At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Contamination unless you sacrifice a creature.

If a land is tapped for mana, it produces (Black) instead of any other type and amount.

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FireStorm4056 on [PRIMER] Death & Staxes: Competitive Meren EDH

1 week ago


Re: Tutor Targets: Obviously it depends on the game, but I would say by far the most common searches are for two cards: Contamination and Living Plane. Contamination on its own locks out many decks, but devastates practically all cEDH lists if you manage to land it together with a Null Rod on the field. Because Null Rod is one of the very first cards you'll want to find in many games, there is a reasonable chance you have already tutored and played it. If you have, a subsequent Contamination usually just ends the game as your opponents have no way to play anything and would slowly die via combat damage. (Two big exceptions are mono-black opponents and mana dorks - however mono- is basically non-existent in CEDH, and mana dorks are usually already dead to wipes or Merciless Executioner effects). Living Plane is the other main tutor target, as it is 1/2 of the "winning" combo and the other 1/2 (Minister of Pain) is "findable" by a much greater number of tutors (i.e. Survival of the Fittest). So, the find-anything tutors are usually used to find the enchantment half of the combo.


Chains of Mephistopheles is a lot like Carpet of Flowers - depending on your opponents' decks it is either outrageously powerful or completely useless. For me the reasoning on both cards is pretty simple - Carpet of Flowers is almost always "on" (very rarely is NO ONE at the table playing blue), while Chains of Mephistopheles is usually rather useless. It purely comes down to the fact that the particular decks in my meta just aren't shut down by it, so it's not worth including. It is always something to keep on the radar, however; stax is an extremely meta-dependent archetype and for many it will be a fantastic inclusion.

Re: Budget - Unless you are playing ~75% EDH or below, I wouldn't recommend the Kormus Bell route; it is just too difficult to assemble all three cards, and also quite vulnerable to disruption. The main issue is that non-creature cards are FAR more difficult to tutor for. Finding one non-creature card (for the existing two-card combo) is doable but even that can pose issues at times; having to find TWO non-creature cards is a very big ask and I just don't see it being very viable against competitive opponents. The combo would usually be slowly assembled and (likely) telegraphed, but there is an even bigger problem with it. Assuming Kormus Bell and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth are in play, and you cast a Minister of Pain, any of your opponents can instant-speed respond by killing Urborg with Strip Mine or Wasteland, so that when Minister resolves, you will end up just killing a bunch of your own swamps (maybe some of theirs, but most of their lands will survive and many of yours will not).

On a budget I would HIGHLY recommend going the Hulk Combo route as a wincon, and by far one of the best decklists available for this is roguelikedev's Honorbru Meren (see below). The wincon package is much cheaper (financially) and is at least as potent/competitive as my approach (if not moreso!!!)

Honorbru Meren (Finite Hulk)

Commander / EDH roguelikedev


TogbusPrime on endrek sahr edh

2 weeks ago

I'd take out Rotlung Reanimator and Conspiracy as the latter does virtually nothing without the former and the former is useless without the latter. Similarly I don't see Hell's Caretaker surviving a round much, especially since you only have one Lightning Greaves effect. Finally I see Contamination and Infernal Darkness getting you A LOT of hate, so those might not be worth it.

So, knowing you, I'm surprised this doesn't have Pox in it already and it seems like Small Pox wouldn't be a bad idea either. I'd also put Merciless Executioner and Slum Reaper in the deck to maximize those effects. While on creatures, I'd add Filth since the only win cons I see are creature damage and Exsanguinate and there's very little evasion in the deck. Lastly it seems like you could use more targeted destruction so Bone Splinters and Unstable Obelisk seem like good choices.

Sleazebag on Mikaeus, Extreme Sub $20 Budget EDH

3 weeks ago

hoyanader: If you have $400 to spend on magic decks, there are probably better decks to spend them on to get bang for your buck, but if you want to spend that amount of money on some AMAZING magic cards that are useful in pretty much any EDH deck ever, I got some recommendations: Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, Cabal Coffers, Mana Vault, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Blasting Station, Demonic Tutor, Necropotence, Contamination, Grim Monolith, Thran Dynamo, Toxic Deluge, Phyrexian Altar, Ashnod's Altar.

Some-Duck: When I made this deck, Mikaeus was only $5 :(

SynergyBuild: My only problem with it is that you have a 7-10% chance on instantly losing the game when you cast it.

ShreddedByCrows on Black Devotion

1 month ago

lance4224130 Hey, as we are playing exactly the same colours EDH decks, I had to come here too!

I started EDH with a Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief deck (which is on my page if you want to have a look, it may give you some ideas).

