Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy Rare
Urza's Saga Rare

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You may play an additional land on each of your turns.

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Exploration Discussion

HybridPK on Don't Rafiq Me

4 hours ago

Alright, I gave the deck a look through. I think I understand what you want to do with it, but I also think that you're trying to play Rafiq in an inefficient manner. Based on my interpretation, he isn't meant to be played in a way that prevents other players from doing things. He should be played in a way that prevents other players from doing anything to your board.

With that in mind, I think the best course of action would be to go full voltron. Of course, I have a bias towards aggro and voltron strategies in general, but you have a surprising number of options available to make this a great aggro deck, and there are multiple forms of protection available in Bant aside from just counterspells.

Something you're completely ignoring is the Exalted keyword. Exalted is a triggered ability, so each instance of Exalted stacks. You mentioned to me that you didn't want to necessarily rely on enchantments and artifacts to pump Rafiq. Fortunately, you don't. You just want to retool your creatures a bit so that you get more Exalted triggers, and find some other utility creatures that offer protection.

Any card suggestions I make in this post are going to sway the deck in favor of this strategy, which I understand is against your original vision of a control deck. Also, this does make it play like every other Rafiq deck. But, in my opinion, this deck (in its current state) looks like a bunch of cards put together with no real strategy in mind. Almost all of your control elements would be better off in the Grand Arbiter Augustin IV deck, or would be better suited for Derevi, Empyrial Tactician.

Some items to consider: you are only running 1 board wipe. I would at least consider having 3 in any EDH deck. Also, your mana base (33 lands, 5 dorks, 4 rocks) seems low overall. Since you have limited options to ramp for lands outside of playing multiple lands a turn (which is based on the number of lands in hand), and with how easily removed creatures are, I don't think you'll have enough mana to do things when you really want to. You are also only running 2 targeted removal spells, and they are for creatures. You have no way of dealing with artifacts or enchantments on the board, and you're playing with at least two colors that are good with dealing with those kinds of permanents. There also seems to be a curious amount of creature-searching, but none of the creatures you have seem game-changing enough to where I see a reason to search for creatures. I mean, sure, Linvala, Keeper of Silence can ruin someone's day, but there should be more than 1-3 creatures worth searching for.


CARDS TO CONSIDER (largely based on EDHrec)

Megalomania on There Is No Cow Level!

2 days ago

Daedalus19876, Lilbrudder I , on the other hand, kind of enjoy being the focus of hate. Lol. I have gotten used to it after playing combo for so long.

I would love to have Timetwister. Unfortunately, I have run out of extra kidneys to sell. Lol. Maybe in a couple of years.

As for Paradox Engine, I am not running it as a combo piece but as an enabler. It isn't essential but it helps me out a lot. I agree that an additional tutor might be more helpful but the only reasonable tutors left for me to add are out of my budget at the moment.

The Time Reversal combo with Walking Ballista is nice but I really think it is clunky especially without Ad Nauseam. I have not been able to use it since my playgroup has a couple of aggro decks that bring my life total down considerably low before I am able to combo off.

Infinite mana also won't be of much use to me. I think it would be better suited in my Oona deck or in Lilbrudder's Thraisos.

For this deck I stuck with "1-card combos". Being able to assemble combos via Doomsday and Insidious Dreams seems to be the fastest and most efficient way to win outside Tooth and Nail.

Lastly, Crucible of Worlds was taken out because it seemed underpowered to me without cards like Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Exploration. I am thinking of bringing it back in along with Squandered Resources but that would mean taking out Paradox Engine.

I'm not sure if you guys notice that I hate being on the defensive. It is for this reason I have no removal in the deck. I like going all in and win games at breakneck speed if possible.

Zinrius on Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury

2 days ago

Personally, i'd replace Exploration for Gaea's Touch even though i'm a fan of neither; but a T2 Gaea's Touch can easily summon Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury - Some answer cards are great, such as Scavenging Ooze against Dredge/reanimator, Bane of Progress against Enchantment/Artifact decks, Dosan the Falling Leaf against pesky instants/counters and Green Sun's Zenith to help you fetch those answers. - Hall of Gemstone counters multicolored decks

Also, I see little to no point in having Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse in a monocolored Deck but to thin your deck out. You can add Doubling Season if your budget allows it to, too. I see that you are fond of Wolves, so maybe Master of the Wild Hunt suits your tastes.

