Eternal Witness


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Modern Masters Uncommon
Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari Uncommon
MTG: Commander Uncommon
Fifth Dawn Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Eternal Witness

Creature — Human Shaman

When Eternal Witness enters the battlefield, you may return target card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Eternal Witness Discussion

GreenFuzzyNinja on I can play cards from outside my deck.

5 hours ago

@Opifex This deck is not really into arcane, though I might put in Dualcaster Mage for combo. Eternal Witness + Ghostly Flicker + Dualcaster Mage + any instant or sorcery

JaceTheSwagSculptor on Get MaziREKT

6 hours ago

You mentioned Decimator of the Provinces as another win-con for your deck, however 10 mana does not really seem feasible for a pseudo-stax deck. My suggestion to you would be to use Natural Order and Craterhoof Behemoth instead. As for other suggestions:

  1. Eldritch Evolution seems like a good fit for the deck due to the fact that it tutors and is a sac outlet.

  2. Pox seems like it should definitely have a place in this deck.

  3. I am surprised to see Birds of Paradise missing from the deck as it is one of the best early game ramp creatures.

  4. Regrowth is just better than Treasured Find.

  5. Your mana base is very greedy with the amount of colorless and ETB tapped lands you have.

  6. Contamination combo's with Reassembling Skeleton and allows you to lock down the game when you need to.

  7. Slum Reaper provides another repetitive ETB sac a creature effect that you are looking for.

  8. I've found that including Carpet of Flowers in all of my green decks helps me during the early game as well as allows me to fight through counter magic.

  9. Stax wants cheap cards because you do not want to suffer at the hands of your own mana denial, therefore I believe Greenwarden of Murasa would be better off as Eternal Witness and Acidic Slime would be better off as Reclamation Sage.

Hope this helps!

emrakulinsmugglers on Somebody actually plays that card? And it works?

16 hours ago

Chord of Calling is a bit too slow, although when you have the mana, its powerful, when you don't, you can't do much with it (you also can't always rely on your elves tapping for mana, because the important elves will definitely be targeted, and enchantment removal completely ruins it, so maybe some Eternal Witness in sideboard? Elvish Harbinger is great, 3 mana tap for any color and search out an elf, if you had 6 mana, its basically the same as a chord of calling; the difference is that it's a creature itself, you can pay 3 on one turn, and cast the other elf on the next turn, and you also get a 1/2 tap for any color. although chord of calling has convoke, thats almost meaningless considering most elves tap for mana anyways, and the elves that don't are able to because of heritage druid. I'd also recommend against genesis wave for being too slow for modern. another card you could use for dumping creatures into your hand is Lead the Stampede, you get to put all creatures you find into your hand. overall, nice deck! I really like this, although you could play another reclamation sage, enchantment/artifact removal from an elf is great with tribals. +1 for elf tribal!

Daedalus19876 on Leovold the Mysophobe

22 hours ago

Fair warning that your CMC is low enough in this deck that you may not be able to snipe everyone with Triskelion+Necrotic Ooze+Phyrexian Devourer.

I would second Casey4321's suggestion of adding Mikaeus, the Unhallowed: play Victimize to get both pieces of the combo. You could Dread Return targeting Eternal Witness to get Victimize back in hand...

I also appreciate the googly-eyed Triskelion by the way ;)

DrFishyNo on Atraxa Superfriends

1 day ago

I'd suggest having only one copy of a certain Planeswalker (i.e. only one Liliana, one Gideon, etc.) in order to avoid the Planeswalker uniqueness rule. Liliana, the Last Hope is great in Standard, and pretty good in Modern, but if you're playing multiplayer EDH she's kinda just meh. Yeah, her ultimate can get out of hand, but speaking as a fellow Superfriends player, you have a pretty big target on your back already, and a Lili ultimate is probably gonna draw the hate of all your friends pretty quickly.

Take out the mana dorks. Noble Hierarch doesn't really make sense to have in the deck since the Exalted trigger is useless. Birds of Paradise can stay, but I'd probably fill it's spot with something like Glistener Elf or Blighted Agent for other win-conditions.

