Basic Land — Island

: Add to your mana pool.
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Island Discussion

Minelia5 on 6000/6000 Fabled Hero? Me likey!

17 hours ago

Maikello. I'll try, but I'm kind of lame with my sideboard.A general side is

In: 2x Aqueous Form, 2x Daxos of Meletis, 2x Gudul Lurker, 3x Island

Out: 3x Plains, 2x Ordeal of Heliod, 2x Phalanx Leader, 2x Nyx-Fleece Ram.

Hope this helps! I'm kind of pathetic with this as I already said.

alanwescoat on Blue Steel (ver. 2.0)

19 hours ago

I played this at another casual event today. There were eight players. I played three rounds.

Round 1 against Abzan, I lost the dice roll and lost 0-2.
Round 2 against Mardu, I won the dice roll and won 2-1.
Round 3 against Abzan, I won the dice roll and won 2-1.

I finished in fourth place. I am still running 50/50 against Abzan. Far too much of MTG boils down to the roll of the dice. Whatever the case, I am sure of one thing: Negate needs to be maindecked. For the time being, I plan to roll 2x Hangarback Walker and the 2x Military Intelligence to the sideboard to make room for Negate.

The most difficult thing about dealing with Abzan lately is Abzan Charm. My opponents always have it in hand by turn 3 and always have the mana to play it on turn 3. After that, they always manage to draw a second or third one, no matter what the odds are against it, so I generally only get in one swing with anything enchanted with Ensoul Artifact.

Game 2 of Round 1 was a nightmare. I had a great draw with two Island. On turn 1, I dropped Island, Ornithopter, and Bonded Construct. On turn 2, I dropped my second land, played Military Intelligence, attacked, and drew....Military Intelligence. On turn 3, I played the second Military Intelligence, allowing me to draw two cards per attack. I wound up drawing a total of five extra cards, but they were not helpful. No lands, Springleaf Drum, or Chief Engineer. Of the first eighteen cards in my deck that game, only two were lands, the two in my draw hand. By the time I saw a third land, my opponent was already in control of the game, and I never saw a Chief Engineer or Springleaf Drum that game. When I ran out of creatures is when I started to draw Ghostfire Blade.

The game I lost in Round 2 (Game 2) involved stupidly keeping a five-land hand. I simply kept drawing lands. I never missed a land drop by the time I resigned on turn 5 or 6.

Round 3 Game 3 involved a God draw. I was on the play and drew:
2x Ornithopter
Springleaf Drum
Ensoul Artifact
2x Negate
Despite topdecking another Ensoul Artifact, my opponent managed to delay losing for a few turns by playing a lot of removal, but he never stood a chance against a draw like that.

One thing I learned about playing this deck today is that if I have a lone Springleaf Drum in my hand, I should get it out of my hand and onto the battlefield on the firs turn, even if it means not playing a creature. The metagame is much too full of Thoughtseize and Despise to let that card stay in hand. I lost Game 2 of Round 3 at least partially because of that mistake.

smackder on Islands

1 day ago

paytolee Don't be silly 61 is perfect

imagnuson501 This deck has no problem with Tsunami, it literally just plays another Island

imagnuson501 on Islands

1 day ago

It's true. Island was the most clearly superior land back in the first few sets. Watch out for Tsunami

paytolee on Islands

1 day ago

Take out one Island... 61 cards is inconsistent...

smackjack on Tipping the scale

1 day ago

Probably 3x Tundra, 2x Volcanic Island, 1x Plateau, 4x Island, 1x Mountain, 1x Plains, 8x fetches

Argeaux on Monothopters

2 days ago

Currently playtesting with two copies of Rogue's Passage instead of two Island.

This deck is starting to have a bit of a combined Thopter and Unblockable flavour.

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