Approach of the Second Sun


If Approach of the Second Sun was cast from your hand and you cast another spell named Approach of the Second Sun this game, you win the game. Otherwise, put Approach of the Second Sun into its owner's library sevent from the top and you gain 7 life.

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Approach of the Second Sun Discussion

Variux on UW Approach (IXA)

3 hours ago

Settle the Wreckage and Gideon of the Trials are ridiculous in this deck. Gideon negates damage from your opponents best creature and allows you to not lose the game if you're in a bad situation. Settle can by itself be a win condition if you cast it the turn before you cast Approach of the Second Sun for the second time.

Moonbar on Enchanted

5 hours ago

I have some advice: remove Starfield of Nyx from your list. At first glance, it seems really sweet, but realize that you don't want your enchantments to be killed by the bunches of useless removal the opponent has collected in their hand. It can only reanimate one of the dead enchantments per turn, which doesn't quite get there. I would suggest Approach of the Second Sun as a two-of in the deck, since once you have the game on lockdown it is a very easy way to win the game without ever having to attack. Also, put Sphere of Safety into the list! It's so good with all the enchantments, and Heliod's tokens add to the enchantment count.

multimedia on The new Standard Meta

2 days ago

Hey, you're sort of jumping the gun here with your predictions. In the description you say you're undefeated with the deck, but you haven't yet played Ramunap Red or Temur Energy. If and when you start defeating those decks then I think you can call this deck competitive and a strong meta game option.

I think you're on to something with Search for Azcanta, Settle the Wreckage and Approach of the Second Sun. Consider expanding on this strategy? I like Search a lot with Gearhulk because the instants you pitch to the graveyard can then be flashed back. Search can also pitch other copies of itself to the graveyard and since the flip trigger is a may you can have both a Search and Azcanta land in play at the same time. These interactions make it safe to play more than one Search.

With a Search and Azcanta land in play together all you need is an Opt to draw Approach for the second time and this can all be done at instant speed for four mana. Azcanta looks at the top four cards for an Opt or any other spell if you already have one in hand. Opt then lets you scry the fourth card to the bottom and draw the fifth card. Search then at your upkeep lets you pitch the sixth card to the graveyard and on your draw step you draw Approach.

xoorath on Huatli: The only dino gyno I know...

5 days ago

Kizmetto thanks! It'll change a lot soon. I'm really re-considering Heroic Intervention in the MB, I think I have to figure out what pirates and energy have in common and MB a way to mess up their tempo.

Once I do the writeups for each, I'll see what slots aren't really being used and board in ways to deal with stuff like Approach of the Second Sun decks.

i'll keep you posted if I feel I'm "done". :)

ironeyes on U/W Approach

5 days ago

Nice deck! I'm building something similar right now. I'd say what you need most are ways to dig for your Approach of the Second Sun. Running more copies of Glimmer of Genius over copies of Opt is probably the best way to do this, but adding more cycling cards will help too. Censor will work better for you than Spell Pierce, since it accomplishes a similar effect, but also has the option of cycling if it ends up dead in your hand.

If you want more removal, Cast Out is also an awesome card, since it works similarly to Ixalan's Binding but can operate at instant speed. And speaking of removal, you'll probably need more copies of Fumigate. It's looking more and more like Carnage Tyrant is going to rule this metagame, and he stomps all over you if you don't manage to draw a good board wipe.

For curiosity's sake, what role does Demystify serve in the deck?

Temur_Frontier on Rebound-a-rific (Taigam, Ojutai Master)

1 week ago

mrtophat It doesn't work that way. Note that Approach of the Second Sun specifies that you win only if you cast it from your hand after previously casting it before that. Also, as part of the resolution it places itself into your library anyway so it can't be rebounded. To my mind, the only way you can really win with it in EDH is to cast it, then wait til you draw it up again then cast it once more. Or, cast it, then next turn tutor for it and cast it again.

Variux on Budget XLN U/R control

1 week ago

This is going to be difficult with the number of lands coming in tapped. Control really needs untapped lands so you can constantly 1 for 1 your opponent's cards, and without having that, your deck won't play as well. I would really recommend dropping the money on Spirebluff Canal even though it isn't a budget option, unfortunately. Perhaps going Grixis, but splashing red for The Locust God. Add in Dragonskull Summit and Drowned Catacomb for your mana, plus things like Fatal Push, Essence Extraction, and a few other black spells. Control is rough to do without a really good mana base, unfortunately.

Another option is U/W Approach which acts as a control deck, but your payoff card is Approach of the Second Sun. It just got a new toy in the form of Settle the Wreckage so that could be an interesting combination.

Sorry if this wasn't really helpful, but I tried playing control without the dual lands and it didn't do so well. Aether Hub is another option.

MindEcho on Could I choose to allow ...

1 week ago

Approach of the Second Sun must be cast from the hand to win the game on as a second cast; however, the first one does not have to be cast from the hand. So, could I cast Approach of the Second Sun for the first time in the game, use a white mana from a transformed Primal Amulet to copy the hand casted Approach of the Second Sun; but, choose to allow the copy to resolve first and therefore win the game?

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