Legion's Initiative

Legion's Initiative

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Red creatures you control get +1/+0.

White creatures you control get +0/+1.

RW, Exile Legion's Initiative: Exile all creatures you control. At the beginning of the next combat, return those cards to the battlefield under their owner's control and those creatures gain haste until end of turn.

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Legion's Initiative Discussion

Valentine35 on Tajic, Soldier of Another Combat

1 week ago

Price of Glory makes blue players cry, i am a blue player...i cry when i see this hit the field. Especially when paired with Defense Grid, Norn's Annex, and Ghostly Prison. Also anything to pump tajic up is great Ring of Thune is really good with him and Madcap Skills is cheap and very good. i also agree Sunforger is very good, i also like to team tajic up with stuff that steals creatures like Zealous Conscripts, Traitorous Blood, Act of Treason, and Mark of Mutiny that way your battalion gets set off easier without even using one of your own creatures. Hero of Bladehold is also very good to set off battalion, and i like some smaller guys to help out too like Legion Loyalist...Brimaz, King of Oreskos of course sets off battalion nicely, and a cheaper way to do it is Thatcher Revolt. also try to take advantage of tajic's indestructible nature and use some board wipes Wrath of God, and Day of Judgment are always nice additions to any deck using white, while Legion's Initiative helps you save all your stuff during a board wipe. Field Marshal is also very good for tajic and assemble the legion.

kylothian on The attenuator

3 weeks ago

Smallpox or Boom/Bust+ crucible

Boom/Bust + Oboro, Palace in the Clouds

Safe Haven + Acidic Slime + Crucible of Worlds to reuse haven

Liquimetal Coating + Splinter O_o!!!!

Ghost Quarter + Shadow of Doubt

Ghostly Flicker or Ghostwayor Legion's Initiative + Acidic Slime(ps i really like flicker as you can protect your guys and artifacts)

DanThePali on 2015-05-12 update of Narset, Enlightened ...

3 weeks ago

CrovaxTheCursed Youre right i really do, but often times i use them to setup a board state safe for narset, instead of blasting once she's down. I use Boros Charm and Legion's Initiative to dodge my own wraths, but a lot of the time I'm casting a wrath that lets me keep Narset. I will most likely throw in a darksteel plate! Valentine35 i had Melek in here and he was fun, but the problem was that I was torching my lands often times when I was ahead, which makes casting things myself very difficult. I've been eyeballing Dragonshift but I'm too worried about it whiffing on Narset's trigger without Assemble the Legion down. Definitely_Paying_Attention I'm actually on the hunt of these things! I was going to just trade a couple small things for em but I'm just gonna be lazy and buy them.

Thanks to all of you for your comments and concerns!

ixiduffixi on The Crusades

3 weeks ago

Legion's Initiative was removed due to how slow it acts. It's something that would be too obvious for a boardwipe to happen. However, Boros Charm is an instant that can be played when necessary. I can also use it on Precinct Captain for double strike so that hits directly to players generate twice as many tokens. I was hesitant for Congregate due to it only serving one purpose and found Timely Reinforcements to be a better fit. I'm not adding goblin generators due to the tribal benefits of all soldiers. I may however be changing Mobilization for Militia's Pride or possibly even Rise of the Hobgoblins. I considered Stoke the Flames but the higher costs meant that I was not going to be able to spot removal early on, also Lightning Helix had the added benefit of lifegain. I'm torn between Deflecting Palm and Divine Deflection simply because DP only prevents one source while DD can prevent a damage amount, albeit at a higher cost. It's something I'm going to test out and see which works better.

NoviceMagician on The Crusades

3 weeks ago

I'm so sorry for the delay! Work and school have been a bit overwhelming lately, and I haven't got much time to post anything long till now. Again, real sorry!

Well, I do have my suggestions ready, so I shall begin. :) . . . . . . But actually there is something you should know. I don't necessarily recommend running all of my suggestions (unless you want to) I just like to give people a wide berth of options to choose from. ;)

  • Personnaly, I find Launch the Fleet to work both faster, and more efficiently than Assemble the Legion. The reason being, 'Assemble the Legion' is a 5 drop and can't be cast until turn five, and then it takes one turn before it starts to gain counters. So on turn six, you'll get one creature. It won't be until turn 8 where you'll start to get three or more soldiers each turn where it will start posing a real threat. And even in that, that is assuming you draw one before turn 5, and have enough mana to cast it on turn 5. Which aren't good chances for a 2 of. 'Launch the Fleet' has an initial cost of 2 CMC, so turn two, you can use it right away if in a pinch. At turn eight, assuming you play a creature each turn, you will get 7 tokens, or more, in the same amount of time that you'd get 6 from 'Assemble the Legion', also assuming optimal chances. Lastly, the creatures form 'Launch the Fleet' attack right off the bat. So, I'd recommend swapping the 'Launch the Fleet' and 'Assemble the Legion' into the corresponding boards. (Sorry, this was a long one.)

  • Deflecting Palm, a possible addition to sideboard as a game 2 replacement for Divine Deflection.

  • Raise the Alarm, quick tokens, in a quick manner. Same goes for Hordeling Outburst and Dragon Fodder.

  • Silence, not really necessary, but interesting nonetheless. Shutting your opponent down for even just one turn gives you a huge advantage.

  • Stoke the Flames, possible replacement for Lightning Helix on the sideboard.

  • Congregate, gives some good lifegain, especially in a tokens deck. Not to mention it counts any creatures your opponents' have too.

  • Legion's Initiative, personally, I think it's a great card, and have no idea why it was taken out. I'd like to know pwease. ;)

  • Meditation Puzzle, again, lifegain. Not really important, just happened to come to mind.

  • Brave the Sands, possible replacement for Mobilization. Reason 1: Has lower CMC, and a pretty awesome second effect too that combos great with vigilance. Reason 2: If you run Raise the Alarm, the token generation from Mobilization will not be needed, especially if you run the goblin generators too. Reason 3: Gives all your creatures vigilance, which means both Aurelia, the Warleader and the possible goblin tokens will get it too.

Good luck until next time!

kylothian on The Ultimate Land Decimator!

3 weeks ago

oh coolio srry if i spam you a bit ,but Ghostway could have some serious synnergy in this deck if you reinstated lanch rider and mimic which also brings me back to this card Legion's Initiative also pretty usefull and you probably have a better database in your head on enter the battlefield abilities but anything that combos with those would be good

rawberrycough on 2015-04-20 update of Win Hard: ...

1 month ago

Nobody ever gives Legion's Initiative any love :( So multifunctional. But I'm just ranting because I forgot about the card for a while :P

Also, Coordinated Assault and Blinding Flare are both great cards if you're trying to trigger heroics on multiple creatures at once. Rouse the Mob is another, but I prefer the first 2.

Forceofnature1 on Alesha, Who Smiles at Overpriced Cards EDH (70$)

1 month ago

Ever think of putting in Legion's Initiative and Assemble the Legion ?

The LI is great for all your ETB (and avoiding mass removal), assembling the legion is just a ridiculous capable enchantment that could help bolster your defenses all on its own. You run so many other enchantments it'll either land and stick or draw removal that you would rather not take out one of your combo pieces.

Just a thought, no idea what you would take out for them but +1 on the deck!

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