Bloodline Keeper

Creature — Vampire


T: Put a 2/2 black Vampire creature token onto the battlefield.

B: Transform Bloodline Keeper. Activate this ability only if you control five or more Vampires.

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Bloodline Keeper Discussion

seuvius on Bats Out Of Hell! (vampire tribal)

2 hours ago

Bloodline Keeper  Flip is too slow especially for this type of deck but I've honestly never heard of Blade of the Bloodchief I'm considering it.

deltacobra on Bats Out Of Hell! (vampire tribal)

3 hours ago

Bloodline Keeper  Flip and Blade of the Bloodchief could possibly find a home in here.

Sloanan on Like Anne on Rice

22 hours ago

Few new suggestions -

  1. Personally, I think you could reeeally make this into a vampire aggro. You could squeeze some lower-cost creatures in there and replace your Grim Discovery and Stir the Grave with Unearth (one of the best reanimation spells out there). Sure, it lowers the chance of getting Nocturnus back if it dies, but consider some of the options below to help with that.

  2. Going with aggro, I would suggest keeping your creature costs down to under 3 (with the exception of Nocturnus, because he's an auto-include in all vamp decks). If you can afford him, Bloodghast is SERIOUSLY your best friend in this kind of deck, since he's almost impossible to get rid of short of exiling. Guul Draz Vampire, Vampire Lacerator, maybe even Arrogant Bloodlord (Sure, he dies to weenies, but he's a good value for his cost and that flavor is unbeatable).

  3. Regardless of if you want to pump more aggro into the deck, which I again recommend, you could also have some really good tribal support in the deck aside from Nocturnus. Bloodline Keeper  Flip is great, since he's a better token generator than Sorin AND can pump them all pretty easily. Captivating Vampire is also a good choice - he pumps AND steals opponent's creatures. Granted, you'll probably get more out of the pump than the stealing, but it's a great feature to take their toughest guy if need be, since you won't lose him if Captivating Vampire dies. If you splashed Red instead of White, you get access to Stromkirk Captain, who is pretty great for vampires on his own, but that would also grant access to classic red burn spells, Terminate and Stromkirk Noble.

  4. If you don't aggro as much, I feel like you could have in a sac outlet to really get Kalastria Highborn going. Bloodthrone Vampire, for instance, gives you a free sac outlet to do some life swinging. Viscera Seer is an even better option, since it also helps you sort your deck for the Nocturnus. Mix that with, say, Bloodghast 's recursion ability and you could do some big swings. Going with that, Blood Artist is a damned good option, since there'd be life swings regardless of whatever happens with Kalastria.

MarcWizard on Vampiric Rapehouse

1 week ago

Also, call me shallow but... where's the Bloodline Keeper  Flip?

Jellosea on olivia

1 week ago

Abyssal Nocturnus - you dont have nearly enough discard in your deck to make this card worth it. In fact it would be almost impossible in edh to have enough, unless you made your deck only for 1v1.

Alley Grifters - If your opponent doesnt block, then this card was a waste of mana and a turn, the same turn that your general would come out on. People start at 40 life... I would eat the damage from this 10/10.

Anathemancer - only hits one player, has the potential to do around 10 damage, but most likely it wont matter until the game is basically over and if it was then 10 damage is not likely to save you. Would be far better if it hit everyone and is a dead card in your hand if the person you need to kill is someone like avacyn or omnath.

Black Cat - Only hits 1 player. It's an ok card but compared to other edh cards its pretty soft. Its boom or bust, you may cripple 1 of the 3 other players or it might do nothing of worth.

Backlash - solid chance the creature you will want to use this on will be hexproof or have shroud. If they dont have big creature it's also worthless. It has uses but personally I try to stay away from cards that wont do anything the majority of time they are in my hand (dead card). COULD win you the game, will most likely do nothing and cause you to lose for having -1 card compared to everyone else.

Shatter & Smelt - personal preference but I would much rather have a card that would let you chose between destroying a artifact/land or artifact/enchantment. They cost 1-2 more mana but they have more value in your hand as they have a less chance of being dead.

Suffer the Past - an ok card, its easier to exile someones entire grave for cheaper with other cards. Its also easier to burn someone for X damage with other cards.The damage this card can do is limited to the number of cards in their grave. If they don't have many, you cant do anything.

Tainted AEther - solid card, but the more creatures you put into your deck the less this should be. At the moment 14% of your deck is creatures. I wouldn't put this in unless you were around 5, but that's up to you to come up with your own number. If you don't draw it, more creatures are better, but if you do draw it and you have 2-3 creatures in hand, you will hate yourself.

Tainted Remedy - boom or bust card, I have it in one of my decks due to the nature of the deck absolutely relying on them not gaining life. Another card I leave up to you, but I would like to point out that if you are playing against people that don't gain life at all, this card is dead.

Virulent Plague or Bloodline Keeper  Flip - One of them has to get cut. The Keeper is of middling power in EDH, the Plague has the potential to shut someone out of the game entirely. Plague also has the potential to do absolutely nothing. Rats, Avacyn, Omnath and Kaalia all laugh at the Plague... If someone brought tristani though....

Addle - This has the potential to wiff. You cant pull out a colorless, artifact or land and if they only have cards of one of their other colors, you just wasted mana and a card. Pay the 1-2 extra mana, let them chose the cards they discard, make them discard 2. "Mind Rot" or if you really want to target the card, Thoughtseize

Anger of the Gods - Very strong against some opponents, very weak against others. Strong vs our meta in the early game but if you draw it late it will be dead.

