Jace, Memory Adept

Jace, Memory Adept

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[+1]: Draw a card. Target player puts the top card of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

[0]: Target player puts the top ten cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

[-7]: Any number of target players each draw twenty cards.

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Jace, Memory Adept Discussion

Gannicus_NoVA on Frostifacts! (Mono-Blue Artifact)

5 hours ago

I put Jace, Memory Adept in the deck for his last ability. IF he would ever get to his last ability then Venser's Journal would be a huge plus. But I agree with ya on the Reliquary Tower. Thanks for the help. I'll be sure to update it right away! :) Jonnn

Jonnn on Frostifacts! (Mono-Blue Artifact)

5 hours ago

I don't think you need Reliquary Tower or Venser's Journal your if your hand size is above seven, it will probably mean you are going to slow and are about to lose. You also don't need Jace, Memory Adept. Besides that, though, the deck is decent.

ecmmyers on Phenax - God of Walls

8 hours ago

Also, I prefer Minds Aglow over Braingeyser. Its cheaper, hits everyone, and is more political.

The power of Mesmeric Orb is hard to underestimate in mill decks, you could maybe cut one of your less productive mana rocks to fit it in, like Dimir Keyrune.

I don't see Echo Mage getting much utility, because he is expensive to level up, and you don't have very many instants and sorceries to make use of. Maybe you could use a Jace, Memory Adept to help you draw and mill. If you want, you have the walls to defend as he gathered counters to ultimate.

You could look at mine for ideas, too. Welcome to the Undercity

Sach_squatch on Wizzet Mizzet Izzet (Wizard Tribal EDH)

1 day ago

Thank you for your comment, I think Keranos, God of Storms would be a better fit seeing as I don't have this build yet I'll take it into account when I do finally put it together. I don't have money for the expensive Mind Sculptor. I have Jace, Memory Adept but he doesn't really fit the style of the deck. This deck is built of card draw which is sort of like Baby Jace but I don't see him being worth much in EDH at the moment. I can see using the new blue EDH plans walker for EDH 2015, I think he'll do some serious work in this deck but I can't be sure without play testing it.

Thanks for your suggestions!

CanadianShinobi on U/B Control

1 day ago

I would remove Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver and Jace, Memory Adept. I would then opt for more Snapcaster Mage because having only 1 is a huge detriment in a control deck, especially UB control. I would also implore you to acquire 2-3 more Thoughtseize. Furthermore, I would recommend Dig Through Time over Treasure Cruise due to the instant speed, which can be incredibly valuable to a control deck. If you can I would also acquire Polluted Delta and Watery Grave as a play set each. Polluted Delta is great for delve fodder. I don't understand Vampire Nighthawk in the sideboard. I would recommend Drown in Sorrow to handle aggro decks instead.

TheDevicer on Illusions

1 day ago

Clone's a really high costing card given that you'll target something like 2-drops with it. It's not worth it. Same applies to Summoner's Bane. I'd much rather have 4x Phantasmal Dragon. Limit Halimar Depths to 2 copies. You want fast mana for the most part. Jace's Phantasm is also really conditional. There's a lot of decks that can exile cards from their graveyards. This makes it really bad for the most part.

Jace, Memory Adept and Thought Scour aren't needed here. You fill up your graveyard just by playing the game. You can easily cast Treasure Cruise for very little mana even without self-mill.

FAMOUSWATERMELON on Evolving Legion (Counters and Card Draw)

3 days ago

This is a pretty great Simic deck! However, I think that you're trying to fit too many ideas in the same deck. Some suggestions:

Take out:

Arbor Elf - You already have enough ramp, and most of the creatures are small anyways.

Kruphix, God of Horizons - I know that this guy is beast, but I think that you should concentrate more on the evolve aspect of this deck. He would be good in the sideboard, though.

Simic Fluxmage - You already have Bioshift, which is way more effective. This is a 3-drop who's ability really is too slow

Vorel of the Hull Clade - Getting the creatures bigger one by one is pretty slow too. An alternative might be the ability proliferate, much quicker and effective. (Inexorable Tide, Contagion Engine, Steady Progress??).

Jace, Memory Adept - Don't get me wrong. Jace is a fabulous card, but this one in particular works MUCH better in a mill deck than here.

I would also consider adding some more cards like:

Elusive Krasis - Big and unblockable.

Bioshift - Move all those counters from Zegana to the Krasis, and you've already won.

Ooze Flux - You can create a nice 10/10 easily with this.

Good Luck!

NageekXLII on Ye Ole Water Mill

3 days ago

Run Archive Trap and Ghost Quarter. Also, I would recommend running Jace Beleren instead of Jace, Memory Adept as you have enough cards to mill, drawing is what is more needed. Also, use fetchlands to maximize Hedron Crab's potential. Finally, you need more mill cards, like Thought Scour, Mind Sculpt and especially Glimpse the Unthinkable, and I would recommend Extirpate or Surgical Extractions to steal their land and pump up Mind Funeral.

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