Approach of the Second Sun


If Approach of the Second Sun was cast from your hand and you cast another spell named Approach of the Second Sun this game, you win the game. Otherwise, put Approach of the Second Sun into its owner's library sevent from the top and you gain 7 life.

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Approach of the Second Sun Discussion

Homelessguy on Esper Win Con Help

2 days ago

Well in a pinch you can run Approach of the Second Sun

Hissp on Ojutai's Paradox

2 days ago

Thanks for the update!

I'm curious about in the Approach of the Second Sun inclusion as well as the Armageddon and Balance effects. You said if you resolve Balance that's usually does that usually play out?

What would you say is the biggest challenge to the deck? In the description you touched on this deck's place amidst other control/stax lists; I'd interested to hear your updated thoughts on that as well!

Savaaage on Old Geezer Mackenzie's Sexy Birthday-Party

4 days ago

Can't edit my previous post, not sure why I had Mind's Dilation in thought...I replaced Divine Intervention for Approach of the Second Sun. Would still love to see the most competitive variant of this build though!

sylvannos on Nexus of Fate and the ...

1 week ago

The fact it shuffles itself back in anytime is likely a feature, not a bug. It's an alternate win condition, like a more expensive Laboratory Maniac.

I fail to see how it's any more of a problem than Approach of the Second Sun, which is a powerful card, but it's not like it's going to destroy any format.

We are still talking about a 7 mana instant. If a control deck feels fine tapping out at 7 mana, even at the end of your turn, you've probably already lost. If they've drawn their entire library so that this is the only thing left, then you've definitely lost

FancyTuesday on When a spell is "cast"

1 week ago

The casting of a spell can be broken down very finely, but the major steps are:

  • Declare the spell you're casting, this moves the spell to the stack
  • Declare modes (for modal spells)
  • Declare intent to use abilities such as kickers, or perform actions like splicing. Basically anything that might affect the costs or effects of the spell.
  • Declare all targets (if necessary)
  • Calculate and pay all costs

If at any time those things are not or cannot be done the game rewinds and it's treated as if nothing happened.

Once these things are done the spell is cast. After that point it doesn't matter what happens to the spell; it can be countered by an effect that says "counter", it can be moved to a different zone, it can fizzle as the result of losing valid targets, no matter what the fact remains that it was cast.

Let's break down the language from Approach of the Second Sun's Gatherer ruling:

As your second Approach of the Second Sun resolves, it checks only whether the first one was cast, not whether the first one resolved. If your first Approach of the Second Sun was countered, you’ll still win the game as your second one resolves.

The ruling here is not "if your first Approach was countered, you still win the game." This ruling is "your first Approach does not need to resolve," then it follows with an example of Approach failing to resolve. It's providing an example, it's not limited by it, the operative fact is only that the spell need not resolve.

Exodus20317 on When a spell is "cast"

1 week ago

My friend and I could use a tiebreaker on a rules argument. I'm planning to combo Approach of the Second Sun with Unsubstantiate to allow me to return the spell to my hand instead of putting it into my library and win the game on the following turn.

The Gatherer specifically states that the first cast of Approach does not need to resolve, only be cast, but my friend argues that returning it to my hand without explicitly countering it or having it resolve means it does not count as having been "cast," and thus playing it again will not win me the game. His basis for this is that other spells that move spells from the stack to elsewhere without letting them resolve all counter the spells they target, with moving it to a different zone being a separate ability. In Unsubstantiate's case, with the physical card being somewhere beside the stack and the spell's effect never occurring as a result of that, the spell was not cast.

By my understanding, the spell is cast as soon as it is put from my hand onto the stack, so returning it to my hand without letting it resolve does not prevent it from being cast.

Beydin83 on Approach

1 week ago


Saturday PPTQ. Red Aggro is this decks toughest matchup. Most matches, if your draw is perfect, this will win 2 out of 3 matches. Only falls to bad draws and you won't be able to keep up the rest of the match.

I have had opponents tell me having the third Approach of the Second Sun was unexpected. Or even a fourth. Once they thought both copies were exiled or countered,...they went all in on their spells.

Murphy77 on Elves at the Oasis

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback DesArthes

Working backwards through your comments; Steel Leaf Champion or Marwyn, the Nurturer could be finishers. Marwyn just grows over time and can become big. The idea with Steel Leaf is to, at the third effect of Song of Freyalise, sac a desert for Hashep Oasis and attack with a 9/8 creature with vigilance and indestructible. The big plus for Song of Freyalise is not that it acts like a Cryptolith Rite for 2 turns (which might be useful), but that it facilitates a swarm attack with all your mana-dorks that become indestructible for the turn.

Yes, Ghirapur Orrery would be risky against Hazoret Red decks, but once your ramp takes effect you want to be drawing extra cards - card advantage is good. Against a Hazoret Red deck, I would side in Sylvan Awakening, again for the swarm attack. My biggest worry is that I have little to counter U/W control decks (Approach of the Second Sun) and rely heavily on early game tempo, which is not fantastic.

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