Assassin's Strike - you are paying 2 more mana than this card is worth.

Blackmail - there is better discard. Go to gatherer: check the "text" box and uncheck the other 2: click your colors: click "exclude unselected colors": change card format to Commander/EDH and search that.

Geth's Grimoire - If you take out the other discard cards that I mentioned before and you don't replace them with other discard cards, you wont have enough to want this in your deck... to be honest i would want more than what you currently have to put this in my deck. Verdict: put in more discard, or take this out.

Phthisis - Terrible - you can get cards like this for 2-3 mana. Do the same thing as above but search "destroy". Might also want to do the search with "exile". "dreadbore and hero's downfall come to mind.

Chalice of Life  Flip - You have 6 cards in your deck that give you life gain and a few cards that give you power for pain. In my opinion this card has no place in your deck.

Eternity Vessel - good vs a deck like rats, but doesn't stop a deck that tries for commander damage.

Lashwrithe - far better in mono black, but you are very black dominate so it might work out. The main issue I can think of is since you are mostly back, your red sources of mana will likely be duel lands, not swamps.

Whip of Erebos - If you put this in to give everyone on your squad lifelink then its ok, if you did it for the second ability, no.

My overall thoughts: Your deck knows what it wants to do, which is great, you got past the hard part. I would recommend you add more mana rocks, they do great things for your general. Gilded Lotus, Sol Ring, Chromatic Lantern, Mind Stone, Worn Powerstone, Sisay's Ring.

I would also recommend more card draw, or ways to stack your deck in your favor. (Crystal Ball, Scroll Rack, Sensei's Divining Top, Mind's Eye, Infiltration Lens, Mask of Memory, Seer's Sundial, Skullclamp, Staff of Nin

Dorotheus on PLEASE HELP ME MAKE THIS WORK!!! Modern Vampire

2 weeks ago

As far as a tribal deck and keeping it in-line for modern. 4xCaptivating Vampire, 3xBloodline Keeper  Flip, 4xStromkirk Captain, AND 2xVampire Nocturnus. They are all lords, and aside from being somewhat high cmc are all playable. Increasing the number of AEther Vial is recommended. I don't think you can play Dark Confidant at that point or any, with trying to be tribal Vampires, but Vampire Nighthawk will likely go unanswered and gain you boat-loads of life.

You want to play heavy black, with only splash red I believe. So any cards like Kolaghan's Command and Terminate are fine, but Lightning Bolt surprisingly does not want to be in the deck. Otherwise, you're just trying to play a Jund deck without half of the things. 1-2xUltimate Price is really strong in the meta right now when alongside other removal, and sideboard like Crypt Incursion screws over Dredge, Delve, and Reanimator plans AND is a black card.
Other strong playables in the 75 are 1-2xDuress, 1-2xInquisition of Kozilek, 3-4xThoughtseize, 1xMogis, God of Slaughter for control, 1-3xMurderous Cut, and 1-2xRakdos Charm.

Everything more or less depends on if you want to play an aggro deck or a midrange deck. My suggestions will put it more streamlined toward a midrange deck with big ole beaters. If you want an aggro deck then dropping most of the lords and playing more of the 1 and 2 cmc vampires is what you would do like Guul Draz Vampire, which would be more of a RB Aggro Burn deck.

Xica on Help making my stupid looking ...

3 weeks ago

Sadly i am never mana hosed, and sometimes even mana screwed so i have no lands to discard.

Captivating Vampire has only 1 benefit over Bloodline Keeper  Flip, it costs less. But it has many downsides: its a target for Inquisition of Kozilek, it has a weaker body when it enters the battlefield (aka. wider range of spells and creatures can kill it), it isnt a flyer, it gives only +1/+1 instead of +2/+2, and cannot generate 2/2 flyer tokens.
There is just no way i would play that card in this deck, it maybe is a consideration for aggro and/or mono black vampire decks....
And its ability is hideous... tap 5 vampires to steal 1 creature? c'mon! (seriously, should i sacrifice 5 blockers / attackers, to steal 1 creature?)

P.s.: Bloodline Keeper  Flips transform requirements may seem like a lot, but it generates vampire tokens that help him flip.

Xica on Help making my stupid looking ...

4 weeks ago

Here is my deck: Null profused turbo Vampires

At first glance it looks, not only uncompetitive, but unplayable... at second glance it looks just uncompetitive...
It is not the classical take on the vampire tribal, it makes heavy use of tutors, and uses some cards that have good synergy with my creatures, in only 1 copy (because i can tutor them).

The things i am the most clueless about are the following:
1# Would it be useful for me to add 4x Mutavault to help me cast Feast of Blood, and flip Bloodline Keeper  Flip in controll matchups, or it would be too much colorless mana together wih my 4x Cavern of Souls?
2# Could Slaughter Games reasonably replace 1 of my sideboard playsets?

If you have any other advice i would like to hear it!
(Except the: This deck cannot work. because, no xyz card, non aggro vampire decks are useless, why run 1 copy of spells... etc. - so please give usefull critque, and think/read my introduction, before posting that it does not work - because suprisingly it does.)

Power / Toughness 3/3
Color(s) Black
Cost 2BB
Converted cost 4


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare


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