Basic Land — Island

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Island Discussion

Jimmy_Chinchila on Wrong Price? Full-art Foil Lands

18 hours ago

greyninja I'm fairly certain it goes off TCG player.

The thing is, it knows to post different prices for foils of every other card type, so I'm not sure why lands are different. Islandfoil icon, the original full-art lands from Zendikar appear to be correct. It may just be a programming oversight

emrakulinsmugglers on Wrong Price? Full-art Foil Lands

23 hours ago

greyninja do you mean that certain island's printings, or all islands? because Island

Jimmy_Chinchila on Wrong Price? Full-art Foil Lands

1 day ago

For some reason an Islandfoil icon is listing as less than a dollar. I've seen them go for $10, wasn't sure if it was a bug or something. Anyone have similar issues?

VETJasper on Krenko Combo/Aggro

1 day ago

Cool deck! Have you thought about Island?

StopShot on Can I activate mana abilities ...

1 day ago

@Neotrup, So wait, let me get this straight, because I love to learn and you honestly have my attention here. If for example we took the situation you gave with Player 4 casting the Wheel of Fortune, but instead of me (Player 1) sacrificing the Lion's Eye Diamond I pass priority, and Player 3, once they get priority, taps an Island for mana just because they feel like it does that mean Player 4, Player 1, and Player 2 actually have to go through priority again in order to actually resolve the Wheel of Fortune all because Player 3 tapped an Island for mana which counts as an action regardless if producing that mana had any use in the first place?

I'm not doubting you, but I feel like I got to be misunderstanding something here, because it sounds kind of silly, I guess? I mean it seems like its exploitable, because lets say me (Player 1) was secretly teamed up with Player 3 and I have a counter spell in hand for Wheel of Fortune, but I want to see if Player 2 has a counter spell they would use instead, and if Player 2 doesn't use a counter spell, Player 3 could tap an Island for mana once Player 2 has given priority to them which would delay the resolution of Wheel of Fortune again and I could use my counter spell on it since I would get priority again, is that correct?

I mean its a trivial situation, but I want to know it for sure just in case.

StopShot on Can I activate mana abilities ...

1 day ago

@Neotrup, That is incorrect. Mana abilities work differently than other abilities. Using Lion's Eye Diamond would be the equivalence of say Player 3 tapping an Island for mana once they get priority. Both abilities are mana abilities and do not cause another succession priority to occur as stated here:

Activating the Lion's Eye Diamond ability when I have priority would not give Player 4 priority again the same way Player 3 tapping an Island for mana when they receive priority would not give Player 4, Player 1, and Player 2 priority again. This is because the production of mana is something that can't be responded to and doesn't need a round of priority for every time you tap a land for mana. Same goes with Lion's Eye Diamond since its ability as well is a mana ability.

Zaueski on Your favorite phrase in Magic?

2 days ago

vbfabled: That's decent I guess... but wouldn't Island, Sol Ring pass be so much better? Or any of the other basic lands :P

chosenone124 on Infinite Blink Vendilion Clique

5 days ago

Suppose I have Palinchron, Deadeye Navigator, and Vendilion Clique on the battlefield, as well as 7 Islands. With this I can generate infinite blue, then shift the link to Vendillion Clique.

Can I say I want to blink Clique 1,000 times, then as a shortcut reorgder my opponent's and my deck, and set up our hands to have a specific set of cards?

Let's assume 75 card decks and 5 card hands for each player.

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