The Scorpion God


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Mythic Rare
Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations (AKHMPS) Mythic Rare

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The Scorpion God

Legendary Creature — God

Whenever a creature with -1/-1 counter on it dies, draw a card.

1BR: Put a -1/-1 counter on another target creature.

When the Scorpion God dies, return it to its owner's hand at the beginning of the next end step.

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The Scorpion God Discussion

Minihorror227 on Babby's First Zombie Deck

7 hours ago


First off, what type of deck are you wanting? You said you wanted to build around nicol bolas. Do you want to stay a zombie deck as well? If so, i will give you some suggestions

  • you need to drop the 3 costs down. Spellweaver Eternal is a decent 2 drop thatcan become bigger when casting noncreature spells.

  • Cursed Minotaur is good when your lords are already out. He becomes big and can already have menace without havig to tap a lord.

  • i've personally not liked The Scorpion God so my opinion on him is a but biased. That said i dont know how it would work in this deck. I would personally add in card draw effects or burn in red such as Tormenting Voice, Abrade, Magma Spray, or Shock

  • lastly, you could wait until Ixalan is released for Duress, Lightning Strike, Arguel's Blood Fast, or possibly others and turn the deck into more of a control deck

Just suggestions, i like the idea of the deck either way as i planned on building zombies awhile ago but never got around to it.

Wiggyman on U/B Zombies with a Croc

3 days ago

Take out 2x Ghoulraiser for at least one more The Scorpion God and probably a couple more Gravecrawlers.

Eshmasesh on the infect god

6 days ago

Personally, I think you shouldn't use The Scorpion God as your wincon, but as support for the rest of your infect deck. If you make him less of a target by not using him as an infect creature, you can reap the benefits of his presence much more than just killing with him.

Qolorful on Keeping with rotation, with time ...

6 days ago

I find it's always a bit dangerous to have a build around card, unless the card doesn't need support to be insane, or the support is insanely consistent. I.e Crested Sunmare is good to build around because lifegain just makes it harder to lose anyway.

That being said, I think -1/-1 counters is decent right now, and if you did jund you'd be able to use The Scorpion God for gas, as well as all the good counter cards gb has access too. Could be really strong

BaiZongTong on Archfiend Hapatra

1 week ago

OOO Key to the City is a pretty nice way to make it work! That's genius!

Nature's Way feels hard to execute since it requires you to have a snake on the board already. maybe the new Walk the Plank for cheap removal?

Against control, I played against R/B Control for Game Day and drew 1-1 with a previous iteration of the deck. It was a very tough match, but I recall that in the second game, Claim / Fame was MVP because it allowed me to res Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons with Claim and immediately use Fame for a quick swing + snake. Once the snake is on the board, it poses an interesting threat to control since they didn't have many creatures. Driven / Despair is also good since it requires enemy to choose whether to discard or let me draw.

The Scorpion God might also be better against R/B Control, since once it's resolved, it gives you some card advantage, which I find is usually the most depleting against control. It also fares much better against Torrential Gearhulk.

Thousandoaks on Archfiend Hapatra

2 weeks ago

BaiZongTong, thanks for the feedback. I really enjoy the Archfiend of Ifnir and Key to the City combo, so I don't rely too much on cycling lands. It makes a devastating impact and really turns the tide of battle the turn it drops. Key to the City has made some clutch Ammit Eternal saves getting him through to drop his counters. Finally, I often have the Dust available to trigger the board wipe against my opponent; including indestructible creatures.

I did originally have The Scorpion God in the deck, but I found that I didn't get the value from it that I get from Archfiend of Ifnir. However, I do sorely miss the card advantage. I am thinking of running some Despair + Driven to get some form of card advantage back in the deck.

I do like the Supernatural Stamina idea for multiple ETB triggers. I was thinking of adding Nature's Way so I can use a snake to take out a threat if need be, but haven't give in much thought.

I have been toying with adding more removal and a splash of death touch to help make the deck more consistent. Ultimately, if I don't get Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons or Nest of Scarabs by turn 3... then I lose the game. I don't like not having reliability through multiple means.

How does your deck hold up against control?

BaiZongTong on Archfiend Hapatra

2 weeks ago

How's Archfiend of Ifnir working out for you?

I play a similar deck and was excited about the archfiend, but didn't think there's enough cycling cards to make it worthwhile. Ruthless Sniper I thought may have been an interesting addition, but again, not enough good cycling cards. I run The Scorpion God instead for late-game big-hitting. It also helps with card advantage.

Cycling lands is a way to got to compensate the problem, but I run Blooming Marsh instead which allows the deck to be a lot faster.

An intersection is Stinging Shot, which is a great sideboard card against flyers like Glorybringer, and gives you three insects for just one mana with Nest of Scarabs. It also fits into the cycling requirement also.

On the topic of Nest of Scarabs, I find it to be perhaps the most powerful card in this setup, because it allows you to flood the board with creatures very cheaply. Combine it with the previously mentioned stinging shot, Channeler Initiate, or Exemplar of Strength, you are basically throwing out multiple 1/1s for just 1 or 2 mana. The 1/1s do more than just flooding the board. Target one of the 1/1 with one of those creature's ETB effect, and you have cheap 4/4 or 4/3 for just 2 mana.

I also find Supernatural Stamina to be extremely helpful in this setup, since it allows you to trigger ETB effects again. Imagine you have channeler on the board with some counters, and you play exemplar targeting channeler, channeler dies, but you play stamina to return it to the battle, triggering its ETB. Now you just created 6 -1/-1 counters in two batches, which allows you to either create two snakes with Hapatra and/or 6 insects with each tomb. It also helps you save creatures, and sometimes gives you that extra push for lethal damage.

With that many creatures, right now I run Westvale Abbey  Flip to transform the 1/1s into a giant creature. But when that rotates out, I'm thinking of something like Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter or Metallic Mimic to help.

Anyways, this is my interpretation of the deck. I recently splashed more red (I have red already since I was supporting the scorpion god), which affects the mana base, hence all the Aether Hub and Attune with Aether. I'm still debating whether this is the direction I want to go into.

TheVectornaut on beginner deck tips appreciatedb

2 weeks ago

You have a pretty good curve and some nice bombs, but like many new decks, the biggest problems are lack of consistency and lack of a unifying theme. I'd choose your favorite finisher and try to build the rest of the deck with that card in mind. Then, you just want to acquire duplicates of the best cards in that strategy so they can replace the less useful cards. If it was me, I'd focus on The Scorpion God and build around -1/-1 counters. Add green for Channeler Initiate, Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, Obelisk Spider, etc. I'd also consider more Banewhip Punisher, Festering Mummy, Nest of Scarabs, Plague Belcher, and maybe Soul-Scar Mage with enough burn spells. Finally, I'd look at Torment of Hailfire as another win condition.

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