Drowned Catacomb

Drowned Catacomb


Drowned Catacomb enters the battlefield tapped unless you control an Island or a Swamp.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Drowned Catacomb Discussion

ChiefBell on Tri-Color Budget Deck

1 day ago

The problem is that you cant do aggro, combo, and control all at the same time.

  • Aggro decks want to win as quickly as possible. They might use cards like Goblin Guide.

  • Control wants to slow down the game and prevent the opponent from doing things. They might use cards like Mana Leak.

  • Combo wants to instantly win through things like Splinter Twin enchanted on a Deceiver Exarch for infinite creatures.

You cant really mix aggro and control because an aggro deck wants to only play cards that enable it to win as quickly as possible, whereas a control deck wants to mainly disrupt what the opponent is doing. You can't really do both at the same time.

Nonbasic lands are good - very good. They increase your consistency by ensuring you have the mana you need, when you need it. However, lands that come in tapped are not so good because they slow you down. Lands like Dimir Guildgate are worse than lands like Watery Grave, for example. Drowned Catacomb is good though and it's not too expensive. Look for lands like that - they come in all combinations. If you're just starting out the guildgates are fine and the lifegain lands are ok as well - but not amazing.

So the question for you really is - are you more interested in winning as quickly as possible, or stopping your opponent from winning by disrupting them.

GlistenerAgent on Rocket Science (Competitive)

1 week ago

How I would build the manabase:

4 Polluted Delta, 4 Bloodstained Mire, 1 Scalding Tarn

1 Blood Crypt, 1 Watery Grave, 1 Steam Vents, 2 Swamp, 1 Island, 1 Mountain

2 Creeping Tar Pit, 1 Oboro, Palace in the Clouds, 1 Darkslick Shores, 1 Drowned Catacomb

Basically, cut Urborg for Drowned Catacomb and Blackcleave Cliffs for Scalding Tarn. This feels more streamlined. Urborg isn't necessary, so I'd play an additional land that taps for blue. Cliffs is OK but I like another fetchland better because you do want BB into UR into UU or U into BR, etc. The deck can afford 1 fastland, but 2 is pushing it.

Not sure why you have Echoing Truth maindeck. What are you trying to bounce that you couldn't deal with normally? Murderous Cut should be Go for the Throat IMO because you've got a bunch of stress on the bin already.

I don't think you should be playing both Liliana of the Veil and Snapcaster Mage. Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip is better alongside Liliana, or you could cut Liliana and play something else.

Your sideboard seems really all over the place. Why do you have a Languish? I understand leaving your X/5s alive, but your opponent can and will have Goyfs and their own Tasigurs and will kill your guys too. Damnation is just more consistent. Rakdos Charm is poor; there are better disruptive spells, and you could play the third Kommand here. Having a Fish in the board is weird, but eh. Spreading Seas should (probably) be Fulminator Mage. I remember you saying that it's good against Burn, but I'd rather play a better anti-Burn card or just play the card that actually works vs. big mana decks.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Infa-mill (Goal)

1 week ago

I have a couple of thoughts on this, mostly regarding the sideboard.

For the mainboard, go up to 4 Serum Visions because you're a combo deck. You need to dig for combo pieces.

I'd change up the mana base a bit because you're in 2 colors. 3 Watery Grave seems like a lot; 2 should be enough. I'd increase to 4 Darkslick Shores and maybe add some Drowned Catacomb. The biggest change I would make is the addition of some utility lands. Ghost Quarter should be a 2-of, and a 1-of Academy Ruins is almost mandatory because you can recycle your mindcranks if they get killed.

I don't know about Lili in here. You are a combo deck, not a fair deck, so against things like Tron there should be no late game. I can't think of any good use for it.

Gitaxian Probe is good free draw, but it feels less important than things like Serum Visions or Remand.

Aether Vial seems awesome in here. I love the inclusion.

Okay, sideboard time. Against combo you're better off with counters than Extirpate, because all it really hoses is Living End (kinda) Goryo's Vengeance, and Podless Pod.

Dismember is a better mainboard include than sideboard. I'd run 2 main if you have room, and then 1 more side. Or 1 main and 2 side if you can't find room main.

I'd cut back to 1 Torpor Orb, and opt for more variety.

I'd add 2 Spreading Seas to the sideboard. It stalls against land-intensive decks, such as tron, burn, BGx, infect, and many more. It's also a cantrip, so it helps you stall and dig for more cards.

I'd add 1-2 more Remand to the sideboard. Awesome card in a combo deck, especially vs other combo decks.

My favorite counterspells to include in the sideboard are 1 more Pact of Negation, 1-2 Dispel, 1 Negate, and 1-2 Mana Leak. I'd run 3-4 total sideboard not including the remands. They help vs the fast decks to buy some time and they can stop the combo decks, which is all you need.

Again, I'd cut the Lili. Doesn't belong.

Good luck! Awesome deck!

Pheardemons on Mill

1 week ago

A lot of the cards in your deck are going to be too slow for the competitive setting. Traumatize, Keening Stone, and Jace, Memory Adept. Most modern competitive decks can combo off before you can even cast one of these. After I name a bunch of cards for you I'll give you a list that I've been working on for a modern mill as well.

