Leonin Shikari


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Darksteel Rare

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Leonin Shikari

Creature — Cat Soldier

You may play equip abilities any time you could play an instant.

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Leonin Shikari Discussion

Darth_Savage on Mechanized Transmutation

3 days ago

Lightning Greaves won't save your Master Transmuter because the attach ability happens as a sorcery, so in response I can still use instant speed removal. This also means you can't attach in response to removal, there are two cads that would make this possible Brass Squire and Leonin Shikari neither really fit your deck though.

A simpler option would be 4x Mizzium Skin, which can protect your Master Transmuter in response to removal. I'd also suggest you run more than 3x Cloudshift, perhaps add 2x Essence Flux, this helps if your opponent is running an extraction effect and increases your odds of seeing the card.

I think your deck also needs a backup plan to ramp, Vedalken Engineer would help fix your mana and make it easier for you to hard cast the Gearhulks.

KALE434 on God sent Anya and her army to destroy

1 week ago

I would suggest Stoneforge Mystic, Open the Armory, Steelshaper Apprentice and Stonehewer Giant if you need more ways to search up equipment. For different equipment I would say O-Naginata and Tenza, Godo's Maul too kinda help with connecting with opponents. Also Kusari-Gama is a good one to help clear opponents boards of pesky flyers. To help with cheaper and faster equip costs Brass Squire and Leonin Shikari. Thats all for now hope those kinda help, also if you wanna check out more I'd suggest my New Phyrexia's Scourge for more ideas!

Korlus on Kitties!!

3 weeks ago

Terrible cards:





Bad cards:





Fine cards:




Good cards:






You need to add more cards that are good in EDH, and add some ramp beyond Sol Ring and Pearl Medallion. My suggestion for cheap ramp includes:

Hedron Archive, Mind Stone, Marble Diamond, Worn Powerstone etc.

Other cards you may want to consider are:

White Sun's Zenith, Hero of Bladehold, Sun Titan, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Mentor of the Meek, True Conviction, Swords to Plowshares, Return to Dust, Martial Coup, Oblivion Ring, Captain of the Watch, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Recruiter of the Guard, Heliod, God of the Sun, Knight of the White Orchid, Mirror Entity, Mother of Runes, Emeria Shepherd, Bastion Protector, Oblation, Secure the Wastes, Austere Command, Open the Armory, Decree of Justice, Caged Sun, Obelisk of Urd, Dictate of Heliod, Shared Triumph, Elspeth Tirel, Secluded Steppe, Buried Ruin, Ghost Quarter, Rogue's Passage, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Kor Haven, Divine Sacrament, Bygone Bishop.

I would cut cards from the "Terrible" bracket first. They have no place in most EDH decks.

Forkbeard on Akiri & Bruse: Slang Bangin'

4 weeks ago

Thanks TheRealness! Jor is definitely badass, would be interested to see your decklist.

Between Stonehewer Giant, Sigarda's Aid, Puresteel Paladin and the sheer amount of ramp/gas in here I found that further equip for free cards were unnecessary. I used to run Nahiri but found that she usually grabbed 1 item from the graveyard (the +2 ability was never really useful in my strategy) and would then be promptly targeted. She's cool, just not the best use of 5 mana IMO.

As for Sword of the Animist & Leonin Shikari, I ran both of those cards for a while as well. Animist was ok but ultimately underwhelming in my experience - the land boost + deck thinning factor is alluring, but I decided that I just didn't need the additional ramp & the +1/+1 is negligible so I took it out and I haven't been missing it. Leonin's ability is definitely cool and seemed like a no-brainer inclusion when I put the deck together, but in my experience I didn't find the equip at instant speed useful at all. It's not like your opponents can't see it coming so there's no sneaky combat tricks there. If I have the mana available to equip during my main phase, I equip!

Now...Inquisitor's Flail. I should really try to fit this in, I agree that it's a powerhouse. The double damage to equipped creature makes me nervous, but ideally it shouldn't matter if I use it strategically (e.g. make sure Akiri is indestructible or has evasion).

