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Basic Land — Island

{T}: Add {U} to your mana pool.

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Island Discussion

howaboutno on Modern Evolving Shenanigans

52 minutes ago

After some real-world testing, I needed to balance out the deck a bit to deal with creature removal and couterspells, and to reflect my real world collection. Here are the changes:

1) Removed the 2 Bioshift ; not as useful in real life situations and I've had it used against me via Nightveil Specter .

2) Removed the 2 Cytoplast Root-Kin and 1 Polukranos, World Eater as I don't have them yet; currently debating whether to get them at all. I will probably stick with Polukranos if I can secure a few.

3) Swapped 1 Temple of Mystery for 1 Island because too many Temples tend to slow down my early game

5) Reduced Solidarity of Heroes and Sylvan Caryatid by 1 each to reflect real world collection. May consider getting them as they are both cheap and very useful.

6) Increased Cyclonic Rift and Simic Charm to 4 each for more general defence. May reduce them both to 3 if I can get another SoH & Sylvan Caryatid.

7) Added 2 each of Voidslime and Quash to deal with threats. Cards are on the way so currently I'm using 4x Dissolve as placeholders

thispersonisagenius on Should i splash blue in ...

1 hour ago

That's fine then. Play Goblin Electromancer , but make sure you can reliably cast it. Shivan Reef , Steam Vents , Sulfur Falls are your best friends.




Basic Island is OK too I guess.

The5thState on CampbellStev

2 hours ago

Hello, I am very interested in your judge promo Survival of the Fittest and I was wondering if you would be willing to take 9003 basic Island from m14 for the Survival of the Fittest . Right now islands are going for about a nickel each so you would be saving BIG on your end.

ShadowJ09 on When does it die?

1 day ago

pssr33: Attacks with Boros Reckoner

ShadowJ09: Blocks with Myr Galvanizer

-Damage goes on the stack

-Damages resolves

-Boros Reckoner 's ability triggers targeting ShadowJ09's Palladium Myr and goes on stack

-Damage resolves

My question is when does Myr Galvanizer die during this whole process? Can I tap Palladium Myr and one Island to produce three mana, then tap Myr Reservoir and bring Myr Galvanizer back to my hand, BEFORE the Palladium Myr dies?

sylvannos on Why is Mishra's workshop + ...

1 day ago

I remember when Trinisphere first got printed and it wasn't restricted right away lol...

sylvannos plays Mishra's Workshop from hand.
sylvannos plays Trinisphere from hand.
sylvannos "End my turn."
Player Two plays Island from hand.
Player Two "End my turn."
sylvannos plays Crucible of Worlds from hand.
sylvannos plays Strip Mine from hand.
sylvannos targets Island with Strip Mine .
System: Player has lost.

Rhagnarox on the blues

1 day ago

Space_Juice - Is this deck created just from cards you own? How would you like me to make my comments? If you want to keep it with cards you own, please post those cards into the sideboard/maybeboard in order for me to provide assistance.

That said, I do like where you are going with this deck. I do have a few things I want to say regarding synergy. Please remove Razortip Whip it has no place in this deck and is costing part of your effective draw. There is no need for 30xIsland at this point. Your draw ratio needs to stay as fairly even to 35~40%, difference has to do with overall cost (CMC) and land fetching. If you remove the whip and reduce the land from 30 to 23, this should draw plenty fast enough.

NicBudgetBuilderExtraordinaire on "And Just Like That... They Were Gone"

1 day ago

T1: Island , Phantasmal Bear

T2: Island , Lord of the Unreal , swing with bear, opponent 17 life

T3: Island , Phantasmal Image copying LotU enters as a 4/4, bear= 4/4, swing opp. 13 life

T4: Island , Krovikan Mist seeing 3 illusions (3/3 + +2/+2 from PI, and LotU)= 5/5 swing with all available... which is a 4/4 bear, a 4/4 Illusion, and 2/2 LotU, opp. 3 life.

T5: Attack with Krovikan Mist , win.

That is how I have done turn 5 wins.... turn 4 is harder, mainly done with KM and PI x2 each and others....