Scour from Existence


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Limited Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Common

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Scour from Existence


Exile target permanent.

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Scour from Existence Discussion

chadsansing on Mizzix lights a fire and fans the flames

5 days ago

All Is Dust and Scour from Existence or Petals of Insight? Rates seem especially bad for removal if your commander is not in play. You could Engulf/Crush if you need more pseudo-wipes at better costs.

Profet93 on Sheoldred Whispering One

3 weeks ago


A couple things...

Your avg cmc is a little high. I would try to get it down to 4. Regardless, I think you should add the following...

Cabal Coffers - Crazy ramp and value

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth - Makes your nonbasics into swamps and fuels coffers. Moreover, you COULD do some interesting stuff with it as well if you wish (Ex: Kormus Bell + Massacre Wurm).

Vesuva - To copy coffers (or any utility land you see fit)

Thespian's Stage - See above

Expedition Map - Find your nonbasics like coffers and such.

You run Contamination but no Bitterblossom? If you're going to be mean, be even meaner. This also works with Trading Post (see goat ability) and Reassembling Skeleton.

Mono black's strength is tutors, you should be running more of them such as Demonic Tutor, Diabolic Tutor, Vampiric Tutor and such. There are others but those are the most efficient in my opinion. If you want budget friendly tutors, let me know and I'll provide you with a list.

Mono black's weakness is dealing with artifacts and enchantments. As such, you need to deal with them some of the following.... Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Karn Liberated, Unstable Obelisk, Ratchet Bomb, Lux Cannon, Scour from Existence, Nevinyrral's Disk, Oblivion Stone, Gate to Phyrexia and a few others that I'm blanking on at the moment.

You also MIGHT find Skullclamp useful with all your sacrificing, reassembling skeleton and other 1 toughness creatures.

Might I also recommend a Reliquary Tower and a Necropotence since card draw wins games. You should add some other nonbasics like Volrath's Stronghold or whatever you deem fit for your meta like Homeward Path for example. Urborg makes all your nonbasics tap for black and you are monocolored so you definitely have room in your mana base.

If you want suggestions of what to remove, please let me know. Best of luck!

chadsansing on The Race to Kozilek

1 month ago

That's a powerful commander!

I wonder if you might test with more interaction including protection, removal, and flexible creatures.

Maybe Orbs of Warding and a Witchbane Orb to protect yourself along with Chalice of the Void and Warping Wail as conditional counters. Spatial Contortion and Titan's Presence are available conditional removal spells. Scour from Existence is costly, but maybe okay here. Gruesome Slaughter is almost like a wipe if you have a board presence. Endless One and Walking Ballista are both somewhat flexible early- or late-game draws for blockers or offense. Eternal Scourge is a good recurring blocker.

Other creatures that come to mind that might add value: Metalwork Colossus, Metalworker, Platinum Angel, and Platinum Emperion.

Have fun brewing!

Romer on Flying Technocopter

1 month ago

cyrusthelin: Thank you for all the suggestions! As for adding some solid goodstuff creatures, I tried to stay away from it. I want a big pile of artifacts available so I'm almost guaranteed to hit them early game and be aggressive with my little thopter. I considered a bunch of the usual strong artifact creatures but figured I should stick to the plan and not dilute the deck too much. Having said all that, Steel Hellkite is awfully tempting when I'm so limited in colourless removal options.

I think I'll pass on Batterskull due to my budget and the high CMC/equip costs.

Sword of Fire and Ice is definitely on my list for when budget allows (someday I'll complete full cycle of 5 swords).

Similarly, I'll definitely add a Strip Mine (someday!) instead of the Ghost Quarter I have today. Don't think I'll go the whole Crucible of Worlds route though - it's not really aligned to my master strategy (and if I had a Crucible, I'd toss it in my Azusa deck ).

Lightning Greaves sounds like a good idea - but it's a trap! Shroud prevents you from targeting your own creatures, meaning once I equip the Greaves, I can't equip anything else! So I have to pass on the Greaves (as well as a Whispersilk Cloak).

I had Spine of Ish Sah in here for a bit but then took it out because I only have one sac outlet and without more, the Spine is pretty clunky. Scour from Existence is a little more direct.

calexander: Yours is the original Hope of Ghirapur commander deck! It definitely looks fun, I studied it when I built this deck ;)

TheCatHerder: Whoa - I'm gonna have to think about Surestrike Trident. That could be really tricky, I like it!

I'm Not a Fan of Not of This World. I used to run it in an Eldrazi deck I have but I feel like it's too conditional (and sometimes just win-more) to take up a slot in the deck. The games where I drew the card, it just sat useless in my hand. It wasn't until later game when I was dropping big scary threats and already ahead of everyone that it had any effect. I guess I've been burned on it before and now I'm hesitant to spare a slot for it.

bushido_man96 on Daretti, Scrap Savant

1 month ago

I like your build. I've had the Daretti precon for some time now, and have just recently made some upgrades to it, and he is a tough one to figure out which path to take. I like what you've done here.

I like to run Skullclamp for card draw, especially in decks that like to send creatures to the graveyard. Its such a boon, especially in red. Another solid removal spell option for you would be Scour from Existence.


Kriyseth on Kugisho MXY7 Ohka *Extreme Budget*

1 month ago

This is a really cool idea. Have you considered running some colorless instants and sorceries to add an element of response to the deck? Some budget cards that come to mind for me are Warping Wail, Spatial Contortion, and Scour from Existence. As for budget equipment, here are some that might fit your fancy: Sword of Vengeance, Trepanation Blade, Trailblazer's Boots, Ring of Xathrid (I know Hope of Ghirapur isn't black, but regeneration is always good), Ring of Evos Isle (same thing but hexproof), and Scytheclaw.

Profet93 on F*cking Artifacts!!!

1 month ago


All Is Dust, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Karn Liberated, Spine of Ish Sah (works well with Trading Post), Scour from Existence, Unstable Obelisk, off the top of my head. I know some of those wipe your board but thats part of the price mono black plays :/

Side note: Worst Fears is always a fun card.

Liquidbeaver on [PRIMER] - Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician

1 month ago

Scour from Existence out for Spine of Ish Sah. Great suggestion by Eon_of_Chicanery will trade a something I added as niche removal for a repeatable one with more flexibility. I may slot Scour back in in the future if I decide I want a little more removal, but for now the Spine is a better fit.

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