Wheel of Fortune


Each player discards his or her hand and draws seven cards.

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Wheel of Fortune Discussion

HezTheGod on Waiting for Godo - cEDH primer

7 hours ago

Wheel of Fortune and Memory Jar seem too broken of card draw to not be running, even if they do help your opponents

Mishra's Workshop and Helm of Awakening could both be considered for ramp. Even if helm is hard to justify.

Blazing Volley for dork filled metas

Daedalus19876 on The LOLcust God

1 day ago

Hi! I came here from the MTG EDH COMMANDER Facebook group.

First thoughts: You have far, far too few lands, and it's marked as a Standard deck. Luckily, you have 11 slots left, which hopefully go to lands :)

As others said, I'd cut Izzet Keyrune and Izzet Cluestone. As a general principle, I would not run 3-drop mana rocks that only tap for a single mana, because they deny you the ability to make other early plays. The one exception I would make to that is Coalition Relic, because it gives you the ability to get a T4 Locust God.

I find that Coat of Arms is too much mana:if you want to cast a Wheel, then power boost, then swing for lethal out of nowhere - 8 mana is a LOT.

Similarly, I found Runehorn Hellkite and Psychosis Crawler to be too much mana for their effects.

Generally speaking, I'd focus more on "everyone discard, draw 7" effects than "discard, draw that many". The one big problem this deck has is, oddly enough, running out of cards in hand. If you lower your curve, and run chaining effects like Dream Halls or Paradox Engine (if you add more rocks), you can easily wheel 4-5 times in a single turn.

I know it's a bit expensive, but I really would suggest picking up a Wheel of Fortune for the deck. There's nothing like the original.

Also, you're missing the Kindred Discovery combo :)

And as I said in the FB post, this is my list if you want to compare notes:

The Ten Plagues: Locust God EDH | *PRIMER*

Commander / EDH Daedalus19876

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SocorroTortoise on Jaya Ballard, Fiery Control

3 days ago

StanleyH - Hellkite is one of a long list of card that I like and just don't have a good place for. I've had my Jaya list together for the better part of a decade at this point, and finding cards to cut is much more difficult than finding cards to add. I also don't feel like I need another wheel effect right now, because I already have Wheel of Fortune, Reforge the Soul, and Memory Jar (which can be reused by Goblin Welder and Daretti, Scrap Savant). With the other card advantage tools red has gotten over the last few years, I never feel like I have a problem keeping cards in hand. The other appealing part to the Hellkite is that it's just a dumb flying beater, which is what you need sometimes. I've had more wins on the back of direct damage recently, so I'm probably undervaluing that aspect somewhat.

Flux27 - I realized after I posted that that you have posted in my MTGS thread and I asked pretty much the same question there, so my bad. I'm always happy to push Jaya discussion around the internet. My group is the opposite - we're a lot more aggro than average and also occupy a weird place in terms of power level. We ditched fast mana, most combo, and a lot of the format staples (no idea when I last played with or against Cyclonic Rift, for example) as an intentional choice to keep things a little fresher, but still tend to build high powered decks within those constraints. Fetch/dual manabases to play things like Markov Blademaster are the norm, so some of my card choices are a little odd by wider format standards. That's also the reason I omit staples like Sol Ring in my list.

Stolen Strategy is definitely getting a shot in my list. I've liked Dire Fleet Daredevil when it came up, typically just as card draw or removal. I think that it's going to stick long term and similar effects are worth keeping an eye on. I tried Vance's Blasting Cannons  Flip for a while and really didn't like it. I have a lot of utility in the manabase, so "nonland" is a mortal problem for red's exile draw in my list. I like the idea of a card advantage tool that flips into spot removal/grindy wincon but it never played well. I don't remember what I have in there now - maybe Sunbird's Invocation?

lance4224130 on Firesong and Sunspeaker

1 week ago

ShreddedByCrows, so, here we go. I am swapping the following for the suggested, with playtest in mind. Banefire for Scroll Rack. Then, Mirari for Mistveil Plains. Followed by,Charmbreaker Devils for Madblind Mountain, as well as,Forbidden Orchard for Incendiary Command. Take note that this fixes the mana curve and land shortage. Finally, Repercussion comes back in replacing Warleader's Helix.

ShreddedByCrows, You were absolutely correct on Subterranean Tremors, however, as you put it, it does consume my artifacts. What I found out playtesting is this deck tends to durdle around looking for the right moments to play things. Unfortunately, this makes for casting the commander and keeping her safe extremely hard. In one situation a UG deck too card advantage and board state presence control with Roil Elemental. In this case, I barely won by Blasphemous Act copied by the Goggles.

Essentially, the deck has a lot of opportunity for improvement. One such is that it has a hard time dealing damage to flying creatures. The multiple Wheel of Fortune effects helps quite a bit. On my duties for this deck now include calculating the target worth of Sunforger. If there are less than five targets, I find that the card is an expensive tutor that attracts a lot of board hate. I have it in mind that the future replacement may well be a Lightning Greaves.

Roryrai on Fast Mana is Fair and Balanced - JWC Storm Primer

1 week ago

I tested Memory Jar for a bit at first but honestly it feels incredibly slow. At CMC 5 it severely limited what else I was able to play in the same turn, which essentially pushes the storm turn back by 1. While having a free wheel effect the following turn is nice, as well as the potential for instant speed hand disruption (cracking in response to a tutor, for instance) it just feels like it's a lot of investment up front, and the payoff isn't quick enough. I think you could definitely run it and have success with it, it just won't be as effective as things like Wheel of Fortune. If you're looking for a budget wheel effect, Windfall is your best bet.

In terms of comparison to other decks, I don't believe we're quite on the same level as things like Chain Veil Teferi, Blood Pod, or the best Hulk decks, though we can definitely compete with them. We're a bit low on control in the storm version of the deck (though I know some people are working on a stax build of Jhoira), so it usually gets used to protect ourselves more than anything. That doesn't mean we don't have tools to deal with other top decks (Grafdigger's Cage shuts down Hulk lines, Pithing Needle turns off Teferi, etc.) but those hate pieces are more accidental than anything else, since the primary game plan is always to storm, ideally with protection.

We also have a surprising amount of resilience, at least to direct removal. Due to the volume of mana rocks in the deck, even if Jhoira gets removed it's not the end of the world to have to recast her. However, because we're so reliant on having her in play, repeatedly facing spot removal does add up. Additionally, we're extremely weak to Stony Silence, Null Rod, Eidolon of Rhetoric, and Damping Sphere. If one of these lands, we pretty much can't win until it goes away, and our tools for making that happen are limited. Artifact removal, both targeted and mass, can be really problematic as well. For the colors we're in, however, it does feel like we have a good amount of resilience.

SynergyBuild on I'll rip yer arm off and beat you with the wet end

1 week ago

Windfall is much much (70$) cheaper than Wheel of Fortune and has the same effect most of the time.

Wolfrage76 on I'll rip yer arm off and beat you with the wet end

1 week ago

Clyde_Bankston thanks for the suggestions. I'll need to see if I have the budget for Treachery as a lot of the high cost cards I already own. Need to see if I have that one.

And I agree about Jace, the Mind Sculptor - Shame I recently sold the Foil version I pulled. Guess I'll need to buy more packs and hope for the best lol

Iffy on Wheel of Fortune - yes, it's a great card but I need to decide if maybe working on card filtering through draws is better or not. I do really need Draw in this deck.

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