Exquisite Blood


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Rare

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Exquisite Blood


Whenever an opponent loses life, you gain that much life.

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Exquisite Blood Discussion

Hexaflexagon on Orzhov and Friends

7 hours ago

This is a pretty neat deck so far. Some things to consider:

  • Consider running more dual lands? They really help with the mana consistency of the deck. I noticed you aren't running Shambling Vent or Fetid Heath , some of the most powerful dual lands out there.

  • I'm not a big fan of Hero of Precinct One . You don't have many multicolored spells, so once you get an Athreos, you could take him out to add one of your commanders in.

  • You're missing some of the best removal spells. Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile are some of the most played removal in White in EDH.

  • Have you considered the Sanguine Bond / Vizkopa Guildmage and Exquisite Blood infinite combo? It can win you the game on the spot and all cards are very powerful on their own. I see that Exquisite Blood is already in your maybeboard, but I strongly suggest you add it in.

I won't suggest anything else, as I sometimes feel that I'll kind of build the deck for you, and that just takes out the fun of the game for some people. If you want some more in-depth suggestions, feel free to ask.

Finally, here are some links you might want to check out:



Good Luck!


Lil_Kalki on Nightmare Zone - Chainer, Dementia Master (EDH)

1 day ago

Hey there!

I crafted a Chainer deck roughly 2 years ago with intent to continue improving it. It's now my pet deck and the one I pamper most.

Your build seems to be missing some components that would make the deck much more wonderful (though it's plenty wonderful already - I love the Platinum Angel inclusion!). I would suggest effects like Sanguine Bond or Defiant Bloodlord if you plan to keep Exquisite Blood in the mainboard. Also, one of the best pieces a Chainer deck can have (even if budget is an issue, this card is roughly only $60 in judge promo form so there's little excuse if you can manage that!) is Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed . This will allow recursion of all your tutors, X-costing sorceries, enchantments, pretty much everything that isn't an artifact (and then, you still have Noxious Gearhulk to recur as well!). I HIGHLY suggest it.

As for me, I have a request: look at my build Threnody for the Victims of Dementia, and let me know where i am lacking as well as what inspires you. I love to help aspiring Chainer players and since you're featured right now I figure this is where I'll shine for you... and others, perhaps. :D

~Lil Kalki

goldlion on Oloro Help

3 days ago

Reasons for the two questions above:

If you are winning 1/4 games, you are on par with the rest of the decks in your meta :). Either way though, tuning our decks is part of the fun and will make our playgroup improve as well.

As for the other question, for me the cards that "aren't bad", but aren't great most of time, are the signals for weak links. Either I take those out in favour of cards that synergize, increase card advantage or make a pathway to, and support, my win condition... Or, if they are cards I want to focus on, I keep them in and remove others in place of cards that'll make the "aren't bad" cards great.. Of course it all depends :).

I admit, I do not have much experience with STAXish or Control, and I'm still low on the learning curve. I do have some thoughts to share that I think can help :). I like to find a balance between flavour and function, cards that synergize and have the same "feel" while helping achieve more focus. The focus is a big step for a deck to take to get more wins. Coming up with some clear pathways to your wincons is important.

If you don't have the $ to pickup the Demonic Tutor , Idyllic Tutor and Enlightened Tutor s, there are options like Insidious Dreams . I always look at scryfall.com for transmute cards that could work as well. I just saw Brainspoil , it would be cheaper to activate than Diabolic Tutor . You would pay 3, discard it and go for any card that's 5 cmc, with special thought to either piece of your wincon. It'd also offer another removal in a pinch, or if your wincon is in hand.

If the Blood-Bond combo is your win-con right now, I'd recommend adding in recursion to get them back if they're destroyed. Argivian Find for example. Monk Idealist is a good option if you want to be more creature based. Tragic Poet is slightly slower but lower cmc. Dawn to Dusk costs a little more but pulls double duty as enchantment removal. Open the Vaults could get them both on the battlefield if each are in the yard, and for cheaper than casting both from your hand - you could make getting them from your library to your yard and casting this one pathway to your wincon. I've heard of someone using Insidious Dreams to put combo cards on top of their library, then using something to mill themselves (blue is good at this) and casting an Open the Vaults type spell. Either way you want to go, it'd be worth having at least two recursion spells to support your win-con.

