Collective Restraint


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Invasion (INV) Rare

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Collective Restraint


Domain Creatures can't attack you unless their controller pays for each creature he or she controls that's attacking you, where X is the number of basic land types among lands you control.

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Collective Restraint Discussion

KALE434 on Super Friends Commander/EDH

2 weeks ago

Got only a couple of suggestions for ya Collective Restraint for more creature lock out, or maybe even Dueling Grounds if you dont wanna be too oppressive. Also maybe Energy Flux/Kataki, War's Wage to help slow down Artifact Combos. Oh and maybe Frozen AEther if you feel like really slowing people down. Sorry if some of these are repeats tried to do a once over on the comments to make sure.

poorpinkus on Barney's Political Agenda

1 month ago

Oh hey! It's always great to see somebody getting into group hug, I feel like I've had a fair amount of experience playing group hug and politics in general (My first deck was How to Have Fun in EDH - Phelddagrif Surprise) and from my experience I've noticed that people tend to love group hug in the first game that you play, and slowly gravitate towards disliking it. I'm here to help you with preventing that slow decline, because after playing a lot of other decks I've realized that it is preventable if you play the game with enough tact.

The decline in "fun" was partially due to the way I was playing, but also due to the fact that with group hug a) it can make the games last a lot longer, b) people start to become wise to your tricks and the fact that you have win cons in mind and c) group hug can cause the game to change significantly, which means that people sometimes don't get to play their deck the way they wanted to play it. Here is my explanation for each:

a) While it might seem nice and innocent to prevent damage dealt to people and/or give them life (using Avacyn, Guardian Angel for example), all it is really doing sometimes is prolonging the inevitable, and taking away the impact of attacking (see part c). Drawing a lot of cards is fun, but then the control player might end up with an answer for everything. Getting lands/creatures is fun, but it can cause a full-board stalemate. In addition, generally when people have more options/resources, they end up taking a lot longer to play through their turn.

b) Cards like Felidar Sovereign can really turn off players to the idea of group hug, since it sort of removes the veil of friendliness from the deck. The problem is that if you put obvious win cons in the deck, players will start to get suspicious of your every move. For example: If you start giving a player life/hippos, instead of thinking "wow what a nice guy" they might start thinking "hmm, they are probably trying to buy some time since I bet they have a win con soon"

c) I think your deck is a lot better for this than mine (since mine was just all-out group hug with no remorse or concern for limits), but generally I've noticed that when you give players a lot of resources, their initial plans go down the drain; the control player now could have a lot more ways to prevent things from happening, the Johnny now has an army of hippos to block while he searches for his janky combo, the Timmy is complaining because he keeps slamming down awesome creatures, only to have them countered, and that one guy with the really bad deck is still struggling because no matter what resources you give him, everyone else is still benefitting a lot more.

Now there is a very clear rebuttal to all of these: "Well I don't necessarily have to give EVERYONE resources, just the people that need help/are being nice". This is a fairly sound argument for a few games, but then people will get tired of playing "Be the group hug player's friend or lose the game". This is why tact is extremely important.

My advice: Go ahead and have fun: the deck looks fun, the archetype plays fun, but don't go all out every game. Give yourself one game to get to that sweet sweet group hug singularity, but after that practice a bit of self-control. It will help you a ton in the long run.

For example, try limiting yourself to only activating each of Phelddagrif's abilities once per round (or once per player per round) or reconsider using Avacyn, Guardian Angel because it might come back to bite you when people want the game to end, or at least try to leave yourself tapped out sometimes.

Another piece of advice from me is to try to make your win cons more well-hidden. For example, try putting in a Prosperity and a Elixir of Immortality instead of a Felidar Sovereign, then use some group ramp spells like New Frontiers to give yourself enough mana to use it for lethal in an emergency (but of course that was't the intent of putting it in, just something you realized later, right?). I'd suggest removing some of your pillow fort cards like Collective Restraint and Ghostly Prison so that people aren't avoiding attacking you because they can't, but because they don't want to. Giving people choice is the best thing to do