As experienced, I don't really like Magus of the Coffers. Even if you got the boots to directly equip him (and you don't play them, which is understandable with Erebos as commander), it's really slow. If you're looking for a card with a similar effect, you could put in a Doubling Cube (a bit greedy though, but I love this card), an Extraplanar Lens (play snow-covered swamps if you go for it, so your opponents won't get any benefits) or Jet Medallion.

Consuming Vapors feels badly slow and only affect one dude. Even if it has rebound, I won't play it. I play Choice of Damnations in my Rakdos, Lord of Riots deck because I have the ability to down everyone life totals quite quickly... in a hard control deck as this one, I think it's just not good enough. Your opponents will often choose to lose something like 9-10 life points on the best cases, and you will spend all your mana in a useless card. Same reaction for Consume Spirit, Soul Burn and Drain Life. Except maybe in some greedy Jeleva decklists, Curse of the Cabal seems like a bad card for EDH.

If you want to play devotion, Phyrexian Obliterator and Necropotence are staples. Erebos's Titan is not bad either (and flavorful). Dread Shade at leat deserves some testing playtime. Even if it's not your initial strategy, Grave Titan is huge and ugly - so it's definitely everything you like in his kind of deck. Kokusho, the Evening Star is a great tread to take advantage on your opponents.

If you want to stay on a more ''creatureless'' devotion version, you could try out Kuon, Ogre Ascendant which is hard to flip, but pretty damn effective.

All Is Dust makes out as a great board-clear, but you should keep in mind it also forces you to sacrifice your enchantments. Phyrexian Scriptures are nice in synergy with The Abyss, but it's quite a slow card. Massacre Wurm is a nice card to control the board (hum... to destroy every token deck), healing you and giving you a strong body on the battlefield.

Grim Tutor and Increasing Ambition are another good tutor options.

Bitterblossom with Contamination and/or Attrition is op - Bloodghast / Ophiomancer serve the same purposes, and you will also love to add Skullclamp if you go for it, having access to a nice sac outlet is what makes monoB that strong in my opinion (also with cards like Ashnod's Altar, Grave Pact, Dictate of Erebos (flavorful!) etc.).

Painful Quandary is an insanly powerful card in Control decks. For other cruel cards as this one, you have Lethal Vapors, Oppression, Death Cloud or Capital Punishment.

Waste Not could fit if you add some mass discards effects (like Bottomless Pit (not the best example as you also discard AT RANDOM, meh...), Vindictive Lich, etc.).

You have the Lich's Mastery which seems funny.

I certainly forgot a lot of cards, but I'll let you know if something else come to my mind. Have great fun building it up!

mlequesne on Atraxa Stax

1 month ago

Hi man, I've been playing a similar deck but I'm more budget. From my experience Smokestack doesn't work so good, same as Contamination cos you need that precious Bitterblossom in play.

I don't think Cataclysm is a good card for you, it looks like you like to hoard permanents in the field, and Cataclysm is no good for that. Another thing, you have few pieces to combo well with Stasis you do have Root Maze but Kismet (or Frozen AEther) or Orb of Dreams can help you finnish the combo.

Eventhough Mana Vault is a great card I dont feel like is necesary, but it's an artifact based stax so I get it. I wouldnt play Ichor Rats it's way too slow even for a stax deck.If you wanna check my deck here it is: Max Stax Atraxa

Also, I like to play Armageddon and Heroic Intervention, It has won me a lot of games. And since you're running Armageddon and Ravages of War you double the chances to get the combo. Also Heroic Intervention is a great counter for all the boardwipes or targeted disruption in commander.

See ya man! =)

LandG0 on Muldrotha, the Gravetide *Primer*

1 month ago

Traveler247 Tbh I dont need LED in the deck, but I have one and it synergises well so Im using it. As for cEDH lists, its used a lot in Doomsday lines and a little bit for infinite mana for Bomberman combos but Dramatic Scepter is really where its at with infinite mana these days.

I used to have the dark depths combo in a deck but found it a bit janky, although I can imagine it would fit well in this deck.

In my combo section I mention the use of Flash with Hulk, that combo however I would not say is janky. Thats one of the fastest combos available in the game, but Ive pretty much cut combos from this deck coz I have so many in other decks already.


  • Dead Man's Chest looks like some great value
  • Equilibrium I like this, I love playing control
  • Hostage Taker testing at the moment but havent drawn it yet, should be good though
  • Kederekt Leviathan awesome with reanimate enchantments, I talked about this in my combo section
  • Infernal Darkness I prefer Contamination especially in a creature heavy deck
  • Mind Harness I like Treachery over this as its basically free to cast with no upkeep costs
  • Finally, I want to avoid infinite turns with this deck because I have so many combos in other decks. Also I think Second Chance is more on flavour for infinite turns in this deck, or just playing a normal extra turn card like Time Warp and sacing then recasting E wit each turn / bouncing it with Deadeye would be better coz Time Sieve is a dead draw by itself
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