Drowned Catacomb


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2013 Rare
2012 Core Set Rare
2011 Core Set Rare
2010 Core Set Rare

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Drowned Catacomb


Drowned Catacomb enters the battlefield tapped unless you control an Island or a Swamp.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Drowned Catacomb Discussion

Epochalyptik on Dominus - Dreamcrusher Edition

2 days ago

@Ishio: In your case, it depends. The land base probably makes the single biggest difference out of any of the deck's "food groups," but it's also the most expensive to optimize. I would at least consider Drowned Catacomb and Hinterland Harbor as well as some multi-lands like Reflecting Pool.

Your deck does run a number of expensive, "suboptimal" creatures, but part of that may be due to preference. I choose not to run cards like Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, for example.

crazyferrari on "My Eyes Are Up Here."

1 week ago

I'm no expert, so feel free to ignore anything I say here

Alright first off, some cards in here are a bit too high cost or situational, which is not great in Damia because if you have a lower ACMC you will draw more cards off your commander. So I would replace...

-Rise of the Dark Realms -> Tooth and Nail Reason: Instant infinite mana with Deadeye Navigator and Peregrine Drake

-Sire of Stagnation -> Kiora, the Crashing Wave Reason: Sire is pretty clunky and although is a nice draw engine you already have your commander so drawing tons of cards basically nullifies her. Otherwize the card is a bit expensive and Kiora is a really solid card letting you practically remove stuff and also just draw cards and get more lands.

-Rune-Scarred Demon -> Dark Petition Reason: If you really want this slot to be a tutor, I reccommend Dark Petition. Although not as good as Demonic Tutor, it is a solid card that fits well with the gameplan. Demon is pretty clunky.

-Acidic Slime -> Nature's Claim Reason: Lower Cost

-Gilded Lotus -> Simic Signet Reason: I've never been a fan of Gilded Lotus, it feels pretty expensive and not great unless you have a combo involving it.

Second of all, I see that you deck is relying a bit too much on your creature ramp. Although creature ramp is nice, it is good to diversify your ramp. I would swap these cards, but you don't really need to if you don't want to.

-Voyaging Satyr -> Golgari Signet Reason: Satyr I feel is just not powerfull enough. The Signets are great fixing and are cheap and unaffected by creature board wipes, which are a real problem for your current list.

-Courser of Kruphix -> Oracle of Mul Daya (if you can afford it) Reason: Oracle is just a lot better than Courser, especially because with all the cards you draw with Damia, dropping extra lands is really valuable. If you want to keep Courser, you can put in Oracle in place of other cards on this list.

Alright third, we have some cards that are a bit questionable and I find don't really fit with this gameplan. I have swapped them with cards that better fit how you expect to win the game.

-Jace Beleren -> Dimir Signet Reason: The last signet, again I feel they are really good and Jace doesn't really work all that well in this list in my opinion.

-Sultai Ascendancy -> Kodama's Reach Reason: Without any real graveyard theme, the ascendancy just feels weak. Kodama's Reach is basically a cultivate, which is nice.

-Propaganda -> Traverse the Ulvenwald Reason: This isn't really a pillow fort deck so Propaganda isn't best fit here. Traverse is another tutor that can also be used as mana fixing.

-Rite of Replication -> Swan Song Reason: With the changes I have proposed, Rite really doesn't fit the deck as much. Although its a good card, I think it is better fit in a deck with more threats to copy. Swan song is cheap, answers lots of things, and can protect your combo.

-Rings of Brighthearth -> Negate Reason: Rings doesn't have much synergy here, and Negate can answer alot of things and again doubles up as cheap protection for combos.

-Fabricate -> Go for the Throat Reason: Go for the Throat is great removal, and Fabricate doesn't really fit here without many powerful artifacts to find.

Finally, there are some lands that you can consider swapping out for basic lands to improve your mana fixing.

-Hinterland Harbor

-Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

-Sunken Hollow

-Drowned Catacomb

After these changes, the list would look like this:http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/my-eyes-are-up-here-edited/

Again, take these things with a grain of salt, but I think that these changes will streamline the list, making it more consistant and have a better gameplan, as well as supporting your commander better and lowering the ACMC.

Hope this helped!


kilgore on Elbow Deep in Muddy Waters - Sidisi Dredge Lord

2 weeks ago

Daedalus19876: my play group typically plays combo to win fast. Or just goes for the beat down game. There is a xenagod player we all have a hard time with. A meren spore frog player that just locks the game out and never wins. The fastest decks at my table are probably Jarrad combo and sharuum combo.

Thanks for the great suggestions. I'll take another look at altar of dementia. Maybe even replace it with ashnod's altar.

