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Basic Land — Island

: Add to your mana pool.

Island Discussion

GlistenerAgent on Blood Moon hate for Grixis

22 minutes ago

Assuming you're on Grixis Control, make sure your basics consist of 3 Islands, 1 Mountain and 1 Swamp. Having 3 Islands is very important as Cryptic Command is one of the few ways you have to remove a Blood Moon that is in play.

About hating out Blood Moon: Play around it. Leave up mana to counter a Blood Moon, and be more cautious when using fetchlands or casting spells during your main phase. I wouldn't waste sideboard slots on beating the card. Engineered Explosives is a strong option that is useful in other mathups, so if anything play that.

Nexliser on The Mantlecrank <<T3 ∞ COMBO>>

4 hours ago

Storm525 I STRONGLY recommend throwing out the Codex Shredders for Gut Shot. The other thing is, I see a lot of basic land, so I'd take out 2 of each Island and Swamp for 4x Ghost Quarter. It can trigger the loop even if you don't have a card in your hand to do so. Otherwise cutting back on swamps in favor of a few copies of Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and some all your Islands is a great way to fix mana.

Other than those, this build is amazing. It's been a pleasure working with ya as we struggled through getting a good Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank combo build!

Best of luck, bro!

TheVectornaut on Speedy G/U Budget Infect (Concept)

15 hours ago

After some updates, I finally got my first turn 2 kill.

T1: play Forest, tap 1 green to play Glistener Elf

T2: play Island, tap 1 green to play Groundswell, tap 1 blue to play Distortion Strike, have opponent gain 3 life to play Invigorate, attack with 10/9 unblockable Glistener Elf for 10 poison damage.

I feel dirty inside. I'm also okay with that.

MoosemastheDestroyer on Rock 'n' Mill (and a list of all MTG's mill cards)

1 day ago

Hey man, always love to see mill decks in modern (I play one myself that's dimir colored and wins on turns 3-5). I don't really know if you're working with a budget or not but, if you're not... think about using Snapcaster Mage? It's an expensive way of saying to your opponent you're going to flashback your Glimpse the Unthinkable or Mind Funeral (which just happens to work very well for me if your match goes past turn 5).

You should maybe consider Archive Trap like CrimsonKing suggested because I highly recommend it. The amount of searching that goes on in modern really makes Archive Trap quite possibly one of the best cards for mill as you can cast it for 0 if your opponent searches early game. Also consider running the Archive Trap + Ghost Quarter combo as you can force your opponent to search as well (I personally love the combo because I've ended up many times in matches with 3x Archive Trap and a Ghost Quarter in hand turn 1 and it's just a very nasty thing to do to mill your opponent for 39 cards turn 1). If you're contemplating taking things out for this combo I would suggest maybe trying to take out your 4x Sunken Ruins and 2x Breaking for 3x Ghost Quarter and 3x Archive Trap. Sunken Ruins is nice for what it does but that's one Swamp or Island you could have spent tapping for something like an extra Glimpse the Unthinkable floating in your hand. You know what I mean?!

Fetchlands I'm not very fond of in dual-colored decks because you're better off using them in tribal-colored decks that use a lot of shocklands whereas in dual-colored decks you can use basic lands which are faster drops.

That Artful Dodge + Consuming Aberration combo nice and is always an old favorite. You have a nice shell for your mill. I hope I could enlighten you on some nice information man!

Entropyan on 2014-12-20 update of Evolving Legion ...

1 day ago

I would start with:

-4x Bioshift

-2x Ooze Flux

-1x Forest

-2x Reliquary Tower

+3x Island

+2x Gitaxian Probe

+2x Serum Visions

and move your sideboard to maybe-board.

Player3.14 on Auramastery

2 days ago

@OpenFire: Rancor is very, very good. Most Aura decks run five trample auras: 4 rancor, and one Unflinching Courage. I'm just doing it the other way around because I really need the lifegain. Thanks for commenting!

@kiy251: Thanks for all of those suggestions! Actually, I recently modified my mana base to help cast auras with more white in them. Right now, I only have four lands that don't produce white: 1 Island, 1 Forest, and 2 Breeding Pool. Occasionally I will have a problem with a WW cost, generally when I have two or more of the four out. I added a Wooded Bastion to help deal with that and it works quite well. Would you recommend another Wooded Bastion or maybe a Mystic Gate?

The Shadowmoor/Eventide cycle of auras looks very interesting. None of them bestows their full benifits onto more than any four of my creatures at once, so it's difficult to tell which is best. I'll have to play around with them and see which one I like the most; currently, my favorite is Shield of the Oversoul.

I like Stirring Wildwood because of its ability to resist boardwipes (and removal in general) and its ability to attack unprotected planeswalkers when I have no board presence, namely Liliana. However, for the reasons you stated, I could take it out. What would you recomend as a replacement?

Actually, Horizon Canopy would work as a replacement but it's way out of my budget range. Even the Daybreak Coronet streches my budget quite a bit.

I do like the Dryad Arbor. It's ability to be fetched and the fact that it can hold auras make it seem useful, but it doesn't have any removal resiliency and creates tempo loss by not being able to tap the first turn it's out. I don't know if I should use it, and I don't know what to replace.

I don't like Keen Sense that much. While card draw is good, I feel like in a deck with only twenty auras, each of them should give power/toughness plusses. I know a lot of aura decks run one or two, but I need to squeeze in lots of damage as fast as possible.

Auramancer's Guise is just like a bigger, more powerful Ethereal Armor. However, it costs a full four mana, the same as my top-of-the-curve Angelic Destiny. When I have two or fewer auras, Angelic Destiny is better, but when I have 3 or more, the Guise is better. I don't want to run more than three four mana auras, so I'd have to take out some Destinies to put it in. I'll have to do some playtesting and see.

I don't like the wings for the same reason as keen sense. It does seem like a fun casual card with big auras. :)

Bear Umbra is good, but I'd rather have Angelic Destiny or Auramancer's Guise in that slot instead of the umbra.

Dictate of Karametra costs too much mana. I would need its own ability to play it in the first place!

Again, thanks for all of the suggestions!

elvennoble on Best Blue Aggro Deck that has ever Existed

3 days ago

You need to update your deck, since m15 came out every deck has been running Forest instead of Island with their Storm Crow. Although it might get a bit pricey.

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