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: Add to your mana pool.
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Island Discussion

Halphinian on Can Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper's ...

15 hours ago

Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper's ability allows me to make a land a 3/3 elemental with haste every time I cast an instant or sorcery. I am thinking about making a commander deck around him, but I need to know whether I can cast one instant/sorcery (i.e. Cancel), awaken my foil promo full art Island, then cast another instant/sorcery (i.e. Fall of the Gavel), and put 3 more +1/+1 counters on that same Island, or can his ability only target a sleeping land (hehe see what I did there)

I could not find any rules regarding this, so please help.

pieguy396 on Grixis Eldrazi

18 hours ago

@t1stark, Thanks for feedback! I agree, Salvage Drone is a bad card. Fathom Feeder would make a nice replacement, but unfortunately, I don't really have the money right now. Same goes for the fetchlands. I would really like a playset, but I just don't have the cash to be able to afford a full set of them. I don't even have the Smoldering Marshs yet; I'm running 14 Island, 7 Mountain, 6 Swamp atm.

MADMatt7777 on Why doesn't Merfolk run 4 ...

1 day ago

I am fairly confused as to why Merfolk doesn't run 4x Cavern of Souls.

Here is my reasoning:

1) There isn't enough land hate in modern to threaten the it.

2) It is protection from Choke.

3) The deck only runs 1-3 counter spells in the main board.

4) You can still play AEther Vial off of it.

5) Even with all of the other non basic lands, you still have 10 Islands in the deck.

Maybe I'm missing something or overthinking it. Could someone hell me out here?

PixiRex on Black and Blue Eldrazi Ulamog

1 day ago

Because Theros now is rotated. it's only cards from dragons of tarkir and battle for zendika block plus card from Magic Origins that may be used in standard. You are going for a control shell. So I would suggest your finished version of the deck like this.


1x Blighted Fen

1x Spawning Bed

2x Tomb of the Spirit Dragon

4x Sunken Hollow

4x Polluted Delta

6x Island

6x Swamp


3x Salvage Drone

4x Fathom Feeder

3x Carrier Thrall

4x Eldrazi Skyspawner

3x Ruination Guide

4x Smothering Abomination

4x Blight Herder

2x Sire of Stagnation


2x Bone Splinters

4x Transgress the Mind

3x Titan's Presence

This can be better, this was just don quick. but here your want Ruination Guide and Blight Herder so you need ingest. and then attack with many small creatures. this deck, can go for bigger eldrazi, but then I would make it green blue instead.

t1stark on Grixis Eldrazi

1 day ago

To be fair Salvage Drone is a pretty bad card, and getting this thing on turn 1 doesn't really accomplish much for you (even against aggro matches). Benthic Infiltrator or Fathom Feeder would be better since they have relevant abilities to invoke ingest and late game potential.

Also, I would consider getting a play set of Bloodstained Mire and Polluted Delta even though they will rotate with Khans. This is what i would do if i were building this deck: 3 Sunken Hollow, 4 Bloodstained Mire, 2 Smoldering Marsh, 4 Polluted Delta, 10 Island, 2 Mountain, 2 Swamp.

kengiczar on What do you think of ...

2 days ago

@ asasinater13

Requirement 1: Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper.
Requirement 2 Jeskai Ascendancy.
Requirement 3: Lands, preferably at least 5 to actually grow your mana pool unless you have karoo lands or lands that can make more than worth of mana but the higher the costs of your instants the more you need.
Requirement 4: With just basics you will need 2x Island, 1x Mountain, 1x Plains and 1x any other land that makes at least 1 mana that can be used for P-walkers and Instants.
Requirement 5: To just make infinitely big lands you just need Clockspinning.
Requirement 6: To steal everything with Dack Fayden on the field you need at least one other card in hand. If Dack is not on the field and you don't have Mind Games in hand you will need 2 cards in hand aside from Clockspinning. To bounce everything with Capsize you will need to have a total of 7 lands animated that all tap for at least 1 mana and can be used to cast instants. To kill everyoen with Fireball you just need Noyan, Ascendancy, Clockspinning, and lands that can make 5 mana.

Jeskai Ascendancy says when you cast a spell you can untap all of your creatures. Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper makes your lands into creatures.

Scenario: Noyan Dar + Ascendancy on field and 5 lands animated, just some cantrips in hand. No Dack Fayden present in hand or field, no clockspinning, no Mind games.

Step 1: Cast a spell for as cheap as you can, lets say it's Ponder.
Step 2: Jeskai Ascendancy trigger goes on the stack.
Step 3: In response to the Ascendancy Trigger I tap my other 4 lands floating .
Step 4: I begin resolving Ascendancy trigger; I draw a card and discard a land then untap my lands.
Step 5: I begin resolving Ponder drawing into Brainstorm (Could be anything really)

Step 6: I use one of the mana in the pool to cast Brainstorm.
Step 7: Jeskai Ascendancy trigger goes on the stack in response to Brainstorm being cast.
Ste 8: In resposne to teh Jeskai Ascendancy trigger I tap my 5 untapped lands putting 5 more mana into my pool which is now sitting at mana.
Step 9: Jeskai Ascendancy begins to resolve and in order I draw a card, discarda card, then untap my lands.
Step 10: I begin to resolve Brainstorm and draw into Omniscience, which I don't even need, and Clockspinning.

