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Island Discussion

JayBowen on U/B Control

1 hour ago

Idk what kind of help you want but here are my suggestions:

LANDS: First off if youre making a modern deck, youre going to want fetch-lands. for this deck you should ideally run 4x Polluted Delta and probably a combination of Flooded Strand and Bloodstained Mire. or any fetches that have blue/black in them. You also Want your lands to enter untapped, Watery Grave is a definite 4 of for this deck. Also consider Man Lands, for UB that is Creeping Tar Pit. I would style the manabase like this:

4 Polluted Delta2 Flooded Strand4 Watery Grave4 Creeping Tar Pit4 Darkslick Shores6 Island1 Swamp

You can also consider some number of maindeck Ghost Quarter or Tectonic Edge and take out 2 islands

INSTANTS: I would suggest going up to 3 Cryptic Command, Dissolve and Hero's Downfall are bad in modern consider putting in additional Serum Visions. or an additional Dismember.

WINCONS: Instead of Jace, Architect of Thought you could try Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver. Also with your creature base, you can up the count of Tasigur, the Golden Fang to 3 and cut down on Disciple of the Ring.

These are just some ideas for you

Rayenous on Unban Tree of Tales!

4 hours ago

It should be pointed out that, if Robots wanted to use , it already would. - With Glimmervoid, Springleaf Drum and Mox Opal, Robots and use any color. - The reason it currently dosen't use Ancient Stirrings is not for lack of . - It simply doesn't want a card like that to end up in it's opening hand, as it breaks up it explosive synergy.

I'm not certain Robots would want to use any of the currently banned Artifact Lands. - The Blinkmoth lands, Glimmervoid and Darksteel Citadel are exactly where Robots wants it's mana base. Replacing any of it's lands would be a detriment to the deck. - If it wanted additional 'free' artifacts, it would just run more Welding Jar main.

  • Blinkmoth Nexus/Inkmoth Nexus - Evasive creatures, resistant to removal, while increasing Artifact count.
  • Glimmervoid - Mana of any color allows the deck to use/splash whatever cards it needs. Sideboard is very limited without this land.
  • Darksteel Citadel - Indestructible allows the deck to continue after an artifact board wipe, keeping itself and Glimmervoid alive. - Also useful if the deck uses Ensoul Artifact.
  • Swamp or Island (1x Basic) - This could possibly be replaced, but would not make the deck 'too powerful'. - It's partially in there due to prevalence of Path to Exile and Ghost Quarter.

So, no... I don't think unbanning any of these would currently 'break' the deck. - If there is a reason to keep them banned, it's not this deck. And there's certainly no difference in unbanning just the one.

outofnothing0 on Zur's Perfection

1 day ago

@CrimsonKing & NarejED : I have a Command Beacon set aside but I don't think I'll add it just yet. I already have 5 lands that produce colorless mana and I think all of them are more useful than this which requires late game use and unfavorable conditions. I'd definitely run it in a multiplayer variant if I ever get around to building one.

@K34: I can't justify running Ashes to Ashes when I have access to white removal which is cheaper and faster. If I was playing mono black I'd definitely run it. Ghostly Prison / Propaganda like you said are more for multiplayer but even still between Solitary Confinement and Stasis this does well enough without them. Thanks for the suggestions. Also sideboards are only ever used in commander as an optional house rule (which my playgroup doesn't use).

@Ender666666 & Outriderblue: Thanks for the support! It means a lot!

@enpc: I had Standstill in a previous version but didn't feel like it had enough impact during playtesting.

