Rakdos Signet


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Uncommon
Commander 2016 Common
MTG: Commander Common
Archenemy Common
Dissension Common

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Rakdos Signet


, : Add to your mana pool.

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Rakdos Signet Discussion

UpsetYoMama on Thraximundar and his Army of Undead

2 days ago

Recurring Nightmare is on the official banlist, by the way.

In EDH, you want to try to get as much value as you can from each spell. Or in a couple of cases, there is a better card out there than what you are using. As such, I would replace these with the following:

  1. Stoic Rebuttal >> Counterspell
  2. Smelt >> Vandalblast, Shattering Spree, or By Force
  3. Murder >> Hero's Downfall
  4. Cannibalize >> Malicious Affliction

I have a monoblack zombie deck and a couple of cards that are always amazing in there are Gray Merchant of Asphodel, Fleshbag Marauder, Cemetery Reaper, Undead Warchief, and Lord of the Undead.

You may want to consider adding more ramp to the deck, as right now you have a lot of high cost spells. The first step I would do is to add the different signets for your colors (i.e. Rakdos Signet). Other mana rocks that you might consider include Thran Dynamo, Gilded Lotus, and Chromatic Lantern.

I hope some of that helped.

The7thBobba on Knight_of_Aces

1 week ago

First, let's look at our ramp options:

Myr are an old favourite of mine, and definitely of use here. When speaking of artifacts, there are quite a few low costed "rocks" in your colours: Rakdos Signet, Charcoal Diamond, Fire Diamond, Talisman of Indulgence to name a few :)

As for one-time-boosts there's Dark Ritual, Seething Song, Pyretic Ritual, Vessel of Volatility, among others.

And finally, Bog Witch can turn dead cards in your hand into dark rituals.

DanteBeleren on Everything My Friends Hate

3 weeks ago

You're gonna wanna cut down your creature count a lot. If someone opens with something like Nevermore, you're screwed lol. Up your mana rock count (Rakdos Signet/Orzhov Signet/Boros Signet), add some protection for Kaalia (Mother of Runes/Cavern of Souls), haste enablers (Hall of the Bandit Lord/Mass Hysteria), card draw/tutors (Phyrexian Arena/Diabolic Tutor), etc (Fork/Crackling Doom/Amulet of Vigor/Disenchant).

I don't wanna take up a whole page, so I'll link my list if you wanna take a look: Kaalia's Revenge. I have reasonings/description for each card in the description. Regardless of what route you wanna take your Kaalia deck, good luck.

Chandrian on Unyielding Facerolling

3 weeks ago

If you're looking for faster damage, Quest for Pure Flame might be a card you're interested in.

I would cut Kaalia of the Vast, she's a great card, but you only have 3 cards which she can cheat into play, so she's not very usefull. I'm not a big fan of Charging Cinderhorn, it's only got 2 toughness and no evasion, so it's easy to kill and it can also damage you.

Maybe play some more ramp so that you can play your big creatures faster, for example the signets are very good Boros Signet Rakdos Signet Gruul Signet Golgari Signet (a slower alternative are the cluestones like Boros Cluestone). A very nice artifact to have in multi-color decks is Sword of the Animist as it ramps you very fast and also fixes your colors.

Regarding your question to drop black, I think black adds more to the deck (for example recursion with Alesha, Who Smiles at Death and Ravos, Soultender and some nice removal) than meets the eye. I would keep it. My main reason being that even IF your meta is quite slow, if you aggro fast but cannot kill the table before they stabilise, it will be very hard to win the game because everyone guns for you.

I also have a Saskia deck, which you can find here

Maybe you'll find some ideas in it for your own deck.

Good luck with your build!

strembl7 on Rakdos the Defiler

4 weeks ago

So, proposed edit list

I ran a list with a similar number of ramp spells to make Sen Triplets work, and 3-drop artifacts are really hard on your early game. 2-drops curve out so nicely in comparison. Here are a few changes on that note:

Lose: Rakdos Cluestone for Rakdos Signet

Lose: Cryptolith Fragment  Flip for Fellwar Stone

Lose: Burnished Hart for Coalition Relic because you want as few permanents as possible to maximize value when you have to sac half. It's less mana, and fewer permanents.

Lose: Fulminator Mage for Cultivator's Caravan. Fulminator is really very 1v1 geared, and Cultivator hits hard when you no longer need the mana.

Lose: Tormenting Voice for Cathartic Reunion. I've run both and if your hand is sad enough to want to blow mana on card advantage, you probably want to cycle as much hand as possible. If budget allows, Wheel of Fortune is oodles better, or the "miracle" wheel the name of which I cannot remember.

Lose: Liliana Vess. She is too slow for this deck and doesn't put out enough pressure. Consider something like Earthquake maybe? or any of the suggestions below.

Lose: Curse of Bloodletting for Furnace of Rath and/or Gratuitous Violence for multiplayer and more suicideyness and synergy with the Wound Reflection.

Other possible inclusions:Praetor's Grasp is usually a Sol Ring but can otherwise be the perfect answer if there's a problem on the board.

Lightning Reaver because awesome for multiplayer.

Coldsteel Heart Is a great rock for 2 mana. Take a look at your artifact base when all the edits are done and see where/if you can fit it.

Scorched Ruins is an amazing way to hedge mana against Rakdos if your meta isn't blowing up targeted lands. Or if you have a crucible... ;)


Grenzo, Havoc Raiser is so incredibly badass when you're connecting with demons. No backswing to worry about, and more damage to your opponents. In multiplayer this guy is king.

Necropotence suits the suicidey theme and refills your hand better than any card in the game.

Ashes to Ashes is better than Terminate most of the time. Your colors just can't stop Eldrazi once they're out usually.

Rakdos, Lord of Riots I think is really good in this deck.

Give Larceny some consideration after playing the deck a bit. See how much your demons are actually connecting. Great value.

Pain Magnification is a solid include given all your flying shenanigans.

Recover819 on Nicol Belore dela'na

1 month ago

Your curve is pretty high. You need more lands if your going to consistently hit over 6 mana. Izzet Signet / Dimir Signet / Rakdos Signet are strong adds here.

In addition I'd think about better ways to prolong the game or speed up your clock. Like Baleful Strix , Baral, Chief of Compliance, Goblin Electromancer

Caeruleus on Godspeed You! Black Empress

1 month ago

Solitary Confinement is the catch-all pillowfort combo card with Queen Marchesa, because you can't lose the Monarch whilst its around, and drawing on your end step lets you work around the drawback.

In addition, you do not need to run any other Monarchy cards because you should be able to consistently get the Monarchy back / recast your commander.

Further, Viridian Longbow allows you to shoot down any creature since your Commander and her tokens all have deathtouch.

Granted that deck curves at 3-4, and your commander is 4 to cast, you should probably play 2 cost mana rocks rather than 3 costs ones. So, that's Orzhov Signet, Boros Signet, Rakdos Signet, Talisman of Indulgence

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

1 month ago

CHANGELOG 11/05/17


Regarding flyers, here are some good draws into bant. Not sure what the rest of the payoff is for green (maybe you grab cards like Glare of Subdual, Sylvan Library, Survival of the Fittest, Edric, Spymaster of Trest or big green beaters), but I figured we should enable that color combo a bit more while staying on-theme:


Regarding blink: I would be fine with that, but I think it would be better to see if there's room once we start trimming down the cube.

Green is looking pretty underpowered right now (no real big threats, not much utility. we should fix that)



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