Bloodline Keeper

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Creature — Vampire


T: Put a 2/2 black Vampire creature token onto the battlefield.

B: Transform Bloodline Keeper. Activate this ability only if you control five or more Vampires.

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Bloodline Keeper Discussion

Taipan on I vant to suck your blood

4 days ago

First of all, you need 20 lands. No MTG deck really functions without a 20-land mana base. You have four slots, which opens up some options. Cavern of Souls helps against control decks. Some fetchlands would also be useful in thinning your deck and have interactions with Vampires (Bloodghast for example)

Your creature lineup is a mess. You need to throw out all the humans and non-Vampires. Vampire aggro generally works by sticking to the theme, and using a lord to pump the whole team. I personally find Vampire Nocturnus a better 4-drop lord than Bloodline Keeper  Flip. The turn you drop him, he should be a 5/4, so he's Lightning Bolt immune, and he gives everyone flying and +2/+1. Another option is Captivating Vampire, who comes out a turn earlier and can steal enemy creatures if you've got 4 more Vamps in play.

Your curve suffers because you have a lot of high cost creatures, but no ramp or mana-fixing to get them out quickly. You need to jettison as many 3 and 4 drops as possible, and focus instead on 1 and 2 drops. You also want cards that do work the turn they show up, not ones that take a turn or more to come online. Elves and Merfolk can both kill you faster than you can come online.

Some cards to consider putting in, once you've thinned out the creatures (I'd cut down to 25)- Go for the Throat: The only decks this generally sucks against are Affinity, or things like Wurmcoil Engine. It's an otherwise efficient bit of removal, and dodges the issues that plague Doom Blade and Ultimate Price. - Blade of the Bloodchief: It feeds off every death, it's cheap, and it'll stay on the field even after a wrath or removal spell kills the wielder. I abuse mine with sac outlets and cheap recursion, but it may have a place in your deck too- Retribution of the Ancients: Given your theme seems to be 'swing with unblockable damage, get big with +1/+1 counters', this may be of interest to you. No one uses it, but I think it has potential. When you combine it with the Blade, you can get extremely efficient use out of your mana. It essentially gives you repeatable removal, and it's scalable (you can remove just one +1/+1 token, or a whole bunch).

the_physicist on White/black token life gain

6 days ago

Things like Chalice of Life  Flip, Rhox Faithmender, Obzedat, Ghost Council, and Bloodline Keeper  Flip might be too slow. I'd say 4 Lingering Souls, 4 Spectral Procession, 4 Path to Exile. Also Serra Ascendant would normally be the beater of choice in a deck like this, but the price just doubled from when I last looked so I don't know how likely you'd be to spring for those...

erichoopz on White/black token life gain

1 week ago

I think replacing Bloodline Keeper  Flip with Athreos, God of Passage will force the opponent into making tough choices that benefit you one way or another.

Ninja_Claw on 2015-06-27 update of Shatter the ...

1 week ago

Another debate brews:Bloodline Keeper  Flip or Myr Battlesphere vs Thopter Assembly The artifact creatures seem relevant as well as getting to recast it. Sac fodder flying blockers are a thing.

Taipan on Vampires Control

1 week ago

I'd change out Kalastria Highborn for Blood Artist. He drains off enemy deaths, even tokens, and he's not going to attract the removal the way she will. I find I rarely have the mana open to use her ability when it counts anyway.

I'd change Bloodline Keeper  Flip to Vampire Nocturnus. You're running mono-black, Nocturnus will survive Lightning Bolt when he comes out provided you're topdeck is black (which should almost always be the case). I've used both, and Keeper is just too slow and easily killed. Theoretically, his tokens help you build up a field to go ultimate into a 5/5, but it just never seems to happen. Modern is too fast.

You have a lot of discard, too much IMO. I'd take the four Thoughtseize, but drop the rest. You need removal spells, to blast through your opponents threats and blockers. Tragic Slip, Geth's Verdict, Bile Blight and Dismember all dodge indestructible (a common out against removal for white and even green decks). Token decks and Elves/Merfolk will run you over unless you can deal with them quickly and efficiently. Drown in Sorrow is another option, although it does hit your team too.

Gatekeeper of Malakir should be maindboard, not side. He's a Verdict that also makes a 2/2, or a 2/2 for 2B if you need a blocker to save you.

Drasul on Mono Black Vampires

1 week ago

I would consider replacing Guul Draz Vampire with Shadow Alley Denizen. She stays in the curve and combos perfectly with the mono-colored theme. She also plays nice with Bloodline Keeper  Flip. To make room, I'd swap Ascendant Evincar for Bloodline Keeper  Flip. They both accomplish a +x/+x but one is cheaper, will keep a steady board presence, and has potential to survive against a Lightning Bolt. I would also toss out Piranha Marsh for swamps since swamps don't come into play tapped.

Ninja_Claw on 2015-06-27 update of Shatter the ...

1 week ago

Fetch package:

CultivateFarseekSkyshroud Claim Kodama's Reach Solemn Simulacrum Sakura-Tribe Elder Wooded FoothillsBloodstained Mire

Sac Outlets:

Fleshbag MarauderSidisi, Undead VizierViscera SeerDiabolic IntentPhyrexian TowerAshnod's AltarBirthing PodCulling DaisTrading Post

Sac Fodder Outlets:

Avenger of ZendikarBloodghastBloodline Keeper  FlipCreakwood LiegeFeldon of the Third PathMurderous RedcapMyr BattlesphereNether TraitorOphiomancerSakura-Tribe ElderSolemn SimulacrumWurmcoil EngineKher KeepTrading PostRancorAspect of Mongoose

Uility/Card Draw and Shenanigans:

Vicious ShadowsDark ProphecyDefense of the HeartDictate of ErebosFecundityGrave PactPhyrexian ArenaPrimal VigorTrading PostMimic VatSkullclampDeathrenderCauldron of SoulsChromatic LanternVolrath's StrongholdHarmonizeViscera SeerSheoldred, Whispering OneMyr RetrieverMikaeus, the UnhallowedGlissa, the TraitorGoblin WelderHex ParasiteJunk DiverDeathrite ShamanEternal WitnessFeldon of the Third PathHomeward Path

Tutor Package:

Demonic TutorDiabolic IntentSidisi, Undead VizierDefense of the HeartBirthing Pod

Graveyard Recursion:Eternal WitnessFeldon of the Third PathGlissa, the TraitorGoblin WelderJunk DiverMyr RetrieverBloodghastNether TraitorSheoldred, Whispering OneVolrath's StrongholdMimic Vat -- not really graveyard recursion but creature recursion utility!Trading PostAspect of MongooseRancor


Ghost QuarterAbrupt DecayChaos WarpKrosan GripPutrefyHull BreachDreadboreDecree of PainSheoldred, Whispering OneMurderous RedcapFleshbag MarauderDeathrite ShamanAcidic SlimeHex Parasite --loves Planeswalkers and keeps my persist/undying theme rolling--

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