Erebos, God of the Dead

Legendary Enchantment Creature — God

As long as your devotion to black is less than five, Erebos isn't a creature. (Each in the mana costs of permanents you control counts toward your devotion to black.)

Your opponents can't gain life.

, Pay 2 life: Draw a card.

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Erebos, God of the Dead Discussion

foxboy93 on Alesha's Value Soylent Combo Meal

2 days ago

A couple things to note:

At your own post:"Card draw is available, but it usually costs life payments, being primarily from black.", there ARE cards that don't require life exchange to get value, such as:

Mentor of the Meek - Card draw engine with Alesha with most of your creatures.

Faithless Looting - While your deck is not using the graveyard for reanimation, Faithless Looting can get past certain mana costs

Cathartic Reunion and Tormenting Voice - Same thing with Looting, but pitching an extra card you dont need can really get you some good cards.Solemn Simulacrum - Ramp and card draw on death. Personally, better than Filigree Familiar IMO

"As with all non-blue wedges, you have little ability to interact with the stack, outside of oddities like Mana Tithe, Dash Hopes, and Lapse of Certainty."

While you are correct, in a blue heavy meta you can run Pyroblast and Red Elemental Blast that counter specifically blue spells. You can also use Reverberate like effects if you are in a counter heavy meta.

Other note worthy cards I don't see in the deck:

Solemn Simulacrum - Ramp and card draw, personally better than Familiar.

Burnished Hart - Gets you two lands, directly into play, much needed ramping.

Anger - While there aren't creatures you are super apt to attack with, Anger is a must IMO

Hope of Ghirapur - Seems like a REALLY fun card to play with, shutting down decks that 'storm' or like said things. Or win through Aetherflux Reservoir.

Tainted Remedy/Erebos, God of the Dead - With decks like Oloro or Karlov for example, both of these cards turns that life gain into life loss.

Kambal, Consul of Allocation - Meta dependent and back to the 'stack', Kambal can likely net you some serious life gain if crap goes south.

vandizzlebus on Daxos' Revenge

6 days ago

k_larriv Very interesting list and I think it looks really good.

Ill admit Im a little jealous you found a Serra's Sanctum, which should be wonderful in a deck like this.

As far as the maybe lands you have, Id forego all but Cabal Coffers. I agree that Scrubland and Marsh Flats are pricey for the fixing they provide like its a near insignificant improvement in the land base for the price of all the lands already in the deck all put together (unless, of course, your meta is super cut-throat competitive, which doesnt sound like much fun to me)!I highly recommend Cabal Coffers, although it would work best if you increased your swamp count or indeed picked up Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. In fact, if you add Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and a couple more swamps, that should take pretty good care of your mana fixing right there without considering the (other) expensive duals and fetches since Urborg will make all your lands tap for black mana. Paired with Cabal Coffers and you can see where your mana can accumulate rather quickly without duals and fetches. I might go as far to say that the Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth - Cabal Coffers combo is more effective and consistent at generating mana in a deck like this than Serras Sanctum would be because they rely on your lands, which are less prone to removal than your enchantments throughout the game (unless your meta is running mass land removal). Of course, this only applies if you actually manage to get these lands into play, and for that I suggest the incredible Expedition Map. Expedition Map is a great artifact in that for 3 generic mana you may search for a land . . . any land! This includes Cabal Coffers, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Serra's Sanctum, or even Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. This effect can easily replace a mana rock, as essentially fetching for any land can be much more powerful than almost any mana rock. For example, you have Commander's Sphere, which is the same cmc as Expedition Maps total effect (1 cmc plus 2 to sac it), but the sphere can eventually be removed easier because it has to hang around for a couple turns before you get even with the amount of mana you used to cast it. Yes, it cantrips on the fly if targeted for removal, but the draw can be anything from another card that produces only a single mana to a high cmc card that you cant even play for a while (because, ironically, youre getting mana screwed) or a great card that you didnt want to draw at that time. Expedition Map, however, cantrips itself into any land you feel will help you out the most at that time. Have a bunch of enchantments out, but only a couple swamps? Use it to get Serra's Sanctum! Just got wiped of your enchantments and have a handful of swamps out? Get Cabal Coffers! Already have Cabal Coffers out? Get Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth! You notice your devotion to white is currently greater than your number of enchantments out? Grab out Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx with Expedition Map! With so many high utility lands, especially if you add Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Cabal Coffers, the Map is a great tutor for them, and can replace a mana rock.

