Settle the Wreckage


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Settle the Wreckage


Exile all attacking creatures target player controls. That player may search his or her library for that many basic land cards, put those cards onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle his or her library.

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Settle the Wreckage Discussion

Solshield on G/W Humans

2 days ago

From what you've told me you want this to be an aggro deck but it looks like it could be a solid human deck that outlasts and goes into mid-range. ETB effects seem to be great for this deck so why not double up on that with a few cards like Fiend Hunter, Oketra's Monument, and Metallic Mimic. For land you mentioned Gavony Township but they recently reprinted Sunpetal Grove so go for it.

I've personally been on the wrong end of an Oketra's Monument which will effectively add a warrior with any ETB (non human sadly but 1/1 token so value) and Metallic Mimic gives all those other creatures a head start. right now its way up there in competitive standard. There are a few cards from Standard that might do you some good. from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt I'd try Sram's Expertise, Renegade Rallier, Maulfist Revolutionary but Metallic Mimic is so good.

Chord of Calling looks like it would be a great tutor for 5-6 mana, and though a bit pricey for 7, Heron's Grace Champion might be what gets you a turn 4 win or that ramp into mid-range.

for when you run out of steam maybe run Eternal Witness, Mentor of the Meek and Lifecrafter's Bestiary

Answers to things that you could play Settle the Wreckage which ive seen tear up ramunap red and Authority of the Consuls has seen some great play in my group and would help with mid-range. and while Oblivion Ring might only be 2W, Ixalan's Binding is a great card and totally worth the extra 1.

Jaytotheareokay on Trial of Dread (Budget Standard)

2 days ago

I feel like Duress would be good in the sideboard against control, or one of the decks running 12 board wipes that have been running around. Settle the Wreckage could really screw you here.

Hyperalgialysis on 4 color energy mash up

2 days ago

Standard constructed resultsRound 1 vs infinite thoptersThe opponent was running Panharmonicon Whirler Virtuoso Maverick Thopterist and the other pieces to make infinite thopters. I won with relative is both games, opted out of sideboarding anything. Result 2-0Round 2 vs mono white lifegain/tokensDeck revolved around making lots of tokens, Sacred Cat Legion's Landing  Flip Anointed Procession and other things like that. Game 1 I won with little trouble, game 2 he brough in Crested Sunmare and was able to get in enough damage to win, game 3 we went to turns, could have won the game in 1 or 2 more but not enough time. Edited deck to include Hour of Devastation as I don't have a great way to interact with Crested Sunmare in multiples. Result 1-1-1Round vs temur pump spellsThe opponents deck revolved around Soul-Scar Mage Deeproot Champion and using pump spells to deal massive damage quickly. Game 1 I won without issue, he was mana flooded. Game 2 he won without issue, I was mana flooded. I did bring in Fatal Push and Abrade in place of most of my other removal since I needed it to come in faster. Game 3 I was mana screwed, even if I wasn't my opening hand was a little 2 slow for this deck anyway. Result 1-2Round 4 vs orzhov controlOpponent was running Gideon of the Trials Settle the Wreckage Ixalan's Binding and Lost Legacy. Won game 1 without much issue, game 2 dropped The Scarab God in place of Lathnu Hellion and won very quickly. Result 2-0

Freezingfist on Budget Tropical Fish - Standard (72% competitive)

5 days ago

Cool deck fireyoshiqc! (and a great idea to start thinking about Merfolk now because I doubt they will stay budget once Rivals really starts spoiling [finance speculation?])

When I first say the title I was thinking Fleet Swallower?! but I was wrong. I'm not disappointed... well... maybe a little.

Regardless, I've looked it over and don't see any holes. Looks like a good solid deck. Has game against most popular decks in the format, with some luck draws. Only thing I could maybe suggest is a few Negates for sweeper-heavy matches. Spell Pierce is good early, but as the game goes on, they could top-deck a Settle the Wreckage or Sweltering Suns with extra mana up.

That's magic-christmas-land for them... but it happens... +1 from me!

joaoguaxinim on Don't Drown in the Mainstream

5 days ago

Hey man, good list you have there.

Though I think that there are some things to improve.

First, running the playset of card:Kumena's Speaker is essential, that 2 damage at the beggining of the match and a potential blocker is nuts.

River sneak may be a good unblockable creature, but she keeps the 1/1 or 2/2 body many times, lately I'm preferring to use Deeproot Champion as the game goes on and he keeps getting bigger.

Deeproot waters seems to underperform most of the time as it's a 3 cmc "do nothing" card, and you're running only two mimics.

Jade Guardian costs too much for what he does, at the 4 cmc slot it's better to run Tempest Caller so you can alpha strike the opponent.

I would cut one Herald of Secret Streams, as you need to develop your board, and to draw one too early isn't a good thing.

If you plan to have 4 mimic I'd cut the Boon, Because you get all the value from mimic.

I'm missing Spell pierce... as it can protect your fish from stuff like Settle the Wreckage (believe me, this card ruins you day).Chart a course is a good draw engine, but as it's sorcery speed it loses it's value. Running Opt may improve so much, as you can have the mana open to protect your creatures(dive down/blossoming), block and trade(blossoming too) or to draw a card if you use Opt.

Also, I think that standard has many removal to make Shaper's Sanctuary useful as a draw engine, and as an investiment of 1 cmc, that'll be able to make you draw many cards, it's worth the shot to put it main deck.

I still have dubious feelings about Verdurous Gearhulk, but if he's performing well for you my suggestions is to keep it, otherwise, vineshaper does almost the same for lower cost(and is a merfolk).

I'm open to chat and discuss improvements for standard merfolk. If you want to check my list, UG Deeproot Merfolk.

Natalbee on Gardeners' Windy Curse

6 days ago

I had just written a really long comment, but I guess TappedOut is randomly down for maintenance and I lost it... anyways, here were some of my recommendations:

Authority of the Consuls (in place of Kinjalli)
Restoration Specialist
Sequestered Stash
Inventors' Fair
Fumigate / Settle the Wreckage
Hostage Taker

This deck looks really fun, and I hope it works as well as I want it to :)

Natalbee on Madcap Reanimator

1 week ago

I like Settle the Wreckage. Fiery Cannonade doesn't hit as much as I'd like it to, though. I removed 1 Tormenting Voice to test it out. Changed my lands around, too, so that it's easier for me to hit that .

Shyvana_ on Gishath's Revenge

1 week ago

Heyo! I also have a dino tribal deck if you wanna check it out. This deck looks really nice, but it'd be a lot more consistent if you got rid of that splash of white. If you're constantly getting messed up because you don't have white mana when you need it, I'd recommend either raising the amount of white mana and risk not getting other colored mana when you need it, or just dropping it entirely. Also, a card I would totally recommend is Commune with Dinosaurs. It can save you from mana ruts as well as get you the dino that would normally be four turns away and slap it onto the field. I'd shift Savage Stomp into the mainboard for removal, while shifting Settle the Wreckage and Shapers' Sanctuary into the sideboard to surprise horde and burn decks. Then you can drop Verdant Sun's Avatar for that third savage stomp for that good curve of removal. Trust me, it'll work wonders. You can check it out if you wish, good luck man!

Here Be Dinos

Standard Shyvana_


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