Council's Judgment


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters Rare
Conspiracy Rare

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Council's Judgment


Will of the council Starting with you, each player votes for a nonland permanent you don't control. Exile each permanent with the most votes or tied for most votes.

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Council's Judgment Discussion

Squirrel_of_War on Board Control Marchesa

4 days ago

Council's Judgment would be great in here.

Honor_Basquiat on Atraxa Superfriends

2 weeks ago

Your list is cool and I can see has already made many improvements since the last time I saw it, here is some constructive feedback you may want to consider. For the most part I avoided recommending creatures because it appears you are going for a very limited creatures sub theme.

Planeswalkers you should consider cutting:

Ajani Unyielding (minus ability seems good, but it's really win more because you have very few creatures. This means it's only good if you already have a lot of planeswalkers on the battlefield. Plus ability isn't good because you have very few creatures and Atraxa already has lifelink and vigillance. I also don't like that it's a 4 drop because it shares the same CMC as Atraxa and you are more likely to want to play them on the same turn.)

Jace Beleren (Decent, but there are better card advantage engines. Double blue is also strict for a budget mana base, but this card is very good if you only minus and Atraxa is out).

Tamiyo, Field Researcher (plus ability is decent at discouraging attackers, but it is difficult to guarntee card advantage because you have so few creatures. I also don't like that it's a 4 drop because it shares the same CMC as Atraxa and you are more likely to want to play them on the same turn.)

Sorin, Solemn Visitor (plus ability hardly does anything because you have so few creatures and Atraxa already has lifelink. Minus ability isn't really worth the mana. I also don't like that it's a 4 drop because it shares the same CMC as Atraxa and you are more likely to want to play them on the same turn.)

Planeswalkers you are not running currently but should consider including:

Kiora, Master of the Depths (plus ability is ramp/mana fixing and has good synergy with mana dorks, minus ability is card advantage).

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage (very powerful plus ability, and with proliferation, she can ultimate quickly which is very powerful. Her minus ability can also generate a lot of cards against some match ups).

Karn Liberated (unconditional removal that you can repeat is a no brainer).

Removal Analysis

Your removal suite is good but the spells have too high of a converted mana cost on average. Higher converted mana cost is ok for spot removal, but if this is the case, the cards should be very verstaile (i.e. Sultai Charm)

Budget Options:OustCondemnGo for the ThroatUltimate Price

Nonbudget Options:Abrupt Decay


Maelstrom Pulse

Council's Judgment

Song of the Dryads

Card Advantage

Budget Options:Painful Truths

Fact or Fiction

Glint-Sleeve Siphoner (I know you aren't trying to run a lot of creatures, but it's a solid option)

Non budget options:Phyrexian Arena

Sylvan Library

Rhystic Study

Ramp Options:Nature's Lore/Three Visits allows you to search for shock lands or cycle lands that has the "Forest" sub type if you upgrade your mana base. These cards can also find Murmuring Bosk.

I understand you aren't trying to rely on creatures too much, but you should consider playing Avacyn's Pilgrim and Elves of Deep Shadow. Noble Hierech is very good but not a budget option.


I recommend you review my list to get an idea of what a 4 color optimized mana base can look like, but there will be some slight differences because you are running superfriends. From your list recommend you consider to cut Gavony Township because it doesn't produced color mana and you don't run a ton of cretaures anyway (although you have some tokens from your planeswalkers).

Temple of the False God also doesn't make colored mana, and doesn't do anything early game. Ancient Tomb is much better, but I'm not even running that one. If you were to run a colorless land, I would recommend Ghost Quarter or Wasteland.

I understand that you can proliferate Dreadship Reef but I don't think it's good because you have to pay mana to add counters to it, this makes it slow. Mirrodin's Core seems much better. Gemstone Mine you should be running for sure.

Feel free to check out my Atraxa list. It's different than your list because it is control and isn't superfriends, but I would imagine we both can learn from each other's lists and I'd love to hear any feedback you have.

TheatreJohn on Cards to help everyone play

3 weeks ago

I started building a Queen Marchesa deck because I have a weakness for Conspiracy: Take the Crown and the Monarch mechanic. After starting it, I realized that The Monarch mechanic really helps everyone actually play the game. Sometimes, you'll have people who don't get to do much because their deck doesn't pan out very well, or they just got unlucky early on with setbacks. So my goal was to add in a bunch of "Everyone plays if this spell resolves cards" such as Coercive Portal or Council's Judgment. I've already seen the 'Join Forces' cycle (Alliance of Arms), the '____ Offering' cycle (Benevolent Offering), and the 'Temptation Cycle' (Tempt with Immortality). Are there any cards out there that will help everyone get to play, even if they're stuck with a 7 land hand?

PS: Not all the "Everyone plays" cards have to be good, I am running Capital Punishment and Bite of the Black Rose.

Kilrane on The Enabler MTGO

3 weeks ago

Comfordor Well, some cards are there to help people that are struggling but most help everyone equally. Leyline and Vedalken are great cards but I typically cast things when I can get them out of my hand due to wheels and other such shenanigans that take my hugs out of my hands. Pillow Fort cards are very much something that is a good idea and the bigger creatures in my deck and my hugs tend to deter people from coming after me. My thought on putting a lot of them in is that in order to make a suite of pillow fort I'd have to remove some hugs and I'm not really a fan of that idea. Unless of course you see something that you think is not very good.

