Crib Swap


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 (C15) Uncommon
Lorwyn (LRW) Uncommon

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Crib Swap

Tribal Instant — Shapeshifter

Changeling (This card is every creature type at all times.)

Remove target creature from the game. Its controller puts a 1/1 colorless Shapeshifter creature token with changeling into play.

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Crib Swap Discussion

mmonede on Walls can't attack

18 hours ago

Thanks for the comments.

Path to Exile is not here for budget and playgroup rules reasons. Only cards less than a certain price are allowed (2 euro, around $2,5 - shop prices). It limits your options, but encourages you to find alternatives. That's why the deck is so cheap.

Removal is a weak point of the deck - Crib Swap is far from ideal. I might try Condemn or recover the pump route with Tower Defense

Checked your deck. Doran, the Siege Tower is the way to go for Abzan (again, not playgroup legal).

Left you a comment there.

JakeHarlow on Dragonlance

6 days ago

@ TheRedGoat:

Which cards with changeling would you recommend? Crib Swap is decent removal but it's not really that strong in here. Better in Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero where you can easily put it back in your library. Just don't see why I'd run a 3-mana Swords to Plowshares for very little upside.

Here's the entire list of Boros cards with changeling legal in Commander. I don't see any one of them that seems particularly strong, apart from perhaps Changeling Hero. There's also Mutavault, which essentially has changeling. Overall I'm not seeing why I'd include any of these cards over the current choices, despite the fact that changeling cards count as both Knights and Dragons.

Loonmoon18 on Sliver EDH Control Deck

1 month ago

staroceansurfer, Thank you for your suggiestions! I didn't know Volrath's Stronghold was a card! I will try to get one! Teferi's Protection and Patriarch's Bidding are for sure good cards if I get them and find a place. Crystalline Sliver used to be in the deck but was removed due to having many cards to target my slivers and of course Amoeboid Changeling, Unnatural Selection, and Crib Swap. But maybe it can find a spot back into my deck! I'll try to. Thank you for looking at my deck and have a great day! :)

Hyrs on Help My Narset Deck

1 month ago

Narset Suggestions:

This isn't super sorted, but I tried to keep similar effects together, sorted by cost as well.

General Tip - Since Narset can only cast things whenever they could be cast, instants are a big advantage

About Wraths - You won't want to cast them with Narset out, but it's better than dying(probably get 4-6)

Things to cut:

any equipment - equipment is okay, but since you don't get the equip cost for free you want to focus on low equip costs, or things that protect narset

about aura's - normally they're just card disadvantage but narset probably offsets that

bounce lands - (like Boros Garrison) are usually a little awkward and slow, in three colors you're better off with basics

Aether Gale - tricky since it needs six targets and that won't always be possible

Sea God's Revenge - bounce that only targets creatures usually isn't worth it in EDH, probably better to have hard removal

Breath of Fury - while decent if you have the creatures (and you have some token generation) it's probably not consistent enough, just run sorcs that give extra combats

Dissipation Field - often gives too much value to opponents, maybe even being a lure (lightmine field might be a decent replacement)

Dismiss Into Dreams - you're not targeting that often, and if you are it should be removal anyways

Assemble the Legion - Seems to slow to be effective

Throne of the God-Pharaoh - Need to go wide for this to be really effective


_cheap$$(around or less than a dollar): _

Swords to Plowshares(removal) - excellent creature removal, cheap if you happen to draw it

Crib Swap(removal) - still exiles a creature outright, but 3cmc

Banishing Stroke (removal, tuck, utility) - expensive hard cast without narset/miracle but tucking is often better than destroying(worse than exiling)

Relentless Assault(extra combats) - Extra attack steps with Narset is dumb, do it

Fury of the Horde(extra combats) - extra attack steps (they're the best)

Boros Charm(protection, burn) - versatile, keeps narset alive

Return to Dust(utility removal) - Exiling artifacts and enchantments is better than not

Vandalblast(Mass artifact removal) - not an exciting card, but taking out only opponents artifacts cripples some decks

Sunforger(tutor/equipment) - only good if you have enough cards it can search for, is mana intensive but if you have enough cards it can fetch it'll be worth it

Lightmine Field(pillowfort/defense) - Narset can attack through it, and keeps token swarms off your back

Crawlspace(pillowfort/defense) - Against, stops large swarms, still you'll probably get hit by the two biggest creatures

Counterflux(counterspell) - strong counterspell, wins counter wars

Render Silent(counterspell) - Makes people sad, locks them out of whole turns

Insidious Will(counterspell, spell copy) - versatile, let's you copy stronger effects from narset as well

Reverberate(spell copy) - often is what you need it to be, can be a counterspell or raw value, great for piggybacking on green ramp

Wild Ricochet(spell copy) - copy a spell, twice!

