Vedalken Orrery


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy (CNS) Rare
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Rare

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Vedalken Orrery


You may play nonland cards as though they had flash.

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Vedalken Orrery Discussion

SynergyBuild on BMH: The Inverted Brainchild

1 week ago

Really, unless you can win instantly after casting Enter the Infinite (Lotus Petal into Rite of Flame into Desperate Ritual into Seething Song into Mana Crypt into Mana Vault into Sol Ring into Zealous Conscripts+Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, etc.) don't run it.

Leyline of Anticipation, Metallurgic Summonings, Omniscience, Stolen Strategy, Sunbird's Invocation, Swarm Intelligence, Mirari, Sentinel Tower, Swiftfoot Boots, Vedalken Orrery, Arcane Melee, Enhanced Surveillance, Jace's Sanctum, The Mirari Conjecture, Traumatize, Rise from the Tides, Crystal Shard, Expedition Map, Erratic Portal, Mana Cylix, Beacon Bolt, Stolen Identity, Laboratory Maniac, Melek, Izzet Paragon, Nivix Guildmage, Galvanoth, Echo Mage, Archaeomancer, Battle Hymn, and Fury Storm need to go, they don't do nearly enough.

Up next on the chopping board are every extra turn spell and every 'copy' effect, whether copying a creature/permanent or spell. It needs to go. Past in Flames is about all like that that is necessary. I feel Inner Fire is particularly bad... there are more cards to consider dropping think Jace's Sanctum, the Electromancer and Baral, but for now, their okay.

ShaharRyu on $40 Deck: Raff Capashen

1 week ago

Hey, Raff as a commander basicly gives you a Vedalken Orrery for most of your deck if done right. I enjoy building budget EDH decks for myself and my friends so I will gladly give advice.

To start with, it seems that you have listed Padeem, Consul of Innovation into your deck twice. Into that matter, playing that card means you are going into artifacts so i would recommend more of them. Metalwork Colossus is both a budget creature and a little bomb at flash speed. Being able to cast it easily as a 3-5 mana creature at the eot of your opponent basicly giving haste to a 10/10 which includes self recursion. Into that plan Chief Engineer, Filigree Angel, Foundry Inspector, Myr Retriever, Sanctum Gargoyle, Scrap Trawler, Soul of New Phyrexia and Sharding Sphinx would bring a lot of gimmics into the game and Treasure Mage as a handy tutor. This cards ain't too expensive too so they miught come in your budget.

Regarding your mana base, I can't help but wonder why haven't you included Sol Ring. Sure it is around 3,5$ but it is such a good card at any stage of the game I just can't think of a commander which wouldnt want it. I discourage the use of Gold Myr and Silver Myr thou their vulnerability towards removal and instead I would propose the addition of Sky Diamond and either Commander's Sphere or Darksteel Ingot. If it is in your budget, Burnished Hart and Thaumatic Compass  Flip could help a great deal, as well as Esper Panorama or Bant Panorama.

I suggest running Bident of Thassa or Thopter Spy Network as reliable sources of card draw and Thran Temporal Gateway to cheat some big butts into play.

Finally, I would recomend some more answers to problems on the board. Disenchant, Dispatch and Oblation may come in handy, both manawise and $$$.

GL and wish you good luck

_Delta_ on Envoy of the Praetors'

1 week ago

Hey thanks for the suggestions MillersEdge, I agree on likely cutting Deploy the Gatewatch as I can only see myself using around 22 or so walkers at the maximum here. I don't own an Aminatou, the Fateshifter yet but I do have the Sensei's Divining Top, and what my plan with those is to have a fair bit of top deck manipulation to make use of possibly some miracle cards like Temporal Mastery and Terminus. Additionally I might add a Nexus of Fate to the deck once I acquire one, but that's likely about all I will use for extra turn spells as this deck (the paper version isn't even finished yet) puts a big enough target on me as is lol. Primevals' Glorious Rebirth I have been thinking about, and maybe now on your suggestion I will include that somewhere's once I can figure out what needs to be cut. As for Oath of Ajani you are likely right on this one as you won't ever usually get the full value out of it. I will add however that my current paper decklist for Atraxa is still quite different as it still uses a lot more creatures towards a +1/+1 counters strategy and that is where this Oath of Ajani gets much more use. It's right now more of in-between superfriends and your typical +1/+1 counters build. I'm now leaning more towards entirely superfriends as evidenced by this decklist because I feel any compromise between the two strategies just weakens this deck.

I don't own Tezzeret the Seeker but i'm definitely looking to get one sooner or later for here for sure, and Garruk Wildspeaker I admit I have neglected attention to and so maybe I will add that to a shopping cart eventually. I really should try to make more use out of The Chain Veil and include some combos. Likewise I wish I had a Rings of Brighthearth but they certainly aren't cheap. Although I will keep an eye out for any opportunity to acquire one, and similarly that's why I don't have Vedalken Orrery now here. But tbh I do actually own a Vedalken Orrery that I got when they were much cheaper, but when you own 10 edh decks I don't like swapping cards between them especially when they all have different coloured sleeves to tell them apart. Maybe in this regard my playgroup would be fine with me proxying a few cards that I already happen to own, and so I might include it here also because you're right when it comes to the value of playing a planeswalker on other's turns.

