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Drowned Catacomb


Drowned Catacomb enters the battlefield tapped unless you control an Island or a Swamp.

Tap: Add {{U}} or {{B}} to your mana pool.

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Drowned Catacomb Discussion

MajdyBrungus on Queen's Mighty Servants

1 hour ago

Ok, so after trying to budget as much as I can to be able to use this, I've changed a decent bit, and I really want to hear what you think! Here's what I replaced to make the deck a bit cheaper, these cards also consisted of what I actually have and of what I thought would be good:

Breeding Pool -->Hinterland Harbor Godless Shrine -->Isolated Chapel Overgrown Tomb -->Woodland Cemetery Steam Vents -->Sulfur Falls Stomping Ground -->Rootbound Crag Temple Garden -->Sunpetal Grove Watery Grave -->Drowned Catacomb Blood Crypt -->Sulfurous Springs Hallowed Fountain -->Seachrome Coast Supreme Verdict -->Martial Coup Kodama's Reach -->Rampant Growth Cultivate -->Peregrination Detention Sphere -->Oblivion Ring Thrummingbird -->Viral Drake Nevinyrral's Disk -->Fracturing Gust

Did I do okay? As I said, I wanted to make this cheaper while considering what you were going for on each card. I will eventually replace them accordingly depending on what you say, but yeah! There ya go.

ModernZombie on Please Do Not Feed The Grimgrin

2 days ago

Sorry nosoyyucateco, but I decided to not go with the Dictate of Erebos , despite of how awesome a card it is. However, I've made a few changes and I think this deck is really staring to get dialled in. With Call to the Kindred and Endless Ranks of the Dead working together, things get out of hand really quickly. Also, I found Bone Splinters is a really fantastic removal spell when I have so many exposable tokens. Also, Telling Time is a very similar, and much cheaper, option instead of Serum Visions . Finally, I'm currently waiting on a play set of Drowned Catacomb in the mail so I'll finally have some decent land. Thanks for the help as I'm still trying to make this deck as much of a beast as I can!

HeroFallenVillain on Best Modern Mill: Ashiok's Grinding Blitz

6 days ago

@alexk100 - you have some great points but let me explain :P

Halimar Depths is a great card but it enters tapped and isn't an island or a swamp (note that Watery Grave is both an island and a swamp). Meaning you couldn't fetch for it and it simply doesn't do what I need the lands to do. Since the biggest combo in this deck is Hedron Crab , the lands are all based off him (except for Ghost Quarter for Archive Trap ) so I don't want to hinder his usage by thinning out the lands that work with him.

Drowned Catacomb is a similar situation as above. It's not a swamp or island. In a different deck, I'd swap it for Darkslick Shores but DS is better for an early start, which is more important here.

Extirpate is a great card. It has been in and out of this deck. I eventually decided to stick to Surgical Extraction as it can be cast without mana. I had back up Extirpate in SB but removed it in favor of the "trap system".

Dream Twist is also a good card, but simply isn't what I need here.

all in all, good suggestions though.

@giesemo - Why thank you. I'm glad I could inspire others what has been inspired in myself. I love milling. I'm glad they found a place for it in magic. Good luck with your deck

Robotoken on Sharuum the Hegemon

1 week ago

You could always improve the land base. The check lands such as Glacial Fortress , Drowned Catacomb and Isolated Chapel as well as the artifact lands Ancient Den , Seat of the Synod and Vault of Whispers which can be put into play by Tezzeret the Seeker . Magister Sphinx , Solemn Simulacrum and Sphinx Summoner are also great additions for any Sharuum deck.

alexk100 on Best Modern Mill: Ashiok's Grinding Blitz

1 week ago

I would suggest swapping out some lands for Halimar Depths It is a very powerful land. Or instead of shock lands use Drowned Catacomb , You can also use Extirpate if you are worried about a counter deck. Dream Twist Is also an amazing mill card thats an instant mill.

Fireball557 on Mill of the Dead

1 week ago

Hey there GPaps22! you have a good idea going on, but if you want to make it modern competitive and a little faster add some Glimpse the Unthinkable . it's like Breaking but a bit better. go ahead and make Mind Funeral 4 as well. A great creature to add is Nemesis of Reason . AEtherspouts is kind of expensive when you need to get rid of an opponent's creatures. try Cyclonic Rift which can get rid of one creature or more, though it is a seven to activate that ability. Since Lich Lord of Unx is a 3 drop and not a Legendary, go ahead and put in 4. if you put in Ghost Quarter , you can Archive Trap them for 0, which can be invaluable. If you're going to have Endless Ranks of the Dead you might want 1 more. In Modern, land is very important, you might want to up your Watery Grave 's to 4, and add some Marsh Flats , or Drowned Catacomb . Also, 23 land is the perfect amount for standard, but if you can keep your average CMC's around 2 or 3, with very few 4 or 5 drops,drop it down to 20. I realize these tips make your deck a bit more expensive, but are well worth it, i assure you!

Epochalyptik on Have you noticed the pattern ...

1 week ago

To comment on your fetchland idea, though, I'll reiterate that land rarity is strongly tied to the efficiency of those lands in providing color fixing.

Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse are printed at common because they only find basic lands and don't give immediate access to those colors.

Highland Weald and Akoum Refuge are printed at uncommon because they produce multiple colors of mana by themselves but don't give immediate access to those colors. Akoum Refuge provides a slight benefit in order to help offset the loss of tempo.

Drowned Catacomb and Steam Vents are printed at rare because they produce multiple colors of mana by themselves and can give immediate access to those colors. They aren't guaranteed to immediately provide mana in all situations, but that's a reflection of design philosophy (which had to change after WOTC realized how powerful the ABUR duals were).

Scalding Tarn and Wooded Foothills are also printed at rare because they can give immediate access to other lands, including dual lands. Krosan Verge and Bad River represent attempts at uncommon fetches, and they can "afford" (to use your word) to be uncommon because they have drawbacks that prevent them from being immediately useful. Both enter the battlefield tapped. Bad River fetches one land untapped, and Krosan Verge fetches two lands tapped.

We have no direct precedent for single-BLT fetches, so we have to use a combination of other precedents.

First, your proposed fetch finds one land that has the requisite BLT. Both the fetch land and the BLT land enter the battlefield untapped. The cost to activate the fetch ability is the same as the cost to activate the ability of Arid Mesa and the other rare fetches.

Thinking back to Evolving Wilds , we see that common fetches provide access to basic lands that enter the battlefield tapped. Your proposed land has neither of those limitations.

Thinking back to Bad River , we see that uncommon fetches can provide access to nonbasic lands with BLTs, but they have to have some kind of drawback that limits their tempo.

Now, your proposed land could only be used to find lands with a single BLT rather than lands with one of two BLTs, but the fetch and the other land both enter untapped, and there are no real downsides to the fetch land and its ability.

I'd be inclined to say that this kind of land would need to be printed at rare based on the existing precedents, but the Limited environment would need to factor into the decision somehow. Part of the problem with the "what rarity would X be?" questions is the lack of context for the answer. Given that rarity is a tool for shaping the Limited experience, it's very hard to properly answer that question without having any information about what that experience could be.

scrotality on They see me infectin', they hatin'

1 week ago

Hah! Nice. For lands, I could list them out, but I use most of them in my dimir deck: Meta Puncher. I recently replaced 2x Darkslick Shores for 2x Drowned Catacomb . Seems to work better. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$1.35 $2.36 $4.0 $4.25
Color(s) B, U
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 5.54
Avg. cube pick 9.88


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Magic 2013 Rare
2012 Core Set Rare
2011 Core Set Rare
2010 Core Set Rare