Spelltwine(spell copy, recursion) - recursion is great since you're putting so much stuff in your graveyard

Call to Mind (recursion) - you have spells, may as well re-use the best ones

Mystic Retrieval (recursion) - same but with flashback!

Mirari(spell copying) - copying any instant or sorcery for three is a pretty good deal if you don't have to pay for the spell already

Clone Legion(wincon) - With how many etb creatures people run, this can be a game ender, or enough raw value to put you ahead

Blatant Thievery(card advantage, removal) - stealing things makes people mad, but it's very effective

Journeyer's Kite(ramp) - slower than rocks, but more reliable, a slow and steady way to get mana

Thaumatic Compass  Flip(ramp, utility) - like kite but only until 7 mana, then it's a nice form of creature protection

Brass's Bounty(ramp) - only good if you need a lot of mana one time

Chain Reaction(mass removal) - board dependent, and kills narset, sometimes you need more wraths

Day of Judgment(mass removal) - very strong

Final Judgment(mass removal) - against some decks destroying all creatures isn't enough, exiling is

_LANDS(can be boring, but are often a big part of how your deck performs): _

Command Tower - Must have in three colors

Mystic Monastery - Tapped lands aren't great, tri-color tap lands in your color are

Rogue's Passage(unblockable) - Being colorless is bad, being unblockable is good

not so cheap$$(around three or more dollars):

Path to Exile(removal) - a second StP, not all decks need it, but it is strong

Darksteel Plate(protection) - keeps your commander safer, isn't super powerful, cheap equip

Rite of Replication(wincon, value) - You still have to pay the kicker but this card is incredible

Waves of Aggression(extra combats) - take extra combats, plus you can play it from the graveyard

Wrath of God(mass removal) - it's the best, but day of judgment is as good 99% of the time

Austere Command(mass removal) - hit's only what you need it to hit, can ignore narset if necessary

Cyclonic Rift(mass removal) - one sided, but you have to pay for the kicker with narset, still can steal games

Blasphemous Act(mass removal) - often one mana

Drakorya on The Glorious Hive

2 months ago

Guftders: The only time Crib Swap giving your opponent the token is bad is if Necrotic Sliver is on the battlefield. Most of the time your only giving them a small token with one or two minimal abilities.

If your commander is on the battlefield you can always pay 3 mana to steal the token as well.

Good suggestion with Herald's Horn, that card is sweet.

Guftders on The Glorious Hive

2 months ago

Whilst Crib Swap is tutorable, you also give your opponent a 1/1 changeling token... Meaning it will have all of the abilities of the slivers you control (since you don't run the newer ones). It might not always be relevant, but it can potentially give your opponent free removal etc.

I actually love the new sliver design. While it's not as good as the old design, I like that it actually shows the Slivers evolving, and clearly depicts how each one has developed new traits.

Since you're running Top, might I suggest Descendants' Path and Herald's Horn? In combination with Top, you get a free cast every turn, or a free "draw".

Drakorya on The Glorious Hive

2 months ago

Cryptic Gateway is pretty good with Slivers, especially if you add in Intruder Alarm.

Crib Swap is great as a tutorable removal spell with the Overlord.

Also, with all the wrath you're playing I would add in Patriarch's Bidding to get all your slivers back into play. It only really has a downside if your opponents are playing tribal decks as well.

Silverfox670 on Spirit of vengeance

3 months ago

update - drawing way too many lands, cant play anything else with such a high number.

early card draw is severely lacking. mid/late game there are some GREAT options in Honden of Seeing Winds and Sire of the Storm. but they are inaccessible early game, making the deck feel slow over all.

needs a couple tutors possibly: kept finding myself in need of Yuki-Onna in particular, and no way to go grab her.

possible switching of the removal card. while you can't beat the efficiency of Swords to Plowshares, I may trade efficiency for value. Crib Swap is a tribal shapeshifting instant that would count as a spirit.this would give it some recurrability, and also trigger all of my "whenever you play a spirit or arcane spell" abilities.

Changes:Forest -> Windborn Muse / Plains -> Swords to Plowshares / Forest -> Kami of the Cresent Moon

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