Bloodline Keeper

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Creature — Vampire


T: Put a 2/2 black Vampire creature token onto the battlefield.

B: Transform Bloodline Keeper. Activate this ability only if you control five or more Vampires.

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Bloodline Keeper Discussion

Ninjadude51 on Acquire Lifelink

15 hours ago

As someone who has wasted a lot of money on this game, I seriously know how to make this deck better. Please take the time to consider my suggestions.

-4 Vault of the Archangel for 4 Blood Crypt.

-5 swamp and -3 plains for 4 Godless Shrine and 4 mountain

-2 Sanguine Bond for 2 Whip of Erebos

-4 Doom Blade for 4 Terminate

-4 Go for the Throat for 4 Dreadbore

-1 Bloodline Keeper  Flip and -2 Nip Gwyllion for 3 Faithless Looting

take these into consideration.

Myllyes314 on Must Suck to be you...

1 week ago

I honestly don't think that you have enough creatures. Considering it's a tribal deck I think that you should take out the Chanrdas and a bolt for one more Gatekeeper of Malakir and two Bloodline Keeper  Flips. I know, I know - if you have five vampires you should already be winning. But what if you're not? The keeper can be that extra push you need, another win-con maybe.

enpc on Must Suck to be you...

1 week ago

square711: Blood Artist is bad in this build. I do have to agree with you though about Gatekeeper of Malakir. I think he is much better suited to the deck that Kalastria Highborn. Why suicide when you can just kill the stuff thats in your way? I think Kolaghan's Command could work here. Its flexible which is what you want. Good for the sidebaord. Also, More Lightning Bolts and replace the Doom Blades with Dismembers.

I kind of also think the Bloodline Keeper  Flips feel a bit "win more". You have to get them to stick for aturn to do anything and if you have 5 vampires on the field, shouldn't you be winning already? Just a thought.

square711 on Must Suck to be you...

1 week ago

The thing about your deck is while most of your creatures are pretty strong, they're mostly 3-drops, so you'll take a while to start dealing damage - and Modern isn't a format that allows you to "take a while". Take out some of those 3 and 4-drops (Olivia Voldaren IS too slow for Modern, and three Bloodline Keeper  Flips is way too many) and put in some good 1 and 2-drops in their place (Viscera Seer, Blood Artist, Vampire Lacerator, Gatekeeper of Malakir).

Another thing that needs work is your removal suite. With 4x Terminate, there's no need for Dreadbore. When choosing your killspells, think of all the kinds of creatures you'll be dealing with:

Oh, and Victim of Night is strictly better than Doom Blade. Go for the Throat hits more stuff, too. Just saying.

griffstick on Who's the King of Tokens Now?

2 weeks ago

no boots? Lightning Greaves,and Swiftfoot Boots.

no evasion except for akroma's memorial, how about Whispersilk Cloak, Trailblazer's Boots, and Prowler's Helm.more evasion means your general will make contact more often, making his ability worth it,if you want tokens and good use of the graveyard then "enters the battlefield" (ETB) effects should be abused. ETB cards like Hornet Queen, Avenger of Zendikar, Captain of the Watch, Armada Wurm EXT EXT EXT 19 creatures is not enough!!! you should have at least 25 creatures. a few black creatures -- Bloodline Keeper  Flip, Flesh Carver, Ogre Slumlord Ophiomancer, Pawn of Ulamog, Skeletal Vampire, ext ext bla bla whatever.if etb isnt the plan here then just a few suggestions maybe Midnight Ritual, Plague of Vermin, Syphon Flesh,and Empty the Pits. since you have black you should have tutors in here mostly the ones that are gonna get you more then one so you can get your Bitterblossom + Parallel Lives after a few passes cast Triumph of the Hordes or Tooth and Nail to get Craterhoof Behemoth + Hornet Queen to win the game. or to get Vigor + Michiko Konda, Truth Seekerif you want more suggestions just tag my name

rooroothepirate on SaniTheCat

2 weeks ago

Ok cool. Do you happen to have any vampire stuff? Looking mostly for Vampire Nocturnus, Captivating Vampire, Bloodline Keeper  Flip, and Kalastria Highborn

thegigibeast on 2015-05-21 update of Come my ...

3 weeks ago

Since your theme is minions, I think you should try more token cards (if you want). I know some of my suggestions have a high mana cost, but they are only suggestions.

army88strong on Vampires

4 weeks ago

The thing I hate abut vampire decks is that there are so many vampires that it's often difficult to figure out which ones are the best suited for the deck. I have a RB Vampires deck and I include some of the best vampires in my opinion in the deck. I definitely recommend mainboarding a playset of Gatekeeper of Malakir as he is very good. Due to requiring 3 Black, I recommend not using 4 Vampire Nocturnus. I run 1 of him mostly because that's all I have but still, I don't think having 4 of him will benefit you much as there are other staples that you could be using instead. Markov Blademaster is a great card to add because of how powerful it is. Combine it with Rakish Heir and after one attack you have a 5/5 Double Strike that will only get stronger. I recommend getting another Stromkirk Noble for the deck as he is a great card to open a game with and apply pressure early. I don't know how I feel about Kalastria Highborn. She has her uses but I feel like there might be better options out there. Malakir Bloodwitch isn't that good in my opinion because the chances of having enough vampires out to make her relevant is low. Falkenrath Aristocrat has a deck that is tailored to her and this is not that deck. I would take her out. I would also take out Vampire Hexmage as there are a lot better options out there. Bloodline Keeper  Flip is strong as he makes tokens as well as contributes a very hardy boost once he is flipped. I recommend at least one of him in the deck. Anowon, the Ruin Sage is really good as it makes your opponents sacrifice creatures. This lets you get in more with your vampires. Bloodlord of Vaasgoth is a sweet card that can make your vampires really scary when they are cast. Mirri the Cursed and Olivia Voldaren are good but I don't particularly care for them in this deck but that's just me.

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