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Fracturing Gust


Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal

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Set Rarity
From the Vault: Annihilation (V14) Mythic Rare
Shadowmoor (SHM) Rare

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Fracturing Gust


Destroy all artifacts and enchantments. You gain 2 life for each permanent destroyed this way.

Fracturing Gust Discussion

hkhssweiss on Tenebu's Gravedigging Tendencies | Primer

2 weeks ago

Haha thanks Art-n-Lutherie, I just recently finished off collecting the foils for Teneb about a month back, now I'm just working on acquiring all the foils that I like of a specific type!~ Need to get that Gaea's Cradle promo than I am done!

GhostChieftain I haven't really had a problem dealing with artifacts as much, Collector Ouphe has been an idea I been playing on and off with but I can't find a slot to try it out tbh. For the mana rocks sometimes I tech in Fracturing Gust or Pernicious Deed , hell even Seeds of Innocence as they are all great cards that resets the artifacts. Definitely for Karador, hatebears is the way to go, I play more of a fast combo deck and as you can tell that is how I built the deck :3

Thanks for the upvotes you two, appreciate it! I'll take a look at your deck as well GhostChieftain!

Optimator on Dig Up Her Bones

1 month ago

Yeah, your list looks great. Seems a little light on interaction but that might be inevitable considering how many dinos you need to run and the ramp spells to support them. Rite of Passage is some sick Enrage tech!! Crush Contraband is a great new card. Glad you included Runic Armasaur --seems awesome. I count twelve ramp and discount cards and that's probably where you want to be! It's a lot but dinos.

I know your slots are tight but here are some cards worth putting in the memory banks/maybeboard.

Duelist's Heritage is half-price since the reprint. Might be worth considering. Double triggers and no equip cost, after all. Small upside of being usable in political ways.

I know it's not cheap but Smothering Tithe is great in this deck. Land Tax obviously too.

True Conviction would be castable for you if you're looking to upgrade later. The lifelink might be great since your strategy is a bit slow to start.

You might want to consider putting Swords to Plowshares and/or another instant-speed removal card for when Polyraptor and Marauding Raptor start to combo because without stopping the chain the game ends in a draw. Being 1 CMC is very attractive since you've likely cast a spell once the chain starts.

Nahiri's Machinations might be a good budget way to use your commander liberally. Also worth noting would be Prowler's Helm and Trailblazer's Boots . Key to the City and Manifold Key too.

Kinjalli's Sunwing seems worthy of consideration. I now you're going for Enrage-tribal but the effect shouldn't be underestimated. Worth putting in the maybeboard IMO.

Colossal Majesty is a good one for this deck (most likely). Don't forget Harmonize

Where it me I'd include one more silver-bullet board wipe, like Planar Cleansing , Cleansing Nova , Austere Command , or Hour of Revelation . If you're worried about your enchantments you could do Hallowed Burial or Descend upon the Sinful .

Since you're running so few artifacts it might be fun to include some hosers like Stony Silence , Creeping Corrosion and Shatterstorm (my favs), or Fracturing Gust . Pulverize is on-flavor! By Force and Vandalblast are good too. There are tons of other great interaction cards but with so few slots and with all your ramp you may as well go for the big ones. Purify is good but you may want to keep your enchantments around. Seeds of Innocence is a funny one. Collector Ouphe is good but it's not a dino and it'll probably get killed by your Enrage stuff. Rampage of the Clans is a fun new one. Slight flavor fail though.

Wear / Tear , Ancient Grudge , Destructive Revelry , Hull Breach , Nature's Claim , Unravel the Aether , Deglamer , Dust to Dust , Return to Dust , and Ray of Distortion are solid in case you need something

austintayshus on Gishath, the Boomstick

3 months ago

Looks like a fun deck!

If you're worried about board wipes, you might want to run cards like Faith's Reward and Second Sunrise and Unbreakable Formation .

If you have an enchantment-heavy meta, try adding Paraselene and Back to Nature and Fracturing Gust and Patrician's Scorn .

Hope this helps!

hkhssweiss on Tenebu's Gravedigging Tendencies | Primer

3 months ago


Thanks for commenting! I been running into a lot of enchantment/artifact heavy meta. My meta is anti-graveyard so it's a testament to the fact of why I built the deck to be so resilient towards it.

I actually added in Fracturing Gust just due to the amount of artifact/enchantments there are in my meta. Also hitting my own enchantments or artifacts doesn't matter imo. All my reanimation spells are meant to win the turn I cast them or if it is my card advantage engines, than I am always ripping the top three from Sylvan or Necro I can in response activate it before I pop it, so it is negligible.

I'll post an update of my deck as I did change it again to suit towards my meta again.

Kjartan on Muldrotha, Queen of the Dead

3 months ago

That's pretty much the case, yes.

I can give out a few options that I find good, but playtesting as well as local meta should be the deciding factors.

Collective Brutality is great because it's both good against burn, some other aggro decks, and most two card combo decks. It's very versatile.

Surgical Extraction , Leyline of the Void , and Nihil Spellbomb are all good options for graveyard decks, the latter of which is very inexpensive.

Creeping Corrosion and Fracturing Gust are great against artifact decks.

Duress and Negate are not only basically free, but they are also good against both control, and combo decks.

Fulminator Mage is good against land-based decks, control, and decks with steep curves.

Damnation is good against tribal decks, and so is Mutilate , which, while not as potent can give you a chance of keeping around your own creatures and it's dirt cheap too.

Night of Souls' Betrayal is awesome against decks with a lot of 1 toughness creatures, and it's also quite cheap these days. It used to be a $20 card. It could be an idea to pick up soon in case it's price shoots up again.

