Commit / Memory


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Commit / Memory


Put target spell or nonland permanent into its owner's library second from the top.

Aftermath (Cast this spell only from your graveyard. Then exile it.) Each player shuffles his or her hand and graveyard into his or her library, then draws seven cards.

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Commit / Memory Discussion

Metalpects on Ifnir's Creation

37 minutes ago

I've also explored this combo. It's fun! I see you have Nest of Scarabs in your maybe board. Definitely exploit that. Maybe consider Commit / Memory at least as a one of so if you find yourself throwing too much away, you can get it back.

BonVoyYawg on I'm Invincible!

1 week ago

Woot Woot, 2nd Standard Showdown today was excellent! 3-0 for first place (2 boosters and 3 showdown packs!). Glorybringer was only relevant one round and was shuffled away (from a Commit / Memory) before seeing play a second time today. The slight changes to the balance as a whole really paid off today, no mulligans, no mana screw. The only match I lost was my final opponent who got in some great control on me before Torrential Gearhulking me in 4 turns.

  • Round 1: 2-0 Win - Esper Zombies was actually my most exciting matchup of the day. Game 1 landed Glorybringer taking out a liliana, death's majesty and Wayward Servant. Game 2 ran loooong, like way uncomfortably long for a Gruul deck. Near the end, opponent siphoned back up to 20 life, drained me to 4, had Lily and Ob Nix out with 9 zombies. I had a single Pummeler out that was covered on his turn with a Blossoming Defense that I had from his Commit / Memory use. My turn, draw Invigorated Rampage, play that, another defense and pump pummeler to 56 for the win! Was an intense matchup!
  • Round 2: 2-0 Win - Temur Marvel deck, first game managed to dodge the Ulamog drops because my opponent drew both of the ones in his deck. 2nd game was a turn 5 pummeler for 20 xD
  • Round 3: 2-1 Win - UW Control. This is always a fun matchup, it's all about getting those Prowling Serpopards down!

At the moment, I think Glorybringer was still the right call for this deck right now. Though I think there's a stronger case for Lathnu Hellion.... Could you imagine Turn 2 Brawler, Turn 3 Rhonas, Turn 4 Hellion and swing?

Overall the balance I saw today in my games for mana was much much better, amazing what 1 card can do

MagicalHacker on Nekusar infect

1 week ago


Okay so if we are going to aim to win with Nekusar dealing lethal infect to each opponent, we obviously need ways to give Nekusar infect, and like we mentioned before, there are only five ways to do that, so we will make due with what we got. That's six cards done, but what about the rest of the deck?

Well, if we think about Nekusar getting infect, we can guarantee that our opponents will try everything in their power to kill Infeckusar as fast as possible, so based on that, Howling Mine effects are basically worthless. What we need are wheels. Play Tainted Strike and follow it up with a Wheel of Fortune and a Burning Inquiry.

The wheels we can add include Burning Inquiry, Commit / Memory, Dark Deal, Diminishing Returns, Incendiary Command, Jace's Archivist, Magus of the Jar, Magus of the Wheel, Memory Jar, Molten Psyche, Reforge the Soul, Runehorn Hellkite, Standstill, Teferi's Puzzle Box, Time Reversal, Time Spiral, Timetwister, Wheel of Fortune, Whirlpool Warrior, Whispering Madness, Windfall, and Winds of Change. That gives us 22 wheels, which I will recommend each one being used here. (Many of these are very expensive, so if you aim to build a budget deck, I completely understand dropping some of them, and that's rings true for all of my suggestions actually.)

So infect and wheels gets you about 1/3 through the deck, so what do we do about the rest of the deck? A small portion of the deck should be devoted to protecting the commander, and those are best done with counterspells, because they double as ways to shut down massive plays by opponents. Based off of MagicalHacker - List of All Counterspell Cards, I think the best 7 counterspells for this deck are Swan Song, Arcane Denial, Counterspell, Countersquall, Mana Drain, Memory Lapse, and Negate.