I'd suggest dropping the Signets and going for Chromatic Lantern instead. Fixes all of your mana permanently.

I think having Demonic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor are more relevant than Idyllic Tutor and Enlightened Tutor. I also suggest dropping most of your enchantments, especially Greater Auramancy and Sphere of Safety. You don't really run enough enchantments to warrant both of those cards, unless you were gonna play something like Enchanted Evening, but I feel that takes away from the efficiency of the deck. Instead, I'd add in Parallel Lives, since it doubles up on your Doubling Season effects.

Add more infect creatures. They synergize so well with proliferate, Doubling Season and Inexorable Tide. Plus, 10 Poison counters kills in EDH, so shortcutting wins is pretty great.

You need to have The Chain Veil

Eternal Witness + Venser, the Sojourner means you get to repeat tutors, get back planeswalkers, wrath the board, etc.

Inspiring Call is kinda meh. Ditch it for something more relevant.

cplvela0811 on Sultai Midrange (Competitive)

2 days ago


First and foremost--thank you.

Eternal Witness is a card that my brother keeps on encouraging, however, I have just felt that Snapcaster Mage at a grand total of 3 mana can do something like Fatal Push on the same turn it entered. Witness is a good card in general. I think it would be too slow here, but better off in a "combo-y" deck, with "pieces."

Tasigur, the Golden Fang is a really good card. On my description for the deck--you will notice there is a tab with "Deck Before Banning." It had 2-3 Tasigurs, with a couple of Hooting Mandrills, and Gurmag Angler. I have used it before and as you and many, many others pointed out--it is a "non-bo" with Grim Flayer, Snapcaster Mage, and Tarmogoyf. I was using the idea of these creatures all together, I had already noticed it, but players asked about how that was fairing with Delirium, and I was also running Murderous Cut. Normally I would consider the "Tas, Monkey, Fish" package, but I do not want to Relic of Progenitus my own strategy. It hurts badly; especially when they board in graveyard hate.

In regards to Enchantments/Artifacts--I have tested with a few things, Courser of Kruphix, Bitterblossom, Executioner's Capsule, Scrapheap Scrounger, Loxodon Warhammer, and even Batterskull. Unfortunately, if I were to use a different card type removal spell, it would have to be Executioner's Capsule, for the sake of at least a Turn 1 move. Unbridled Growth is strictly in this 75 to:

  1. Replace a card in hand and cycles through the deck.
  2. Caters to Delirium and Tarmogoyf without repercussion--at anytime, for free.
  3. Mana fixes and combats against Blood Moon.

Thank you for your suggestions. Hopefully I was able to clear up why there are no super extra value 1 drop 4/5 Delve creatures (with abilities) in this list. I would totally love to, if Grim Flayer was a base 4/4 (could you even imagine!) I will take you up on the Eternal Witness, however. Everyone keeps saying "witness", "witness."

riomhaire on Sultai Midrange (Competitive)

2 days ago

A couple of things I've done in testing this same color scheme that I can recommend to you:

  1. Eternal Witness is a great card. Sure, it's no replacement for Snapcaster Mage, but I'd run at least one. The added reach you get from returning the most relevant card in your graveyard to your hand really matters.

  2. While a bit of a non-bo with Goyf, Tasigur, the Golden Fang auto-activates Stubborn Denial's Ferocious clause while also providing some card advantage. I'd consider it over Baloth in the mainboard if I were making this list.

  3. If you're looking for a good enchantment to boost your Goyfs, I recommend swapping out your Unbridled Growths for Seal of Doom and maybe a Seal of Primordium out of the sideboard. There's just so much more utility out of the seals than there is out of Growth, especially in a format with such good mana-fixing.

PartyJ on Derevi Neverending Control

2 days ago


Im not an expert on this Commander, but I do play against this deck occasionally. After looking at your list I came up with these suggestions:

If you would like to see other EDH decks, you can always check the ones I play which are present on my profile page. I like to play with this deck the most of the time. An upvote is always appreciated :)

Have fun on T/O and if you ever need EDH advise, you can always summon me. Glad to help out.



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