1) First thing's first. Mana Base. For modern Fetchlands are almost a necessity to make sure you get the colors you need. Being that you only have 2 colors is a good start to get into competitive as you don't need as many high costing fetchlands or shocklands. Polluted Delta, and possibly Scalding Tarn or Flooded Strand are good fetchlands for the colors that you are using...Polluted Delta being the main one you need. Fetchlands are good for 1) fixing your colors as well as 2) thinning you deck so in a late game scenario you have a less likely chance of topdecking a land when you really need that last mill card to win the game. Dual colored lands you may need are going to be Watery Grave and possibly even Sunken Hollow. If you look closely at these lands you'll see that their subtype is SWAMP ISLAND. This means that they can be fetched with the fetchlands mentioned above. The draw back is the 2 life from Watery Grave to come in untapped and Sunken Hollow needs two basics. You don't always need them to come in untapped but it is always good to have the option. Most people will use fetchlands at the end of their opponents turn so they can fetch the shockland tapped and their upkeep it untaps. One last dual colored land you would want to look into would be Drowned Catacomb. This is basically a free dual colored land as every land you have except for fetchlands are considered to be Swamp or Island. The rest can be basics as Blood Moon is a serious sideboard card and could ruin you if you try to keep all non-basics.

2) Creatures. One of the FANTASTIC things about mill is that you don't need nor rely on creatures. However, there is one that is worth looking into. Hedron Crab is a creature that can mill your opponent almost for free just for playing a land. And with fetchlands that is a possible 6 cards in one turn just by playing a land. Powerful as the game goes on, but one problem is that it "turns on" your opponent's removal. What would normally be a dead card in their hand is now playable. Also he is a dead draw late game. Snapcaster Mage is an amazing card. Doesn't directly deal with mill, but he basically turns all of your counters and mills into an 8 count instead of 4 which can win the game easily.

3) Mill cards. The core of the deck. The main mill cards you would want are going to be Glimpse the Unthinkable, Tome Scour, Mind Funeral, Archive Trap, Breaking / Entering, (and recently) Sphinx's Tutelage. These are the mill cards with the lowest casting cost. Archive Trap is the most powerful because you can cast it for free when your opponent fetches for a land (which just about every deck does). You can have just about 4 of each of these and you should always be able to get enough cards to mill your opponent out.

4) Personally my take on mill is going to be the control/counter aspect. I would add in cards like Remand, Mana Leak, Spell Pierce, Dispel, Negate, Cryptic Commands, Spell Snare, and possibly even Pact of Negation.

5) You will want, and most likely need, draw power. Serum Visions is the go to for modern, but with mill you can also use Visions of Beyond. Visions of Beyond can be a little inconsistent because you would rather spend the mana on a mill spell than a one card draw. Also if a graveyard has 20 or more card it is more than likely your opponents and you'd want to mill more because you're close to winning at that point. Also Remand helps you draw cards as well.

6) Others. A pet card I believe will help in mill is Leyline of Anticipation. One major problem with mill is that they are all sorceries (except for Archive Trap) which can cause you to lose the game if you tap out on your turn. Leyline of Anticipation allows you to hold your mana on your opponents turn to either counter if they play something you don't like, or mill them at the end of their turn. Even if you don't get it in your opening hand you have the control and mana base to cast it eventually.

7) One thing about mill is, aside from counters, there really isn't much interaction with your opponent. Somewhat like burn in that aspect, you are just trying to mill your opponent no matter what they play. This can hurt against some decks. Affinity most likely can kill you before they run out of cards. Splinter Twin and/or Grixis Twin can be an exhausting counter magic fight but they also use creatures that can just ping you. Amulet Bloom there isn't much you can do about a turn 2 Primeval Titan although he does somewhat help you with the mill strategy so I guess it depends on when they finally cast him.

Without further description as I'm sure you're asleep at this point my personal list would look something like this.

Lands (21)Polluted Delta x4Flooded Strand x4Watery Grave x2Drowned Catacomb x4Swamp x2Island x5

Creatures (4)Snapcaster Mage x4

Mill Spells (20)Glimpse the Unthinkable x4Tome Scour x4Archive Trap x4Breaking / Entering x4Mind Funeral x2Sphinx's Tutelage x2

Draw Power (4)Serum Visions x4

Counter Spells (11)Remand x4Mana Leak x3Spell Snare x2Cryptic Command x2

There are definite tweaks that can make this list more powerful but this is probably where you'd want to start as far as competitive goes. Some of these cards are expensive so you can definitely make budget cuts where you need. Hedron Crab instead of Snapcaster Mage. Maybe not as many fetches if you can't afford them. Glimpse the Unthinkable is up there but there are possible other mill cards that can get you started. Heres a link to the deck I'm in the making of for mill (similar to the list I've given you above) if you want to check it out. I'll eventually put the breakdown of cards on there. Oh I'm sorry, did you need that?

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Forget me not

1 week ago

What it looks like you're trying to do here is a deck called 8-rack. It's a discard control deck. You win by making your opponent discard everything as fast as possible, then you kill them with The Rack and Shrieking Affliction. Both of those kill much faster than caress and megrim when you don't have archivist.

Traditionally, 8-rack is mono-black, but it can probably be made in dimir colors because I like dimir. If you want to play a slower controlling game with plenty of discard, but counterspells as well, I think that'd be pretty cool.

Jace's Archivist + Liliana's Caress is a neat combo, so let's build more for that than pure mass-discard. Waste Not could also see play in here because it serves to make creatures to win with, ramp into more discard, and card advantage.

Dependent on your budget, a list could look something like the following:

4 Liliana of the Veil

4 Jace's Archivist

4 Thoughtseize

4 Inquisition of Kozilek

4 Smallpox

2 Raven's Crime

4 Remand

4 Liliana's Caress

4 Megrim

2 Waste Not

2 Wistful Thinking

4 Darkslick Shores

4 Drowned Catacomb

3 Creeping Tar Pit

4 Polluted Delta

2 Watery Grave

2 Island

3 Swamp

That decklist is expensive, and not super competitive yet, but it'll be a very good start. Good luck!

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Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Magic 2013 Rare
2012 Core Set Rare
2011 Core Set Rare
2010 Core Set Rare

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