Dark Petition


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins Rare

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Dark Petition


Search your library for a card and put that card into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

Spell mastery — If there are two or more instant and/or sorcery cards in your graveyard, add to your mana pool.

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Dark Petition Discussion

Bolsheviktory on Zur Ad Nauseam Storm

5 days ago

Alexdagreat I've also been considering getting Quicken back in just for the instant speed tutor/Yawg Win shenanigans. It's really hard for me to remove Time Spiral since this is also a high tide deck with a heavy island focus and fast mana, the cut for me may end up being Dark Petition.

Isochron Scepter has been bad in my testing but maybe it'll be better for you. For me it was a mostly dead card without also having Sensei's, if I was going for the Aetherflux win you easily stack enough spells/rituals without it, and Zur isn't Thrasios so you don't just win with infinite mana.

I've also started getting my expeditions together to play catch up :D

andylkell on Graveyard = hand

1 week ago

You're welcome! I bought this deck for my wife and she loves it. You may also think about adding dredge creatures just to fill your graveyard a bit more. Examples are Stinkweed Imp, Golgari Grave-Troll, Golgari Thug. I use them plus The Gitrog Monster and Lotleth Troll to form an unassuming combo in which you dredge, hit a land, discard the dredger and dredge again. As long as you hit a land every time you dredge (which isn't hard), you can mill yourself as much as you want, then cast Living Death to get everyone on the battlefield. It's kind of jankey, but she's assembled it several times to great effect.

You may consider other tutors like Behold the Beyond, Beseech the Queen, or Dark Petition just to gain a little consistency.

greatdevourer on Toshiro the Killslinger

2 weeks ago

Great looking deck. I like the core ideas you have. I've played against a similar deck before and it wrecked me. However, I noticed some cards in the deck that could be swapped out for better options to make the deck stronger. Let me explain.

One of the concepts that took me a long time to learn when playing Magic was card advantage. Simply put, more cards in hand means more options. So in most of my decks, I don't use tutors such as Demonic Tutor, Diabolic Tutor, and the rest.At best, they are a 1-for-1 trade of a card in hand for a card from deck. But you get more options drawing cards. Additionally, when playing blue, I never counter a tutor spell, I wait an counter whatever you tutored for. That way I use 1 counter spell and get rid of 2 cards in your hand. Dark Petition and Diabolic Tutor could be cut to make room for more instants that Toshiro Umezawa can use. For most black decks, I would suggest Rune-Scarred Demon and Increasing Ambition but I think you should keep your mana costs low.

Another problem I saw was that you have a couple of "maximum hand size cards" which I think are weak. Simply put, if you have more than 7 cards in your hand why aren't you playing them? Lack of mana? Waiting for some specific condition? Usually, it isn't that great to just sit around holding that many cards. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have cards in hand, but do you really need more than 7 on a regular basis? Thought Vessel, Venser's Journal seem to do too little for you and work against the card drawing engine of the Null Profusion. Also, since your general allows you to view your graveyard as an extension of your hand, why worry about hand size at all?

Withering Boon seems a bit weak for a creature kill card. I think you would get more out of the Oblivion Strike in your maybe board instead.

Consuming Vapors is a card that I think would be great in your deck. Opponent loses a creature, triggers your general, rebounds, and you get life out of it. Seems pretty awesome. What about Avatar of Woe or Visara the Dreadful are reusable creature kill abilities? Caged Sun might help ramp your mana. But it depends on whether you're playing multi-player or dueling.

I hope these suggestions at least give you some new ideas. Also, feel to take a look at my decks and let me know what you think. As always, temper these suggestions with your collection and your budget.

Spirits on Glissa, Scrap Trawler $50 EDH

2 weeks ago

Hi Rzepkanut,

Thanks for the suggestions. Reyhan, Last of the Abzan looks very good, will wait and see what his TCG price ends up being. He is good enough with just himself, and has GREAT synergy with Marionette Master as well as the Modular creatures.

You are correct, my Glissa, the Traitor over time has definitely moved from the Modular synergy, into more of a sacrifice and recursive artifact engine, therefore, I've reset my SLUG for the deck, I feel it's a better presentation of the current build.

