Settle the Wreckage


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Settle the Wreckage


Exile all attacking creatures target player controls. That player may search his or her library for that many basic land cards, put those cards onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle his or her library.

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Settle the Wreckage Discussion

GregDsprz on Krav & Regina tokens/Lifegain Primer

2 hours ago

Settle the Wreckage can be used as a wrath and as a way to ramp. Thanks for the list!

SP3CTR3_chelts on Naya Tokens

20 hours ago


This (or something very similar deck to this) would be the naya deck I would run if I was going to (but ended up sticking with G-W). Although, I would try to find some space for a board pump effect even if it was Flower / Flourish or Shalai, Voice of Plenty. Side board wise I would recommended:

3xKnight of Autumn (vs burn and decks using nice enchantments: history of benalia, thousand year storm, divine visitation ect.)

2 Cleansing Nova not really for creature removal but it is one of the few ways in standard to destroy the growing in popularity Lich's Mastery decks. Two copies of this in a deck means they need to be running blue to win!! (and if they are running blue you just have to wait for them to tappout) (vs lich's mastery) if you don't have any of these where you play/don't struggle against them then obviously do not bother!

2 Shalai, Voice of Plenty she is a brilliant card for a deck like this protection pumping and flying in 1. (vs burn and control decks)

2 Settle the Wreckage (vs. mid range or aggro deck)

4 Tocatli Honor Guard the best way to combat the top of the meta golgari explore/etb deck [note it does stop Goblin Instigators ability so that is what i would swap them in for] (vs. golgari/abzan explore)

2 Banefire is brilliant against a long drawn out control match up where you have lots of lands as all your threats have been answered. only ever play to kill! (vs.control [note. not counter burn it will be too slow]) if you don't have any of these where you play/don't struggle against them then obviously do not bother!

2 Remorseful Cleric (vs. GY decks including the golgari explore deck)

Sorry I started of suggesting a couple of cards and ended up building a sideboard for you :S Sorry if I overstepped the amount of advice you were wanting. I know there are 17 cards in the SB I suggested but cutting a couple based on your local meta is the best advice I can give, as in if everyone is playing a dooom enchantment in their deck play 4 knights if no one is playing gy recursion strip the clerics.

I hope I helped and I really do like the deck!

Thanks for reading,


Natalbee on The Aristocrats are Back!

1 day ago

Eh, after thinking about it Thallid Soothsayer probably isn't worth the spot. Maybe if it cost 3 mana because there's other things you'd rather play on Turn 4, and it doesn't do much by itself.

And every time I've seen Costly Plunder it's been a good card. If anything, it's an uncounterable sacrifice effect to protect your Elenda, the Dusk Rose or Poison-Tip Archer from exile effects like Ixalan's Binding or Settle the Wreckage (or whatever).

I also don't see any removal besides Vicious Offering. If you can, Assassin's Trophy is a great card to have as it can deal with pretty much everything.

goldlion on Google Ghave, the Unshackled Search Engine of Doom

2 days ago

Ohhh, yes! Settle the Wreckage, so cheap for an instant wipe because it can have a strong upside for the opponent - but not with the search engine of doom in action! Excellent call Nrdman, that'll be a great addition.

Heliogabale, good tip on Teferi's Protection! That'll definitely go on the one-day-list for when/if I feel it's time to spend the $ to tune this deck up another level. It'd be a great card to have anyway, and I think it's strength would really shine here with the combo pieces all in play. For example, with Ob Nixilis out, if I have Avatar of Growth and Fertilid on the battlefield I can activate their ETB's again - in which case it'd be not just good for protection, but for re-triggering deck searches. Sweet!

I'm hoping for a little more perspective on Fanatical Devotion. I have it in my primary Ghave deck because I can pay 1 to turn a +1/+1 counter into a saproling, then use that as sac fodder to regenerate key creatures. I saw this as stronger than most aura/equipment options because I can protect any creature with it when necessary, with Ghave, Guru of Spores fueling it. Do you think it's worth keeping in, with that in mind?

Either way, the cards you mentioned will also be important additions. Thanks!

KaladeshKat on Azorius W/U Aggro

2 days ago

Ritual of Soot or Settle the Wreckage Need I say more?

This deck is just going to end up flooding the board after turn 5 and you will be trying to swing with 6-7 weenies. That works really great if A: you can find your single copy of Sleep and B: opponent has no mass removal (really no removal at all).

If you can go Mist-Cloaked Herald into Adanto Vanguard into Venerated Loxodon you will do okay versus something slow but versus a lot of decks like izzet wizards, aggro, mono blue tempo, etc. unless you are on the play you are going to have to try to get lucky every time.

xhuggels on Why Have Mass Damage-Prevention Effects ...

3 days ago

Whitechas stuff like Settle the Wreckage and other means of deleting any offense. They also have stuff like Shalai, Voice of Plenty. They have no need of fog because they have better options available to them. Green on the other hand has incredibly limited defense. Even with fog they lack in terma of defense compared to white,blue and black. That being said, we are seeing colors take on attributes they havent really been known for lately. Look at reds card advantage in standard for instance. Colors are becoming more wellrounded, and as a result of that also more similar to one another.

Malikin on Jeskai Control (Mono-Red Hate)

3 days ago

imsocool1234: I have tested the Detection Tower against mono-green, and it didn't really perform as well as I would have liked it to. I think the Cleansing Nova would be better here, and I'm thinking of adding it to the sideboard. I'm hoping that Star of Extinction and Settle the Wreckage can get the job done, but if not I'll consider adding 1x Cleansing Nova in as well.

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