Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) None
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Creature — Human Scout


When Cloudblazer enters the battlefield, You gain 2 life and draw two cards.

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Cloudblazer Discussion

lewyniemcz on Who spilled this blue on my Mono-white Monument?

2 days ago

I've played a lot of Oketra's Monument decks since it was released and it looks very similar to mine from M19. I'd like to give you some ideas I've learned while playing it during FNM's and Showdowns.

Aviary Mechanic is insane in this deck. It allows to replay Cloudblazer, Militia Bugler for huge card advantage, bogunce Irrigated Farmland if you are flooding and if you have 2 in hand and Monument in play it pretty much allows you to make Warrior tokens for for as long as you have mana for it. I strongly believe 4 is a must in this deck.

Also Aven Wind Guide allows to gain this much needed reach in some matchups. Giving tokens flying was key in many matches, either to finish off opponent or defend against Heart of Kiran, Rekindling Phoenix, Glorybringer or Tempest Djinn. 1-2 of is very nice to have.

I've discovered that Dusk is rather nonbo with Benalish Marshal and it's more of a sideboard option. The same goes for Sunscourge Champion. Thopter Arrest is great removal option for mainboard as well.

Enral on The Fateshifter | **PRIMER**

3 days ago

NeonEndymion: The purpose of the infinite mana is to sink them into Eldrazi Displacer/Deadeye Navigator/Ghostly Flicker+Archaeomancer to enable infinite flicker. With infinite flicker, we can draw out our deck with Cloudblazer to get to the win cons like exiling everyone's deck with Gonti, Lord of Luxury etc. But if you want like an actual mana sink, you could play Entreat the Angels for infinite angels or Torment of Hailfire.

BMHKain on "Gods, Continuum, Even You. All is [[Nix]]."

3 days ago

Actually, I'm switching Fatespinner w/ Cloudblazer as Fatespinner allows the opponent the choice, not the user. Any thoughts on any of these?

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

1 month ago

I was very close to picking another Mulldrifter, but there are a number of things that would make me possibly not choose it. Mulldrifter's biggest draw is its Evoke cost that turns it into a Divination that Animar can make even cheaper. If we are just talking about a 5 CMC creature that draws two cards like Cloudblazer then I may hesitate, particularly if it requires two colored mana like Cloudblazer does. At 4 CMC I would be more inclined to included it, but once again I would cringe a little if it required two colored mana (which it probably would at that cost). The double colored mana can be a pain to juggle if you are trying to combo out early. However, if the card said something like "When ~ enters the battlefield, you may return another creature you control to its owner's hand. If you do, draw two cards." I would definitely be looking at putting it in the deck, even if it did have a 5 CMC and required two colored mana.

I ended up choosing the Bond Beetle for a couple of reasons. Bond Beetle is extremely economical for Animar, basically counting as two creatures for 1 mana in just one card. While the Beetle is lacking in terms of utility, having it in your opening hand is like starting with an extra card as far as Animar is concerned. The ability to go from 0 counters to 2 counters for just 1 mana is fantastic, because that lets you go straight to only having to pay 1 mana for one of your tutor creatures and leaves you with mana left for whatever you tutor for. Cast Spellshaper and you'll still have a mana for Worldly Tutor. Cast Imperial Recruiter and that one mana you have left is enough to let you go off with the Recruiter + Phyrexian Metamorph + Shrieking Drake combo. Cast Trinket Mage and you will be able to fetch and cast Skullclamp. And all of that is assuming that you missed your land drop for the turn. If you didn't miss a land drop you would also be able to attach the clamp to the Beetle to draw two cards right away.

Bond Beetle can also set Animar up to be able to win on turn 3, which I think is a really important benchmark for Animar given how fast other decks in the format are. Turn 2 Animar + a Mox/Lotus Petal into Bond Beetle will set you up with all the mana and counters you should need to potentially go off the following turn.