If you add that enchantment recursion, a Sunbond might work to good effect, synergizing with both your lifegain and counters, but also allowing you to beef up a creature for a big strike. Spirit Loop is fantastic on big strikers, if you find your getting one in 75-80% of games. It doubles up with lifelink. Underworld Coinsmith could be a nice flavour/function addition if you start leaning into the enchantment side a little more. Basilisk Collar is a great value card giving some big creature deathtouch as one more disincentive for attacking you, while giving you another tool for lifegain when it's time to go on the attack. Imagine these on Defiant Bloodlord ?!

Worn Powerstone could be a good addition to your mana-base, something the deck might need to be able to keep responding. Smothering Tithe is one that’s off flavour but could be what you need to help ramp.

As Kaigz recommended, Dawn of Hope would go well and give you good card draw.

Krav, the Unredeemed and Regna, the Redeemer could be a nice little combo in this deck - but they both do great as solo includes. I have Krav in a deck that has the colours for Regna, but I already make plenty of tokens. In this deck, you don't have as many creatures to sacrifice to Krav, and if Regna was removed he'd be less useful for you. However, I'd say Regna might be useful? If you had a few more token generators, they'd be a great addition. Casting a creature and getting another to your hand is pretty big value in itself, but with tokens Krav is fantastic value while also making a big creature. I have him in my life leaching Ghave deck

Purity seems sweet. Do you have much red in your meta, enough to make this worth the slot and cmc? if so... Auriok Champion could swapped in for Soul's Attendant , 1 more, it has protection from red making it not just immune to red spells, but an invincible blocker against any creatures (meta dependent).

Imp's Mischief is a powerful little "counterspell" that isn't a counterspell and it goes into the bucket of cards the teach people not to target you... This style of deck is a good place to take that strategy that punishes people for coming at you. Deathtouch and instant speed removals help with that as well.

Suffer the Past is a fun flavour one I like especially because there's some graveyard based decks in my meta. It does graveyard removal while also acting as a Exsanguinate .

Batwing Brume is a cheap$ fog for your colours that also fits the flavour.


Here's some thoughts on cards to take out - of course this is from online review and opinion, I don't have the gameplay experience you have.

Do you regularly have plenty of cards in hand to make the of Venser's Journal worth it?

Pontiff of Blight I don't think there's good value between his cost and what he offers you. There's cards that'd do far more for you.

I THINK cards like Night Terrors are better for much faster and competitive metas where you will know who is going to most likely be able to stop you from comboing off. Or in 1v1 games. I haven't found a place for those cards in semi-competitive group metas yet, and definitely wouldn't guess to see it fulfilling the cardslot's deserved value. It's a 1for1 trade off leaving you and the person you targeted one step behind your other opponents in card advantage. I DO see the times it could be fantastic, but it's one of those corner-case cards in the multiplayer slower style of EDH.

I feel like with the slow lifegain you have, I'd take Aetherflux Reservoir out until you consistently, after many, many games, find yourself getting to 90-100 life. I understand it to be mainly good in Storm or in a deck with more explosive life gain, like Firesong and Sunspeaker , or one that uses lifelink or Spirit Loop on a giant voltron commander. I might, if this were my deck, take it out for cards that make your deck tick a little more, just for now. Then, if you are gaining plenty of life (multiples of 50) over many games or created strong pathways to get Exquisite Blood onto the battlefield, you will by then see what is worth taking out for this. Exquisite Blood and the Reservoir are pretty their own Blood-Bond combo, but you need to make sure you have that 55 or more life consistently.

Felidar Sovereign ... Personal opinion alert .... When I first got back into magic I was so excited to pull this in a booster pack... I personally dont enjoy these alternate wincons and feel there's cards that could fill this slot that'd synergize with other cards for more diverse interactions and make the deck far more interesting. But that's just me :)

Last_Laugh on Angry Eddy and His Un-Dead Kids

5 days ago

Multiple boardwipes are the bane of this deck. There's stuff like Unbreakable Formation , Rootborn Defenses , Cauldron Haze , Scapegoat , and/or Cauldron of Souls .

The other thing this deck wants is lots of card draw. Dark Prophecy and Greed (or Erebos if lifegain is a thing in your meta) are the 2 I ran that you don't (needs big lifegain like Sorin, Solemn Visitor +1 / Exquisite Blood to offset life loss though or it's just too much)

JoeNathan37 on Edgar Vampires

1 week ago

It’s been a while since I’ve done this so forgive me if I mess up the formatting or something.

