Legion's Initiative


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze Mythic Rare

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Legion's Initiative


Red creatures you control get +1/+0.

White creatures you control get +0/+1.

RW, Exile Legion's Initiative: Exile all creatures you control. At the beginning of the next combat, return those cards to the battlefield under their owner's control and those creatures gain haste until end of turn.

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Legion's Initiative Discussion

casimir03 on R/W allys

17 hours ago

Thanks Stanleyman for the great suggestions. I profer Kazuul Warlord over Akoum Battlesinger just because Kazuul Warlord is better late game so will not take him out but definitely the Captain's Claws swap out. I think Tuktuk Scrapper will work an I love Legion's Initiative before this I never even knew it existed.

TheVectornaut on Red, White, Aggro Token

2 weeks ago

I feel like green doesn't have much of a presence in this deck. Omnath, Locus of Rage is very hard to get out and a single Second Harvest is probably a win-more trap. I think sticking to Boros aggro is a perfectly valid call. Some other Boros beaters are Daring Skyjek, Wojek Halberdiers, and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight. If you'd prefer more tokens, Thraben Doomsayer and Sigarda, Heron's Grace (should you stick with green) are very repeatable. The human synergy makes Champion of the Parish stronger and can also work with Thalia's Lieutenant and Mentor of the Meek. Legion's Initiative and Glory of Warfare are some fun ways to buff guys. Finally, should you fully commit to green, some cards to consider could be Parallel Lives, Doubling Season, Call of the Conclave, Advent of the Wurm, and Trostani, Selesnya's Voice.


3 weeks ago

Hmmm...in that case:

Keep Prophetic Flamespeaker and Legion's Initiative in for right now and remove a Mountain and Fellwar Stone (You have a ton of ramp. I'm just taking it down a little bit).


3 weeks ago

Kalemne's Captain was cut because you run a lot of artifacts and enchantments (especially the former). Make it monstrous, and it will blow up on your face.

Legion's Initiative was cut because, for that effect, Boros Charm is significantly better. Just an upgrade.

Alright, for the 6, I would add:

Battlegrace Angel

Resolute Archangel

Boros Charm (I should have mentioned this earlier. My apologies. It's $2-3, but it's worth every penny)

Taj-Nar Swordsmith

Swiftfoot Boots (Your equipment count is too low to accommodate Open the Armory for now)

Reforge the Soul (An all-new card. I threw this in to keep your curve where it is. That, and Boros is notorious for no card draw. This card should help you fix it a little bit)


3 weeks ago

Hey, got I better look at your suggestions.Why should Kalemne's Captain and Legion's Initiative leave? Cause there are just better creatures than these?


3 weeks ago

Ok. I had a list, but I don't have the time to explain until later tonight. Here's what I would cut and if you have any questions, I'll answer them later today. Note that the list may not be exhaustive:

Kalemne's Captain

Thundercloud Shaman

Blade of Selves

Warchief Giant

Prophetic Flamespeaker

Legion's Initiative

As for other cards you could add...



Swiftfoot Boots

Outpost Siege

Any CMC 5+ cards that fit within your budget. Try to not add too many, as it would ruin the deck.

lagotripha on W/R Battle Cry Test Deck

1 month ago

Pay No Heed, Forfend and Mark of Asylum would probably be better as a set of Boros Charm, Emerge Unscathed, and Faith's Shield. Gods Willing if having trouble with topdeck. It might be best to use the multipurpose protection like Valorous Stance, Dawn Charm and Boros Charm. You don't run enough white for Brave the Elements. Eerie Interlude usually abuses etb, but can be used to dodge boardwipes- Legion's Initiative is probably more useful. Reckless Bushwhacker/Goblin Bushwhacker is crazy strong for wheenies. Deflecting Palm is fantastic sideboard. Intimidation Bolt is a thing for w/r fog. Moonhold can do work. Akroan Hoplite, Anax and Cymede and Seismic Stomp could all find a place here.

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