Step 11: in the pool. I cast Clockspinning, going down to mana in the pool, targeting one of my lands animatied with Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper.
Step 12: Jeskai Ascendancy trigger goes onto the stack because of me casting Clockspinning.
Step 13: In response to the Jeskai Ascendancy trigger I tap my 5 lands putting my mana pool back up to .
Step 14: I begin resolving Jeskai Ascendancy trigger; I draw a card and discard anything because I don't need it. Seriously. I Untap my lands.
step 15: Clockspinning begins to resolve. I put a +1/+1 counter on one of my lands and put Clockspinning back into my hand as part of it's resolution. (It would not go back to my hand if it was countered as spells do not resolve when countered.

Step 11: in the pool. I cast Dack Fayden if I have it and then Clockspinning, going down to mana in the pool, targetting one of my lands animatied with Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper to make that land have another +1/+1 counter.
Step 12: Jeskai Ascendancy trigger goes onto the stack because of me casting Clockspinning.
Step 13: In response to the Jeskai Ascendancy trigger I tap my 5 lands putting my mana pool back up to , notice that the pool has been growing with each iteration and I untap my lands each time.
Step 14: I begin resolving Jeskai Ascendancy trigger; I choose not to draw and discard if I alraedy have Dack Fayden otherwise I draw and Discard supposing there is already 1 other card in my hand besides Clockspinning when I start this iteration. I untap my lands. step 15: Clockspinning begins to resolve. I put a +1/+1 counter on one of my lands and put Clockspinning back into my hand again.

Step 16: Repeat Step 10.
Step 17: Repeat Step 11.
Step 18: Repeat Step 12.
step 19: Repeat Step 13.
Step 20: Repeat Step 14.

If I didn't have Dack Fayden yet I keep repeating until I get him. Once I have him the sequence changes slightly:

Setting up the big Hesit
1: Cast Clockspinning.
2: Jeskai Ascendancy trigger goes on stack.
3: Tap lands floating even more mana.
4: Begin resolving Ascendancy trigger; skip draw if you have no cards in hand. If have a card pitch it and draw. Untap lands.
5: Resolve Clockspinning putting another Loyalty Counter on Dack Fayden.

Repeat this until you can ultimate Dack Fayden and then Ult him. If you have one other card aside from Clockspinning repeat until you draw Mind Games. If you couldn't keep up the looting off of Ascendancy because you had no cards in hand then just make your lands huge and swing for lethal at somebody. If you could loot just do the cycle over and over but use Mind Games instead of Clockspinning to steal everything. Make lands big enough to kill everybody with 1 hit. Win the game.

From here on out you can just keep on casting Clockspinning until you draw into whatever you want to do like Fireball, cast Capsize until only you have board sate, or if you've gotten Dack Fayden's ultimate, the buyback spell that lets you tap down permanents which will put triggers on the stack as soon as you targe them with Dack's Emblem, thus stealing them for you.

Note that their are actually TWO triggers on Jeskai Ascendancy. The looting is optional but you will untap your lands. What this means is with 5 lands you can just cast Clockspinning over and over again netting one mana of whatever color your lands can make each time without worrying about decking yourself and without losing hand size. As mentioned before you can just win the game with Fireball much easier than these fancier methods involving Dack and Capsize if you have Clock spinning + Fireball in hand when you start making infinite mana.

OnlyCarry on Something Something U/B

2 days ago

If you want to run control the most popular control involves using dragons as your win cons. It can get pretty expensive but U/B dragons can be built cheaply and still win.


Icefall Regent This creature is cheap taps their creatures and is a little bit tougher to be removed.You should run a 3 of.

Silumgar, the Drifting Death Its almost impossible to get rid of drifty because he has such high health and hexproof run 2.

Dragonlord Silumgar Great card and can easily win games only problem is he becomes a huge target for your opponent so you better have a counter in hand when you play him. Run 1 or 2.


Crux of Fate This clears the board by destroying generally everything and leaving you with your dragons 2 or 3 of.

Languish This is cheaper by 1 mana and can clear the board against more aggressive decks only problem it can kill your icefalls too. Run 1 in the main and 1 in the side.

Foul-Tongue Invocation Great card gives you life removes one of their creatures even if they have indestructible. Run 2 or 3.

Ultimate Price Cheap and effective great card but might not be as good as it used to be. Run 2 in the main and one in the side.

Complete Disregard This card could replace ultimate price because it can get rid of really annoying creature for good like Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip but personally havent tested it. Run 2 with Ultimate.

Despise Good card because it lets you see their hand and you get rid of any creature or planeswalker. Transgress is up for debate if its good but you can try it out for yourself as they are extremly cheap. Run 3.

Ruinous Path This gets rid of anything and has late game potetial because of awaken. Run 2 or 3.


Silumgar's Scorn Since you are running dragons take advantage if this card it basically can counter anything for 2 and at worst they have to pay an extra mana. Run 4.

Scatter to the Winds Counter with an upside. Run 2.

Spell Shrivel Havent played with it but looks pretty decent you can run 2.

Card Draw:

Dig Through Time This card is amazing you have to run 4 its just that good. You get to look at 7 of your cards and pick 2 all for 2 blue. Run 4.

Dragonlord's Prerogative Gives you 4 cards and its instant speed. Run 1 or 2.


Dismal Backwater Run 4.

Sunken Hollow Run 4.



You need both of these because its important you have 2 blue mana by turn 2 or 3. In the future you can invest in Polluted Delta and your deck will run soo much smoother. For now this should work.

ThisIsBullshit on Foil BFZ Basics?

2 days ago

Bowl Island is super popular from what I've heard, don't know what # it is

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