Anyways thanks for all the suggestions as well as the upvote, at some point I will see what I can maybe suggest for your own decklist.

MillersEdge on Envoy of the Praetors'

1 week ago

I'd be careful with Deploy the Gatewatch, as it needs 30+ walkers to really work consistently, and relying on Aminatou, the Fateshifter or Sensei's Divining Top for good hits is a big ask for a 6-mana sorcery imho. Primevals' Glorious Rebirth has been doing a better job as a blowout/gamewinning card for me, but then again, that depends on how many walkers usually hit your yard before you either go off or loose the game. It can definitely be a nice surprise against mill strats ^^

I'd also consider cutting Oath of Ajani (which I found to be the most often dead one out of the oaths you're running) and maybe some of the weaker artifact ramp for combo pieces like Tezzeret the Seeker , Garruk Wildspeaker(mostly additional ways to abuse The Chain Veil) or Rings of Brighthearth(works with all planeswalker abilities, also goes infinite with Basalt Monolith).

Vedalken Orrery is worth considering as well, enabling you to play a planeswalker on your opponent's endstep, use it on your turn, and then have mana open to protect it if needed.

TzickyT on Hazezon

2 weeks ago

Cuts: Vedalken Orrery just don't play in someone elses turn. the deck wil say that u wil have no cards anymore in hand when u need them. personaly i find the card only good in decks that can draw a lot of cards in opponents turns. - Throne of the God-Pharaoh don't think u gone have all creatures tapped constantly and if u have that card laying down ... agreed the deck can be fast but in my opinion its better to keep those cards in maybebord when u know what the deck is going to be. - Eldrazi Monument i d rather play Elemental Bond than eldrazi monument. draw a card for every token that comes into play ... i find better then just everything indestructible. ... u just sacrifice everything for mana or for dmg when they get destroyed and summon your hazezon back when u need it. - Conjurer's Closet totally not needed in the deck in my opinion - Primal Vigor u already have enough doubling seasons u don't need 4 - Land Tax wouldn't play that in a 3 colored deck whit fetches in ( still its a nice way to get the stuff)(maybeboard) - Cryptolith Rite do you really need that mana ? - Breath of Fury why ? - Seedborn Muse i can see the reason because Vedalken Orrery but otherwise i wouldn't even bother with it - Harvest Season to less basic land cards play Boundless Realms instead

ADDS: Mwonvuli Acid-Moss destroy a land of a person ... fetch a forest for yourself. worth it when someone has a lot of land matter cards that he needs to finish the game off. or just for someone who plays a Gaea's Cradle. - Elemental Bond like i already said for drawing cards of your commanders trigger. - Mirari's Wake ... double mana and +1/+1 - Flameshadow Conjuring double token triggers for your commander or just every card that enters the battlefield trigger it twice when u got the mana - Knight of New Alara +1/+1 - Lovisa Coldeyes +2/+2 - Shalai, Voice of Plenty counters and hexproof whenever u need and want... - Hour of Devastation rather play this boardwipe... - Sun Titan why is this not in this deck ... - Ramunap Excavator if u want to get your land when u need it. becous fetches same whit this card Crucible of Worlds - Path of Discovery +1/+1 path... - Knight of the Reliquary get the land u need ... - Mirror Entity card to play as second Craterhoof Behemoth- Evolutionary Leap desperate for creatures ... - Eldritch Evolution Most fun fetch in the game i find.

There are stil cards that u gone need to remove and add in this deck anyway stil everything i have written down wil not aid in what your final product wil and can be. just take a good focus to the deck and if u watch edhrec just check out the expensive decks as they contain the most interesting items for the deck in the main deck. the only thing i can say for now is focus on how much times u can cast your commander.

BMHKain on Sliver Queen, Spark Harvesting Hive Mind

2 weeks ago

I'll consider Liquimetal Coating for now. I use Leyline of Anticipation as unlike Vedalken Orrery, at least it can give you an, otherwise, faint chance of starting the game w/ it. Otherwise, it still has the same purpose as a hardcasted Vedalken Orrery.

I don't think I'll need Thornbite Staff or Helm of the Host for this; this deck is meant to win w/ its walkers, show that combos in Superfriends are possible (Albeit, make you lose friends.), all w/o necessarily needing The Chain Veil.

But, thanks, griffstick. I really appreciate the help! :D I'll take the cutting from here though. Thanks again.

QuilavaUchiha on Funny Commander Stories?

2 weeks ago

I'm starting this to hear the community's stories about Commander. This can be anything from politics to cool plays to anything else. For example, I was playing a slightly modified Lord Windgrace precon with my playgroup, and it was down to two of us, and I could easily kill my opponent. Instead, I gave him a deal: As long as he doesn't attack me, I'll leave him alone. He accepted gladly. But then, on his upkeep, I used Vedalken Orrery to flash out Thantis, the Warweaver and the whole table laughed as he slowly died inside.

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