Docent of Perfection


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Not legal in any format

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Docent of Perfection

Creature — Insect Horror


Whenever you cast and instant or sorcery spell, put a 1/1 blue Human Wizard token creature onto the battlefield. Then, if you control three or more Wizards, transform Docent of Perfection.

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Docent of Perfection Discussion

1empyrean on Jodah's Maelstrom EDH

1 week ago

Thanks for the suggestions. First, my main win con is usually combat damage with a bit of jank thrown in. I use a lot of my spells to keep the board small, but I've avoided running actual board wipes. Its a personal preference thing.

Second, Kiora, Master of the Depths does some self mill, which might not make any sense, but with the cards i'm running for recursion it can actually work out. Cultivator's Caravan can become a 5/5 creature, and that means it interacts with kiora and Jeskai Ascendancy.

Third, Docent of Perfection  Flip was getting cut already. I put Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh in its place.

So, yeah, I guess it is a spells deck with creatures. I'm still working on the mana base, but its been low on my priority list. Any big changes means reevaluating a bunch of other cards, and probably making exactly the cuts you've suggested. I really need to do some live testing first.

duff87 on wizards tribal

1 week ago

Since you're about controlling creatures, how about Control Magic? And if you're doing wizard tribal, maybe Docent of Perfection  Flip , Inalla, Archmage Ritualist Or Azami, Lady of Scrolls? Oh, and any Jace.

1empyrean on Jodah's Maelstrom EDH

1 week ago

While I like storm in this deck, I've been avoiding it to try things that are more appropriate for Jodah.

Sentinel Tower and Guttersnipe are both good, and I've considered running Sphinx-Bone Wand, which would work even better. Its a matter of what to adjust in the deck, and if it give me more than what I take out, since none of these change the way you would play the deck.

Docent of Perfection  Flip and Metallurgic Summonings do well for my token generation, and Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper use to be in the deck, and might return eventually.

Mizzix of the Izmagnus is alright, but in my current build, its value is generally less than having my commander on the field. I don't really care about gradually reducing costs.

DerkaDan on Awaken Control

2 weeks ago


Thanks for the tips and suggestions! I really do like the versatility of Vanish into Memory and will be making that switch for sure. Energy Arc and Herald of Secret Streams seem to be interesting, but I've had several instances in my playgroup where the flying from Abzan Falconer has come in handy on the defense, and the lifegain from Riot Control has kept me alive from minor poking that didn't warrant a removal spell. I may even need to go down my awaken pet cards of Coastal Discovery and Encircling Fissure! Mirrorweave might replace my Cataclysmic Gearhulk or Urza's Ruinous Blast.

As for your deck... it seems sweet! I think I'll even replace my Burnished Hart with a Thaumatic Compass  Flip. Would definitely recommend a Nimbus Maze as an untapped triple land for Kozilek. I also recommend Drownyard Temple just as a recurrable land. Cards like Anticipate and Winds of Rebuke seem to be underpowered as you have other cards in the deck that do their job better. Would recommend Metallurgic Summonings as a less frail Docent of Perfection  Flip or Talrand, Sky Summoner. You do have an amount of tapped duals/utility lands but how has Amulet of Vigor been? Then again everyone's meta is different so I don't know how low and fast your deck needs to be. My deck tries to be as creature light as I can since I'm usually trying to wipe the board, but Nezahal, Primal Tide, Kefnet the Mindful look good with their ways to protect themselves and to draw cards.

hardhitta71194 on The Izzet League

2 weeks ago

We seem to be playing different versions of the deck, which is understandable. A lot of the cards you suggest are above my budget, and you suggest cutting cards that I specifically mention in my description that are pet cards of mine. I built the deck so I could play all the awesome U/R spells that would never work in Modern.

You keep saying I don’t care about tokens but I do, I’ve built the deck around them. Young Pyromancer, Talrand, Sky Summoner, and Dragonshift being my wincons. And Call the Skybreaker is another of my wincons. It gets rid of the many excess lands I have from drawing so many cards and turns them into threats. You don’t need other wizards to make Docent of Perfection  Flip good, it’s great on its own and is very easy to flip.