Regarding Eiganjo Castle: its great to keep Daxos alive . . . if he were only taking 2 damage at a time since you have to tap the land for the ability, but if he were taking 4+ damage, then not so good. At least in my meta, Im more likely being swung at, and would like to block or prevent damage, of power 5+ (this is EDH afterall). The 2s and 3s swinging at me I would usually let in if I have no other blocker other than Daxos since I obviously dont want to trade my commander, and with enough life-gain effects from lifelink abilities and extort, this may end up being okay (et al your Campaign of Vengeance, Death Grasp, Fumigate, Underworld Coinsmith, etc., and Authority of the Consuls and Blind Obedience from your maybeboard). A better effect would be to prevent the higher damage amounts, which, if Daxos is not already enchanted for indestructibility, can be done via other enchantments! Righteous Aura (already on your maybeboard) is a cheap (cmc and $) aura enchantment that allows you to repeatedly pay one white mana and 2 life to prevent all damage a targeted source would deal to you this turn. Not great when 1/1s and 2/2s are swinging at you (again, see the life-gain balance above), but great for a small handful of 4/4s+ - even if those creatures attacking you have trample and lifelink the Righteous Aura will protect you for a mere investment of a white mana an 2 life. Better to pay 6 life and 3 mana than lose 10-12 life from a couple 6/6 tramplers (or worse still, 5-6+ commander damage!). Possibly even better for Daxos specifically is Gossamer Chains. A nifty 2 white mana enchantment with the ability to return it to your hand to prevent all combat damage from any single unblocked creature. Someone attacking you with his or her green fatty? Assign no blockers and just before the damage step, return Gossamer Chains to your hand and prevent it all which you can then recast from your hand on your turn for another experience counter from Daxos! Of course, its a single use until you can recast it, whereas Righteous Aura can be used multiple times while its out, but for late game when its down to you and one other player, or a three player game where one player isnt casting much fatty creatures, it could really shine and rack up your exp counters. Like any similar prevent damage effect, it can also outright prevent an opponent from attacking you if he or she knows the damage wont get through anyway, and it would even net you another exp counter for which the attacker does not want to be responsible for, so he or she may end up attacking your opponents instead until the Chains can be removed. I notice you have Pariah on your maybeboard, which would have a similar effect for you if you enchanted your own indestructible creature or creature with protection from combat damage (et al your Heliod, God of the Sun and Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts), but then Pariah is highly susceptible to being 2-for-1d if the creature it enchants is still removed somehow, plus Pariah is usually used on an opponents creature to play that opponent into using removal on it instead of on your other enchatments.

Other observations:

-I notice youre running Grave Peril over Seal of Doom. Grave Peril is 1 cmc less, but at 3 cmc for Seal of Doom (1 generic mana at that, but Sun Titan can still recur either), it shouldnt be terribly difficult to cast, plus you can trigger Seal of Doom whenever you would like instead of relying on Grave Peril mandatorily (not optional according to Oracle) sacing itself when any other non-black creature ETBs. You must sac Grave Peril to destroy any other non-black creature, which I understand may prevent opponents from casting certain creatures while it is out, but only temporarily until they find a way to remove it or cast a martyr creature that he or she is willing to be destroyed (or worse yet, just trip it with a 1/1 token) to then cast other non-black creatures. In fact, Grave Peril auto-triggers on any of your own 7 white creatures in your deck, so you wouldnt be able to cast those either white it is out unless you remove Grave Peril or allow your creature to be destroyed. Seal of Doom on the other hand, like Seal of Cleansing that you have, allows you to cast and choose when to sac it to destroy any targeted non-black creature.

-I notice youre running Pacifism over Prison Term. Pacifism, like Grave Peril, is 1 cmc less than the alternative Prison Term (1 white mana, but Sun Titan can still recur either one), but for the one extra white mana investment, the enchanted creature also cannot activate its abilities (Breya and Atraxa, anyone?). Better still, whenever another creature ETBs, you may move Prison Term to that creature, so you can move the Prison Term around the board as new creature threats emerge from multiple players. It can even be used as a political bargaining chip in the political atmosphere of EDH. You can play it on PlayerAs creature for example, but then PlayerB casts a big fatty that PlayerA knows is going to attack him or her. PlayerA can bargain with you to move your Prison Term to PlayerBs creature in exchange for not attacking you or targeting you with PlayerAs creature. Now youve effectively Pacified 2 creatures from attacking you! I thought there was a Pacifism-type enchantment that could also be returned to a players hand (to recast for Daxos exp counters), but I cant think of the name off the top of my head ATM.

-I notice youre running Succumb to Temptation over Read the Bones. I admit, Succumb to Temptation is rather . . . tempting (couldnt help it), but for the same 3 cmc (without the double-black mana even) you can effectively dig 4 cards deep with Read the Bones. For example, Temptation draws you 2 cards. Thats it. You draw whatever 2 cards were sitting on the top of your library at that moment. However, with Bones, you get to scry 2 first before you draw 2. You dont like the 2 cards you just scryd? No problem, slip them to the bottom of your library instead and take your chances on the next 2 cards, which means youve now effectively dug 4 cards deep into your library looking for that answer. Granted, Temptation is at instant speed whereas Bones is sorcery, but I think the scry ability essentially letting you look at the top 2 cards before choosing to draw them is more powerful than drawing at instant speed when you have other draw engines in the deck (et al your Underworld Connections and Erebos, God of the Dead if you choose to add him too from your maybe board). Plus, Bones is on flavor point for being from Theros block where Daxos originally hails.

A couple other cool cards I can suggest include:

-Dauthi Embrace: a 3cmc enchantment (Sun Titan range!) that can give a target creature shadow until end of turn for 2 black mana. With shadow, your creatures (most likely your Daxos enchantment tokens) can only be blocked (and can only block) other creatures with shadow. Tell me the last time you saw a shadow creature stomping around in EDH? So, this effectively makes your tokens unblockable given enough black mana, which shouldnt be terribly difficult mid- to late-game if youve used Expedition Map to pull up your Cabal Coffers and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth!

