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Island Discussion

Trotsky on Izzet Control, I say No ;P

3 hours ago

I also think cutting 1x Mountain and 1x Island and adding 2 more Temple of Epiphany would be a good idea.

Hurts2Pee on The Most Consistent Deck Ever Made

14 hours ago

You should probably add a Island. Otherwise it's alright.

lordoftheshadows on Question about artifact removal

1 day ago

You can remove all of the basic lands of the same name. Eg. If you make a Mountain an artifact and then exile it, then it will only get rid of all of the mountains. It is important to note that it Splinter only cares about the name of the card not the card types. Ex. if you remove an Island then Snow-Covered Islands will not be exiled.

TL;DR- Yep

EpicBrownie on The Ministry of Lost Spirits (PLZ COMMENT)

1 day ago

I did some playtesting against my Twinseize deck, and I've found that your deck is extremely weak to combo decks (especially Splinter Twin decks).

I recommend the following:

a) Faster lands (fetches and/or shocks) and at LEAST one of Island, Plains, and Swamp to play around Tectonic Edge and Blood Moon.

b) Azorius Charm is good because it can make your opponent lose some tempo or it can cantrip. Remand will do both.

c) Path to Exiles and/or Dismembers are pretty much a must. Prison Term and Rend Flesh are the only cards that can possibly stop the twin combo. Prison Term isn't very useful because the combo creature can just be cast during your end step. Rend Flesh will require you to leave 4 mana open (expect the Deceiver Exarch or Pestermite to tap a black source.

I hope something in this helps. :) I like the deck.

calvinwarning on 2014-11-22 update of The School ...

2 days ago

MyPreciousGollum: I actually have a playset of Merfolk Sovereign that I used to use but I cut it for Merrow Reejerey. Thanks for the input I really appreciate it but it didn't make the cut for me especially since all of my merfolk will be essentially unblockable after they're granted Islandwalk from Lord of Atlantis and/or Master of the Pearl Trident so long as the opponent controls an Island, if not that's what Aquitect's Will is for.

smackder on Islands

2 days ago

izzetme Why would you take away an Island for a Mana Confluence!!! They're the reason the deck works!

XyZiron on Heartless Myrs of the Brood

3 days ago

I mean you could just run 4xWatery Grave 2xSwamp 2xIsland and 12 fetches, in the rare situation we cannot get land number 7 because we have 2xswamps 4xWatery Grave in play and a black/red fetch I think we have bigger problems

JWiley129 on Jace tMS and Modern

4 days ago

CrazyLittleGuy - Never in my statement did I attack anyone, I am attacking the argument. I've already linked to someone who has taken the due diligence to build Modern legal decks with cards from the Banned list, who agrees that Jace, the Mind Sculptor is too strong for Modern. And frankly I'll trust someone who did test to see if some cards are too strong. Also, putting a binary relationship between X-decks and non-X decks IS reasonable if X would put unreasonable stress on the format. Why do you think Legacy players talk about the format as Blue decks and non-blue decks? Because in Legacy your deck functions drastically different depending on whether you're playing Islands or not. Jace, the Mind Sculptor would put that level of stress on Modern, no question about it.

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