@NarejED: In regards to the new mulligan rules: I've added an Island to my land count ($$... ouch!), added Timetwister like you suggested as it recycles auras (among other things) both in hand and graveyard (and can be snapcaster'd again later), put Brainstorm back in to compliment Scroll Rack, Mistveil Plains & Jace, the Mind Sculptor as a quick solution to "Oh crap it's in my hand" syndrome. Brainstorm's also nice for Isochron Scepter :D

@11XIII: I switched out Oblivion Ring for Grasp of Fate initially... then figured if it's meant for 1v1 then O-ring is better (less intensive mana requirement) and comes in foil haha. I'll probably switch it back begrudgingly lol. Replenish does the job of Open the Vaults for only me and for cheaper while hardly even needing to be used, so redundancy in this instance isn't favorable. I've honestly thought about Overburden in the past and usually when I see it played it actually helps opponents rather than hindering them because if they miss their land drop then they basically get a free mana.

Dorotheus on Unban Tree of Tales!

1 day ago

Current affinity lists run approximately:
4x Blinkmoth Nexus
4x Darksteel Citadel
4x Glimmervoid
4x Inkmoth Nexus
1x Basic (Island or Swamp)

Is it worth cutting Glimmervoid? Is it worth not running any basic? Does the deck just add the 4 Trees just to get potential artifacts even when the entirety of the main list is artifacts anyways?
What would you do?

LVL_666 on Rath of the Hive Mind

2 days ago

After watching Tolarian Community College:Top 5 Underrated and Budget Dual Lands For Commander! I realized I have a Darkwater Catacombs. I'm considering putting it in, swapping it out for an Island. Also, thanks to everyone who left feedback on my deck. I just received the last card for my deck in the mail this monday (Scroll Rack) and I intend on taking my complete deck over to FNM for a few games to see how it plays against actual opponents. I'm strongly considering putting in Green Sun's Zenith for Wargate, and Arcane Denial for something...I'll talk more about individual suggestions and what I will ultimately go with on a later post.

Sogatog on Dimir Infinite Mana *Budget*

3 days ago

Nice deck, I'm really a fan of the archetype. The first thing I'm curious about is, why all the spellbombs? They feel really weak as protection, really unnecessary as wincons as you have plenty others anyway (and not even that good as they don't work unless you draw Auriok Salvagers as well), and far from ideal as cantrips; Serum Visions or Sleight of Hand, or Anticipate, See Beyond, or Peek on a budget, are a lot better at that.

You don't have any Swamps in the list right now. Probably just something you missed, but you really should add it so your Evolving Wilds aren't just slow Islands lol.

Azure Mage is a little better than Dimir Guildmage, since it can draw at instant speed. It does have less toughness though, so if you see a lot of cards like Darkblast I could see doing it this way.

You also might want some protection spells like Dispel or Mana Leak, at least in the sideboard. The combo is pretty fragile to be honest.

Also, what is Springleaf Drum for? It doesn't go infinite with Pili-Pala, and you run so few creatures that it'll just do nothing most of the time. As far as I can tell.

I also don't see the point of Cerulean Wisps, unless it's just meant as a 1-mana cantrip, since Grand Architect already has the effect built in. If you just want it for the cantrip, that seems fine, though Gitaxian Probe would fill the role much better, letting you know if it's safe to combo off. Peek is the same effect, but the card is cheap if you're on a budget. Twisted Image is also a little more useful, killing 0-power creatures.

The last thing I'd recommend is a 3 mana kill condition. That way, if you already have Grand Architect, you can use Perplex to get you something to win with. My personal favorites are Blue Sun's Zenith and Scholar of Athreos, but there's plenty of options. Scholar of Athreos is particularly nice because it lets you win through a Leyline of Sanctity.

I actually made a similar list to this some time ago, though I haven't tested it much and haven't updated it in ages, so I'm not sure how good it is. Regardless, here's the list, in case you might find it interesting:

Hope you continue to have fun with this deck!

Femme_Fatale on Replace Gatherer

4 days ago

What ever happened to the combo database? Well ...

  1. Too much work.
  2. Too much work to quality control.
  3. No one was ever able to come together to define what should go in and what shouldn't.
  4. A fair few people weren't able to separate Synergy with Combo well enough.
  5. The database ended up being nothing but Island + Mountain as everyone used it for things other than combos.
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