Bloodline Keeper

Creature — Vampire


T: Put a 2/2 black Vampire creature token onto the battlefield.

B: Transform Bloodline Keeper. Activate this ability only if you control five or more Vampires.

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Bloodline Keeper Discussion

bradc1988 on Vampiric Aggression

1 day ago

I currently run two Vampire Nocturnus and two Bloodline Keeper  Flip as the Nocturnus is sometimes hard to trigger when you have a few lands in a row. The Keeper also makes 2/2 flyers so you'd be surprised how quickly you get to 5 creatures.

Think about maybe a Bloodstained Mire or two to shuffle your deck to trigger the Nocturnus - plus an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth means you can tap them for a swamp without searching.

One card I noticed you hadn't looked at was Vampire Hexmage, good 2 drop and kills Planeswalkers.

Xica on Like infect... Red vampire aggro - Ultra Budget

1 day ago

I didn't meant this deck to have any serious uses, beside the quirkyness and kitchentable fun.
In my humble opinion, there are just not enough cards at the moment. To be even somewhat competitive, it would need some new +1/+1 counter gaining vampires to be printed (well... innistrad is coming) as Bloodcrazed Neonate is something i would like to avoid to have to play, anything with same cmc, and power/toughness would be nice (below 3 cmc).
It would be also very nice if an instant were to be printed where one can choose between colored protection and double strike (or a land that is more useful than Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion - either by being cheaper, or by giving colored protection, that is a lot more important than trample)
Some way to draw cards wouldn't hurt either, but that's probably asking for too much

I can't help, but deeply disagree with your statement that "Lightning Bolt can never be a dead draw".

In any deck that can only win in really overkill ways its burn aspect is completely useless.
For example my main decks does that... if i can bring out and flip Bloodline Keeper  Flip, or a lot of smaller critters + Stromkirk Captain i win (3 damage doesn't count for much when the weakest creature one has is a 5/5 flyer with 1st strike - and i have at least 5 guys many of them bigger than this).
If i can't do this - for whatever reason - then 3 lightning bolts 4x3 damage willl just not win the game for me, and with my creature base i can't (nor do i want to) outrace aggro, or sneak in early damage.

As a removal Forked Bolt is miles ahead of Lightning Bolt - at least in my books.

joeyb11223 on First edh deck, Mazirek, kraul ...

3 days ago

Been thinking on it some more testing now, I'm wondering if swapping Demon of Death's Gate for either...

Bloodline Keeper  Flip - much lower cmc cost in case of early draw, has evasion, reliable token generator

Soul Collector- Makes people reluctant to block it if they can, can combine with a kill/ forced sac spell on same turn to steal something big

Vulturous Zombie- Can grow quickly

GobboE on Better than that Vampire Diaries crap

1 week ago

There's tons, but Vampire Nighthawk comes to mind. Bloodghast is also very good, but also expensive (at least I think he is). Bloodline Keeper  Flip is also fun, but a bit slower.

Xica on Bunch of Dumb Vampires

1 week ago

You need to decide what do you want from your deck!
As of now it has a lot of cards that are good - extremely good - in the right deck but don't work THAT well together. (If you don't want to play mono black, then forget Vampire Nocturnus, i would even dare to say, that Bloodline Keeper  Flip/Lord of Lineage  Flip is better than him.)

You could build an aristocrats deck with vampires, it would take well the following:
Bloodsoaked Champion - best food for Falkenrath Aristocrat
Blood Artist
Viscera Seer - digs for the necessary cards
More damage spells!

If you want this to be an aggro deck, then ditch everything above 3 cmc, put in a lot of burn, and small aggressive vampires:
Vampire Lacerator
Guul Draz Vampire
Ruthless Cullblade
Shadow Alley Denizen - gives evasion, to allow your guys to get through
Bloodthrone Vampire
Bump in the Night
maybe Arrogant Bloodlord

You could... maybe could make a deck around red vampires, that has the best 4 of them Stromkirk Noble; Bloodcrazed Neonate; Falkenrath Exterminator; Rakish Heir, and uses protection (or some other tactic) to give them evasion & protect them from removal - giving them double strike makes them grow twice as fast... there is a curse that has the same effect as rakish heir... so maybe it could work.

OR you could play midrange, that would be helped by:
Adding creatures (more) creatures with lifelink
Ditching Terminate, for Feast of Blood - as in modern regeneration if pretty rare, while lifegain can make you last longer;
Add draw power in some form (this will probably require paying life - hence the above)
(I would also suggest removing lightning bolt - even though its better than everything in some people's eyes - it doesnt fit in a gamplan that plans playing on the defense, to raise a large number of vampires boosted by lords, and then run down the enemy with them in 1 go. You either can muster a large enough creature count, and steamroll everything, or get outraced/boardwiped - in whichj case lightning bolt is not enough. damage spells with distributable damage are a lot better in this case, as they can kill multiple creatures)

hoodyhoo66 on Vampire Aggro

1 week ago

Feast of Blood is good idea, Bloodline Keeper  Flip is a bit slow, as they say on other forums, I am not sure if I can control 5 vampires often enough... if it will be the case, then is a viable option ofc. Vampire Hexmage is side board for now, if i have lower the mana curve I will consider main..

zephyr_chang on Vampires oh my!

2 weeks ago

Bloodline Keeper  Flip is too slow for competitive Modern. Even if it does not draw removal, it is coming down on turn 4 with no impact till you get to untap with it. You could keep a couple in SB and have them in if you are playing against an opponent who is not packing a lot of removal/counters - though the problem is, if they are not doing that, then they are probably a combo deck that's winning on turn 4. (Source: I've tried him with not much success) I guess it's fine for casual games?

Please, please stay away from Blood Tribute!

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