Basic Land — Island

: Add to your mana pool.

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Island Discussion

urimikhli on UW Drazi mid range

11 hours ago

Yeah, I need to play around with the mana base.

I was thinking maybe:

4x Aether Hub

2x Blighted Cataract

5x Island

5x Plains

2x Port Town

2x Prairie Stream

2x Ruins of Oran-Rief

1x Sea Gate Wreckage

Blessed Alliance is a possibility. I was thinking of replacing the Endbringer with a board sweeper like Fumigate

Glimmer of Genius has also been tempting me.

I'm asking myself if the Drowner of Hope and the Ulamog package are worth it in the SB?

Ashockfan on UW Drazi mid range

13 hours ago

Also just realized you only have 7 sources of colorless mana with 15 spells that need it (19 if you count displacer)

You have:

Main:15/19 Colorless, 12 White, and 6 blue

Side:3 colorless, 2 white, and 9 blue

so for manabase:

4x Aether Hub

3x Holdout Settlement

2x Ruins of Oran-Rief

1x Sea Gate Wreckage

2x Blighted Cataract

4x Prairie Stream

4x Plains

2x Island

2x Port Town

I'd feel okay with that, but that's 24 land, so I'd cut the third Matter Reshaper. Thats 12 Colorless sources, 7 of which can give colored mana if need be. Then we have 10 white sources (17 if you count the colorless providers) and 8 Blue sources (15 if you count colorless providers). It's not pretty, and this is one of the reasons to avoid a base-colorless deck, but this seems to be at least Fine for our purposes. Obviously tweak as you test.

Anonymous8 on Legacy of Atlantis

1 day ago

i would recommend cutting Tidal Warrior for Spreading Seas, it's card advantage and can really screw your opponent since it makes their land an island instead of an island in addition to its other types. I would also cut out 2 Island for maybe Ponder just to get some kind of drawing engine going in addition to Silvergill Adept but that's just my opinion. Your really don't need too many lands since the creatures are so cheap and you have AEther Vial. Chalice of the Void is interesting in the main but I'm not sure if I really like it in the main, same with Umezawa's Jitte. I'd rather have 2 more Ponder. This is your deck so if it works for you then that's all that really matters but those are my opinions and what I would change. Pretty good just looks like it has problems with consistency.

medownyou on My First BU Control Deck

3 days ago

-2 Tidy Conclusion

-2 Assassin's Strike

-1 Pestilence Demon

-2Aether Theorist

-1 Weave Fate

-1 Shadow Alley Denizen

-2 Thriving Turtle,

-2 Artificer's Epiphany

-3 Crippling Blight

-12 Islands

-8 swamps

in total -20 lands, and -16 other cards leaving you room to add 6 cards

+2 Serum Visions or another card draw spell such as Divination


adding Duress

more Disperse

swapping Tidy Conclusion for 2 more Doom Blade

That's a bunch of editing so i'm not even sure what it looks like after that tbh, but it should perform better for you by a good amount just with that

Peisistratos on 50 Life, 50 Damage

5 days ago

I'll make the following changes:

Oath of Jace does the same of Anticipate, but it is amazing with Take Inventory or Crush of Tentacles or Paradoxical Outcome. Playing it myself. Highly recommended.

Even if you need Islands to take the best of Engulf the Shore, you can afford to play a couple of utility lands. There are tons useful.

This combo is a lot of fun! :D

MorganLeafman on Tap tap concede

5 days ago

Okay okay so I'm rebuilding the deck using quite a few suggestions thank you for being so helpful! At this point I've separated my deck into 5 distinct groups. It looks like this:Tapping down creatures:1x Topplegeist2x Rush of Ice1x Fogwalker4x Containment Membrane4x Chilling Grasp4x Niblis of Frost2x Guardian of Tazeem3x Skyline Cascade

Counterspells2x Void Shatter3x Scatter to the Winds1x Horribly Awry

Removal3x Immolating Glare3x Sheer Drop4x Reflector Mage

Card Draw2x Anticipate

Win conditions2x Thing in the Ice  Flip1x Sphinx of the Final Word

Then I have a Displace in there for good measure but that is likely to go.As far as Lands I have7x Plains8x Islands4x Port Town3x Skyline Cascade

So here's why some of these cards stayed in and others did not.

Topplegeist stayed in as my only one drop creature, as well as being a flyer with an ability allowing me to tap a creature. This is advantageous to me if I'm on the draw. Rush of Ice Stayed in as a very useful one drop instant which perfectly fir this deck. Fogwalker Is in as a nice 2 drop blocker with an ability which works well with this deck, basically being a Rush of Ice for 1 more mana as a 1/3 Containment Membrane is perfect for getting rid of big creatures, and is cheaper than a card like Sleep Paralysis plus the surge cost makes it very playable if combined with LITERALLY A THIRD OF MY DECK Chilling Grasp is Expose Evil but better, lasts for longer and is great for buying some time for me Niblis of Frost would be great as a 3/3 flyer for 4 with prowess but its ability to tap things makes it even more wonderful Guardian of Tazeem Is in as a win condition, a flying blocker, and its landfall ability is fab in this deck, possibly setting up things for Containment Membrane or Sheer Drop Skyline Cascade IT'S LAND THAT TAPS THINGS WHAT MORE COULD I WANT? IT IS Rush of Ice FOR 0 MANA Void Shatter is a 3 mana counter anything, brilliant. Scatter to the Winds is a 3 mana counter anything with awaken if I so desire Horribly Awry is a 2 mana Spell Queller killer. Immolating Glare is inexpensive removal Sheer Drop Is perfectly suited for this deck, and has the ability to awaken things if I want, why wouldn't I play it? Reflector Mage is a 3 mana 2/3 which does the equivalent of "Tap target creature, it doesn't untap during their controller's untap step" which makes them pay mana. Anticipate Is a draw card for if my hand dries up. Thing in the Ice  Flip is still here due to being a 0/4 blocker for 2, and for only requiring 4 spells to be played to become a 7/8 board wipe. due to the fact I have more instants than creatures, not even counting sorceries, I believe it is a wise card to play. Sphinx of the Final Word Is here because it is hard to get rid of , especially in a situation where I have countered or tapped down any major threats, and is thus a win condition. Displace is here on the off chance I play an opponent with a similar strategy and don't have a counterspell in hand at the time.

Champloo on W: Unhinged Lands + More ...

1 week ago

Hello all,

I'm looking for your unhinged lands.

Priority goes Mountain, Forest, Plains, Swamp, and Island

Also looking for other modern stuff

I have a binder.

Thanks qts

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