Worn Powerstone


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Uncommon
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Commander 2014 Uncommon
Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. The Coalition Uncommon
Urza's Saga Uncommon

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Worn Powerstone


Worn Powerstone enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add to your mana pool.

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Worn Powerstone Discussion

SwaggyMcSwagglepants on Growth and Protection for All

1 day ago

Definitely need more ramp spells. By ramp, I mean any card that lets you add more mana than you should have on that turn (examples are cards like Sol Ring or Kodama's Reach). If you don't have the mana to cast your big spells, than it doesn't matter that those spells will change the game; you can't cast them! My suggestion is to add 4 lands and 7 more ramp spells, such as Selesnya Signet, Worn Powerstone, Explosive Vegetation, Rampant Growth, Cultivate, Dromoka Monument, and Wood Elves

Seniorhobo on BEST BBQ EVER

1 week ago

How do you feel about Dragonlord Atarka?? She's great for a card that just comes in and wrecks a few weenies, or gets rid of a pesky planeswalker.

Violent Ultimatum feels grossly over costed, and could probably be replaced with a Beast Within?

Do you like cards like Ur-Golem's Eye, Wayfarer's Bauble, and Worn Powerstone? Also what are your thoughts with Grave Pact, since it doesn't seem to synergize well with the rest of the deck.

As far as other suggestions: Scourge of Kher Ridges is a great board wipe on a 6/6. Skyline Despot is great for drawing an extra card. (and I love bringing monarch into edh). Possibility Storm is an absolutely hilarious card, and ruins decks that need some sort of plan to function well. Thunderbreak Regent is good for protecting the rest of your dragons, just through fear of getting smacked. Hoarding Dragon is good for grabbing all the artifacts you're running. and the last one, Gratuitous Violence combos super well with Warstorm Surge and Crucible of Fire to just turn any one of your dragons into an etb maelstrom of death.

Iron_Cube on Song of Void (Kozilek, the Great Distotion EDH)

2 weeks ago

Great deck. Maybe a little budget but there is room for upgrades if you want to.

I think the overall converted mana costs are a little bit high. Palladium Myr is basically a Worn Powerstone on legs. Eye of Ugin, Ancient Tomb, Sanctum of Ugin and Shrine of the Forsaken Gods are all great lands you can use. Mage-Ring Network is also useful sometimes. Duplicant and Etched Champion are amazing creatures for this deck. I would also throw in a Relic of Progenitus for graveyard hate.

I already tested some cards you're playing and some were just not worth it... Check out my deck if you want more ideas. :)
Colorless Distortion - EDH

Addrum on B/W EDH Commander Deck

2 weeks ago


This deck suffers from having low count of lands and ramp, specially one that plays a ton, ton of high cost creatures. Most of the time you'll be just sitting there with uncasteable cards. Remember to have 10 mana ramp cards at least, and with that many high costing creatures, I'll play like 20 ramp spells. Add Basalt Monolith, Thought Vessel, Mind Stone, Marble Diamond, Pearl Medallion, Solemn Simulacrum, Jet Medallion, Charcoal Diamond, Star Compass, Hedron Archive, Pyramid of the Pantheon, Thran Dynamo, Coldsteel Heart, Astral Cornucopia, Worn Powerstone, Everflowing Chalice. There are even more options out there to choose from. Maybe Urza's Incubator is the best option if you want it to be an Angel Tribal deck.

Try cutting some of the creatures and keep the ones that will most likely win you the game when you play them. One way to determine which ones you want more is to think "did this card help me win the game?" "did drawing it felt like a dead draw?" "Do I want it soon in the game to start going on, or later to finish off".

I like that you play a ton of mass removal, like a control-ish game, but you gain so little with it other than cleaning the board of threats, and casting a Wrath after you spend a lot of mana a turn ago casting a big angel makes you loose even more.

Anyways, go testing how it works. Teysa decks usually a play combo with Darkest Hour and a sac outlet.

