Bloodline Keeper

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Creature — Vampire


T: Put a 2/2 black Vampire creature token onto the battlefield.

B: Transform Bloodline Keeper. Activate this ability only if you control five or more Vampires.

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Bloodline Keeper Discussion

CPD on Vampiric Rapehouse [Overhauled]

15 hours ago

I don't know how well it works for you, but I would never run Vampire Lacerator personally. I like Shadow Alley Denizen in my vampires, since I can constantly create black creatures with Bloodline Keeper  Flip, and constantly have intimidate. Trust me, people don't like not being able to block your creatures.

On that note, I would for sure run Bloodline Keeper  Flip for the bunch of Vampires. Call me mad, but I don't really see Liliana's appeal, let alone why she's worth $80 each, and if I were building this deck, I wouldn't use her. Then again, I don't do tournaments other than the occasional FNM, so there is likely something that I'm missing.

Also, what are your thoughts on Mirri the Cursed? I'm thinking of upping how many I have in my vampire deck, since the flying, first strike and haste seems to be a great turn-4 whack-em-in-the-face, especially when she boosts herself bigger and badder every time she whacks a player.

I do have a red-black vampire deck, but it's on the higher end of casual, and I have a bunch of stuff in it that I know would never make it into a competition grade version, and they're just for fun.

SpatulonMk3 on Mono-Black Vampires

3 days ago

You should replace Vampire Hexmage with Bloodline Keeper  Flip. That, and add another Vampire Nocturnus. Also, maybe toss in some Driver of the Dead for more sacrifice potential.

BONESAW1 on black/red vampire synergy

1 week ago

yeah ill move that to the sideboard for casual games its always fun getting a turn 2 Bloodline Keeper  Flip or turn 3 Anowon, the Ruin Sage

BONESAW1 on Might of Sorin

1 week ago

well vampires are an old and wide tribe so it depends on what you go for like Stromkirk Captain is a staple in red/black but not everyone runs red with vamps and Bloodghast is awesome but its also an expensive card and Vampire Nighthawk is pretty much always awesome same with Bloodline Keeper  Flip unless youre looking for more speed

bayard on Olivia, Creature Hate - Needs more damage! Help?

2 weeks ago

Bloodline Keeper  Flip? seems like a sweet win con, bit slow though

pskinn01 on feed me seymor

2 weeks ago

Here are some of my suggestions:

more budget friendly(under $5):
Diabolic Tutor - tutors help your deck run more consistently
Wood Elves - lets you go get a shock land when you put them in your deck
Rootbound Crag, Dragonskull Summit, Woodland Cemetery - helps your mana base out
Kessig Wolf Run - giving prossh trample is always a good thing.
Helm of Possession - steal their creature, when done with it feed it to prossh
Deathrender - use it to sneak your higher casting cost creatures into play quicker
Squee, Goblin Nabob - only would suggest this, if you pick up Fauna Shaman as they play nice together Skirsdag High Priest - feed prosh, use this guy to make a 5/5 flyer...sounds "fair"
Eternal Witness - reusablitiy is good in EDH
Bloodline Keeper  Flip - makes flying tokens...check Ant Queen - makes a token for each 2 mana used...late game makes lots o' tokens
Dictate of Erebos - they sac a creature each time you feed prossh
Deathreap Ritual - feed prossh, draw a cards at end of turn
Rogue's Passage - lets you hit with prossh
Solemn Simulacrum - helps get land you need, and gets a card draw when you feed him to prossh.

Not really budget cards(between $5 and $10) Fauna Shaman - use her to get the creatures you need, fetch for squee, use squee to get 1 each turn
Sheoldred, Whispering One - you get to bring a creature back each turn, they sac a creature each turn
Tooth and Nail - fetch any 2 creatures and put them into play, y not
Maelstrom Pulse - best spot removal in these colorsLightning Greaves - giving prossh haste and making him not be targeted by opponents
Worldly Tutor - another good tutor
Asceticism - protects your creatures from spot removal, and can regenerate them
Garruk Relentless  Flip - makes tokens, and can tutor for creatures when flipped
Liliana Vess - can be used for creature tutor, with a possible upside

getting up there cards (10-25)
Master of the Wild Hunt - make tokens that can either feed prossh, or can be used to kill creatures
Dragon Broodmother - a flying token during everyone's turn, sure sign me up
Creakwood Liege - puts tokens into play, and gives prosh +2/+2 sure thing
Craterhoof Behemoth - lets make all creatures large
Demonic Tutor - good tutor
Volrath's Stronghold - lets you recover some key cards from board wipes
Parallel Lives - doubles token generation

expensive cards (over $25):
Doubling Season - doubles tokens and how many counters planeswalkers come in to play with
Badlands, Taiga, Bayou - help with mana base, but only get after the rest of the deck is playable and good

Grey_Haven on Token Black Deck

3 weeks ago

So far you only have three token generators: Bloodline Keeper  Flip, Endless Ranks of the Dead, and Moan of the Unhallowed, with Endless Ranks requiring Moan to start up. If you're looking for tokens to be your main force, I'd seriously consider putting in four Skirsdag High Priests. Grave Titan might work too with Endless Ranks, but it's a pretty high drop. That being said, you have some mana ramp, so it could get out somewhat early.

jaromwest on Tribal Rakdos Vampires

1 month ago

I would take out a couple of the Falkenrath Exterminator. His ability is surprising difficult to use between playing other cards and actually dealing combat damage. Also Bloodline Keeper  Flip is a great card but he costs a lot and it takes time to get his ability going making him pretty slow. So I'd maybe cut one or two of them to add back in the Stromkirk Noble.

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