Scavenging Ooze


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Rare
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare
Magic 2014 (M14) Rare
MTG: Commander (CMD) Rare
Promo set for Gatherer (PSG) Rare

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Scavenging Ooze

Creature — Ooze

: Exile target card from a graveyard. If it was a creature card, put a +1/+1 counter on Scavenging Ooze and you gain 1 life.

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Scavenging Ooze Discussion

thetanman91 on Mono STOMP

1 day ago

MagicMat, that makes perfect sense, thanks for the break down. I'll move Thrun, the Last Troll and Dungrove Elder to the SB. In place, should I add in 2 more Kalonian Tusker or 2 Scavenging Ooze?

osumatthew on Esper Spirits

3 days ago

11/16/17 Update

This is a little awkward, since I had updated this just a few days ago based on Monday's performance, but I had another tournament on Thursday, as well as a few changes to the deck.

Mainboard -1 Fatal Push, -1 Concealed Courtyard, -1 Path to Exile, +1 Cavern of Souls, +2 Zealous Persecution

This deck needed at least one copy of Cavern of Souls, and buying one copy wouldn't break my budget, so I picked it up from my LGS for their modern tournament tonight. I also felt like the single target removal was too heavy, so cut one of each of those spells for 2 Zealous Persecution, which acts as both a pseudo board clear and/or a damage boost for me. With these changes made, I sat down for my first match:

Match 1

G1: My opponent was actually the same guy I played on Monday who was running the B/W control list. My opponent was on the play, which was a little worrying, especially because he was running aggressive hand disruption. We both built up solid board states with our respective copies of Lingering Souls, but this was exactly the match that I had brought in tech for. Zealous Persecution wiped his board and allowed me to swing a ton of damage through, which snowballed into a win.

G2: My opponent had a solid game, preventing me from really sticking anything substantive on the board, then resolved Baneslayer Angel. I misplayed by not copying it with Phantasmal Image, but wasn't punished too much, as a Liliana, the Last Hope would have killed it anyways. I couldn't find an answer, and scooped.

G3: This was another grindy game, but I finally managed to stick a pair of Drogskol Captains that quickly won the game for me. WIN

Match 2

G1: I started on the play, and discovered that my opponent was on U/W control, not a particularly good matchup for me. I tried to race him, but a pair of Supreme Verdict shut that plan down and I scooped.

G2: I started on the play again, and resolved a Geist of Saint Traft that my opponent couldn't easily handle, followed by multiple copies of Lingering Souls, leading to a fairly easy win.

G3: My opponent was on the play, but an early Duress from me knocked out Path to Exile, and Lingering Souls was able to steadily eat away his life total. WIN

Match 3

G1: My opponent was playing Jund and Thoughtseized me three times in a row. I was able to stick a few minions, and he thought he could stabilize with a Scavenging Ooze, but ended up being 1 mana off from healing out of lethal range. I swung with my spirit tokens for the win.

G2: This time my opponent was more careful with his life total. I was able to keep the game competitive, but some bad draws combined with a resolved Liliana, the Last Hope was enough to clinch the game for him.

G3: I was back on the play, and opened to a blistering start. I immediately began pushing damage through, forcing my opponent to try and protect his life total with Scavenging Ooze, even forcing him to use his Raging Ravine for mana. However, it wasn't enough for him, and pumped up Mausoleum Wanderer and some Lingering Souls tokens were enough to push lethal damage through, with Zealous Persecution to prevent any attempt to survive with the Ooze. WIN

Match 4

As I was now the only undefeated player, I was paired down with a 2-1 player who had had a bye the previous round. He was Jeskai Control, which created a problem, as he had access to additional spot removal and sweepers.

G1: I started off well enough, but he was eventually able to clear my board and resolve a Chandra, Torch of Defiance that I was unable to deal with, forcing me to scoop.

G2: Having boarded in Disdainful Stroke and Duress, I was better equipped to handle my opponent's creature light deck. I built up a large board state and Selfless Spirit dodged Anger of the Gods. My opponent tried to sweep my board again with Supreme Verdict, but Spell Queller flashed out to stop that, and a Disdainful Stroke kept his Logic Knot from countering my play. At that point, I was able to push damage through for the win.

G3: I actually had a fantastic start this game, with Mausoleum Wanderer into Selfless Spirit, backed by a pair of Spell Quellers. A Keranos, God of Storms tried to turn the tide for my opponent, but Rattlechains and Drogskol Captain kept my creatures alive and enable me to swing through for the victory. WIN

Final Record: 4-0-0

I think that the changes to my list worked rather well, though I'm still not convinced that the deck is at its most optimal. I'd like to pick up more copies of Cavern of Souls, though not at the moment due to the card's price tag. I'm also wondering if Collective Brutality is worth putting in the sideboard over Duress, but given the relatively large number of planes walkers being run currently, I feel that Duress is better. Anyways, feel free to let me know what you think, and I'll likely update again soon!

colton815 on Stomping the ground

3 days ago

no offense, but you havent really made it "your" deck yet. its still just a common green stompy deck. its also kinda criminal to call a deck "stomping the ground" when its not even red/green and doesnt actually use Stomping Ground. Garruk's Companion is better than Kalonian Tusker because of the trample. that one point of toughness is largely irrelevant. Groundbreaker is a good card, but its better to use something that can actually keep your devotion to green up permanently since green stompy aims to abuse Aspect of Hydra. it can easily be replaced with some Scavenging Ooze, because you need more ways to generate +1/+1 counters for the sake of Avatar of the Resolute. i'd also strongly recommend cutting the Treetop Village. coming into play tapped can destroy your mana curve, and using 3 lands to only attack with a 3/3 is sub par. thats 3 mana that could have been spent to cast spells. if you're hand is empty and your only option is to attack with a Treetop Village, you're very likely losing anyway.

