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Yggdrasil60 on Izzet Blitz Modern

2 hours ago

you should have at least one Island and one Plains , in case of Blood Moon :p

Hills on Jeskai Midrange

16 hours ago

what do you want to do here? you have a bit of everything but no clear goal in this deck. do you want to have more spells or be more agorish or mid-ranged? You have alot of combat tricks but hardly the creatures to make use with them.

Here is my take after some thought on your deck of changes you can make to sure it up a bit.

MB: 4x Monastery Swiftspear , 4x Mantis Rider , 3x Narset, Enlightened Master , 4x Jeskai Ascendancy , 4x Dissipate , 4x Lightning Strike , 4x Banishing Light , 4x Jeskai Charm , 3x Divination , 2x Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker , 2x Mindswipe (or Negate ), 4x Mystic Monastery , 4x Flooded Strand , 2x Shivan Reef , 2x Battlefield Forge , 2x Plains , 5x Mountain , 3x Island

Sideboard: 2x Negate , 3x Anger of the Gods , 3x Circle of Flame , 2x End Hostilities , 2x Chained to the Rocks , 3x Deflecting Palm

Just my suggestions anyways. Goodluck!

capriom85 on Mana dudes...when is enough enough?

1 day ago

GU Devotion was good to me during the RtR/THR Standard season. That said, I want to stick with it (mainly) for the THR/KTR Standard season. I will, however, be splashing Red for a few goodies like Stormbreath Dragon and surrok dragonclaw, buut at 2 of each I really don't want my land base to end up too far off because of having to include too many Mountain , Shivan Reef , etc. What I ultimately came up with are the following 3 strategies to offset the Red splash making things too difficult for me.

1.) Include a playset of Shivan Reef in the place of some Islands so my green mana base stays on par. Concerns: everything I spend red or blue on will damage me, but I feel the RU Temple is too slow. When I need red I feel like I need it now.

2.) Add a playset of Rattleclaw Mystic for my sylvan caryatids to pair with to make sure I have good chances of producing red. Concerns: No real red producing lands. This can be seriously troublesome. Also, will Sylvan Caryatid and Rattleclaw Mystic clog my deck too much with 2 drops? Are 12 mana dudes too many?

3.) Utilize Wooded Foothills in order to be able to grab the red when I need it, but also have the option of grabbing green if I find myself in dire need of it. Concerns: Not drawing into these means not drawing into my red sources (kinda). I can use Chord of Calling to tutor up Sylvan Caryatid or Rattleclaw Mystic , but that won't work here.

So, what seems like the right fix, or, more likely what I am expecting to hear, what is the right combo of these strategies to make it work? Again, I am really only looking to splash for Stormbreath Dragon and surrok dragonclaw (maybe Savage Knuckleblade , but not likely).

Here is the link to the deck as it is before THS/KTR season starts: Prayers at the Alter of GU]]

Elomentalist on Jeskai Burn

1 day ago

Why arent you playing Mantis Rider ? I build a similiar deck and tested it yesterday against a few creations. If they cant remove it and you are able to play him turn 3 its an easy game for you. There are not that many flying creatures so early in a game and you can also block Aggro decks, if you cant burn the creatures.

I also would remove 2 Island and 2 Mountain for 4 Shivan Reef . i think Ping lands will be a must have in a 3 color deck.

You also can maybe think of the Combination of Swan Song and Searing Blood instead of Negate and the Chained to the Rocks . Chained to the Rocks will be not as good as its now in your deck if you are changing the Lands.

TheAnnihilator on Cards that could be reprinted ...

1 day ago

Is an Island reprint too much to ask? I feel like it's too OP for a standard set, to be honest. But maybe...

Dake on Jeskai RabbleMantis

2 days ago

Ok, I like the deck a lot, as for the mana base, I find it hard to justify the 4 Flooded Strand when there are only 3 fetch targets to go for. I would drop a Flooded Strand and 2 Mountain and 2 Mystic Monastery for 2Bloodstained Mire or Wooded Foothills - anything that fetches a mountain- 2 more Battlefield Forge and another Island . If you ended up flooding on blue and it is awkward, instead of Island put in a Shivan Reef .

DarkMagician on Likelihood of Tarmogoyf getting banned?

2 days ago

At this point in his life Goyf is definitely not Ban Hammer worthy. If he had a way to protect himself then he'd have already been sent packing but as it stands he's just a vanilla beat stick (albeit the king of all beat sticks) that dies to an absurd number of cards. Slaughter Pact , Path to Exile , Rapid Hybridization , Beast Within and early game burn spells. Looks like the only player with the right to complain is the mono-red guy that shows up at every tournament. Or you can just splash your own Goyfs and be done with it. If you can't afford Goyf then you have no valid argument. Plus everyone is splashing for blue these days so should we just ban Island ?

I've seen this card compared to four main cards on here:

Wild Nacatl : First up is the little plucky bastard who has actually spent some hard time on the cold and lonely ban list. W. Nacatl is very similar to Goyf in strategy, drop him early and swing hard with him. Advantages over Goyf are his price (one mana less), his speed (starts swinging a turn earlier than Goyf) and how easily he grows (play a land versus filling graveyards). Biggest downfall when compared to Goyf is the fact that Nacatl will always be in bolt range. (Before you start arguing that as to big of a difference remember that every other removal spell I listed above handles Goyf as easily as it does Nacatl).

Scavenging Ooze : Next up is Scavenging Ooze, aka Scooze aka Goyf 2.0 aka Goyf 5-8. This guy is as close to Goyf as you're gonna get without playing Goyf. Advantages over Goyf are it's ability to grow larger than Goyf, it's ability to gain you life (insanely good in those grindy matches), it's ability to actually combat opposing Goyfs and it's ability to hose graveyard strategies. Disadvantages: Requires more mana and more effort than Goyf to grow.

Bloodbraid Elf : This guy is getting heavy comparisons because it got the hammer while Goyf did not. Goyf is far and away better than BBE as a beater (it's way cheaper way less mana intensive and way smaller) but BBE had two massive advantages, it comboed out and provided card advantage.

Deathrite Shaman : Lets face facts here, DRS isn't a creature he's a one drop Planeswalker. These two are compared because just like BBE they were played along side Goyf before getting the hammer and just like BBE it's not a beatstick on Goyfs level. Unlike Goyf though DRS is a win con by himself that isn't shut down by chump blockers and can hose both Graveyard strategies and Goyf himself.

Pyroshade on Pain Has An Element Of Blank

3 days ago

with path to exile being a prominent removal source in modern would it make sense to have a single Island in the mainboard, to use the opponents path of exile as a free tutor for the lone island to help with casting Hunted Phantasm ?

Absolutely love the deck, it has been a long while since i've seen a deck concept that is love at first sight! Good work! +1 Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.05 $0.2 $0.78 $0.77
Color(s) Blue
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 13.20
Avg. cube pick 13.47


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Pre-release Legal
MTGO Legal
Unformat Legal
Unknown Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Vanguard Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Noble Legal
Casual Legal
Hero Legal
Quest Magic RPG Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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