Leonin Shikari


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Darksteel Rare

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Leonin Shikari

Creature — Cat Soldier

You may play equip abilities any time you could play an instant.

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Leonin Shikari Discussion

jagnascar on DarienSuicide

1 week ago

If your 4 for 3 comment is refering to the Trident, your creatures should get much larger than 3. Also, I forgot to mention I run Puresteel Paladin and Leonin Shikari. The Shikari does wonders with your Lightning Greaves.

Maulhawk on Kemba Voltron

2 weeks ago

Is there a reason you didn't include Emeria, The Sky Ruin?

Also, is Raksha Golden Cub above the Mana curve you want to maintain?

Leonin Shikari is fun for loading up Kemba, Kha Regent before upkeep and redistribute after your upkeep as needed if Puresteel Paladin is metal crafting.

Foster.Holt on Puresteel Equip *WIP*

2 weeks ago

Oops I meant Leonin Shikari lol

bobbyboo on Temmet, Vizier of a Shit Ton of Swords

1 month ago

Leonin Shikari maybe? She helps you throw around your equipment, especially useful with the Puresteel Paladin. Geist of Saint Traft, Moonsilver Spear and Invocation of Saint Traft could help you build outwards so you have other options. Remember the tokens produced from Anointed Procession linger even if produced from the Traft cards. Reef Worm also goes off with that last option.At the very least I don't ask you to forget your voltron heritage, just maybe add a little more to what is there

TheDevicer on White Weenie Equipments

1 month ago

@hjl247 - Sword of Fire and Ice alone costs more than the entire deck. Leonin Shikari is the only "expensive" card in the deck. Budget list.

Firebones675 on Cats, cats, And more Cats

1 month ago

If you did want to go the equipment route, there are several cats that provide vonuses relating to equipment like Kemba, Kha Regent, Raksha Golden Cub, and Leonin Shikari among others. (Stoneforge Masterwork could be a good equipment for you)

If you want to stay pure tribal and not worry about equipment, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, and White Sun's Zenith can help. (zenith is better in slower decks that will have time to get enough mana to cast a large one).

Coat of Arms and Door of Destinies can also help pump your team.

As for possible cuts, that depends a bit on how you want your deck to play out. If you want your deck to be more aggressive, cards like Jareth, Leonine Titan and the 4 Explosive Vegetations are likely going to be too slow. Also you would much rather have ways of keeping up the pressure rather than ramping.

If you would rather have a deck that can take the time to ramp to cast big threats, you could focus less on the aggressively costed cats.

Lastly, while its not a great card, one of the 5 nonland full art cards is a cat: Blade of the Sixth Pride

Darth_Savage on Mechanized Transmutation

2 months ago

Lightning Greaves won't save your Master Transmuter because the attach ability happens as a sorcery, so in response I can still use instant speed removal. This also means you can't attach in response to removal, there are two cads that would make this possible Brass Squire and Leonin Shikari neither really fit your deck though.

A simpler option would be 4x Mizzium Skin, which can protect your Master Transmuter in response to removal. I'd also suggest you run more than 3x Cloudshift, perhaps add 2x Essence Flux, this helps if your opponent is running an extraction effect and increases your odds of seeing the card.

I think your deck also needs a backup plan to ramp, Vedalken Engineer would help fix your mana and make it easier for you to hard cast the Gearhulks.

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