Narset, Enlightened Master


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir Mythic Rare
Promo Set Mythic Rare

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Narset, Enlightened Master

Legendary Creature — Human Monk

First strike, hexproof.

Whenever Narset, Enlightened Master attacks, exile the top four cards of your library. Until end of turn, you may cast noncreature cards exiled with Narset this turn without paying their mana costs.

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Narset, Enlightened Master Discussion

Chandelier on 5C Superfriends

3 days ago

Crawlspace Norn's Annex Teferi's Moat Blind Obedience Narset, Enlightened Master and Dissipation Field are all cards you could consider. I like the deck but just know that the planeswalker will be your only friends when you play this lol

DVLuca on Another thread asking for help ...

1 week ago

Narset, Enlightened Master is an excellent choice but if you want something more money-cheap Jhoira of the Ghitu is true caos!!!

Bhaal666 on Another thread asking for help ...

1 week ago

You mention liking america colors so my first thought is Narset, Enlightened Master throw in chaos cards instead of extra turns for your own style. You however dont want to play something over done so maybe not. All the ones you listed would range from decent to good. Brimaz would make for a killer voltron being white and low cost. He is played but not heavily. As for having too many ideas I also have that issue most of the time. I find picking one main strategy and a supporting one or two helps. My Marchesa (still in progress) is a group slug supported with group hug. This significantly limited my card choices. It also helps that I won't spend more than $10 per card with the very occasional exception. You can try more silly limitations too like only including things your commander would use from a story view point. Would Brimaz use an artifact or would he be more prone to use enchantments? Are there cards based off things he did? Are there cards you could use that he actively fought against (these would be no goes if using a story limitation)?

Eiti3 on America, Land(less) of the Free [Creatureless Too]

1 week ago

Yea, I'm going to revamp the description in a bit. I'm tired of people only reading up there and nothing else despite going into further detail, later on in the description.

As for adding other 0-drop artifacts for Mox Opal alone isn't worth it for me. I have a 7 in 99 chance of getting Mox Opal from a normal mulligan, 14 if I do the free mulligan. That's about a 14% chance to get Mox Opal and a 6% chance to get another single other 0-drop artifact in that same hand. As it stands right now, I am forced to do the casual rules for the Paris Mulligan until Wizards prints more low (zero or exile to get effect) CMC cards to help stabilize the deck and make it reliable. Adding in random 0-drop artifacts for a single card, that won't have a use after Narset is cast is a waste of space in my mind. That's why I have Selective Memory in the deck. After I cast Narset, Enlightened Master, I just want to cast my main spells, not more rocks, however, rocks can still be useful with getting infinite mana with Paradox Engine or drawing with rocks like Azorius Cluestone.

I do, however, appreciate the thought. Seeing as I am currently unable to stabilize the deck, as per my restrictions of no creatures, nor lands, I am going to continue keeping the deck in an "ideal" build of what I generally want the deck to turn out to be once the stabilization cards are printed, if ever.

I'm going to put all this in the new description here soon.

evncrbch on Willing Sacrifice

3 weeks ago

As an alternate win-con I feel like it's only going to win the game if you go infinite which is something I wanted to avoid in this deck anyway for the sake of my playgroup. I already run Narset, Enlightened Master so I didn't want to make a deck as combo-esque as that. But if you want to go infinite it's not a bad option I'm sure.

thedent on Ezuri Embarrassment of Riches

3 weeks ago

Hey man, pretty great stuff, looks like you have a pretty solid deck there. A few suggestions I have for creatures you could put in would be Blighted Agent, Forgotten Ancient, Vorel of the Hull Clade, Viral Drake, Den Protector. I don't know how you feel about using infect, but judging from your use of Triumph of the Hordes I assume you're at least somewhat of a fan. Viral Drake and Blighted Agent are great because along with infect they also have some evasion built in to make sure their hits connect. Vorel and Forgotten Ancient are good for generating counters, and cards like forgotten ancient that let you shift around your counters can make things interesting. I saw you included Champ of Lambholdt, and Den Protector is kind of a lesser version because the effect only applies to her, but she does give you a bit of graveyard recursion if you morph her.

I also saw that you were looking at Curse of the Swine. This card is pretty great for dealing with a nasty boardstate, but another route you could go is Ixidron. This card is great because it not only wipes their board but can also lock up an opponents commander if it happens to be on the board since it gets turned face down rather than being destroyed. This can be especially useful if they're relying on their commander, such as Narset, Enlightened Master and Yahenni, Undying Partisan. Just make sure Ezuri isn't out though because then you're screwed too. Another bit of removal that synergizes with the deck well is Simic Manipulator. Like Ixidron, it'll get rid of some pesky creature without letting the opponent have the chance to regain control of it.

