Torrential Gearhulk

Artifact Creature — Construct


When Torrential Gearhulk enters the battlefield, you may cast target instant card from your graveyard without paying its mana cost. If that card would be put into your graveyard this turn, exile it instead.

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Torrential Gearhulk Discussion

Rhadamanthus on Cast during declare attackers and ...

18 hours ago

If he really did respond to Immolating Glare (i.e. took another action before it resolved) by casting Torrential Gearhulk then no, he wouldn't have been able to re-cast it with the Gearhulk's ability. Immolating Glare would have still been on the stack, not in the graveyard, so the Gearhulk couldn't have targeted it.

However, your opponent could have use the Gearhulk to re-cast Glare if he wanted to. After Immolating Glare resolved and killed an attacker, you would be given priority again in the declare attackers step. If you chose to pass then your opponent would be given priority. He could have either passed and let the game advance to the declare blockers step or cast Torrential Gearhulk and used it to re-cast Glare.

The game only moves to the next step or phase if all players pass in succession over an empty stack. After a spell or ability resolves the game doesn't just move on. The active player (the player whose turn it is) is given priority again and everyone will get another chance to do something.

Shwang on Cast during declare attackers and ...

18 hours ago

Hi guys,The other day, I was playing at FNM, and I attacked my opponent. He cast Immolating Glare and killed one of my guys. He followed that by Torrential Gearhulk in response and copied a different spell because he didn't think he could copy the Immolating Glare.

My question is: could he have copied the Immolating Glare in either the same phase, or by using Immolating Glare in the declare attackers phase and copying it in the declare blockers phase? I can't seem to find an answer on google.


WowzerBowzer on Baral is Frankenstein Confirmed

20 hours ago

Thanks Zhorus!

To all those reading:

One issue with Galvanic Bombardment and Take Inventory is that when I Harness the Storm I'm effectively producing counter synergy in regards to future casts. The reason why I'd like Winds of Rebuke and Compelling Argument to remain in this deck is because I want to expedite the process of buffing the Drake as much as possible. I'm really only going to be countering important enemy spells and, thus, taking damage early in the game, so I would like to get Drake huge as quickly as possible. Harness the Storm is there because I want to be able to play 2 Compelling Arguments in the late game to give my enigma Drake +6 power before I swing in for the win.

The only problem with the deck is that I always end up with too much mana. I'm considering Rise from the Tides, like the Thing in the Ice that you suggested, because its expensive and I can throw it in the graveyard in the early game. And I'm afraid of adding more burn because I want to use Baral synergy to ram even more cards into my graveyard. Torrential Gearhulk is just an expensive counterspell that comes with a body, it spends a lot of mana and it's not our win condition but I am considering adding it if I can't find a way to not overflow with lands in the late game. Disallow is too expensive 4 me and a version of this deck contained Censor once and I'm considering adding it again. Thanks for the suggestions!

Zhorus_The_Bauqret on Baral is Frankenstein Confirmed

20 hours ago

I made a very similiar deck like this, and it was a lot of fun to play. However maybe you should consider not running fateful showdown, and maybe more creatures, such as Torrential Gearhulk, or Thing in the Ice  Flip, or Stormchaser Mage, or maybe even Bedlam Reveler for the same effect as fateful showdown. Also maybe you should run less counters and more burn, if you are just keeping it budget. Adding a bit more damage should pave way for an easier win con, instead of just relying on Enigma Drake. Compelling arguments doesn't seem to fit either, maybe run Disallow or Void Shatter or Censor in its place.(assuming you are able to get those) All in all cool deck idea, and welcome to Magic the Gathering deck building :D

TMBRLZ on When to Combo Off

1 day ago

As I'm mathing it, there really is no avoiding it in that situation.

You just have to play around the counterspell by waiting for them to tap out. If they're smart, they won't.

You have the advantage in only one way. Cycling is instant speed and so is your Shadow of the Grave. So you can wait for them to tap out, such as when they play a draw spell.

Say this were Standard. Control players may tap out to play Glimmer of Genius or Torrential Gearhulk. As long as you have New Perspectives in play then you could start cycling overtop of them on the stack and cast your Shadow of the Grave cards while they're still waiting for their draw or wincon to resolve.

As for somebody who is already waiting on you to make your move. You're kind of stuck. You have to cycle your guys to untap your lands and then you'll cast your Shadow and she'll counter it and then you're just kind of out of luck.

Hope it helps.

Argy on Destroy the Gatewatch

2 days ago

TMBRLZ to get the most out of Thing in the Ice  Flip it needs to be in a shell with a lot of Non-Creature spells. Which is Control.

Initially people didn't want to play Torrential Gearhulk in Control because of the common misconception that you can't play spells that cost 5CMC or more in Standard.

Once the Pros started doing some Control brews with Torrential Gearhulk people realised its value.

You can't have too many Creatures in a Control shell. Torrential Gearhulk is viewed as giving better value than Thing in the Ice  Flip, so it doesn't see as much play.

I do still see local brews that use it.

Illuminate21 on HOU - Grixis Control

3 days ago

EastsideRock Im sorry I have to tell u this with 3 months away from Ixalan, but I reckon this is too good, so I gotta tell ya.


Turn six: Play The Locust God

Turn seven: Get an insect for drawing. Play the Insight card from Ixalan, draw 7 and get 7 1/1 hasty flyers. Swing for 12 in the air.


Or possibly even better:

Turn seven: Get the insect. Swing for 5 with Locust God and insect. End of opponents turn, cast the Insight. Draw 7, make 7 insects.

Turn eight: Get the insect. Torrential Gearhulk the Insight, draw 7, get 7 insects. Swing for 20.


Thats what I'v figured out so far, this Locust God is really good, so figure out how to best use it. I didn't originally realize that the insects have haste, but they do, so take advantage of it! xD

BeaudaciousGiebs on (IXALAN STANDARD) All hail the God-Pharaoh!

3 days ago

If you plan on running library removal like Lost Legacy anyway, Dispossess may be incredibly useful against any deck that runs gearhulks. I know in my locale there exist several control decks that love Torrential Gearhulk but would be complete duds without it.

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