Xica on JeskaiM4n

5 days ago

So regarding turn 3 wins...

I would say they are highly unlikely since if your Baral, Chief of Compliance / Goblin Electromancer eats a Lightning Bolt / Fatal Push / Collective Brutality... etc. on turn 2, you will need a minor miracle to win.

As in such case your rituals produce only .
Which means that you would need 1 ritual to Gifts Ungiven.
and 4 more rituals to be able to cast Past in Flames on turn 3.

And if you run only Grapeshot & Empty the Warrens any sensible player will put those in the grave, and let you whatever else you searched up.

(Creature removal is not exactly rare in modern decks - while your deck doesn't have ways to interact with it when you tap out on turn 2 to cast your creatures (no Disrupting Shoal or Pact of Negation)

I would also like to mention that relying on instant/sorcery cards in the grave to combo off is very risky in modern - there are just to many things that hate on the grave.
Plus everyone sideboards grave hate coz dredge.

Scavenging Ooze, Dryad Militant
Grafdigger's Cage, Relic of Progenitus, Tormod's Crypt
And the worst of all Rest in Peace & Leyline of the Void
(+ pesky Leyline of Sanctity - which screams scoop, if Empty the Warrens fails

Please tell me how do you win on turn 3 in such a situation!

P.s.: Storm Entity may help with going off on t3, as it could be the third target for Gifts Ungiven - but it still can't win in itself.

xyr0s on Slimy Green Aggro

1 week ago

Like I said about Typhoid Rats: serious decks. Looked at both mtggoldfish and mtgtop8, for any and all modern decks, whether competitive or budget, that used it, ever since they started recording modern decks. And exactly 0 hits on either of the pages. Maybe it's just because we all are a little slow on the uptake, and haven't understood the greatness of pinging strategies. In that case, I look forward to the pinging winter (like the eldrazi winter, but with deathtouchpinging decks instead... we could call it "the pinguin-winter"), most especially the inevitable buyout of key pieces for the deck, like Typhoid Rats - I am gonna make so much money of that price spike, yes sir, I have a bunch of rats that'll be worth a fortune.

Scavenging better than Scavenging Ooze? Can't recall that, but it could be in PickleNutzs varolz-scavenge-deathsshadow deck, in which case I fully stand by what I said (in that specific context, and as the deck looked at that time).

Your stompy deck looks a lot better than this aggro-I-block-you-to-death deck.

APPLE01DOJ on Slimy Green Aggro

1 week ago

Xyros, no offense but having numerous discussions with you on various decks and on forums. (Remember you tried to tell me that standard Scavanger card was not a worse Scavenging Ooze?) I really can't take your opinion on anything serious. Maybe you're still learning magic or maybe you just enjoy the theory game more?

Not everything is as black and white as it reads.

Mistcutter started out on the side but was moved to main because it fits this deck quite well. Not just vs based control decks. You block with Permeating Mass, not swing an expect them to block you. Typhoid Rats is a decent card. I've ran it in other decks, I've seen it used in pinging stratedgies and guess what, it trades with almost anything. Can't ask for too much more in a 1 drop. You linked me to a stompy deck, something I'm quite familiar with and don't wish to to turn this into. You can go criticize my stompy build here. MGS.

In the mean time, I invite you to go on Untap and give this a few spins before offering any more advice on it.

K0rt on shaman elves

1 week ago


The adds can be tweezed but I would remove all of the minuses

Defense Grid is a card that is good in some decks in legacy but it doesn't do anything here, it also affects your chords and coco's and if an opponent is cast C-Command then your opponent isn't casting a supreme verdict.

Grafdiggers cage affects search your library, this includes chord and coco and is bad.

Bow doesn't do anything much except kill random delvers and give creatures deathtouch, but if deathtouch matters your probably behind

Rec sage is a chord target, you don't need more than 1, especially with fracturing gust, which is an excellent card for elves.

All the adds should be self-explanatory.

Emzed on Visions of Thrag-Daddy

1 week ago

Hey, cool list! However, your deck is extremely linear, all it does is its own thing with zero ways to defend or disrupt. I don't know how much experience you have with Modern, but against decks like Storm, Affinity or Eldrazi that might not work out - if both decks just do their own thing, theirs is faster and more powerful.
You have a playset Eldritch Evolution in your deck. This means that adding a single copy of a creature to your deck basically plays like having five of them in the deck. Which you can then copy a bunch of times with all of your Clone effects. So, if you have a single Reclamation Sage to find in your maindeck against a deck like Affinity, it massively improves your chances.
What I am trying to say is, in order to make the best use of Eldritch Evolution, you should include a couple of silverbullet creatures to find when you are in trouble (some maindeck, some sideboard). I suggest Reclamation Sage, Glen Elendra Archmage, Scavenging Ooze, Phyrexian Revoker, Sower of Temptation and Profaner of the Dead. Another fantastic option is Thought-Knot Seer, but you would need at least four Yavimaya Coast in the deck so you could cast it when it's in your hand.
I think I would also try and find room for Oath of Nissa and/or Serum Visions in your deck, they help you control your draws to some degree and assemble your combo faster.

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