-Equipoise: Although I havent used this enchantment myself, it seems fairly spicy! Again, that sweet 3cmc Sun Titan range. It basically makes it so that a target player doesnt have more resources than you during your turn by phasing out any amount of each permanent type that the player controls greater than the amount of perms you control. Phasing out basically removes the permanents (and any attached auras or artifacts) from the game like they were never there important to note that the permanents are not exiled, so ETB triggers do not trigger upon their return and all attached auras/equips also return just the same. Best part is that you get to choose which perms phase out for your turn, so you can choose the untapped creatures, untapped lands, etc, to prevent combat clocks or counters/other instants being played from that player on your turn. If you play this card, let me know how it goes because Im interested in its effects.

-Argivian Find is worth a note if you manage to lose Sun Titan and really need to get back that Seal of Cleansing or Seal of Doom, etc. A 1 white mana instant-speed recursion of any enchantment or artifact is always good utility. Bonus points if you return Expedition Map to fetch up Cabal Coffers after youve just used the Map to get Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth!!

SaSSolino8 on But what if Obliterator is not kill?

1 week ago

The land is there mostly because "why not?", and with all that devotion Erebos, God of the Dead is a 4-mana huge indestrucrible creature that can draw me cards, I honestly couldn't care less about lifegain.

I don't think I need 2 Hero's Downfalls as I already have ton of removal and 4 copies of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx are too much as it's legendary.

I appreciate the input, but I'm not all that into those suggestions.

What4joke on But what if Obliterator is not kill?

1 week ago

The inclusion of only a single copy of Shizo, Death's Storehouse seems a little pointless, since you only have one legend. I would say either boost the number of legends and Shizos or replace it with another Shrine to Nyx. Then I would also add that I don't like the inclusion of Erebos, God of the Dead, unless you are really concerned with lifegain opponents, which I wouldn't be with so much creature control in the deck. They can only gain so much life with an empty board and you rolling them with Obliterator. You're also creature heavy. So you can take out the Gods and fit in two of those Hero's Downfall's which is a great instant. Or you can just run 2 more lands but that's you're prerogative.

filkinsmark on Saskia's Saga

1 week ago

Hey! Fellow Saskia lover! Just some constructive feedback, if that's cool? Eldrazi Displacer seems like a weak choice, with only so many (6) ETB effects from creatures? But I get what you're going for fasho. Vexing Shusher is a cool card, and easy to play with the half/half mana, but definitely a better sideboard choice than mainboard to me. Personally, I LOVE the Theros god cards. But Erebos, God of the Dead is definitely a better sideboard choice against a lifelike crazy deck, since you're never going to get his devotion high enough. The same could be said about Nylea, God of the Hunt- especially since you could just play Archetype of Aggression instead?Heliod, God of the Sun's Vigilance, Iroas, God of Victory's abilities, and Xenagos, God of Revels's combat tricks are all worthwhile even if they aren't creatures. But if that's the route you're going, Athreos, God of Passage would be worth consideration.

I have two Saskia decks if you wanna leave me some feedback too, or get some ideas, Warrior TribalUnstoppable Warrior Tribal Input Welcome! and Human Tribal United and Unyielding Deck

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Kaervek Punishes Their Excess

1 week ago

Dictate of the Twin Gods is a powerful sidegrade to Furnace of Rath; flashing it in at the right time could win you the game, cating your opponent at a disadvantage.

Phyrexian Arena ought to be included for extra card advantage. There aren't too many ways for Rakdos colors to draw extra cards, plus it goes with the enchantment subtheme.

Too many lands: Polluted Bonds, Manabarbs, Zo-Zu the Punisher, Ankh of MishraToo many creatures: Mogis, God of Slaughter, Decree of Pain, Archfiend of DepravityToo much card draw: Underworld Dreams, Sire Of InsanityToo much lifegain: Tree of Perdition, Tainted Remedy, Erebos, God of the Dead, Sulfuric VortexToo much tutoring: Ob Nixilis, Unshackled, Stranglehold

Vandalblast is probably worth mainboarding; very few EDH decks don't utilize powerful artifacts, or at least tons of mana rocks.

Hi_1m_R0b3rt on Daxos

1 week ago

Doomwake Giant would be great for an orzhov enchantment deck. Extinguish All Hope board wipe that will keep your enchantments. Erebos, God of the Dead and Phyrexian Arena for card draw, Sun Titan gets back enchantments that have been killed and has good value. Academy Rector cheap creature to get out and kill and tutors for an enchantment and puts it directly into play. Return to Dust great enchant/ artifact removal. Replenish is an open the vaults just for you. Luminarch Ascension can make you a target but if you are pillowforting you can make alot of angels quick. Greater Auramancy gives your enchants shroud so they cant be killed by targeted removal.Land Tax probably the best white psuedo mana ramp. and if you really want to be degenerate you could always play the instant win combo of Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood

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