A few side cards I think work well with the deck are Panharmonicon (get double the triggers from Ezuri), Rampant Growth (2cmc ramp to get Ezuri out by turn 3, Llanowar Elves is also a great low cmc ramp card that will get Ezuri out a turn earlier. Any ramp cards 2 cmc and lower like the 1 drop mana elves and Birds of Paradise, Devoted Druid, Boreal Druid, Exploration, Priest of Titania, Moss Diamond, Joraga Treespeaker, Sylvan Caryatid and Beastcaller Savant are the most ideal. The best combo to get though by far is drawing a Forrest, an Island, and Sol Ring in your starting hand and being able to get Ezuri out on turn 2), Cryptolith Rite (if you get this out you can basically play anything you draw), Lightning Greaves (some nice protection for Ezuri), Altered Ego (this card can have some good uses, like just today I used it to copy an opponent's 7/7 and put 7 +1/+1 counters on it, then used Rite of Replication on my new 14/14 and kicked it so I had 5 14/14 creatures. It can be good if an opponent lays down a nasty threat and you need something that can go toe-to-toe with it. Rite of Replication is great for this too, but altered ego has the added benefit of not being able to be countered.), and From Beyond/Awakening Zone (not as good a token generator as Mycoloth (which you have) but still a good one especially if you need a chump blocker each turn or a little extra mana)

Eiti3 on Info for general deck construction

3 weeks ago

First off, I'm gonna have to explain that commander/edh is quite a casual format. I'd recommend figuring out what your playgroup(s) competitive level for EDH is before constructing a deck. Some playgroups are super casual, thus mana curves and the like are bonkers and non-existent. Other playgroups are T1-T2 playgroups who go hardcore fine-tuning every aspect of their deck through countless hours of testing, theory crafting, and actual playing. And more commonly are the people that fit in between those two extremes (and those extremes are fairly common).

As for cards you don't want to run would be the normal cards that take into the consideration of having more than 1 copy in the deck: Sphinx of the Chimes, Take Inventory, Pyromancer Ascension, etc. However, there are exceptions like Shadowborn Apostles and Relentless Rats. Other than that, EDH is limited to your own creativity/net decking skills.

"How do you guys put your decks together?": I, myself, find specific cards (Conspiracy, Dimensional Breach, Radiate, etc) that I believe can be broken if built well enough around and attempt a theory craft of what the deck can be. If it works, I build it irl and slowly fine tune it with each set that releases.

"Do you base it on your commander then build around it?": I usually pick my commander after I figured out the main combo, synergy, or card I want to play with that works best in conjunction with each other. However, some commanders like Mistform Ultimus, Kaalia of the Vast, Scion of the Ur-Dragon, etc are more commonly just built around their abilities and tribes. I've actually been to an EDH league that penalizes you if you don't cast your commander. Ever since then, I've always had a use for mine; breaking the card or using it as more of utility.

"or do you select what you want to do then find a commander that fits or dont really need...": Despite what I said above, each person plays differently. It's up to you to find what you like to do by trial and error, or through playtesting other people's decks. Do you want to be competitive or have a nice relaxing game, or just run a hate-bears deck and laugh at everyone's suffering? It's up for you to decide. However, there is no rule against not using your commander.

"You want to keep mana curve lower": I know plenty of T1 decks who don't care about their mana curve, but only care about a few specific combos and how to get to them asap. Some decks are Show and Tell or Jalira, Master Polymorphist themed, thus having a huge mana curve. Then there are cards like Omniscience, Narset, Enlightened Master, Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge, etc who don't even know what a mana curve is.

"how do you build a deck based on one of each card?": I like consistency so I, personally, run a moderate (a lot) of tutors (5-8) to keep getting what I want. Other people use draw spells, their commander's abilities, Scroll Rack + Land Tax combo, etc. 1 card of each isn't as bad as it seems. I've built a deck or two where after a month of playing the deck I drew and played a card I hadn't been able to draw the entire month previous. That was mostly inpart to my bad deckbuilding skills, but, it can happen. Other times, you'll always find that you keep getting the same card over and over and over and over again.

"Building synergy.": Honestly, I value synergy and an overall theme above all else in EDH. That idea helps structure what the deck should do, much like in modern, but on a much more wide scale. Putting random cards into a same colored deck has never worked out for anyone.

"Ensure every card benefits your deck/wc ect.": Completely up to you, once again. T1 competitive people will always be looking to cut cards that never see use, making sure every card has more benefits than risk. Other people are willing to run a stray Storm Crow just for fun or whatever the reason.

I hope this helps, and apologies if some parts didn't make sense or were just completely false for whatever reason. All I know is that I'm tired and about to hit the sack after posting this.

Snacrifice on Alexi-nexpensive(<15$)

1 month ago

Avarahaion It does -okay-. Out of all the mono-color budgets I've made this one doesn't do any less poorly in terms of wins, but it does have trouble hitting for the win when it's in a dominant position. Things like Disruptive Student are surprisingly relevant when you can use Alexi to bounce their creatures. It requires a bit more effort than mono-blue normally does though, because it's definitely more passive than not. So far the most awful decks it faces are things like Narset, Enlightened Master(though who doesn't), and other generals/keypieces with built in shroud or hexproof unless countered.

Out of all of them it's the one I'm taking suggestions most seriously for though, to make it a little less passive while sticking to the generals strengths.

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