Next, we can definitely get use of a couple tutors to really make sure the deck fires off consistently. We have both wheels and infect pieces, that can be found with a various array of tutors. The seven I am going to recommend are Dizzy Spell, Demonic Tutor, Dimir Infiltrator, Muddle the Mixture, Shred Memory, Dimir House Guard, and Clutch of the Undercity.

That puts us 42 cards into the deck, and just 21 cards away from the 63 nonlands I want to see for the deck. These cards can be whatever you think is necessary, such as maybe 7 ramp cards, 7 draw cards, and 7 ways to destroy permanents, like board wipes and spot removal. As for draw, I highly suggested perusing through MagicalHacker - List of All Draw Cards (Burst) for cards like Treasure Cruise and Ancestral Vision.

As xander11 suggested, I think that proliferate would be a fantastic inclusion.

I do want to mention one last option. If you build just right, you can basically use rituals like Desperate Ritual and Dark Ritual to play your hand to make lots of mana, then spam out wheels and more rituals. It's a very risky play, but if you can get it to work, it can be brutal. In terms of low risk, going with wheels, tutors, infect, and counterspells is going to be your best bet an effective build of Infeckusar.

What are your thoughts?

Fibbe on Starter UB Control (Help needed)

1 week ago

There's a lot to unpack here, Sphinx of Magosi might be a worse Kefnet the Mindful, for a control deck, I'd suggest having as few things as possible that can't interact directly with your opponent's things on your opponent's turn. Standard has a reasonable pool of counterspells, from Censor and Disallow to Essence Scatter and Negate.

I would start by cutting all the non-land permanents from this deck, except perhaps Curator of Mysteries and maybe Sphinx of Magosi and if you don't feel like totally scrapping everything, maybe Trial of Knowledge. In their place you can run spells like Anticipate, Glimmer of Genius, Pull from Tomorrow, and the counterspells I mentioned before, if you can get your hands on Torrential Gearhulk, you want to play as many of those as you can, because they are really good, and with them, you can also get funny and tricksy with Commit / Memory.

If you want to run things like Grasp of Darkness, Murder and Yahenni's Expertise (Languish isn't currently standard legal), you'll probably have to upgrade your manabase with more lands that tap for both black and blue mana, Submerged Boneyard is a cheap option Fetid Pools is strictly better, though, but you'll probably find more joy in Choked Estuary and Sunken Hollow.

Of course, getting a full, competitive list together can get pricey, so maybe just tweak a little, slowly get rid of the creatures and get more things you can do on your opponent's turns. I hope some of this helps

Mornelith on simic nissa

1 week ago

In your prior post, you mentioned being unsure how to handle removal...

Against removal, I would recommend Commit / Memory Memory being the key aspect to shuffle the graveyard back into your library and re-draw.

xCrowStorm on Mizzix' Storm

2 weeks ago

Thank you for looking over my list, xyrithis.

I have quite a bit of experience with the deck now. It's very fast and deadly. My opponents usually ask me if they are dead and all I can say is, "We're going to find out."

I am testing Commit / Memory. Not sure if I like it or not, But the wheel effect is nice.

Zacoly on Rashmi and Aftermath

2 weeks ago

I understand that Aftermath cards like Commit / Memory are considered to be the CMC of the half being cast while on the stack, but, if I cast Memory as my first spell on a turn and Rashmi, Eternities Crafter's trigger reveals a Mouth / Feed, I should be able to cast both spells instantly and for free, correct?

I'm basing that on:

708.5. An effect that asks for a particular characteristic of a split card while its in a zone other than the stack gets two answers (one for each of the split cards two halves).

If I did cast both spells the Mouth / Feed card would go to exile?

If I change to order of my casts to feed, then mouth, would it go to the grave?

Sorry for such a long one, but the situation seems to be fairly convoluted.

TolisDRufus on Shadow Perspective Combo (Competitive)

3 weeks ago

For the last few days I am planning to create a deck like yours and I would like to ask you for your insight:1. Even if the opponent counters/discards any combo piece, in response we can keep cycling until we find/recast Censor, so there is no problem there right? 2. In case we face a Lost Legacy what is the backup plan? 3. Commit / Memory wouldn't be a good add (one of)?4. Did you playtest the new list? If so what were the match ups and the outcomes?

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