Karametra, God of Harvests


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Born of the Gods Mythic Rare

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Karametra, God of Harvests

Legendary Enchantment Creature — God


As long as your devotion to green and white is less than seven, Karametra isn't a creature.

Whenever you cast a creature spell, you may search your library for a Forest or Plains card, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.

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Karametra, God of Harvests Discussion

Profet93 on Box o' Fun

11 hours ago


What is the win condition of the deck? With that, it would be easier to help you.

Possible Win Condition Show

Suggestions of What to Put In Show

SUggestions of What to Remove (mostly weak legends that serve little purpose) Show

Zerraphon on Karametra gimme gimme lands

2 weeks ago

Well ok, To be honnest you should/could remove a lot of your cheap draw spells like Elvish Visionary and such instead, but A lot of Karametra cards are more about each specific meta you play in, Karametra dosnt have a 'core build' like a lot of other decks do have/need in order to do well. I could help with your deck if you need me to, just tell me your direction and I'd be glad to help a fellow Karametra, God of Harvests devotee! I do warn you though, I play against heavy control type of decks, I'm typically the only player playing green, or white so a lot of my card choices/suggestions are based of that kinda of meta.

PartyJ on Sisay has the answers (Competitive Commander Deck)

2 weeks ago

@ Austin_Smith_of_Cards : Thanks for your indepth comments. It's very appreciated. Let me walk though your suggestions.

I prefer not to play Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers as it does not do a whole lot extra. I need all the mana to keep my pace up for threats entering the battlefield. This land can only be found by Sisay most of the time and Sisay needs to grab threats. I also need cards which are plains and forest for tutors and Knight of the Reliquary.

Saffi Eriksdotter is a card that was once in this deck, but playing aggro I needed the spot for other dedicated cards which supported my build. Now that so much has changed since that call was made to remove him, I could possibly review this card. I will add this card to the maybeboard , as others mentioned as well. It never hurst to give it a look again.... Thanks for the good reminder!

Heroes' Podium feels like it's just a win-more card. I can see it come solid/threatening in certain situations. But those situations I tend to stay ahead of. As this is why is play so agressive.

Karametra, God of Harvests does not fit my ramp approach, as all ramp has been optimized to get Sisay on the battlefield asap. The indestructible is nice, but Avacyn, Angel of Hope covers this role already for the whole battlefield. It just doesn't fit in my aggro build well enough to justify a place.

Aura Shards is a card that is harder to find and with Enlightened Tutor I would not select this card. For consistency reasons it is not here and the few artifacts/enchantments that get pesky, I can answer with other means. The trouble in this build is that all cards should serve a role within the current tactic. If I would grab this card in my opening hand, then it would slow down the ramp suit to get Sisay out asap. More threatening options are then at hand. Basically it is just a great card, but not when you want to outpace your opponents like I try to accomplish. It would be a great sideboard card, if I would run a sideboard.

Mirari's Wake is mostly a card that I look at like my story above; it's great but not that needed atm for my build. For ramp I do have better options, which I can tutor with Sisay, like Selvala, Heart of the Wilds which really gets out of control soon after it lands.

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger played this card in the past and in a multilayer environment I instantly became the most hated guy at the table for shutting down everybodies game. Meaning that all hate came instantly towards me. Very unpolitical if you still have several opponents waiting to be slaughtered, each on thier given time. But this card gives me 3 red dots on my front head. I prefer not to draw the attention of the whole table all at once.

Bow of Nylea : It's versatile, but it's not game changing, so I never got to use it in a way that it gave me more edge in a game. Other options proved to be more valid at those times, so eventually it was removed a few months ago. Having Sisay means you have an array of threats at your disposal. This just isn't one that will stand out in this build. This card is great in more stax/toolbox style of play Sisay.

Stone-Seeder Hierophant and Voyaging Satyr both untap with Paradox Engine. My precious Gaea's Cradle loves both creatues for giving me so much mana. They are great mana dorks which fulfill an important role early- and midgame.

