top 18 cards? Twice?)

What's your pride and joy in Duels 2015?

Analog_98 on Islands

2 days ago

If you wanna really throw people for a loop, you should make the featured card a mountain. They'll never see the power of Island coming!

sharkudi on Talrand And The Wizards Off The Coast

2 days ago

gotta say. been loving this deck. +1 again if I could. Azami, Lady of Scrolls (or any kind of Archivist creature) works well with Mind Over Matter as well, plus She gives ONLY YOU 2 cards a turn with Talrand, Sky Summoner and plays well with the small Wizard tribal theme.

Psychic Spiral can often hit for a bunch. I run mostly Islands in mine and find Back to Basics to be a nice card to buy time. Flow of Ideas fits the basics theme as well. or are the cycle lands that good?

Logic Knot is another UU counterspell most of the time. what are your thoughts about Jace's Archivist, Jace's Erasure, or even Jace's Phantasm? Visions of Beyond?

Much respect on the build! Best of luck to you and thanks again for the inspiration to play mill again.

Magicrafter on Best basics to pimp out ...

3 days ago

Odyssey foils. Island

Zerwolf on Temur Speed (Grand Prix Competitive)

4 days ago

So, i have been using this deck for a bit with a few modifications, Mostly Removing 1 Forest and 1 Island to fit the 60 Card criteria, and then mixing around a bit with the mana base, specifically putting 2 Shivan Reef in there, and im in love with the whole idea. Almost every game im able to hold control over the board with constant threats from my big creatures, forcing out attempts at removal, which im mostly able to counter, one way or another. Im thinking that Frontier Siege might be a card worth looking into, aswell as Temur Ascendency, since your card draw is lackluster, even with Shaman of the Great Hunt. The haste aspect is also good, for the most part.

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