Sylvan Scrying


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Uncommon
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Mirrodin Uncommon
Promo Set Rare

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Sylvan Scrying


Search your library for a land card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Sylvan Scrying Discussion

Wonky.wombat. on Lands in Modern

12 hours ago

Welll... if this is a Seismic Assault deck, then you will probably want a playset of Treasure Hunt, and a couple more of Seismic Assault and more lands over your Birds of Paradise, as you aren't really ramping into anything, and then you could also take out Sylvan Scrying, as you do not have many utility lands, so it would just weaken Treasure Hunt, if you add it. Also, if I am misunderstanding what this deck is doing, then sorry :P

NV_1980 on Nigg, Nagg and Nogg

1 day ago

Hi TheRedGoat,

Thanks very much for your feedback! My initial thought was to stax the hell out of my opponents (using tokens whenever possible), then attack with my actual creatures (+ any tokens I have left). However, if you have ideas on the other strategy (getting damage in, without attacking), I'm all ears.

As for Sylvan Scrying and Expedition Map; yeah I can see those working. I'll see if I can make room. I'm not sure why the guildgate lands are in there at all, they shouldn't be haha. I'll make some adjustments on that front too.

I was looking for reanimation and recursion effects for non-creatures; if you have any suggestions please share.

TheRedGoat on Nigg, Nagg and Nogg

1 day ago

Okay, I have a flurry of cards I'm thinking I should mention, but I'm hesitant to make cut suggestions. You have this set up to be a stax build that wants to force and then dominate a long game, but are you wanting to actually attack people at that point or just get damage in while they have no defenses?

I ask because for the latter part some cards like Avenger of Zendikar and Utvara Hellkite do not work for that style as much when you could just as soon be reanimating cards to further hurt the opponent or else set up your combos instead.

One card I feel is fine to suggest here is instead of Rampant Growth I would recommend Sylvan Scrying, as while it may not put the land in play it will get you the much needed utility lands like Kher Keep or the non-basics that tap for any color. Expedition Map would accomplish the same thing.

A similarly minor adjustment could be made in dropping the guildgate lands for the "healing" lands that gain you life as they enter (tapped as well but at least with an upside).

But anyway, before I try to make any big suggestions I also wanted to know if you were specifically staying away from reanimation effects, maybe even recursion for non-creatures, or just hadn't put any in.

AironNeil on Eldrazi (B/U/G)

1 day ago

Reality Smasher, Oblivion Sower, and Matter Reshaper are all cards I think you should consider.

But most importantly:

1) I think you should consider removing one of the colors in the deck since 3+ colors are hard to manage without many special lands (or have more copies of cards like Sylvan Scrying, and Lifespring Druid)

2) Try to have 4 copies of most cards in the deck. Especially the ones with lower CMC's.

clayperce on UG Infect

1 day ago

As folks have already mentioned on r/Infect, Infect is in a really bad place in the meta at the moment. Fatal Push is everywhere, and things like Wild Defiance (which nerfed Lightning Bolt) aren't helpful. I'm also not sure it's going to get better, since I expect to see Solemnity in lots of sideboards starting in mid-July.

All that said, I absolutely love UG Infect, and still play it periodically.

I know 4x Noble Hierarch is way out of range, but IMO 2x Birds of Paradise (for the fixing) and 2x Cathedral of War (for the Exalted trigger) are a very good budget replacement.

I'm TOTALLY with albino_ninja too on the need for more Creatures. As is, you're going to have to mul' more than you want, and the Black decks are really going to punish you for that with their hand disruption. Creatures with Infect are best of course: Ichorclaw Myr, Necropede, Blight Mamba, and Plague Myr all have different pros and cons ... IMO you can't go wrong with any of them. And maybe 1x Viridian Corrupter too. Another option I've seen some folks use: Sylvan Scrying, which basically acts like extra Inkmoths.

One more thought on Creatures: Because of all our pump spells, I'm always amazed at how often the deck can win with normal damage. So it might be worth looking at something like Invisible Stalker or Thrummingbird too.

Finding room for those Creatures is of course tough. I'm not a huge fan of Groundswell for this deck (it's much better with Fetchlands), so that's a place you can maybe find room. And while I REALLY like having 3 counterspells in the 75, I usually only run one in the main. You may also find you can put some of your protection in the side ... I know we need a TON in the current meta, but you may not actually have enough mana to use it. :-)

Some potential sideboard thoughts:

Sorry for the wall of text, and thanks for reading this far!

Draw well!

bellz76 on B/G LandFrog

2 days ago

I love the Monster! A few budget suggestions that I can make are:

Splendid Reclamation- why get your lands back just 1 at a time? Bring them all back at once- lots of triggers on the Retreat and landfall creatures, and lots of sac fodder for the monster.

Drownyard Temple- What's better than a land you can sac every turn? How about 1 that can return to play and be sacked again next turn.

Nissa, Vital Force- She only costs $4, and plays pretty nicely with the Monster. Starting loyalty is 5, so you +1 when she comes out and ultimate her next turn. Now you're drawing cards for lands entering play and the graveyard.

Aside from these cards, I think you need more creatures in the deck. You have so much stuff that is great when the monster is out, but what about when he's not out? You need more win conditions.

You can probably replace the Sylvan Scrying with something like Grapple with the Past. Helps you find a land early, or puts a land in the yard when the monster is there, or returns the monster when he's been killed. Also, combos really well if you do play the Reclamation. I mean, what land are you going to get? If you really want to search for a land, you've got the Fork... and it seems Fork is better for your deck.

I would also try and play some cards that let you draw more cards. Live Fast is an easy one, or you could play Merciless Resolve. With the Monster on the table, it says " pay 3, sac a land, draw 3 cards"- at instant speed. Succumb to Temptation is also another instant speed draw spell.

Lastly, you need some removal. Murder is cheap and get's the job done. Grasp of Darkness is a little more, but it is really good. Ruinous Path is cheap right now, and can get Planeswalkers too.

Anyway, as a fan of the monster, I hope you find success with the deck. I also hope this comments helped.

Xynarth on Willing Sacrifice

1 week ago

I'm expecting $20 minimum. We'll have to cross our fingers and hope otherwise!

And I agree that letting yourself play more lands wouldn't be a bad thing. Maybe cards like Sylvan Scrying, Traverse the Ulvenwald, Expedition Map are interesting examples for you to get into your non-basics. Skyshroud Claim and Nature's Lore allow you to fetch into shock lands or Amonkhet's cycle lands.

Just ideas :)

Poprox on Sharpen Your Ears

1 month ago

I would also drop Sylvan Scrying for Greater Good.

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