I know it is hard to suggest cards, as this build is pretty well tuned over the year it now excists. But I really appreciate your efforts in helping me. If you have solid points, then I will always try to answer them and playtest them if it feels promising.

Have a great day sir!

Zerraphon on Karametra God of Goodstuffs

2 weeks ago

As ine devoted Karanetra player to another, I must sag i enjoy this decklist, although I dont particularly like a couple cards in here, Courser of Kruphix and Oracle of Mul Daya namly because on e they hit the field you should already have a karametra out, and using your cheap creaters to proc her ability, bcause you dont have much card draw in general Karametra, God of Harvest's land proc already filters your deck pretty dam well so your top-decking is way better than most decks. I have a karametra deck in my edh list, although its not quiet updated! I also dont see Iona, Shield of Emeria or Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger in here, both of which a must have in my opinions, vorinclex gets hated out if you cant give him protection, but if you have out a Archetype of Endurance out then you should win the game then and there typically, also where are your landfall cards? Seer's Sundial is a must in this type of deck!! Cards like Tireless Tracker get pretty big pretty fast! Managorger Hydra is a great card aswell! Its cheap and if left ubcheched, wins the game. Ive won 2-3 games with it alone! I could go more in depth, but I'm on my cellphone right now!

Panas on Please help: Mana sinks for ...

3 weeks ago

Hello :)

If you would be so kind, could you point me towards some late game mana sinks for a Karametra, God of Harvests deck?

As it was asked of me earlier, the deck has a landfall subtheme, but other than that, it's just a creature heavy stompy deck.

It's for a friend, relative beginner who enjoys playing creatures. The problem is, the deck she made works like clockwork with early commander drops, ramping like nothing I've ever seen and then all of a sudden it just dies off... Having 20 mana but nothing to do with it, other than playing a 6 drop like Rampaging Baloths.

I have already suggested Steel Hellkite, Hydra Broodmaster, Kamahl, Fist of Krosa and Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip but I'm running dry after that.

Any help is appreciated!

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Sisay has the answers (Competitive Commander Deck)

3 weeks ago

Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers might not be super-strong, but you can tutor for it and creates a small combat trick. It doesn't even enter tapped, which is great.

Others have suggested this card as well, and I concur; Saffi Eriksdotter needs to find a space in this decklist. She insures you against boardwipes, and can sometimes be used as a combo piece.

Heroes' Podium looks like it could be potentially powerful. A Coat of Arms just for you AND it lets you dig in a pinch (say Sisay gets Nevermore'd or commander tax too high)? Sounds incredible; there's no such thing as too much tutoring in EDH.

You could potentially run Karametra, God of Harvests, but you're not running very many basic lands, and Knight of the Reliquary fills this spot nicely. However, she is tutorable, and her giant indestructible body can be really difficult to remove.

Aura Shards is the one of the best repeatable removal tools your color combination has to offer. Since your deck is heavily creature-based, too, this card has high efficiency.

Mirari's Wake gives you the extra mana push you need to cast those giant game-finishing Eldrazi quicker, plus it has an Anthem effect stapled to it. Another card that's excellent in Selesnya colors.

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger is an incredible creature to have out in multiplayer; you will instantly become the target of attention at the table, but the resource difference you have with your opponents will be super crippling in the meantime.

Bow of Nylea is a toolbox legendary artifact that makes attackers more annoying, and comes with an ability that can do whatever you need it to do. The versatility is great; almost like a alternative/budget Umezawa's Jitte.

PartyJ on Sigarda's human host

4 weeks ago

Welcome on T/O! Saw you just joined here.

Hope you will experience lots of interesting decks, new ideas and some good feedback on what you have build.

After reviewing your decklist, I came up with a several possible cuts. Based on your question as of which creatures to cut:

Good luck with your modifications!

You defenitely need more land :)

If you would like some inspiration other than yours, click here . Any upvote/comment is always appreciated.


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