Blue Sun's Zenith


Target player draws X cards. Shuffle Blue Sun's Zenith into its owner's library.

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Blue Sun's Zenith Discussion

KylerStar on kynaios and tiro of meletis, fun for all

1 day ago

I actually didn't put that one together. That's a pretty fun, "decide amongst yourselves," win con. xDDD But even just Blue Sun's Zenith would be fun and friendly in the early game and deadly in the late with how much mana you produce.

Orion93 on Tez touch improv anguish

1 day ago

Yeah the statuary is a hard play. The only time I would play it is in an artifact token generator deck that had a secondary win condition based on tapping tons of artifacts for an X mana cost. Something like a myr deck that played Blue Sun's Zenith. It's not great in standard.

m0x on Modern U/W Control (Budget)

4 days ago

Sphinx's Revelation seems like an upgrade to Blue Sun's Zenith. It is also pretty cheap from the MM3 reprint.

I'd recommend having more than a single threat. I get where this deck is going but try including something incidental like Mulldrifter or a budget planeswalker: Jace, Architect of Thought or Jace, Memory Adept.

The pure lifegain cards (Rest for the Weary & Venser's Journal) are probably not good enough as well.

enpc on Tasigur EDH

4 days ago

Snapdisastermage: Having a versatile deck is very much a good thing. But typically you achieve that through redundancy. For example, I run Deadeye Navigator + Palinchron in my Damia deck to generate infinite mana. But I also run Eternal Witness, Ghostly Flicker and Peregrine Drake. This way I have redundancy on any one piece of the combo. Then on the mana sink side, I can Blue Sun's Zenith each player out, it I can also exile their libraries by recasting Reality Shift over and over. Again, I have redundancy on the actual win condition.

While there is a central point of "creature ETB triggers", because all the pieces interlink and most of them are useful outside of combo, I only need a small number of core combo pieces, leaving more room in the deck to run counterspells to deal with things that might shut my combo down as well as card advantage to better help me get to the combo.

In the words of Ron Swanson: "don't half ass two things. Whole ass one thing."

Osbert on Breya, Ghost in the Shell

5 days ago

Kai-Erik, in your current decklist the Bomberman combo or Gemstone Array would solely exist just for the infinite mana possibilities (I guess the array could save you some mana to overlap to another turn), but I don't see how your deck can utilize infinite colourless mana other than infinite thopters from Thopter Foundry, then translating to infinite damage using Breya. If you used Blue Sun's Zenith instead of Sphinx's Revelation, you could use the infinite colourless to mill another player out.

If you want to justify the Bomberman combo, you could always add the spellbombs which are great utility, Pithing Needle, and all of them would be tutored with Trinket Mage, and Auriok Salvagers could just bring them back to hand. Lion's Eye Diamond is much more of a niche card, other than the combo, it's a 0 drop artifact to be eaten by Breya. But these cards are similar to Bitter Ordeal or Disciple of the Vault, where they do very little unless you already have the combo going.

I do think the above would be stronger than the Saheeli Rai + Felidar Guardian combo, as both of those cards alone have very low impact individually. Auriok Salvagers at least have limited tool boxing capability.

Sterkemats on Budget Infinite Mana-Dork

6 days ago

you could target your opponent with Genesis Wave, Blue Sun's Zenith to, that way they'll mill them selve next turn (if youre using genesis wave).

genesis wave is also very bad bcuz every wincon isnt without a permanent. so you would send every wincon to your graveyard.

Firebones675 on Kaho, Minamo [Witty Joke]

6 days ago

i'd run a lot more in the way of counter spells. Being able to cast Counterspell, Cryptic Command, Exclude etc every turn is powerful.

I think you have way too many ways to shuffle your graveyard into your library. I'd run 1-2 at most. Memory Erosion also seems suspect as you will likely be winning via combo or damage rather than mill. I'd keep Sphinx's Tutelage in only if you plan on drawing your deck to mill everyone (i explain how to to this in a sec)

Also you should probably get your hands on a Paradox Engine. Its a good card in general but can also go infinite.

if you imprint kaho with a 1 mana cantrip like Ponder, Preordain, Brainstorm, Serum Visions etc...

Paradox Engine+Kaho, Minamo Historian+mana rock= infinite draws. Eventually you can draw into and play a second mana rock and then every time you do the loop you gain 1 mana. Keep doing this until you draw your entire deck. At that you can switch over to a different spell with cmc less than the amount of mana you are producing(might mean targeting a token from Pongify with another copy of pongify) each untap to generate infinite mana. With the ability to draw infinite cards and infinite mana, you can cast a Blue Sun's Zenith on each opponent where x=1000 to kill everyone else at the table.

Casting infinite copies of Reality Shift exiles their libraries too.

Also copying a Dramatic Reversal with enough mana rocks out can also generate infinite mana.

Once you have infinite mana if you have something you can tap to draw cards like Arcanis the Omnipotent you can do this to draw your deck, use brainstorm to put a Reality Shift in the deck, play Deadeye Navigator to reset kaho getting your copy of shift you can win that way.

For what it's worth the Deadeye Navigator in your deck generates infinite mana with Peregrine Drake or Palinchron

As you can see there are several ways to to draw your deck so even somethink like Laboratory Maniac is viable.

Sorry if that was a bit long bit here are the cards i think you need: counterspells, Paradox Engine, a few more mana rocks

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