Luminarch Ascension


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Rare

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Luminarch Ascension


At the beginning of each opponent's end step, if you didn't lose life this turn, you may put a quest counter on Luminarch Ascension. (Damage causes loss of life.)

1,W: Put a 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying onto the battlefield. Activate this ability only if Luminarch Ascension has four or more quest counters on it.

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Luminarch Ascension Discussion

Acid_Drop on Nevermore Prison

24 minutes ago

Luminarch Ascension states that as long as I don't loose life on my oponents turn, it still gets a counter, so I use my fetchlands on my turn :-)

Immortalized on Please Hold

9 hours ago

Only one real question to that, how exactly would those enchantments help me win? and win conditions are few. things such as Bitterblossom and Luminarch Ascension. The Only reason i don't take the other two sacrice cards are, fuuny thing, friends with that style tribal deck. Crawlspace just didn't make the cut, and I feel like Sphere of Safety should be an auto here, but i tend to hold off with as little in play as possible. I apologize landofMordor if this seems like a complete shoot down, because you didn't give bad advice, it just didn't work here. thanks for looking at all though, feel free to share the deck around and maybe drop a +1 if you liked it.

Warxuaroz on The blood and tears that flow for you, my Queen

2 days ago

Thank you a lot for the input, gentlemen!

No Mercy is a must have and I already put it in. I've simply forgotten of its existence. Other than that I'm still not very familiar with rakdos cards since I've always been playing selesnya or mono white. With this, Marchesa is even more challenging for me to build. AND this is why over 50% of the deck is white.

I will exchange some cards for the suggested ones for sure! I'm not sure of the transmuting tutors for now since I don't know which cards are doing what they should and which do not.
One is obvious -I need the ramp. I was just thinking about this earlier today. I will add in the signets and maybe some stones. Maybe the medallions would be ok in here?

I thought if another two cards: Iona, Shield of Emeria and Luminarch Ascension. They would both fit the theme and provide some offence but then again -thay are yet another white cards. I swear, if I could, I'd make Marchesa mono W! ;D

Thanks again, I'll keep my head busy with this one and certainly will report progress soon!

Grantley91 on Odric, Who Flies with Angels

5 days ago

Luminarch Ascension is awesome. Nothing else needs to be said about it. I also would suggest Land Tax, best white ramp there is. As for card draw, there's not much in white, but you could use group hug cards like Howling Mine or Horn of Greed. I love angels and this seems like a legitimate take on putting them into EDH.

crohnsboi on Rhys, the Token Bro

5 days ago

whatskraken the Seraph Sanctuary is in here because I can make a lot of angels really fast with Luminarch Ascension and double them with my commander

TMBRLZ on Are We Having Fun Yet?

6 days ago

You've got sound reasoning on the Noble Hierarch there EpicFreddi, however it would be highly counteractive to something like Porphyry Nodes, which follows into your question ChessRuler - Porphyry Nodes is there as the fast answer to lots of creatures, albeit it can be a slow response time, especially when dealing with something that just vomits agro like Robots or RDW. Ideally it can buy me time till a Ghostly Prison. You also have to remember how likely it is I'm going to be immediately destroying your mana base. Not even Darksteel Citadel is safe from Spreading Seas. No more artifact.

Luminarch Ascension was recommended by my roommate a long time ago. For some reason or other I didn't think it was necessary, but recall past experiences with the deck and just kind of sitting there waiting for an enchantment card if I'm topdecking lands, the Ascension could definitely help speed things up. Thanks for bringing it back ghoul_Legion.

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