Basic Land — Island

T: Add U to your mana pool.

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Island Discussion

smackder on Islands

55 minutes ago

Saljen People tell me that 61 is the superior number of cards, the problem with getting rid of a Island is that the Island loses synergy with Island !

Saljen on Islands

1 hour ago

Needs to be trimmed to 60. I'd recommend getting rid of an Island .

TehCAnnable on Affinity luvin

16 hours ago

Lol I didn't see that first comment, my bad. :P I just feel like there's better lands than Tarn and Vents in Affinity, like your 4th Glimmervoid and Inkmoth Nexus . Also, I understand Affinity runs a solo Island for Path, I just didn't understand why 2 of them. If you make absolutely no other edits though, I'd at least get rid of your Tarn and a Memnite or Island and run your 2 Etched Champion mainboard from there

TehCAnnable on Affinity luvin

16 hours ago

I've got a few questions here. Most of my questions are going to be asked based on the amounts of certain cards used in the Affinity primer, found here

1) Why are you running only 2 Glimmervoid and replacing the 3rd copy with Steam Vents ?? Also, why only 3 Inkmoth Nexus and replacing that with a Scalding Tarn ?? And why 2 basic Island ?? Just curious.

2) Why are you only running 3 Springleaf Drum ?? The mana ramp on that card is incredible when paired with the sheer amount of 0 drop creatures, which is the same thinking behind Mox Opal . And you even run 4 of Opal. :P Once again, just curious.

3) What was your decision behind running fewer overall artifacts mainboard and completely moving Etched Champion to sideboard?? Your Metalcraft triggers are just going to be plain harder to hit that way. Also, why only 3 of Steel Overseer and why the extra Memnite ??

4) What meta are you preparing for in your sideboard?? I'm curious because you have a few strange choices in there that I'm wondering about.

Naronu on Jeskai Tempo/Aggro Deck

19 hours ago

Also take out 1 Plains for an Island .

GlistenerAgent on Land Arranging in Play

21 hours ago

I stagger my lands, and usually try to keep lands that tap for similar colors.

For example, all the Island s go together, the Breeding Pool and Flooded Grove go together, the Steam Vents and Cascade Bluffs go together.

I also try unsuccessfully to look cool when I tap mana, so I set my lands up in such a way that I can tap four lands for Scapeshift or Cryptic Command or whatever and look like a professional doing it. :)

Gruss029 on Land Arranging in Play

21 hours ago

I do something I've noticed that not too many other people take the time to do. When I'm playing a multicolor deck (pretty much all of them) I arrange my lands so the colors flow from one to another.

So from left to right in my Nekusar deck I'd have an Island , Temple of Deceit , stacked on top of a Watery Grave , Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth , then Blood Crypt . Makes it easy to see how much of each color mana I have. Do my fellow internet denizens do the same? Does it bother you when others don't?

derKochXXL on Cards to be banned and ...

1 day ago

I feel obligated to say that Island should be on the banned list. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.05 $0.1 $0.5 $0.95

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
0.02 TIX 0.04 TIX
Color(s) Blue
Converted cost 0
Avg. cube pick 13.45


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Pre-release Legal
MTGO Legal
Unformat Legal
Unknown Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Vanguard Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Noble Legal
Casual Legal
Hero Legal
Quest Magic RPG Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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