Bloodline Keeper

Creature — Vampire


T: Put a 2/2 black Vampire creature token onto the battlefield.

B: Transform Bloodline Keeper. Activate this ability only if you control five or more Vampires.

Acquire Bloodline Keeper

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Bloodline Keeper Discussion

-Axion- on Bloodsuckers R Us!

5 days ago

Bloodline Keeper  Flip and Vampire Hexmage should be in every Vampire tribal deck. Left unchecked, BK will simply overrun your opponant. Check out my vampire deck Vampire Eradication if you want some ideas! Either way, +1 for Vampires!

TwoMagicDudes on 2014-11-21 update of Too Many ...

1 week ago

Oh--and as for Thornbite Staff, it combos like crazy with Bloodline Keeper  Flip (tap, sac the vampire to Vish Kal, Keeper untaps, repeat), as well as Guul Draz Assassin. And I am tempted to put Avatar of Woe in here, which goes crazy with the staff as well.

Havok.Bane on Vampires 2.0.

1 week ago

With your cmc of your spells so low you could probably take out a couple of lands. Also Bloodline Keeper  Flip can be awesome

greaseball on Epicly Struggling Tokens (ADVICE PLEASE)

1 week ago

Ophiomancer pretty much does the same thing as Deadly Recluse, except the recluse doesn't give you any tokens. Plus the snakes are great sac outlets for Ghave, Guru of Spores

If you need protection from flying, Why don't you get some flying token cards? I run Bloodline Keeper  Flip and Emeria Angel in my token decks.

SpaceNinja on Lord of Innistrad - Working Title

2 weeks ago

If you are running Phantom General anyway, maybe you run Bloodline Keeper  Flip, Kalitas, Bloodchief of Ghet, Sengir Nosferatu or Skeletal Vampire, since they all make tokens.

zgriffin1989 on Casual vampires

3 weeks ago

Fun, fast, and effective. To help get the most out of Captivating Vampire, why not throw in Bloodline Keeper  Flip to pump out a few tokens. Also, I have a Vampire Deck and found that I enjoy using Guul Draz Assassin as not only a good 1 cast, but an effective creature removal as well. Other fun and effective Vampires that ended up cycling through my deck at one point or another are Anowon, the Ruin Sage, Blood Tribute, Malakir Bloodwitch, Necropolis Regent, and Bloodlord of Vaasgoth+1 because its a great start to a potentially fantastic deck. Please take a look at mine and let me know what you think Vampires

alexoak on Tokin' Tokens

3 weeks ago

Hm. While I understand taking out Black would definitely make life easier, I love Junk to much! And unfortunately, budget is a bit of an object, and while I already have a grand majority of these cards, 4 Doubling Season are a bit out of my pricerange. However, I love the idea of Cathars' Crusade and Autochthon Wurm. I also like Bloodline Keeper  Flip for the extra flying punch it gives me beyond 1/1 Spirits, but I also get that it is a difficult card to get out because of its Black Devotion... But Ill definitely take all of these suggestions into account. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$3.0 $4.39 $7.99 $7.92

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
0.05 TIX 0.3 TIX
Power / Toughness 3/3
Color(s) Black
Cost 2BB
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.31
Avg. cube pick 5.87


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare


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