Tamiyo, Field Researcher


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Mythic Rare

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Tamiyo, Field Researcher

Planeswalker — Tamiyo

+1: Choose up to two target creatures. Until your next turn, whenever either of those creatures deals combat damage, you draw a card.

-2: Tap up to two nonland creatures. They don't untap during their controller's next untap step.

-7: Draw three cards.You get an emblem with "You may cast nonland cards from your hand without paying their mana costs."

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Tamiyo, Field Researcher Discussion

Wolfrage76 on Thumpy, thumpy, thumpy!

13 hours ago

Think I'll add in Tamiyo, Field Researcher and Tamiyo, the Moon Sage - the play from graveyard will help keep my Commander cost low, and the Cast from Hand At No Cost will help me cheat out cards... But combined?

DubiousDanish on Bant Humans(Needs Help)

3 days ago

How do you plan to get her through? Utilizing some type of keyword (Flying, Trample, etc.)? I see that Tamiyo, Field Researcher has a -2 tap down ability, but only one copy means that it would be unreliable. You may want to add more copies or perhaps another option to dodge defenders.

emrakulinsmugglers on Creature/Token rush wave (Green)

2 weeks ago

these are all great cards, and you've put them together nicely. You want to focus on a theme though, like here, you have stuff like Champion of Rhonas that would work so well with high mana creatures.

IMO, you should focus on tokens. For tokens, running strategies like embalm would work. For example, Noose Constrictor to discard embalmers (which are Trueheart Duelist, Sacred Cat, Anointer Priest, etc), and then using Anointed Procession, you keep getting double tokens. For planeswalkers, Nissa, Vital Force is powerful, but Nissa, Nature's Artisan is not as necessary.

I would also suggest cutting down to 60 cards, to maximize your consistency (E.g. trying to draw 1 Vizier of the Menagerie out of a 60 card deck versus out of a 10000 card deck i.e. you want to have the lowest deck size possible so you can consistently draw your important cards)

and the good thing is, this is very budget friendly. If you want, you can take a look at my bant embalm that i've been working on, An Amalgamation of the Embalmed. the main difference is that I run blue, allowing me to use powerful walkers like Tamiyo, Field Researcher, and good cards for tokens like Aven Wind Guide.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do! good luck =)

n0bunga on Atraxa Super Friends

2 weeks ago

Narset Transcendent and Tamiyo, Field Researcher definitely need a spot.

And I'm sure you've probably considered it but may be against it due to its price - Doubling Season, and Academy Rector to bring it into play.

Dimpas on Brisela and Tamiyo making marvels

2 weeks ago

Played in Amonkhet std showdown today. Went 2-1. Very good.First game i played against r/u emerge, with Prized Amalgam, Elder Deep-Fiends etc.Lost the first game due to mana problems (no green mana after i mulled to six). Should mull to five. silly of me. Second and third game won after sideboarding Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger.Second game played against bant fog control. Heavy counterspells, only one Torrential Gearhulk and oneGideon of the Trials as finishers. Lost 2-0. Very grindy , long game, very skill intensive. Did have some bad draws.. Lost in rounds, after time was called.Third game was against mardu vehicles. Won 2-0. Both games, i had Brisela, Voice of Nightmares and it was awesome.Linvala, the Preserver also did wonders in this match.Playing the deck, i realized that the deck has bad matchups against control.Thus i'll try Dispel on the sb. I didn't have any answer to counter magic or board interaction except Ulamog or tamiyo....Any help here would be great.In other matchups, the deck flows great.. And Tamiyo, Field Researcher does so much work for us.I played her so many times on T4 tapping my opponents big threats, gaining so much time.Casting Bruna, the Fading Light to bring back Cloudblazer or Rogue Refiner is just value..Let me know what you think!!Any help is much appreciated!!

mastermew on Bant Ramp

3 weeks ago

Just looking at more options I see Kiora, Master of the Depths, Cryptolith Rite, and Tamiyo, Field Researcher

Neotrup on Bant Superfriends (Amonkhet)

4 weeks ago

Or to turn lands into cantrips. One or two Nissa, Vital Force could be potent. The high number of legendary and same type planeswalker seems like it could be problematic, though aside from Heart of Kiran you can always get use out of playing a new one. I'd still suggest Tamiyo, Field Researcher for more types, if nothing else. Ajani Unyielding could be strong for both card advantage and creature removal, but at 6 it's a bit expensive.

NothingClever on 4-Color Revoltin' Developments (AMK)

1 month ago

jubale: thanks for the feedback. This deck is definitely strange. I think you may be under-appreciating all my Revolt enablers (I really should have done a write-up on the strategy/lack thereof this deck attempts to employ):

Key to the City: is the unsung hero of this deck. It enables Spire of Industry to produce any color of mana. It makes one of my creatures or +1 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar unblockable (maximum value for a Scrapheap Scrounger which cannot block). It gives Renegade Rallier a target or puts a Scrapheap Scrounger where I can use it from the graveyard. It lets me draw a card for during my untap step which is pretty great in a deck with such a low curve (I can still play 1+ other spells most turns). I actually wish I could squeeze one more of these in the Mainboard but I can't really justify it.

Renegade Map: makes 4 colors and only 20 lands workable and makes a 1 land starting hand playable. Enables Revolt and Spire of Industry.

Terrarion: Mana-fixing. Cheap draw. Enables Revolt and Spire of Industry.

Oath of Nissa: 3 chances to get me the land/creature/planeswalker I need. Planeswalker mana-fixing. Absolutely stupid T4 Revolt enabler with one Oath of Nissa on the battlefield already: play second Oath of Nissa then cast Renegade Rallier and target Oath of Nissa in the graveyard. You get 2 instances of 3 chances to refill your hand with what you need and play a threat/blocker that Crews a T2 Heart of Kiran allowing you to swing for 4 T3. You only spent 4 mana this turn... GG if you play Tamiyo, Field Researcher next turn to -2 and tap their creatures down, -1 to Crew Heart of Kiran and swing for 7. If you hit your land drops each turn you still have 1 mana available to play any of 18 1-cost cards in the deck and your hand is probably still half full of threats and shenanigans.

Unbridled Growth: Enables Revolt. Mana-fixing. Great draw. Great target for Renegade Rallier.

The above cards allow this deck to start with only a single land: Forest or other -producing land in an opening hand and perform well. They make turns potentially really busy (lots of draw and looking at the top x cards of your deck) and productive (casting 2+ spells a turn is pretty common). They also enable consistency: Oath of Nissa and Glint-Nest Crane provide 8 ways to get Scrapheap Scrounger for example.

Overall I am trying to out-value an opponent consistently throughout the game with draw/card-filtering/recursion/cheap, large threats and then punch through a bunch of damage mid to late game using Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Heart of Kiran or any of my 3/2 creatures after either making them unblockable with Key to the City or tapping down creatures with Tamiyo, Field Researcher (who also lets me refill my hand). The majority of cards serve multiple purposes and have synergy with one another on the battlefield or in the graveyard and my creatures dying isn't really a big deal (because I can get more and play them for cheap).

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