There are a few philosophies when building group hug decks (GHDs). Usually GHDs play politically while quietly setting up a win con playing the roles of referee and gift giver. For example a friend of mine has a Phelddagrif deck and in it he has several infinite mana generating combos that allow him to either punish or reward players as he sees fits, he calls it his King Maker deck. He'll select a player he wants to help win and keep it to himself while gifting things to the players at the table. If someone starts blowing up his stuff he'll make a billion mana and swing in with massive hydra and tell the table, "No no. He did the bad. He had to be punished." In this one though I follow the philosophy of "pure group hug". I don't care about winning with this deck. I don't really care about how others win. I just want to have fun in getting there.

There are no counterspells because people tend to take care of that for me. Everyone wants some of the goodies I bring to the table and they'll have to fight to get them. I have one bit of hard removal in Council's Judgment and even then it's up to the other players what we're getting rid of so I'm not completely to blame for something's removal. I hope I answered your questions! Please let me know if you have anymore. :)

Scorprix on Tax of the Council

4 weeks ago

So sorry about the time. I've been very busy!

Either way, some notes and cards that may be worth including: Tainted Remedy is generally pretty bad, and other people gaining life is almost never a big deal. Underworld Connections is really slow card advantage, a bit too slow for my tastes, but if you don't mind "sacrificing" a land for your card advantage you can keep it (just noting that it is a strong card when you have access to green and their plethora of land-untaping effects). Orim's Prayer, Hissing Miasma and Cliffhaven Vampire fall into the corner case of being sometimes good, but usually pretty awful, and are often worse than just including better cards. Divinity of Pride and Serra Ascendant are cards that I have used in the past, but are (surprisingly) bad. All they do is just sit there, be big and then die, and since this is commander most removal will generate a bit of extra value, but your cards did nothing, so you will simply fall behind on cards. Herald of Anguish is slow and does nothing for your deck. Kambal, Consul of Allocation might be interesting as a commander, but as just a single card in the 99 that you will likely draw late in the game it is pretty bad. Condemn used to be very good when you could still "tuck away" commanders, but since that change it has been pretty damn unplayable since it usually just a worse Path to Exile. Finally, Drana's Emissary and Grim Guardian are just bad cards.

Good card to add might include Forbidden Orchard, Duelist's Heritage, Windborn Muse, Torpor Orb, Thunderstaff, Rest in Peace, Archangel of Tithes and Koskun Falls. These all just help your general strategy.

Demonic Tutor, Council's Judgment, Sepulchral Primordial, Luminate Primordial and Archon of Justice are all just really solid cards that fit into many black and white decks regardless of archtype. Even Path to Exile isn't as good as these guys here! haha

Hope this helped! And one last recommendation- add a few more boardwipes, especially versatile ones like Austere Command!

Izu_Korasu on How good are these cards ...

1 month ago

of the three you mentioned:

Prison Term is playable (if you can afford the double white) as it can bounce to troublesome creatures which is unique, but i can say from experience it does less then you think in a format with multiple players pumping out threats, id rather have Council's Judgment, Grasp of Fate, or Wrath of God.

Spectral Grasp making it so the creature functions normally aside from attacking/blocking "your direction" isn't all that usefulunless your in a deck that capitalizes on the political nature of Commander. But in a format with powerful abilities, "dont attack me" doesnt do very much.

Captured by the Consulate is just overly expensive, and in most cases its just worse then Pacifism (while targeted removal exists, edh is generally more focused on mass removal) also note that it only prevents the creature from attacking, it can still be used to block.

Darksteel Mutation generally has a stronger impact then your three above options, and has the added benefit of derailing general-centric decks. But again, in general, Pacifism type enchantments tend to see only marginal play due to standard removal (Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares, Crib Swap etc just being stronger)

BlackWitch on Of Hate-and-a-laugh Tales

2 months ago


The fact which makes me unable to think about Eldrazi Conscription as an equipment is that, IF Eldrazi Conscription won't be countered, it still will be the primary target for your opponent. It's almost impossible to keep something that terrifying safe on board. Believe me. I play Kaalia of the Vast. Of course it is also different situation since my opponent knows that I will finally try to cast her, so he keeps all his counter spells and damn removals especially for this occasion, while your opponent doesn't even know you have something like THAT in your deck. YET it is also extremely easy to get rid of an aura card.

If You won't leave that extra mana for protection while casting Eldrazi Conscription, either way someone will destroy this aura itself with enchantment removal, or worse, will just simply get rid of the creature, before or after Eldrazi Conscription hits the board. Either way your aura gets buried too. That is why, for me this is spell for 10-11 CMC, which is just too much, even for what it does. But if You can afford it and You love it that much, this is still OP card.

When it comes for Oblation. Recently I've been playing with my quite good friend. During our games, he used oblation 3 times I guess. One time I got my winning card with this additional draw Oblation gave me, and the other time I re-draw the removed card (plus an extra one thanks to Oblation). So I will say it again. This card is useless to me. There are better option for removal Path to Exile, Council's Judgment, and for draw Survival Cache, Truce or Acrobatic Maneuver. Especially the last one if you want to blink your creatures.

Creatures with flying like Dust Elemental, Eiganjo Free-Riders, Stormfront Riders, Galepowder Mage are also good cards if you want to re use some ETB effects from Stoneforge Mystic, Armory Automaton, Knight of the White Orchid, Relic Seeker or Sun Titan. Although if You want to go this way, I would add some more creatures with ETB.

Does mana from Thran Turbine disappear after the upkeep ? If yes, than this card is not as good as I thought, but still might be useful.

I like scry lands. If I would play mono coloured deck, I would miss them. I really underestimated them before, therefore I recommend them now.

Scrying Sheets is a nice land for Your snow covered collection.

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