I really like the cycle lands in this deck but I agree they are slow. Affording the other on color fetch lands probably won't happen for me lol. Let's hope for a reprint. I may add in the off color ones for now. I've been considering the check lands (Drowned Catacomb) and the rest of the pain lands. Would you run an urborg tomb of yawgmoth in this list?

iAzire on Zur's Compelling Control

3 weeks ago

Thank you for the suggestions. I have actually been testing Dispel recently. It seems to be doing well as a lot of what I Counter are Instants.

I'm already planning on reconstructing the mana base. There are some lands that are nice in theory but just don't play how I want them too. Vesuva, Thespian's Stage, Volrath's Stronghold, etc are all great lands, they just don't help me much. I'm looking to put in at least Cavern of Souls and Hall of the Bandit Lord. I will also be testing the removal of + lands like Godless Shrine and possibly even Scrubland. I can fill spots with other lands like Glacial Fortress, Drowned Catacomb, Adarkar Wastes, and Underground River.

Depending on the Basic number I end up at, lands like Prairie Stream may prove useful as they can also be Fetched. In short, the land base is under heavy construction as I try to optimize it.

Benmtgmage on

3 weeks ago

Definitely four Polluted Delta, maybe a Drowned Catacomb, although there not that important, you cant find them with Polluted Delta and maybe a Watery Grave or two or three depending on your price range. But first things first Wurmlover, it's all about the fetch, so you must have Polluted Delta, and maybe even some Scalding Tarns or Bloodstained Mires just to thin out the cards in your deck, depending on your price, but I would shove a little under ten fetch lands in there, plus you could also use them for other decks, there just all around good.

Benmtgmage on

3 weeks ago

Drowned Catacomb, Polluted Delta, and Watery Grave are all great.

ChampionWiggles on Dimir Mill Deck (U/B)

4 weeks ago

I have Psychic Strike for counter magic, in case my opponent happens to throw out something REALLY nasty. I'm not a fan of Memory Lapse, since it puts the card back on top of the opponent's library. I agree removal spells would be useful, but I'm wondering if having global removal would work better (things like Biting Rain, etc). What would you suggest replacing in the main board for Sphinx's Tutelage?

I completely forgot about Visions of Beyond. I definitely agree that would work better than Take Inventory. As for the fetch shock lands...I'm a little iffy on that. Both because of price and because those lands require paying life to throw out. If I'm not running creatures, then I'm under the impression I need every point of life I can keep hold of. Drowned Catacomb would be a good choice. I'm a bit iffy on Thought Scour. It's nice that it cantrips, but with it's mill count being so low and this deck focusing on milling ASAP, I'm just wondering if it'd be a good fit. I suppose if I had Sphinx's Tutelage already out when I threw it down, it'd raise the value of what it mills.

Lazav, Dimir Mastermind would fit well with the deck, I'm just worried he'd show up a bit too late in the game and he is a bit spendy. By turn 4, I SHOULD have the opponent pretty close to being milled (ideally).

Jace's Phantasm is already in my side board and is a good chump blocker (or even attacker if opponent can't block fliers). Between turns 1-3, you'll get a 5/5 flier for 1.

I might consider Mind Grind for Thought Scour, since Mind Funeral does a better effect for cheaper mana and those "mill till X land" cards can either be big hits or miss. I don't think I could get Delerium to trigger with Manic Scribe as the deck is now. I'll have plenty of Instants and Sorceries in my graveyard and even lands with Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse and Ghost Quarter, but that 4th card to get Delerium to trigger might be a little harder. I guess it depends on if my opponent kills any creatures I throw out or if I throw in creatures period.

TheAlexGnan on Dimir Mill Deck (U/B)

4 weeks ago

I'll take a "no-budget" standpoint, so that you can see whats possible with this archetype. You can adopt some of those cards over time, aquire them for cheap at special occasions etc.

Visions of Beyond is a necessity for a full blown mill deck.

As is a fetch shock mana base, since you dont want to draw lands after land 4 or so. You'd use Polluted Delta and Misty Rainforest or similar for fetches (preferably 8) and Watery Grave for shocks.

Very good budget lands that help you with color fixing are Drowned Catacomb and friends. Look up the different kinds of dual-color lands, you can increase your consistency by a lot on a relatively low budget.

Another good addition is Thought Scour. it doesnt mill a lot, but it is instant speed which means you can sneak it in at the end of their turn for effectively 0 cmc, and it cantrips, which is very valuable.


this is a link to a very comprehenisve UBx mill primer on mtgsalvation. It basically contains everything you need to know ;)

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