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Drowned Catacomb


Drowned Catacomb enters the battlefield tapped unless you control an Island or a Swamp.

Tap: Add {{U}} or {{B}} to your mana pool.

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Drowned Catacomb Discussion

KingSorin on Stolen Secrets

9 hours ago

First of all, unfortunately, Psychosis Crawler and Curiosity don't work. Curiosity only triggers on damage, and not "loss of life". Damage causes loss of life, but loss of life is not necessarily damage (and in this case, it isn't). Side Note: A similar interaction that does work is Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind and Curiosity , as niv specifies "damage". Back to the deck. I can see right now that you have lots of 1-ofs and 2-ofs. I'm not sure if this is because these are the only cards that you own, or if you're just not sure what's good and what's not, but having fewer than 4 copies of cards generally leads to inconsistencies. Lots of the cards are very redundant in what they do, so by including less copies you're not making your deck more flexible either. You should probably stick to more copies of the best cards for each role, and cut down on others. For example: Phantom Warrior is a 2/2 unblockable and Latch Seeker is a 3/1. You're probably not going to be doing much blocking, so the 3/1 is probably better for the situation (even when blocking they're still about the same. I'd say cut 2 warriors and add 2 more seekers. I think Ghostform is a bit weak. It costs 2 mana, loses you a card, and makes it so a couple of your dudes (lots of whom are already unblockable) unable to be blocked this turn. Hidden Strings in essence can do that, by tapping down 2 dudes, but also serves other purposes, such as giving pseudo-vigilance to your creatures, and it can also be ciphered. All in all it's a superior card, so I'd cut the 2 Ghostform for 2 more strings. Murder is also quite clunky. The problem with it is i costs 3 mana, and 2 of it are black. You only have 13 black sources, so often you won't be able to even cast it. There are plenty of cheaper (mana) alternatives, which sacrifice a little bit of flexibility for much greater efficiency. Go for the Throat , Doom Blade , Dismember and Agony Warp are a few examples. Last Thoughts costs 3 more mana than Curiosity for the minor bonus of drawing 1 when cast. Curiosity is much more efficient, so I'd cut the 2 thoughts for 2 more Curiosity s. Whispering Madness gives both players cards equal to the highest amount of either player's discards. This means whichever player has less cards beforehand will get the most out of it. Your deck is most likely to be that person, so this card will often benefit your opponent more than you. I'd cut it. Deathcult Rogue and Neurok Invisimancer are both a little weak in my opinion. Invisimancer only gives the bonus for a turn, and most of your creatures are already unblockable. I'd personally cut these 2 for cheaper evasive creatures like Triton Shorethief and more Invisible Stalker s (they're so broken). Scroll Thief and Stealer of Secrets are about as good as each other in fulfilling the required role, however luckily for you, you don't have to choose which one is better. Dimir Cutpurse outclasses both of them so you could probably run just 4 of him. Way of the Thief is also clunky, and it also leaves you very vulnerable to removal. One of the main problems with decks that rely on auras are that they lose lots of card advantage if the opponent uses 1 card to in essence kill 2 of yours. I'd swap these for some equipment. I can see that you're on a budget, so I won't recommend Sword of Fire and Ice or any of the other 4, but if you can get your hands on that one in particular, it'd be very good to add. Sword of Vengeance gives a similar effect to Way of the Thief , for 1 more mana, but sticks around to help your other guys later. +2/+0 first strike means your opponent won't want to block, as they'll most likely die, the trample means you'll probably get draw triggers even if they do block, and vigilance lets your guy hang back to stop attacks. If you're not sold on this, there is another solution which is an aura. Way of the Thief costs 4 mana to do something Spectral Flight does for 2. Sure, unblockable can be considered better than flying, but Spectral Flight is 2 mana less and doesn't need any of this gate nonsense. Call of the Nightwing costs 4 mana to get you a token when cast, and 1 more each time a creature connects. Bitterblossom is stupidly expensive, but does a very similar job for 2 mana less, but seeing as this is budget, I'd say Bloodline Keeper  Flip can get you a 2/2 each turn, and is a 3/3 himself. If you can get more Watery Grave s, any Drowned Catacomb , Creeping Tar Pit s etc. then you should add them, but some duals are expensive, and they aren't really needed (good to have though.) This may seem like lots of changes to the deck, but all I'm doing (or at least trying to do), is make the deck more consistent and add in more of the cards that are just a bit better at their job than the others. This deck feels like it could be very fun, but you just need to optimise all of the parts.

Magiclover318 on Krayhaft

19 hours ago

Hey Krayhaft I have a trade proposal :D

I am interested in the following:

1x Darkslick Shores -$5.64

1x Snapcaster Mage -$33.99

1x Sol Ring -$4.49

1x Chromatic Lantern -$4.04

1x Rhystic Study -$2.66

1x Drowned Catacomb F-$4.49

1x Stolen Identity - 49 cents

1x Psychic Intrusion F - 93 cents

1x Demonic Tutor - $23.99

Cards I have you want:

4x Thoughtseize (3 regular and 1 foil all from Theros)

4x Abrupt Decay

Note I am not offering to trade all of the above thoughtseize and abrupt decays. I just wanted to let you know how many I have, so I can know how many you need.