So yeah, Bond Beetle is lacking in overall utility and Animar is always hungry for new cantrip creatures, but I would really like at least one more functional reprint of Bond Beetle for the deck to up its chances of faster combo kills.

Zam_Ogan on No Friends Brago (EDH)

1 month ago

Hello! I like your list, I play a couple variations of Brago myself and absolutely love him. I do have a couple of suggestions that might help.

I'd consider removing these cards:

Tsabo's Web - It's an okay stax card, but it just doesn't do enough to warrant a slot IMO. I would much rather run a tutor or a harder stax/hate piece here.

Voltaic Key - If you were running Grim Monolith and/or Mana Vault I would better understand why this is in here, but as it is it doesn't do much. I ran this in an early version of Brago, I swapped it out for Rings of Brighthearth for infinite mana instead.

Brave the Elements - This is neat and cheap to cast, but is too niche IMO. I would rather run either another counterspell to stop my board from being wiped, or something like Eerie Interlude to bypass it.

Dragonlord Ojutai - This is SUPER slow. I used to run Cloudblazer Which is similar, but I swapped that out recently for Curator's Ward for the same draw + Brago protection, which has worked with decent success.

Inquisitor Exarch - I absolutely love this card, I ordered a foil version as soon as I saw it. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything unless you're going infinite with Strionic, at which point you should already be winning the game anyway.

I'd consider changing:

Rishadan Brigand - I agree that this is super strong. However, it's very expensive to cast. This card has the strongest version of this effect which is wonderful, however if your plan with this is to go infinite with Strionic Resonator, it's better to run Rishadan Cutpurse instead. (Maybe you could throw in Rishadan Footpad too for backup, why not!)

Authority of the Consuls - Entering tapped effects are wonderful, but this is by far the weakest version. I would reccomend swapping this out for Blind Obedience so it hits artifacts too, plus you can tutor for this from Muddle the Mixture, OR for the ultimate lock with Stasis, swap it for Frozen AEther/Kismet.

Detention Sphere - Fantastic effect, but for the same cost you could swap this for Grasp of Fate which is strictly better.

Oath of Jace - Another fantastic effect, but personally I would rather pay 1 more mana to play Trial of Knowledge and keep 2 cards in hand per ETB.

Take a look at my deck lists when you get a chance, I'm happy to discuss!

Casual List

Light Stax List

stensiagamekeeper on BRAGO, King of Combo

2 months ago


I basically consider infinite turns a wincon. Every place I've been to play EDH will scoop when someone takes infinite turns or bounces all their lands to hand provided they can explain how they intend to win afterwards. Thanks to Nevermaker often I can't mill out either so if I had lock I'm guaranteed to win. Not to mention if I go infinite/have Cathars' Crusade with a token producer out, e.g. Knight-Captain of Eos, that's a more traditional wincon right there.

I will admit Medomai the Ageless is a little off theme. He's in the deck because of his combo potential with Identity Thief. Identity Thief can also reuse etbs of Cloudblazer and suchlike and as for medomai the deck is designed to get a creature out, protect it then make sure it gets in for combat damage. Still I'll probably play them until I get the combo off one time and them swap them out straight after tbh.

irini on Roon Blink

2 months ago

I had these both in at some point. Mistmeadow Witch got the axe for Eldrazi Displacer and Thragtusk was replaced by Cloudblazer.

Training Grounds has too limited synergy imho.

Purple_Mage on Knight Fever, Knight Fever

2 months ago

mikeb388 yes unfortunately Settle the Wreckage is a bit of a pain for this deck. The way to avoid a complete blow out is by playing smart. If my opponent is holding up 4 mana then I don't alpha strike. I attack with maybe one or two creatures at the most and either force them to use an underwhelming Settle or they take damage and hope to cast it later for more profit.

To combat Settle the Wreckage I've been contemplating splashing blue for cards like: Siren Stormtamer, Spell Pierce and Cloudblazer to overcome this weakness. But it might dilute mana-base a bit too much for my liking. Thoughts?

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