Catpocolypse on Thalia's Horde of Humans

4 months ago

@OOBS Thanks for the suggestions. While most of what you are saying makes sense, I have tailored this deck to my specific playgroup. Decks in the playgroup include Sultai Control, Mono Red Hollowed one and a speedy Simic Hive Mind . I can't run many board wipes because otherwise Hollowed one get most of everything back, and Sultai can flat out win the game using Scavenging Ooze . No one other than me uses artifacts/enchantments so Fracturing Gust would (ususally) hurt nobody but myself(unless I needed the life). Settle the Wreckage would work, but only against the Hollowed One deck. Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip often replaces Thalia, Heretic Cathar , or maybe Abzan Falconer depending on how aggressive they are or if I need flying. Harmonize is a card I commonly replace with things like Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip and Nihil Spellbomb (I play against Storm as well). Dropping Harmonize for Militia Bugler seems like a good idea. And until recently, this deck was relatively budget(being around $150 US) and I wanted to keep it low using basics and Selesnya Sanctuary as well as Temple of Plenty to keep the deck relatively budget. But for some reason the deck price shot up and about doubled and now I'm looking at a more expensive, competitive land base using fetches and such. so i'm going to keep Tireless Tracker in here until later testing. I feel Nihil Spellbomb and Relic of Progenitus are interchangeable. Nihil is cheaper manawise, whereas Relic gives my a card so I'm basically going to base it off price. So I'm going to go for Nihil Spellbomb for the time being.

I'm sorry that this took so long. My day had to go on and I didn't get home until after midnight last night

OOBS on Thalia's Horde of Humans

4 months ago

You have too few creatures to have reliable hits off of Collected Company, and you land/mana dork count is also relatively low. The majority of successful decks that play CoCo have around 7-8 mana dorks (Noble Hierarch, Birds of Paradise) to which you only have 4 (Avacyn's Pilgrim), and have a total of roughly 27 creatures or more while they run around 22-23 lands, to which you have 22 and 20 respectively. This allows for more turn 3 CoCos which can be devastating. If you can't play with Noble Hierarch due to budget, I would recommend running 23 lands and going up to around 27 creatures to try to get your money's worth out of CoCo. Another consideration is that while Tireless Tracker is an excellent card, Tracker works much better with a fetch-shock manabase. I would consider running some combination of Militia Bugler and Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip instead to dig through your deck more reliably (both should also be played with a much higher creature count, likely 26 at a minimum). As for your sideboard, I recommend a few things. I would try to find another spot for a 2nd copy of Declaration in Stone, and I would replace Nihil Spellbomb with Relic of Progenitus (and maybe try to find space to bump the number up to 4) or play Rest in Peace . I would also recommend removing Tragic Arrogance, as that is the type of card many decks would love to be able to board in against you (for example, many Death and Taxes lists play Cataclysmic Gearhulk against decks like Humans and Spirits). I assume you are looking to either dismantle other creature heavy strategies or artifact/enchantment strategies. I would recommend Settle the Wreckage for creature heavy strategies (works well with CoCo too), and maybe a card like Fracturing Gust against artifact/enchantment decks.

Kumi on Bant Bogles!!!

6 months ago

Is there any reason why you're trying to build U/W instead of the (in my opinion) more powerful G/W?

(I typed all this before I saw you're only doing U/W so sorry in advance lol)

As someone who used to play Bogles a couple years back, do not underestimate Rancor . I think it's a worthwhile addition maybe even over Arcane Flight. I don't believe you need 5 counter spells. I think maybe 2 Stubborn Denials would be enough, and maybe pump up to 4 Paths. In the 2 years I played this deck, I never ran into that many times that I absolutely had to counter a noncreature spell that made a big difference. I usually tried to find ways around it. Maybe have those 2 against Fracturing Gust and Engineered Explosives post-board which are some of your worst enemies. You might add a couple more to the sideboard if you see a lot of noncreature wraths in your meta.

One copy of Dryad Arbor is absolutely necessary for sacrificing if need be, especially if you don't have Leyline on the field (which I think you really only need 2 in the maindeck), so you can fetch it up at instant speed if the opposing Jund player tries to get you with Liliana of the Veil .

I don't believe Spellskite is super necessary. Really the only time you would ACTUALLY need it is against Burn, and you're trying to race them anyway. You don't want to use your entire 2nd turn trying to protect yourself from 2 burn spells or one trigger of Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle against TitanShift. You would rather be throwing on a Spirit Link and Rancor instead.

If you only have 12 creature spots open, I would definitely run Gladecover Scout over the Stalker. You want to get swinging on turn 2 as often as you can, because Bogles wants to be as linear as possible. I only ran 2 Spiritdancers by the time I was done playing, because I found myself drawing them too often, especially in opening hands, so maybe you can do 2 Spiritdancers and 2 Stalkers.

Exiling enchantments or artifacts over destroying them never seems to be super relevant in Modern, and hopefully you wouldn't run those mainboard, so the cycling shouldn't be necessary

Your sideboard is going to be completely dependent on your meta. If there's a lot of Dredge, Storm, and Hollow One then cards like Relic of Progenitus are handy. If there's tons of control then this would be where Spell Pierce or Negate are good (although there's not much you can do against Supreme Verdict except not putting all your eggs in one basket). Just try to build one that can hit decks from all sides then adjust accordingly.

Overall, I think you just need more Auras. Running out of gas by drawing two counter spells is a terrible feeling.

Hopefully this help! And feel free to ask questions. I'm a veteran Bogles player

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Fracturing Gust occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.0%