Eternal Witness

Creature — Human Shaman

When Eternal Witness enters the battlefield, you may return target card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Eternal Witness Discussion

Philigan87 on The Abzan Enchanter's Essential Style Collection

4 hours ago

strangewayshwc Yeah I find I get the most utility with Karador when you use him with Eternal Witness and/or Auramancer. Filling up your grave and digging out a Replenish is quite satisfying. =)

Rurik on Atraxa, Voice of Death! "Anti-Atraxa" Reanimator

2 days ago

Looks like a great deck! I actually like the name as well. You really have everything you need but if you're looking for some OP combos i would suggest Prismatic Omen + Emeria, The Sky Ruin. Prismatic Omen has the added benefit of fixing your mana and acting as a second Urborg. An Idyllic Tutor would let you fetch Prismatic Omen or something else like your Necromancy. You could throw in Sylvan Scrying to fetch Emeria, Urborg or Cabal Coffers. You might also want to consider having some means to sacrifice your creatures such as Viscera Seer, Altar of Dementia, or especially Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter. Having a sacrifice outlet will allow to save your big threats from possible exile, and you can replay creatures to trigger their effects like Acidic Slime. This will also let you pull off insane infinite combos like Reveillark + Karmic Guide with Altar of Dementia as your sacrifice outlet. Throw in Eternal Witness or Clone Shell for good measure! LOL! Hope you enjoyed some of these ideas. GLHF!

Rurik on Ghave, Guru of +1/+1

3 days ago

A friend of mine plays a Ghave commander deck. Here are some suggestions:


Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + creatures with persist such as Kitchen Finks, Woodfall Primus and Puppeteer Clique if you have a sacrifice outlet like Viscera Seer creates infinite effects.

Prismatic Omen + Emeria, The Sky Ruin for which you might need Idyllic Tutor and Sylvan Scrying.

Genesis + Eternal Witness.

Archangel of Thune.

Armorcraft Judge.

Cathars' Crusade.

Blood Artist, Zulaport Cutthroat, Deathgreeter.

Sigil Captain.

Reveillark + Karmic Guide + Clone Shell + Altar of the Brood + a sacrifice outlet.

Hopefully you found some of these suggestions useful. GLHF.

JaviGar on Golgari graveyard deck

6 days ago

I think i will put 2 more Unburial Rites and 2 Eternal Witness in place of Night's Whisper, since most of the time i end up milling them, and Eternal Witness fuels the Graveyard mechanic.

xyr0s on Golgari graveyard deck

6 days ago

No problem.

A couple of nice cards with this type of deck:

  • Eternal Witness. Want something back from the graveyard? This is how you get anything back. Gets better, the longer the game goes. Has a soft-lock/control combo with Primal Command (you put a land from play to top of opponents library, and tutor up you Eternal Witness - next turn, you play witness, return command to hand, and play it again, to put another land on top.

  • Acidic Slime. For those games where you get really annoyed with something other than a creature.

  • Crypt of Agadeem. Never tried this one, but I've intended to for a while. It would be a 1-of, but probably needs more black creatures than what you have currently.

Overall, the more Unburial Rites you have, the more you can bring 1-of silver bullet creatures, and reanimate them as and when needed. You have about 8 beatsticks, all reliant on a well-stocked graveyard, and somewhere around 12 enablers that give you land on hand and creatures in the graveyard. Apart from that, anything could be used, as long as it's a creature. With some fetches, you could also use more delirium (specifically: Traverse the Ulvenwald).

lagotripha on Rug Kiki

6 days ago

I like the list. Personally, I much prefer Mana Leak to remand given the number of matchups I face that just don't care about getting remanded (soo many 1 drops).

Have you given thought to Collected Company with Abbot of Keral Keep? as a value engine it functions acceptably, and although it calls for a higher creature count, it plays nicely on the midrange plan. Options like Eternal Witness and similar RUG value cards are all also there.

If you're committed to the controllier end of things though, more board wipes. Just, more wipes, or a sideboard with 4 Echoing Truth and tools for handling the innundation of aggressive decks.

hungry000 on Mono Green Taking Turns

1 week ago

Well I've seen similar decks to yours that play all four garruk and sometimes more for their untap land ability, then genesis wave for 15ish repeatedly by hitting Eternal Witness to get it back, untapping nykthos to do it again, and then repeating until Craterhoof is hit. You can cast the garruks you find to untap nykthos again if you've already used him.

Here's the deck I'm talking about:

Farycane on Ezuri 3

1 week ago

Edit: Switched out the ones in the maybeboard and put in:

Brainstorm - Better synergy with Chasm Skulker

Mulldrifter - Synergy with Commander, 2 cards for 3 Mana Evoke or for 5 with a 2/2 Flying body

Forgotten Ancient - I Mostly play 3 or 4 Player Games, speaks for itself, triggers Ezuri, can put counters on Ezuri, Claw of Progress because he can't target himself

Krosan Grip - Need for Removal, split second is awesome

Commander's Sphere - Ramp and Draw in one card

Thassa, God of the Sea - Still scry 1 in upkeep, Indestructible, unblockable just a better Lifecrafter's Bestiary in this deck

Eternal Witness - get cards back from graveyard, Ezuri trigger, 2/1 Body

Riptide Mangler - as mentioned, it can end games with unblockable/trample in a +1/+1 counter deck

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