I’ve also tried counterspells in the deck and they were bad in my experience, I rarely ever hold up mana for them and hitting them on Epic Experiment feels really bad. My playgroup also stays away from extra turn spells because turns end up taking so long. I already have Blue Sun's Zenith in the deck. I’m also aware that Baral is better than Electromancer but with so few counterspells there isn’t much difference, I’ll upgrade it eventually.

Torrential Gearhulk could be good in the deck, but I don’t own one and I do own Snapcaster Mage for my Modern deck but I could see running both.

Thanks for the suggestions and comments! Hope I didn’t sound rude, I really do appreciate it but you’re suggesting cutting most of my favorite cards in the deck.

Spirits on Mizzix, the spellslinger

3 weeks ago

Hi abobb, fellow Mizzix of the Izmagnus player, Mizzix, the Storm EDH.

You mention the Reiterate + Turnabout Infinite mana to win, and you have Firemind's Foresight to tutor the win-con combo (through Mystical Tutor >> Turnabout) and Comet Storm.

Thought I would mention, I've found Reality Spasm works as good as Turnabout but takes a little more mana to kick-off, doubles chance of drawing the Infinite mana enabler, and can tutor the other half.

Also, as an alternative to Reiterate I also run Nivix Guildmage. As you can imagine, any combination of Turnabout or Reality Spasm + Reiterate or Nivix Guildmage, all work together, increased consistency of drawing into it, or being able to draw some parts and tutor the missing parts. Imperial Recruiter can Tutor Nivix Guildmage so can Muddle the Mixture out of interest, and both work on 3 other creatures (Muddle the Mixture works on any other CMC2 card as well).

Mana Geyser also can go Infinite mana if you play in 4-player pods regularly.

Also with Nivix Guildmage,

Frantic Search (in your 99) + High Tide (in your 99) + Nivix Guildmage | Almost Infinite Mana + Tutor for Comet Storm (in your 99)

If one of the Islands is a Steam Vents you can get Infinite Mana. Built in Tutor as well thanks to Frantic Search. If you don't have High Tide an Izzet Boilerworks gives you the ability to use Frantic Search to Tutor any card, just doesn't give you Infinite Mana, unless you Tutor to your High Tide and cast of course (it's an instant!).

I would recommend Disallow it can handle lots of interactions people need to start their Infinite Combos, maybe delaying them a turn, or solving the issue all together.

Mana Crypt is a nice mana accelerator, quite pricey though, a Fabricate makes a nice Mana Crypt tutor (or possibly Net + with 2 Experience, can be used on a Sol Ring too or Thought Vessel if you need the no maximum hand size for some reason.

Shivan Reef is a good mana, produces to mana fix if needed. Bloodstained Mire or Wooded Foothills can fetch Steam Vents (mana fix) or Mountain.

I stole your idea for Corrupted Conscience, I like that. Torrential Gearhulk seems a bit High CMC for it's ability, and your not doing combat damage so his 5/6 isn't that handy.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor? He's like another Cantrip.

I tried Metallurgic Summonings, I found Docent of Perfection  Flip to be more utility, it's secondary ability is good but not great. Some people play Talrand, Sky Summoner, I wouldn't. To be honest, I know it's CMC7 so doesn't make any sense, but Sphinx-Bone Wand wins me games, if I can get any type of Reiterate going it's a win-con. If you have the Blue Sun's Zenith or something in your hand already then ok, but it's like another really bad Guttersnipe.

Cheers, +1.

LuxCannonator on Budget Modern - Izzet Wizard Prowess

1 month ago

Augur of Bolas is begging to be in this deck. I know he lacks Prowess but he makes up for it by getting you the Cards to trigger it.

Mystic Speculation could be good.

Docent of Perfection  Flip (Realisticly probably not a good choice since you're going more for prowess than wizards. But would be fun none the less lol)

prosshrules on Could Aggro Wizards be a ...

1 month ago

I already thought of some good ones, Cleaver Riot, Docent of Perfection  Flip, Archetype of Imagination, the Niv Mizzets, etc.

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