TheHroth on Notion Thief? You Mean Card Advantage?™

4 days ago

Drowned Catacomb isnt standard. Replace it with either Dimir Guildgate , Watery Grave or Temple of Silence . I suggest Temple of Silence , because so many people play Azorius/Esper control and you want to be able to play cards stolen by Nightveil Specter , without having to wait to steal a land.

christydude1 on {Help plz} U/B InvisiBlade

6 days ago

Created rares/mythics maybeboard with: 4x Drowned Catacomb 2x Glimpse the Unthinkable 2x Jace, Memory Adept 2x Liliana Vess 4x Steam Vents 4x Sword of Body and Mind 2x Visions of Beyond

Still need to cut 8-10 cards in Mainboard

rache on Binder Update

6 days ago

Tore down my EDH so a lot of cards (listed here) have been added to my trade binder in hopes they'll help me get the stuff I still need for my Esper Control deck. Added:1x Fated Retribution 1x Heroes' Podium 1x Spirit of the Labyrinth 1x Mindreaver 1x Temple of Malice 1x Oloro, Ageless Ascetic 1x Drowned Catacomb 1x Detention Sphere 1x Toxic Deluge 1x Restoration Angel 1x Entreat the Angels 1x Fate Unraveler 1x Rings of Brighthearth 1x Phyrexian Delver 1x Orzhov Basilica 1x Command Tower 1x Linvala, Keeper of Silence 1x Augury Adept 1x Mana Vault 1x Magister Sphinx 1x Diluvian Primordial 1x Sheoldred, Whispering One 1x Vault of the Archangel 1x Whip of Erebos 1x Azorius Chancery 1x Avacyn, Angel of Hope 1x Jace's Archivist 1x Vivid Marsh 1x Vindicate 1x Sphinx of the Steel Wind 1x Intrepid Hero 1x Ob Nixilis, the Fallen 1x Tectonic Edge 1x Oblivion Ring 1x Reliquary Tower 1x Rune-Scarred Demon 1x Necropotence 1x Phyrexian Arena 1x Notion Thief 1x Strip Mine 1x Demonic Tutor 1x Oboro, Palace in the Clouds 1x Vampiric Tutor 1x Fiend Hunter 1x Angel of Despair 1x Havengul Lich 1x White Sun's Zenith 1x Deadeye Navigator 1x Arcane Sanctum 1x Solemn Simulacrum 1x Sol Ring 1x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad 1x Sanguine Bond foil1x Vivid Creek 1x Draining Whelk foil1x Exquisite Blood 1x Sword of Light and Shadow 1x Sepulchral Primordial 1x Lavinia of the Tenth 1x Temple of the False God 1x Thassa, God of the Sea 1x Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker 1x Basalt Monolith 1x Ethersworn Adjudicator 1x Maze of Ith 1x Venser, the Sojourner 1x Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant 1x Consecrated Sphinx 1x Blue Sun's Zenith 1x Prosperity 1x Bloodgift Demon 1x Rhox Faithmender 1x Disciple of Bolas 1x Darksteel Plate 1x Glen Elendra Archmage 1x Nevinyrral's Disk 1x Sword of War and Peace

NinjaBunny01 on Now thats alot of life...

6 days ago

I would recommend dropping down to 38 lands to add in some more cards as 40 seems excessive. Lands I think you could drop are: Orzhov Guildgate , Azorius Guildgate , Dimir Guildgate , Transguild Promenade , Rupture Spire , Jwar Isle Refuge , Darkslick Shores and Barren Moor . You could then replace them for ones like Bojuka Bog , Celestial Colonnade , Creeping Tar Pit , Dimir Aqueduct , Glacial Fortress , Isolated Chapel , Drowned Catacomb , Reliquary Tower , Temple of Enlightenment . That should help you mana base a little bit.

Magiclover318 on Krayhaft

1 week ago

Hey there Krayhaft I have a trade proposal for you :)

My end:

1x Crypt Ghast $1.39

1x Overgrown Tomb $9.52

1x Thoughtseize $17.42

2x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx $8.39 each

1x Godless Shrine $9.99

1x Abrupt Decay $9.31

Total: $64.41

Your End:

1x Drowned Catacomb F $4.49

1x Demonic Tutor $24.26(price is from Duel Deck, not sure what set yours is from)

2x Path to Exile $6.89 each(price from MM, not sure what set yours is from)

3x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben $7.26 each

Total: $64.31

DawnsRayofLight on {Help plz} U/B InvisiBlade

1 week ago

Glimpse the Unthinkable

Sword of Body and Mind

Jace, Memory Adept

Hedron Crab

errr, dual lands like Drowned Catacomb the UB scry land and the UB Shock land (i forget all their names) and man lands like Creeping Tar Pit will help out immensely with your mana base Price

Low Avg High Foil
$1.6 $2.33 $4.0 $4.49
Color(s) B, U
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 5.54
Avg. cube pick 9.88


Format Legality
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2013 Rare
2012 Core Set Rare
2011 Core Set Rare
2010 Core Set Rare