Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Rare

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Create a token that's a copy of target creature you control.

Jump-start (You may cast this card from your graveyard by discarding a card in addition to paying its other costs. Then exile this card.)

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Quasiduplicate Discussion

SpiralWolfos on Stay or Change or What

2 weeks ago

God-Eternal Kefnet really doesn't seem like a good card to be playing in your deck. You have 14 sorceries and instants in your deck, but none of your sorceries gain the benefit of the cost-reduction and you don't have any draw spells like Opt to take advantage of Kefnet's ability on multiple turns. Liliana's Triumph doesn't seem all that effective over the destruction effects you already have access to, since you aren't playing any other types of Liliana in your deck. Kaya's Ghostform seems pretty lackluster since you want creatures in your graveyard anyway for Lazav's ability. The Spark Double seems interesting, but I feel you could get more out of Quasiduplicate since it can be activated twice.

If you want, you can pitch the 3 copies of Mark of the Vampire for 3 copies of Quasiduplicate and try that.

not.gunnar on Izzet shenanigans 2

2 weeks ago

Quasiduplicate might suit you better than Mirror Image. It's a sorcery (so it triggers Guttersnipe and has an obvious synergy with Enigma Drake, Pteramander, and Goblin Electromancer), can be doubled with your Doublecast, and you can cast it again from your graveyard.

Also, let me tell you, Quasiduplicating a Guttersnipe twice in one turn, and then playing shock or opt or something... It's magical.

superwill123 on Lick My Zombie Amasshole!

2 weeks ago


Looks fun! I feel like it could use more removal (red would be really good for this due to the R/B rare amass card), and definitely put the Quasiduplicate s into the deck, as they can make the ability zombies (especially the hexproof one) have their own abilities. or if you wanna get REALLY spicy, you could add Arcane Adaptation to make ALL your creatures armies!

Ellsming on Etrata, wait what? (War)

3 weeks ago

Etrata is legendary so unless I'm missing something, she doesn't work all too well with Saheeli, Sublime Artificer or Quasiduplicate or Mirror Image ?

Deadpoo111 on Combo in Standard, is it ...

4 weeks ago

So Naru Meha, Master Wizard and Quasiduplicate go infinite right? a two card combo isn't terrible but at the same time is it good enough for a deck? And if so how does it win?

thesilentpyro on Colorful Footprints

1 month ago

I haven't fleshed out the description for the new list yet, but the general gist is it takes the ideas from this list and trims down the CMC (TappedOut doesn't do CMC for split cards correctly, so the number it reports is wrong), adds protection effects, efficient standalone token producers, efficient targeted clone spells, and tries to go instant speed where it can, and it removes the slow, narrow, and situational cards. In general, it's faster and more resilient with fewer dead cards and more potential to win out of nowhere.

Notable removals from this deck:

  • Mentor effects: Talrand, Sky Summoner , Docent of Perfection  Flip, Metallurgic Summonings : Mentor effects are slow, removal magnets, and generally not as good as efficient standalone token producers (the same four mana for Talrand gets you five creatures immediately off Hunted Troll ) or clone spells. These three were cut because they're the most expensive, plus Talrand and Summonings don't have the same synergy with the added clone effects.
  • Targeted token makers: Adverse Conditions , AEther Mutation , Supplant Form : Expensive, replaced by cheaper clones like Quasiduplicate . Clones have additional synergy with Hunted creatures and the few ETB utility dudes ( Eternal Witness , Imperial Recruiter , Spellseeker ).
  • Wincons: Berserk , Confront the Unknown , Fiery Gambit , Willbreaker : Berserk and Confront have been replaced by Appeal / Authority , though Confront might still be better. Gambit is a 3-mana wincon that's annoying to resolve and still doesn't win through infinite life like LabMan does. It's been replaced by Kari Zev's Expertise , which is a wincon, untap/haste effect for Earthcraft, Cryptolith Rite, and Natural Affinity, and also has the insane ability to cast a spell from your hand for free for each creature, and each of those spells then gets copied as well. Willbreaker is painfully slow, requires you to cast another spell to actually do anything, and doesn't even give the haste/untap from red threaten effects. If the deck needs to pass the turn after it tries to go off, Willbreaker's likely going to get removed anyway.
  • Synergy: Isochron Scepter and Unsubstantiate : Too slow, and your cheap instants are redundant enough that you don't really need to be able to repeat a specific one. Plus, most of the time you'd want to put a cantrip on it, and Scepter actually increases the cost of those. These are slow win-more cards that look clever but don't actually end up doing much in practice because the deck is already plenty redundant.
  • Hexproof equipment: Swiftfoot Boots and Champion's Helm : Cut for Lightning Greaves . Shroud looks anti-synergistic, but the zero equip cost means you can move it over to a token on your turn when you're ready to do things and it can be used to give a mana army haste for Cryptolith Rite or Natural Affinity. If you need to protect Ink-Treader while actually going off, shroud is worse than hexproof, but generally you'll just wait to go off until you have a protection spell ready.
  • Cantrip: Shadow Rift : This was actually the hardest cut. Instant-speed targeted cantrips are what makes the deck tick, and for a while I had Refocus in. I eventually decided that the difference between 10 and 11 1-mana cantrips was negligible, and Shadow Rift is the worst one (it does literally nothing; everything having shadow is the same as nothing having shadow). All of the others have at least some utility or synergy.

There's actually an infinite combo in the deck with Spellseeker + Earthcraft/Cryptolith Rite: With one of the rampchantments and Inktreader in play plus some mana to start, cast Spellseeker into Twinflame . Twinflame (radiated) copies Spellseeker and gets more hasty dudes to tap for mana. New Seeker gets Regrowth , which gets Twinflame back. Twinflame again gets you even more dudes, plus two new Spellseekers. One of those seekers gets Eladamri's Call into Eternal Witness , which gets Twinflame back, the other seeker getting a cantrip. The next Twinflame not only gets you four more seeker-tutors, it also gives you another Witness, which can get back Twinflame again, and further Twinning makes multiple Witnesses so you can get back your graveyard, all while drawing your deck through the cantrips you've seeker'd up and getting an infinite army of hasty dudes for attacking and mana (you're tapping two for Twinflame mana every iteration, but each cast doubles your army size).

The most exciting single new card by far is Electrodominance . For a long time I had Savage Summoning in the list because instant speed is so important for combo decks, and this just replaced it. Dominance has the downside of not being able to cast Ink-Treader from the command zone, but it works on all spell types instead of just creatures, can be used as removal in a pinch, AND it's targeted, which means it has the Kari Zev's Expertise effect of casting a free spell for each creature on the field that then also get radiated. We play targeted indestructible effects for protection and Pongify anyways, so you're likely to not even reduce the creature count from the Dominance damage. EOT radiated Electrodominance for X=3 is generally game.

FrantaFire on Brudiclad's Glorious Transmorgrification!

1 month ago

I love Brudiclad .

Works well with cards like Malignus or Darksteel Juggernaut for big beat-down tokens.

I love effects such as Precursor Golem or Mirrorwing Dragon that allows one copy spell, like Quasiduplicate , to double your army.

I have an artifact based deck, Before the Mending: Brudiclad EDH, I've been writing a primer for that you could draw from for more inspiration. Lots of variety is available with this general which is I why I love it so much.

Murphy77 on Bant midrange/climb

1 month ago

Hydroid Krasis is just a mana-sink that never really justifies it's summoning cost. I don't see tons of spare mana in your deck. My gut-feel first change/upgrade to this deck would be to drop Hydroid Krasis , Merfolk Branchwalker and 1 Llanowar Elves for 3 Incubation Druid and 3 Biomancer's Familiar for more early mana ramp follower by a late game mana sink where you can add 3 +1/+1's to Incubation Druid each turn and build a possible extra win-con. Your land-base needs some work and I would prefer some protection in the form of Negate or Quench over Quasiduplicate (which is only really useful late in the game when you have Biogenic Ooze out, but 1 Ooze can provide your win-condition - win more?)

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Quasiduplicate occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.11%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%