Oh, one last thing. Looks like this deck is 99 cards. Teysa appears in the creature list aside of being your commander.

nambrose1595 on Sisters by Different Misters

2 weeks ago

I think you can now cut two ramp spells if you're into putting in other spells as you are running 10 that search your library, Animist's Awakening ive never had any luck with, and Scouting Trek doesn't seem amazing as it'll slow down your tempo a bit much, you want your lands hitting the battlefield, not the top of your deck. Worn Powerstone is also a bit slow and very unimpactful, based on your curve i think Mirari's Wake would be amazing for what you're trying to do

Alkadron on Soraya's Flock

3 weeks ago

Some cards I think are pretty underpowered in your deck, in no particular order:

  • Path of Bravery
  • Gleam of Authority
  • Ethereal Armor
  • Demystify
  • War Falcon
  • Territorial Roc
  • Suntail Hawk
  • Aven Skirmisher
  • Aven Squire

I put a few of the low cost, low-impact birds on the list, 'cause EDH is about long games. Suntail Hawk can be aggro early, but getting it early is not likely, and it's an extremely bad card late-game. A good rule in EDH is to make sure the vast majority of your cards are high-impact. To that end, some other decent creatures you may want to consider:

Also look into some good draw engines to keep you going - it's easy to run out of gas with creature decks like this in long EDH games.

Finally, consider some mana rocks:

Good luck!

greatdevourer on Tasigur EDH

3 weeks ago

I agree with your thoughts on Liliana, Entomb, and the tutors. Liliana really doesn't have any synergy with the rest of the deck. Seems like a good card to cut.

As for Flytrigreen's comments on Llanowar Elves, I agree with him that it is a card to cut. It's good in the early game. However, late game it's better used as a pitch card for Survival of the Fittest. The only thing I think might be a problem with dropping Llanowar Elves is that it is reducing your creature count. I'm not sure what your meta game looks like and that could be an issue.

I think your build is getting really tight and looks really good. I was just going over your list again. What are your thoughts on Reality Shift? I like the exile part but the manifest could be problematic at times. What about Curse of the Swine or Echoing Truth instead? Both are fetchable with Muddle the Mixture. Echoing Truth is awesome at dealing with tokens. Curse of the Swine can exile more than one threat and reduce a large army down to 2/2s. But that maybe more of my play style than yours. The other card that seems like it hase the same problem is the Swan Song. Conditional counter and gives your opponent a blocker.

And I know you probably aren't going to like this one, but what about the Mana Crypt? I know it is a really strong acceleration card, but Bolting yourself in the face doesn't help that much over several turns. Maybe a Worn Powerstone instead?

So, I think if I were playing this deck, my final changes would be cutting Llanowar Elves, liliana, death's majesty, and Swan Song. That would get me to the 100 cards for the deck. I would swap out the Reality Shift for a Curse of the Swine. The last change i would make would be to swap the Mana Crypt for the Worn Powerstone. But the Crypt for the Powerstone swap is a really tough choice.

What do you think?

MEAT_TORNADO on Pillowy fortress.

3 weeks ago

You need ramp. Mono white is hard to be consistent in getting enough mana for late game unless you're running rocks and a doubler or two.

You need Sol Ring, no question. Worn Powerstone could be good too. You can probably afford a Caged Sun, maybe a Thran Dynamo, Doubling Cube or Gilded Lotus. They will really help your consistency. Solemn Simulacrum is an auto include, gets you a land and draws a card, Burnished Hart is also good. Any of those will help you accelerate and have more options. Bare minimum get sol ring and solemn in there.

Otherwise, "cheap" cards that fit your theme are Yosei, the Morning Star, Aven Mindcensor, Cataclysmic Gearhulk, Hushwing Gryff, Grand Abolisher, Karmic Guide, Loxodon Gatekeeper, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Admonition Angel, Emeria Shepherd, etc

Could go big with an Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite....

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