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Jace, Memory Adept


[+1]: Draw a card. Target player puts the top card of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

[0]: Target player puts the top ten cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

[-7]: Any number of target players each draw twenty cards.

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Jace, Memory Adept Discussion

Vyxil on No.

14 hours ago

Maybe drop some Jace, mainly Jace Beleren , Jace, the Living Guildpact and Jace, Memory Adept , just because of the planeswalker rule. And maybe drop the Swan Song , Dispel , Delay , Second Guess or Steel Sabotage , just because they are either situational, or give the opponent an advantage. But it's still a nice deck concept.

mgolden356 on Spellheart Chimera

20 hours ago

Nice!. I have a casual deck too that is very similar to this, and somehow I didn't see Spite of Mogis until just now on your list... I'll have to include that. Fluxcharger and Frostburn Weird are both pretty tight for me, but they're rotating out soon. I pulled a Jace, Memory Adept from a booster pack, and I put that as a one of in my deck. Damn, the synergies with Spellheart Chimera : the plus one, you can mill yourself while drawing a card, or for the neg one, you can dramatically increase the chimera's power by milling yourself. Oh, and consider Steam Augury in place of Divination . steam augury is cheap in price, and can boost chimera.

GPaps22 on Mill of the Dead

1 day ago

MagnusMTG - yeah, I feel the same way about Thought Scour and Psychic Strike . Mind Grind is it's own late game finisher, but, if I had more, I'd switch them out for Jace, Memory Adept . I'm starting to play around with other cards and once I playtest the deck out, I'll update everything.

MagnusMTG on Brain in a Blender

1 day ago

After some testing, this mills pretty hard. Hedron Crab with fetch lands is a boss. Archive Trap against opponents using fetch lands (or falling for the Ghost Quarter trap) is pinnacle of efficiency. Jace, Memory Adept probably isn't necessary, but I've won games with him.

With 8 counters (Psychic Strike and Mana Leak ) and 2 board wipes (Damnation ), one can stay reasonable safe while the milling is going on.

Try it out, let me know what you think, offer suggestions.

MagnusMTG on Mill of the Dead

2 days ago

Jace, Memory Adept ?

Archive Trap in the sideboard seems good. Heck, in Modern, most people use fetch-lands, so it seems always relevant.

I like Duskmantle Guildmage in mill as well.

DarkTutor on Esper Fogless Turbofog

2 days ago

I might change Mind Funeral and Intervention Pact for Path to Exile , Black Sun's Zenith , or a mixture of both.

Gideon Jura is my enabler, and acts as a removal as well. He forces you to attack him even though you don't want to, getting your creatures off my way, getting me life advantage. He combos pretty well with Batwing Brume forcing you to attack a growing Gideon and lose life for nothing.

Jace, Memory Adept puts pressure on you, refills my hand and puts your library on the clock, getting the cards you might need to overcome me off the top.

Jamesfurrow on Esper Fogless Turbofog

2 days ago

I like the idea of turbo fog espher but i feel your walker Jace, Memory Adept would be much more suitable as Elspeth Tirel because she provides a much more immediate threat to the opponent while making blockers incase you dont have your "fogs" also ik knight errant is the better version (i have 2) tirel has a board wipe safetly net with lifegain. The also if going the fog route wouldnt it make sence to not use gideon but Sorin, Lord of Innistrad because he makes lifelink tokens that can get bigger from his emblem. Hes a 5 dollar walker too so he be cheap to get. And some removal is essentailly fog. Id would want to use Path to Exile because before you declare blockers or at the beggining of the upkeep (which is after the untap step of lands/permanites) exile the big swinger and give them a tapped land. Definitly and intresting deck.

If you would like to see some decks its potentially can have intresting matches agaisnt take a look at my "Izzet" modern ready? ur delver deck and my We haunt and linger black white token deck but im going to +1 this deck for the creativity. I hope my suggestions make sence despite it going a token route over the mill direction

lemmingllama on What is your Favorite Jace ...

2 days ago

My favourite is Jace, Memory Adept since he has such a nice milling ability, plus the card draw is useful if necessary. I would only ever run him in a mill deck, but he's also cheap in comparison to others like Jace, the Mind Sculptor