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Jace, Memory Adept


[+1]: Draw a card. Target player puts the top card of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

[0]: Target player puts the top ten cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

[-7]: Any number of target players each draw twenty cards.

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Jace, Memory Adept Discussion

Epochalyptik on is Jace Memory Adept M13* ...

1 day ago

Link all cards in your question.
Jace, Memory Adept

Card legality information is always available at Gatherer.

Planeswalker27 on Empty hand? Sorry. [[Need Help!!]]

1 day ago

In Garruk's Wake is far too expensive, i would recommend replacing it with 2x Duress or 2x Whispering Madness .I also think you should cut Jace, Memory Adept In favor of another Liliana Vess . As well as cutting Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver in favor of another Whispering Madness , Thoughtseize , Mind Rot , or possibly Gray Merchant of Asphodel Being that you have devotion machines like Desecration Demon and Pack Rat as well as enchantments that provide devotion (ex. Whip of Erebos ) and as a rather slow deck, you could use the lifegain to prolong the game in your favor. One final note, -1x Swamp for 1x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth couldn't hurt. Hope this helped! ~Planeswalker27

iriveanu on First Standard Deck since Odyssey

3 days ago

Hello! Been a long time since last play.

i'm thinking of building a standard deck with cards i currently have :

Land: 4xDrowned Catacomb 2xRogue's Passage 4xWatery Grave 8xIsland 8xSwamp

Creature:4xJace's Phantasm 4xWight of Precinct Six 4xConsuming Aberration 2xAvatar of Woe 4xHedron Crab

Planeswalker: 2xJace, Memory Adept

Sorcery: 4xMind Sculpt 4xBreaking / Entering 4xMemory Sluice 4xTome Scour 4xMind Funeral

Instant: 4xCounterspell 4xPsychic Strike 4xDimir Charm 4xThought Scour

Artifact: 2xTrepanation Blade 2xGrafdigger's Cage 4xCodex Shredder 1xKeening Stone 2xChalice of the Void

Total 91 cards. I would like to build my deck with 60ish cards if possible, which cards should i add/throw? As you can see, the theme about this deck is about milling and using creatures to synergize with milling theme..

Any feedback or suggestions will be very well appreciated. Thanks!

The Doctor on Don't Blink. Blink, and you're dead.

3 days ago

Control is definitely the worst matchup for this deck. I personally haven't found an effective method of dealing with control aside from throwing Jace, Memory Adept into the sideboard, or simply bum rushing them too fast.

Tends to happen with aggro, though. If you don't get the steam rolling, it stops pumping.

BookBurner on BUG control/mill Time?

4 days ago

Grindclock seems to be a bit slow, but it could work with Vorel of the Hull Clade ?

And if it is a mill control, isn't it better to add 2 Jace, Memory Adept instead of the other two jaces? :) (and it can work well with The Chain Veil )

Scorprix on .

4 days ago

Instant (26)3x AEtherize 3x Countermand 4x Cyclonic Rift 4x Dissipate 4x Dissolve 2x Opportunity 3x Syncopate 3x Voyage's End Artifact (6)4x Shredder2x Elixir of Immortality Land (23)2x Encroaching Wastes 21x Island Sorcery (2)2x Whelming Wave Enchantment (3)3xDictate of Kruphix Sideboard (15)2xDispel 3xJace, Memory Adept 2x Negate

ThatBlueMage on Need a little help understanding ...

5 days ago

Depends on the kind of deck. Do you want a good blue deck that wins consistently, though at the cost of not feeling very blue?

There's the standard Mono Blue Devotion deck that is in essence an aggro deck that uses little creatures to power out some fatties later on.

If you want a true blue feel in standard right now, your best bet is to play a mill-style control deck that utilizes things like Grindclock as a win condition. aetherspouts, Dissolve , Dissipate , Cyclonic Rift are all things that will help you get there, along with a secondary mill package in Traumatize and Jace, Memory Adept .

Traditional blue control really just isn't that competitive right now, though with the additions from M15, it seems like it can make a bit of a stronger presence. Just need to find the right build.

TelleoStar on Dimir Mill

5 days ago

I agree - I think consistency and card draw are the things I'm really lacking right now. Upping the Thought Scour count to four will help. I'm thinking I'll cut out Liliana's Specter and Sage's Row Denizen , probably Haunter of Nightveil and Siren of the Silent Song too. That gives me four open slots for three more Thought Scour and Jace, Memory Adept . Then trade in Reap Intellect to sideboard, and replace it with another Wall of Frost . Thoughts? I'm resistant to Mind Grind , because I can get the same effect from Mind Funeral for cheaper.