Gate to the Afterlife the life is good, but the draw and discard, not that great. It does get more artifacts into the graveyard to recur, but not convinced it's a fast or efficient enough way (even though this format is very slow).

Beseech the Queen is good, but with a $50 Budget "Salary Cap", it can't make it in. Dark Petition is borderline, right now I have a mana problem that needs to be addressed, but this may make it in. Maybeboard for now.

I'll probably try and go the way of more Artifact than less, so Inspiring Statuary may dwindle. Also I think getting the proper mana because the lands are so awful in this format is a higher priority. Like a Wanderer's Twig or something.

Smokestack makes me miss Braids, Cabal Minion, this $50 EDH deck was built around her, it's been sad without her. Hopefully I will get it back working proficiently again without Braids, Cabal Minion but she will be missed. Smokestack at $5+ will be very difficult to make room for, it would have to swap out the Birthing Pod and change the strategy of the deck. I wish it was $1 as Smokestack is Super-All-Star.

Thanks for the feedback!

Rzepkanut on Glissa, Scrap Trawler $50 EDH

2 weeks ago

Nice deck, I got some ideas for you...Reyhan, Last of the Abzan is super good with the modular cards, it basically doubles the modular trigger. I don't think its very expensive, but since you aren't really "all in" on the +1/+1 counter strategy (despite the deck name) you may not want it anyways. Gate to the Afterlife could be cool, it has synergy with the reanimator angle. Beseech the Queen and Dark Petition are additional cheap tutors if you want to find your combos easier. Inspiring Statuary could do some work here with so many artifacts to tap that aren't mana rocks already. Smokestack is always an option for Glissa too. Happy gathering!

PookandPie on General Tazri FCT

3 weeks ago

No Tainted Pact seems like a pretty strong oversight considering you're going the route with Manipulate Fate, Riftsweeper, et al. It's also perfect for finding that one card you're missing, though your mana base is going to need to be improved to truly take advantage of it since you can just cast the creatures from exile to win via the food chain you find using Pact lol. I'm going to assume fetches and the like are out of the question, but Forbidden Orchard (who cares about a token when you have the right color of mana you need?), City of Brass, Mana Confluence, Exotic Orchard, etc., aren't very expensive and can be used pretty easily by this deck. The check lands, like Glacial Fortress and Hinterland Harbor, may not be a bad idea either. I'd strongly recommend an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth as well, to help cast Necropotence reliably on with mana base.

Anyway, back to tutors. You've got Vampiric Tutor, but no Demonic Tutor. There's probably a reason for it, but I think it would be a good idea to include DT anyway. With how many instants/sorceries you run, Dark Petition seems like a solid choice (and another great way to cast Necropotence- tutor plus Necro is a very hard to beat third/fourth turn given your ramp). I don't see the harm in using Ad Nauseam as mass draw, either, for what it's worth- drawing into Food Chain or a tutor to grab it is very important to this deck. Plunge into Darkness may be a nice idea too, since you can pitch a Griffin or Scourge it may show you and you can pay the life pretty easily assuming you win quickly thereafter. Paying 1B to look at your top 20+ cards isn't bad at all, honestly.

Kuubudaraa on B/G Helix-Control Modern

3 weeks ago

Since you're already playing Raven's Crime + Spellweaver Helix, slotting in some Dark Petition and a singleton Exsanguinate produces a combo that can kill your opponent on the spot.

Have a Helix exiling the Petition + a Raven's Crime, conveniently the Petition will help you search for these and other answers in your deck while producing mana to do so. Then cast Raven's crime and continue retracing it, Helix will give you copies of Dark Petition which will net you two black thanks to spell mastery. You then get black mana equal to 2 times the amount of lands left in your deck (since you find a land to retrace the Raven's Crime with each time you cast one) and then finally cast a huge Exsanguinate, which goes through stuff like Worship/Ensnaring Bridge/Leyline of Sanctity.

dwarden1 on mazirek stax deck

3 weeks ago

Dark Petition is really good for edh, seeing how likely you are to have spell mastery. I also use Diabolic Revelation, can really be a blow out if you have Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Cabal Coffers on the field.

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