As for what to Replace, i'd say Whirlwind as it is too situational, as is Predator, Flagship and Spidersilk Net

MohenjoDaro on Land Beasts

2 days ago

Felt like looking some more cards up Exploration and Rites of Flourishing

Bolsheviktory on Leovold Ridin' Spinners

5 days ago

I agree with cutting Street Wraith and Call to the netherworld.

I'd also cut Three Visits if you don't own one, $30 hurts.

There are never too many wheels, but if you must cut one it's probably Day's Undoing since it ends your turn.

If you have Exploration it's probably better than burgeoning since you can drop land, exploration, second land, 1cmc dork turn 1.

doodle_Bob on R/G Atarka Ramp

6 days ago

In order to get out your dragons fast, I recommend you use cards like Explore or Exploration to play extra lands. I kind of would put Dragonlord Atarka in the deck as well because it could help take out pesky creatures or planeswalkers.

Kr0v4x on Edric, the Mastermind - Rogues and Beasts EDH

1 week ago

Hey, thanks for the feedback. It's great to see how we are following quite different paradigms to exploit edrics abillity. I guess this may be due to the differences of our specific playgroups. Anyway let me come back to your suggestions and give you some thought on why I build the deck the way I did. A complete summary will be included in the description when I find the time to finish it.

First of all my playgroup is a casual one that likes discussions and despises decks that dominate the board. So who ever gets a grand start will be sure to face early opposition. That's of course not a reason not to try to develop your board as fast as possible, but cards like Burgeoning and Exploration will get you focused faster than not. Unfortunately my opponents tend to forget that the tides can change pretty fast within a game, so strong starts and early ramp will be punished excessively. As soon as my friends change their behavior I am sure to include both cards, but until that happens I will spare me (and them) the frustration.

The rogues are mostly in there because I like the theme and do prefer playing decks with some flavor to them from streamlined approaches. This also accounts for card-choices like Assault Suit, Squallmonger, Cultural Exchange, Vow of Flight and Vow of Wildness. I chose them for their interactive potential and the political implications they have, motivating my opponents to attack one another. Hurricane and Squallmonger can be used as a emergency win-condition if I lost the fight for the board, but could defend my lifepoints and manabase. They are enabled by cards like Gaea's Cradle (a beast, especially with the untap mechanics I use) or Druids' Repository and also help to deal with the quite high amount of flying creatures in our playgroup, which is one reason I refrained from including too many myself.

Craterhoof Behemoth and Beastmaster Ascension on the other hand would fit my playstyle perfectly as they offer a possibillity to win the game in a single swipe without giving my opponents time to prepare. As of now I am unsure wether Garruk Wildspeaker would make the cut in my final list.

Again thanks for the feedback, you gave me several things to Ponder, improving my game in the end.

ArthurNaletto on Edric, the Mastermind - Rogues and Beasts EDH

1 week ago

Hey man, here i am to give feedback on your deck.

First of all, i think very few of your creatures have evasion. I counted 12 of them. And the fact that they are at the 3 and 4 curve might make them easy targets for your opponents, and very hard to recover after some of them are destroyed.

If you run all these rogues just for Prowl, well, worry not, i see you use some evasion like Whispersilk Cloak, Quietus Spike, and Rogue's Passage, but always remember that edric is a rogue too. You don't need so much of them in your deck, because you have one at your disposal at all times! So i might suggest cutting some of the heavier creatures, and putting some small flyers or unblockables

If you want to keep it that way, i would suggest some ramp like i use Burgeoning and Exploration

For your evasion, you might like Archetype of Imagination or Wonder

And i don't understand why you are running Assault Suit, Cultural Exchange, Squallmonger and Hurricane seem like they hurt you more than they hurt your enemies

You should also consider using some other wincons, Garruk Wildspeaker seems weak at first, but he is absurd. Craterhoof Behemoth is a killing machine, and Beastmaster Ascension can take your opponents by surprise.

And, in my opinion, your counterspells are too much mana heavy, try switching some of them for 2 mana counters, they are narrower, but they work better.

Well, i think that is all i can say about the deck without seeing it working. Your build is so different than mine, and i would love to see it in a game!

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