And that segways into the most important thing about politics in EDH: People want control. The reason why so many combo decks aren't fun, the reason why control/stax decks are just so annoying, the reason why people can get so upset at having their creatures killed are all because it took control away from that player. This is why cards like Swans of Bryn Argoll are so freakin effective, because the resources aren't just there - you have to work for them, and it pays off when you get them. Unfortunately, most group hug decks don't realize this, which is why there is such a huge gap between group hug and politics sometimes. Take my grixis control/group slug deck as an example: (source: Your Best Evil Friend - EDH Tempting Deals) Grixis, Control, Group Slug, but somehow heavily political; It's because so many cards that I use give the opponent options, and in the end THEY are the ones making the decision to (with Ludevic's ability), attack somebody other than me or even hurt themselves to draw cards. Mages' Contest is an objectively BAD counterspell in a blue deck (aside from the ability to use red mana), but it puts the burden of having one's spell countered on my opponent's shoulders, making it a surprisingly GOOD card for politics. Other counterspells are still used, but only when the control player already tried to interfere or somebody is getting obviously oppressive/out of hand. This is why vows (ie Vow of Flight, Vow of Wildness and Vow of Duty) are so effective: people can't attack me, but they still gained something, and they still have the same (or even more) control over the outcome of the game. Other players don't like it? Well hey, I'm just trying to keep myself from dying. Have some cards as compensation. Fecundity is also great for this, depending on what kind of decks you are playing against. You don't have control over who gets to draw cards, but it is a nice little present to the guy who just had his stuff killed, and it makes for a funny reaction when a boardwipe comes down.

Anyways, I hope through this random amalgamation of thoughts I was able to help in any way, I usually don't write this much but I have so much to say about politics in commander. It requires a lot of finesse but it pays off to see your friends having fun while you still have a big impact on the game. I hope you have fun, and let me know if you want any card suggestions! I didn't want to make this too much bigger which is why I left a lot out. poorpinkus out

Jagd_Tallgeese on groUp hUg

1 month ago

Well, only three of your artifacts will benefit from the effects of Unwinding Clock, so that can be cut to drop the price. You can replace it with Jace's Erasure or Sphinx's Tutelage to mill your opponent's, or even yourself to pull of Laboratory Maniac. You can replace Collective Restraint with Silent Arbiter as it will be a tad bit more effective. You can drop your price tag even more by replacing Thought Vessel with Graceful Adept. Prosperity is a cheaper option to Windfall.

Vininn126 on MC Pillow! Can't Touch This!!!

2 months ago

43 lands is a lot in edh, even for a control deck, I might try and get it down to 40, but also considering the amount of instants and sorceries, I'd also add Boseiju, Who Shelters All, and also Reliquary Tower Control pillow fort loves card draw.I personally think the Ultimate Pillow Fort card is Blazing Archon but tripple white can be hard. Collective Restraint is pretty good and lesser known. With all these enchantments I might include Sphere of Safety. I'd probably switch Oblivion Ring for Anguished Unmaking, as well. With 13 creatures I'd probably cut Ashnod's Altar for Rhystic Study, Land Tax. Control decks don't need to ramp as hard, but hitting land drops is more crucial, so card draw helps you there, and also land tax is gross. Another good option could be Thought Vessel, a mana rock that helps keep your hand full. I might replace Sen Triplets with even more card draw, like Phyrexian Arena. I'm also not sure how important reanimation is in your deck, so maybe cut Reveillark and Karmic Guide, but that's up to you. If you really want some recurrsion, Phyrexian Reclamation is amazing, it's cheap and repeatable. Also, a good wincon is Crested Sunmare. Get a 5/5 indestructible each turn? For fwee? Also, Felidar Sovereign but that's cheesy as hell. Lastly, depending on how combo heavy you wanna go, i'd add maybe like, 2 more tutors. but otherwise this looks pretty sick.

rhystictutor on Karona Curses You (Shrines & Vows)

2 months ago

I forgot about Sphere of Safety, do you think it's a little excessive on top of Ghostly Prison, Propaganda and Collective Restraint?

It seems like it would work really well in here. So kudos for the tip and I'm glad you like my list!

I wonder if there would be any decent Planeswalkers for this deck...

golgariizzet on Narset having fun, opponents... Not so much

3 months ago

playing these colors you ever thought about pillow forting it up having Norn's Annex and things like Propaganda, Windborn Muse, Ghostly Prison, Sphere of Safety, Collective Restraint are really good at at making your opponents fight each other while you get to just build up and go in for the kill War Cadence is another really fun one so is Blazing Archon.

JV38 on Narset Chaos

3 months ago

Blood Moon would be an awesome include just to amplify the chaos. Collective Restraint might also be of some use as you already use Propaganda and Ghostly Prison. And if you want to include more protection for Narset you might want to consider Whispersilk Cloak. Also, Aggravated Assault might work as well. You could have multiple Narset triggers in one turn this way.

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