The first (and probably most important) thing I’d recommend is more consistent card draw. Necropotence is good, although the triple black can sometimes be tough to get, but aside from that all you’ve got is Underworld Connections and a few Read the Bones -esque cards. Personally I prefer Phyrexian Arena over UC because it’s basically the same thing except you essentially have to pay 1 mana for UC, although it also gives you the option of timing. Up to you. Anyway, in my experience RtB type single use effects, while good, aren’t quite enough. Twilight Prophet is a strong one that fits perfectly; he’s actually a Vampire and his trigger would set off your Sanguine Bond / Exquisite Blood combo. I also run Greed as a great mana sink for any excess mana.

A pseudo-card draw type effect you might want is Herald's Horn . It is very good here; it makes vampires cheaper and it can get you more card draw; both good things.

I also would recommend you look into replacing Door of Destinies . Sure it can really do work in the right circumstance, but if you draw it late it does essentially nothing. Shared Animosity could be a good replacement.

I could go on and on about ideas for upgrades for your deck but personally I enjoy doing that myself, so I’ll stop here. This has been plenty long enough. I’ll leave a link to my deck so you can check it out if you’re interested; I took mine down a more aggro/token route rather than the SB/EB combo but still you may find something helpful there.

Dango on EDH Luxury Items

1 week ago

I use Crucible of Worlds in my Tasigur list because he can't return lands with his ability, so it's a nice residual effect to keep getting land drops. In conjunction with Exploration the card is bonkers, and Life from the Loam fulfills a very similar role. Some cards you named, as well as others commented below are simply known as "Goodstuff" for good reason. They're just really good value cards to utilize and my Taigur list I mentioned is primarily a Combo Control build with a Goodstuff subtheme because high value cards that help me play magic more readily and increase my deck's longevity work really well in my meta.

Some of these types of cards that I've seen mentioned here are only really expensive because they haven't seen reprints. An example of this is Exquisite Blood . This card has only been printed once and was, for a time, much cheaper than where it stands right now. Sanguine Bond combos with Exquisite Blood , yet it costs less than a dollar because it's a card that has been reprinted five times. Cards like Oracle of Mul Daya or Bloom Tender would not be $40 cards if they had been printed more than once, but because they've only been printed in one set, that's why they're still so high up there and slowly but surely going to keep rising. I think Gaddock Teeg is a great example of this trend. For a time, I believe I saw him going for $35-$40, but when I saw that he was reprinted in Ultimate Masters, his price dropped to right around $7. His Lorwyn print still averages at ~$25, but if you actually look at what they are going for, you're actually looking at buying that exact print for $10.

I'm not sure if this was the intended discussion, but just seeing the suggested cards this looked like the perfect place to share this topic. The economics of the secondary card market is really interesting stuff.

AkrosTheClear on EDH Luxury Items

1 week ago

I have seen a lot of people using the card Crucible of Worlds in decks that aren't centered on lands and I've come to think of the card as a luxury item, not because it is expensive money-wise but because the deck builder can afford the extra slot in his or her deck simply for a good card. It doesnt create a path to the win, it doesn't synergize with anything, it's just there because it's good.

Realizing this made me want to build a deck made entirely out of EDH luxury Items. To give you a better idea of what I'm talking about I'm looking for cards like Exquisite Blood , Cultivate , and Rhystic Study . Essentially any card that just makes playing EDH easier.

I'd love to hear what you guys think of my 'EDH Luxury items' idea. I'd also appreciate any suggestions for my luxury item deck, and any commanders you think might be good for it. Thanks for any and all input.

crabclaw on Teysa Karlov (I NEED HELP)

1 week ago

Some of these cuts below are for efficiency to reign in your cmc, others because there are better cards. Are you looking to make a lifegain-matters deck or a tokens/aristocrat deck? You have a ton of lifegain sources that situationally come into play.

Consider cutting some of the permanent-based sources of card draw for things like Night's Whisper or Sign in Blood . Harvester of Souls is great, especially with Teysa on the board, but it costs 6 mana and can potentially draw you into nothing. Or it may give underwhelming returns for the amount of mana you have to pay into it.

Cuts --

Impassioned Orator

Dutiful Attendant

Orzhov Cluestone and/or Orzhov Locket . Replace with Commander's Sphere

Debt to the Deathless

Exquisite Blood

Sanguine Bond

Open the Graves --> maybe consider Field of Souls . 1 cmc less, and flying is almost always relevant.

Requiem Angel --> I know the combo with Divine Visitation , but that's an 11 mana combo that still needs other cards for any sort of payoff.

Regna, the Redeemer --> Could still leave Krav, the Unredeemed in.

Butcher of Malakir .

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Exquisite Blood occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.03%

Black: 0.24%

W/B (Orzhov): 0.49%

Rakdos: 0.21%