Anyway, great suggestions. I always appreciate the food for thought!

TheRealness on Akiri & Bruse: Slang Bangin'

4 weeks ago

love this idea, i personally run Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer with a larger creature base but see a lot of similarities through our decks since i used to use the commanders you're using. Inquisitor's Flail is a powerhouse for me. i also like Sword of the Animist for land pull and Auriok Windwalker // Nahiri, the Lithomancer to help cut down on equip costs. Leonin Shikari is lovely as well.

Daedalus19876 on Jor Kadeen, Metalcraft

1 month ago

My first advice would be that your artifact count is simply too low to reliably hit Metalcraft. I would add the artifact lands (Darksteel Citadel, Ancient Den, and Great Furnace) and more strong, cheap equipment (like O-Naginata, Tenza, Godo's Maul, Sword of the Animist, Inquisitor's Flail, Fireshrieker, etc).

I've never liked Hero's Blade much, since its equip cost is so prohibitively high unless you attach it to a legendary creature.

Mirran Crusader seems both on-theme and powerful. Bastion Protector can protect your commander pretty easily. Silverblade Paladin and Duelist's Heritage give that most-sought-after keyword, double strike. Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder and Akiri, Line-Slinger both seem really good here.

Heliod, God of the Sun and Hundred-Handed One seem a bit odd here.

Leonin Shikari and Shimmer Myr have both been disappointments to me in the past.

Scroll Rack is super handy with Land Tax, and just a good card overall...

Wheel of Fortune over Reforge the Soul obviously if you can afford it.

Careful with Sword of Light and Shadow and Sword of Fire and Ice and Sword of War and Peace. Protection from your own colors can bite you sometimes.

I didn't have much time to really make an in-depth analysis at the moment, so I'll take a little more time to look it over later, but you definitely get my +1 ;)

WillySmasher on Puresteel Stoneblade (Nahiri Primer)

1 month ago

Hey, I really like your take on this type of deck! Your primer gave me a whole new opinion of Leonin Shikari, I always viewed her as a way to combat removal spells not as a combat trick. Do you find she works well without Puresteel Paladin out? Also how does running 32 lands feel for you? I notice your curve is relatively low, I just can't get below 36 without losing consistency, though my curve is relatively higher. My last question is more of a suggestion but I notice you're running 2 of the 3 pieces of the Kaldra set have you considered running Helm of Kaldra to add a 9/9 beater? If you have out of curiosity why not? As I said I really enjoyed your take on this deck and would appreciate your opinion on my deck You are Over-Encumbered I ask because most of what I wrote seems to be parallel with what you wrote in your primer.

It's funny through researching and testing while building my deck yours never came up I just happened to see your comment on a post and noticed you made a mono-white edh deck and checked it out on a whim lol.

dlamars on Take me to Church

1 month ago


Hey thanks for the constructive criticism, this list is the product of a week of theory crafting. Everything is a bit jumbled and the curve isn't great. I didn't have time to get a description in yet either, sorry about that. What I want for control here is not a hard lock but something more akin to hate bears and winning through attrition. This deck isn't going to win in the first 6 turns, let's just put that out there. I'm looking at turn 7 or 8 probably, which means I need to disrupt turns 1-6 for other players. That said, I think I'll be removing Iroas, God of Victory for Spirit of the Labyrinth and possibly Argentum Armor for Aura of Silence.

You are probably right about Leonin Shikari but it's new to me so I'm not sure how effective it is. I assumed passing around Swiftfoot Boots, Skullclamp and the swords at instant speed would be worth a slot? If it doesn't work out I may go with Ethersworn Canonist.

I think I have to pass on MLD, my LGS is full of competent players but they aren't degenerates heh. Same reason Blood Moon was passed up here, I can win playing mostly fair but I will still try to find a spot for Static Orb since it's just great with War's Toll and Urabrask the Hidden.

You know of any really good hate cards in red similar to Stranglehold but doesn't so much target the mana base?

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