Tamiyo, Field Researcher


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Mythic Rare

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Tamiyo, Field Researcher

Planeswalker — Tamiyo

+1: Choose up to two target creatures. Until your next turn, whenever either of those creatures deals combat damage, you draw a card.

-2: Tap up to two nonland creatures. They don't untap during their controller's next untap step.

-7: Draw three cards.You get an emblem with "You may cast nonland cards from your hand without paying their mana costs."

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Tamiyo, Field Researcher Discussion

Alleck on It's just friendly banter

2 days ago

Ahhhh Bant, how I love thee. If you like a little spice, and enjoy Plainswalkers Tamiyo, Field Researcher is a fun advantage engine to play around with. If you are wanting a bit more disruption, Spell Queller wouldn't be a bad include. He slots fairly well into most Bant builds. Collected Company may be something worth trying as well. Though; you would probably want more creatures under the 3 CMC threshold.

multimedia on Energy Elves (AKH)

2 days ago

CoreGon, these are the very early stages of the newest version. Black may be added back in :) Energy alone can just about support the fourth color of black, but I'm finding consistency issues. I'm in the process of trying to make the fourth color work better using Four-Color Saheeli as a template, that deck is four colors and relies on energy and it's using both Attune with Aether and Oath of Nissa to get and find the lands it needs. I'm mimicking this with a version of Dark Bant.

You're right using the fourth color will make it easier to max out on converge, five colors for both Skyrider Elf and Woodland Wanderer, but we still have to worry about consistency of the manabase which three color Bant is much better at. Bant is better mana consistency while still giving us the ability to converage Skyrider and Wanderer, maybe not with five colors as easily, but four yes.

Here's my new idea for Dark Bant, using Four-Color Saheeli as a template. Here's the list so far:

This leaves room for 9x more cards, some combination of Rishkar, Peema Renegade, Verdurous Gearhulk, Tireless Tracker, Fatal Push and Tamiyo, Field Researcher. This is too many different cards something is going to be left out, but I'm not sure what yet.

It's also possible that we only splash black as a fourth color to better converge and just play a Swamp which Attune can get or Oath can find.

multimedia on Energy Elves (AKH)

3 days ago

Thanks a lot CoreGon.

I've decided to cut black and Fatal Push. The four color Dark Bant manabase was ok, but I'm finding just straight Bant to be much more consistent and honestly better. Immolating Glare and Blessed Alliance will most likely become the cheap mana instant removal spells of choice in the future.

I still don't know if cutting black and Winding Constrictor is the right move. The Snake has real potential with Rhonas the Indomitable, but I'm afraid of the -1/-1 counters theme that's in Amonkhet. Turn 2 Snake, turn 3 Rishkar, Peema Renegade, turn 4 Rhonas seems nuts. We'll have to see if later on if it's safe to play Constrictor.

I've been very impressed with Tamiyo, Field Researcher with Rhonas the Indomitable. She doesn't really have a home in Standard because Bant isn't a deck maybe this deck can change that? Cast Out is just as advertised, it's great, auto 4 of in my opinion because of the cheap cycling. Another card I've recently added is Scattered Groves. I've increased the land count to 23x from the usual 20x to play it. I'm starting with using only 4x cycle lands, I feel this is a good starting point number because they do come into play tapped after all and can possibly disrupt my first four turns of casting spells. It's nice to be able to use a land to draw a card after I have six lands in play for Sylvan Advocate and don't really need anymore. I've also had some turn threes where I've cycled both Cast and Grove at the end of my opponent's turn to draw two cards which helped me draw into a better turn four play. Having these options is nice.

You all know my fondness toward Skyrider Elf and I think Rhonas makes Skyrider even better which I'm pretty excited about.

dotytron on Angelic Devotion

3 days ago

i would suggest a few more planeswalkers personally i like Tamiyo, Field Researcher and Venser, the Sojourner or any of the sorins for this list

dryadson on Bant Spirits

4 days ago

How do you feel about Tamiyo, Field Researcher?

pax.wellington on Oath of Walkers

1 week ago


Haha I do the same thing. Got another 4-c Tamiyo, Field Researcher deck on private until ready.

Yeah I guess is hard if it's the splashed colour. But the mana in Standard is so good you'll find a way :)

Link me when it's ready!

Zerraphon on Derevi Enchantress Control

1 week ago

Love the deck! I do have a question though, Have you ever thought about runing the Elspeth, Knight-Errant and/or Tamiyo, Field Researcher? Im looking to make a Bant enchantress deck with Jenara, Asura of War

C4rnif3X on Dredgar

1 week ago

Hey man, i'm looking for the MM15 version of Remand for the artwork.. For the Caves of Koilos, i'm looking for the Magic Origins set for my matching playset. So i'll pass on Remand and Cave if it isn't origins.

Definitely interested in Dovin Baan, Tamiyo, Field Researcher, Sorin, Grim Nemesis, Sol Ring, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, and the Foil MM Path.

I was away from the site for a while, but I saw you wanted a Sheoldred too.. I have the promo version if you still need her, or want that version. I'm using the regular version for a deck.

i'm not a price whore, we can use the prices laid out here if you want? Let me know what you're interested in from me for those cards you have.

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