Exquisite Blood


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Rare

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Exquisite Blood


Whenever an opponent loses life, you gain that much life.

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Exquisite Blood Discussion

Maizena on Nekusar, the Friendship Destroyer

1 day ago

TheRedGoat, thanks for all the sugetions!

I used to run Sangromancer, but it was easily removed. I use Exquisite Blood instead now. Notice that I do not run Sanguine Bond for combo, EB is here only for defence. I may try Crumbling Sanctuary and see if it is worth the risk.

Geth's Grimoire is a strong card in Nekusar. In the late game it will be almost a wincon, since you'll be able to chain any wheels you have for a insane amount of damage. Consecrated Sphinx also works.

I'm not sure about some of the words.

  • I have a stack doubt about Words of Waste. If I cast a wheel, in response pay the word cost, the word resolves first, then the wheel. When the wheel resolves, will everybody discard the hand, draw a new one and only after this the word's ability go the stack and my opponents will lose their hands? If that's the interaction, I REALLY love this.

  • Words of Wind says "each player", right? So it affects me...I don't like this.

  • Words of War deals damage only to one player. I prefer something more "global".

Faith of the Devoted and Drake Haven will cost me a lot of mana, I think I have another cards in the deck to use this amount of mana and have better results. Besides, I REALLY like my combos! 8D

ZendikariWol on

2 days ago

I love this deck, but... no Ghostly Prison? No Starfield of Nyx? Let's go full-on enchantress on this bitch. Curse of Misfortunes is monstrous, especially when paired with Overwhelming Splendor. Sigil of the Empty Throne is a beast in enchantments, too. Worth considering is Daxos the Returned but he's not fantastic. Great blocker generator.

Good removal can be Doom Blade, Ultimate Price, Sudden Demise is good vs. blue, Divine Reckoning, Wrath of God, Blasphemous Act, Fumigate. All great with little-to-no creatures. Lightning Helix is also neat.

This one's more optional, but Sorin, Lord of Innistrad is good life gain, gives you a few good blockers. And if you're running Exquisite Blood you might as well have Sanguine Bond up your sleeve to go infinite.

Magister of Worth is a gamble, since you'll probably have few cards in the grave. Also, no rocks? That's up to you, I guess. I appreciate the flavor of Triskaidekaphobia but it's really not good.

This deck is awesome, super cool and fun. I love the flavor of it, the functionality, and the fact that group hug comes in black.

Sargeras on While you're dying, I'm drinking

3 days ago

Exquisite Blood gives you an infinite combo with Sanguine Bond

skroes on While you're dying, I'm drinking

4 days ago

Toxic Deluge, Beacon of Immortality, Celestial Mantle, Exquisite Blood, Well of Lost Dreams, Cradle of Vitality all seem like good adds if the point is to gain a bunch of life and use life as a resource.

MizzMizz on Edgar Aristocrats Help?

5 days ago

I got you.

Well I'd like to just make the deck as good as possible, then. I like the idea of token swarming, but I as well know that creatures are very vulnerable, which is why I've been heading towards and aristocrat build while still keeping Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond as a win condition.

From what it feels like, I need help on developing an actual win strategy. All I really know is that I'm unsure about which direction is best for this deck to head in which is why it's all over the place :/

I hope I get better at this soon, haha.

ZendikariWol on Markov Vampire aggro life gain

5 days ago

Skyblade of the Legion is ridiculously inferior to Dark Impostor. I would strongly suggest putting him in. Also Sorin, Lord of Innistrad, maybe Stensia Masquerade, Exquisite Blood also combos with Sanguine Bond, also Coat of Arms is ridiculous in any tribal deck.

Big card dump there, and I think I'm gonna build my own vamp deck.

Brutal_B on Azban Life Gain/Life Loss Enchantment Control

5 days ago

Is there a reason you're not running Exquisite Blood?

chadsansing on Black Tron

6 days ago

Very cool idea.

Maybe go to 4 Torment of Hailfire, which seems to be an all-star.

You might also test without Diabolic Revelation, Lay Bare the Heart, and Night's Whisper. Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize are better discard effects (or even Despise and Duress), and you could use more copies of Underworld Connections and maybe Phyrexian Arena (or Dark Confidant?) for card draw.

Those draw spells become especially good if you include the Exquisite Blood/Sanguine Bond combo and get life back of off Eldrazi attacks.

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