Vedalken Orrery


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy (CNS) Rare
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Rare

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Vedalken Orrery


You may play nonland cards as though they had flash.

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Vedalken Orrery Discussion

Ratorasniki on Fight Promoter v2

8 hours ago

I don't have enough play with it to really know yet. I drafted it and when i tried it a little it seems to deter board wipes and over time it pays for itself so you can catch back up on tempo from a "do nothing" enchantment. I haven't had it win a game yet outright. I would expect that to change when I can scrounge up a Vedalken Orrery so you could flash it in on top of a board clear, but this is a budget type deck.

chadsansing on Locusta migratoria

3 days ago

Vedalken Orrery is an awesome inclusion here. Nice!

I've been working on a similar list over at Revenge of the Nibblers with a few combos and Shared Animosity to go wide. I've trimmed down the counter magic and protection to focus on direct damage and draw since the deck rebuilds its board state pretty quickly. What do you think of that strategy?

Happy playing!

clayperce on Smashface Gardening with Rith

5 days ago

Thanks again for the suggestion of Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip! Maybe pull the Druids' Repository for it?

I definitely like the idea of Anointed Procession; thanks much for pointing it out! And though I've already got Parallel Lives, they stack really nicely, so I don't mind the redundancy. What would you pull for it though? Looking at the other 4-drops, maybe Vedalken Orrery? Though the threat of Flashing something is a GREAT deterrent in the early game (when there are still a bunch of players, so it's safer to just attack someone else), so idk ...

And yes, Trailblazer's Boots are awesome. But I've run the card since the earliest days of the deck (and I talk about it in both of the accordion spoilers in the description). Thanks though.

I love it too; thanks so much! :-)

ThermalMeerkat on Nekusar, the Mindrazer

1 week ago

Vision Skeins is better than Words of Wisdom

Vedalken Orrery and Leyline of Anticipation are better than Hypersonic Dragon

Wheel and Deal is better than Laquatus's Creativity

You should definitely find a spot for Liliana's Caress and possibly Raiders' Wake if you can, discard pain goes a long way in Nekusar.

YouveBeen0wned on No Black Draw Go

2 weeks ago

Thought about giving everything flash? Alchemist's Refuge or Vedalken Orrery

tetsuothecat on Mistress of the Forest (Infinite Enchantress)

2 weeks ago

I personally don't see the need for the Vedalken Orrery in here. You don't really need to keep mana open for counters and throwdown random stuff before your next turn... but that's me. I personally would ditch Into the Wilds because its costly and doesn't do enough. I'm also not sure if you need a Chromatic Lantern and could swap it for Prismatic Omen. Also, if you're going to count to 100 for Altar of Dementia... that means that you've most likely have gone infinite and you have many ways to get infinite mana (colorless mana typically) without too much to do with it... if you really need an alt wincon for that maybe swap for Helix Pinnacle? Play Exploration over Burgeoning as you will be drawing lots of cards and then don't rely on other people dropping land... its better late game IMO. For other ideas... other creature generation maybe Sigil of the Empty Throne or again, Monastery Mentor? I've personally used Rites of Flourishing with success, also makes people less likely to murder you - maybe fit that in. For mana base, I don't like Cabal Coffers in decks with more than 2 colors... but you seem to have quite a bit of search for the tomb... I would remove it for something else. I would also remove some of the lands that enter tapped - like the man lands they are too costly mana-wise. your base is fairly diverse though so i would just take those out as when you start needing to ramp a land coming into play tapped might slow you down just a bit too much.

Gottsplitter on Intet, The Dreamer

2 weeks ago

Nice deck! I play something similar for a long time. Got some new ideas from your take on Intet like second combat phase with World at War or Hellkite Charger.

Here are some suggestions:

As I understand you don't want to play cards that reveal your topdeck card. So I did not include the whole "see your topdeck card and shuffle"-Theme.

For more ideas you can check out my take on Intet, the Top Deck Queen

Greetings from Gottsplitter

DrkNinja on [Primer] Doran the Unstoppable

2 weeks ago

I think Gaze of Granite would be a good replacement for duneblast. Also very confused why Austere Command isn't here.

A good staple I every wash deck that I'd consider because of the synergy, Vedalken Orrery; you can flash in creatures and enchantments to buff your dudes for combat tricks.

As far as cuts I'd go with Mortify, as Putrefy and krosan grip have you covered with spot removal. Actually you just have WAY TOO MUCH spot removal I think. You are a creature deck not a control deck. Path over swords, cut solidarity because bar the door and tower defense are better, vindicate is just a bad anguished unmaking, vampiric tutor over Diabolic tutor.

I also don't like Kami of the old stone or looming Alistair, for 4 mana you should be getting more out of your creatures in EDH.

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