Approach of the Second Sun


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Approach of the Second Sun


If Approach of the Second Sun was cast from your hand and you cast another spell named Approach of the Second Sun this game, you win the game. Otherwise, put Approach of the Second Sun into its owner's library sevent from the top and you gain 7 life.

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Approach of the Second Sun Discussion

BonVoyYawg on Bontucrats

23 hours ago

First FNM with this deck went decently though it did highlight a problem that is easy to run into, not having enough creatures or just dying to removal or just too much control. But it didn't seem like I was too far off from having a super competitive deck. I think there's a few things that will more than help, definitely need to find a 1-drop creature to help fill this out a bit. Sacred Cat still seems like a good go-to, though Thraben Inspector is probably the better choice.

  • Round 1: 0-2 Loss - UW Control with Approach of the Second Sun
  • Round 2: 2-1 Win - Mono White Humans
  • Round 3: 0-2 Loss - BR burn with Chandra, Flamecaller and a bunch of other stuff I was too busy getting stomped by to recall.
  • Round 4: 2-0 Win - UW

So the biggest problems are definitely against control or other matchups that don't run a lot of creatures or things that die to Fatal Push. I think I'm flooded on removal spells though and could use a boost to creatures or something. Just not sure where to go from here

Wendigo4481 on Abzan Midrange, Second Sun

1 day ago

you could drop linvala the preserver and and bone picker and drop in a couple Hidden Stockpile for scrying and blockers maybe a couple of Evolving Wilds to trigger revolt on hidden stockpile and make it a two turn Approach of the Second Sun timer if you can scry down that far fast enough.

GabeBurch on Robot Sun Fog

1 day ago

I'm doing something similar, except without the Mechanized Production and clues. I have a full set of Bounty of the Luxa which ends up working out really well - extra mana to cast Approach of the Second Sun (among other things) and extra card draw to get back to Approach after you cast it.

crocs on Double Gearhulk Control

1 day ago

Angel of Sanctions, Aethersquall Ancient, Sphinx of the Final Word and Approach of the Second Sun would all be appropriate alternate wincons for a deck like this. Less prototypical control wincons might include Curator of Mysteries, Glyph Keeper, or Brisela, Voice of Nightmares.

I'd up to the full playset of Glimmer of Genius if you're going to play Confiscation Coup--I mean, why not? I'd consider Pull from Tomorrow over the remaining two copies of Hieroglyphic Illumination for the big grip refills. Cast Out or Stasis Snare would be a good addition to this deck as well.

CoffeeTime88 on Servo Procession

3 days ago

Sideboard Approach of the Second Sun so you can theoretically Declaration in Stone a Servo and then Draw your library. Also Tamiyo's Journal to tutor it out.

ive-been-degaussed on Ephara, City Under Lockdown

4 days ago

How has Approach of the Second Sun been treating you? I'm considering putting it in my own Ephara list as a wincon as well, but would love to hear experiences with it before I do.

KongMing on Define win condition

4 days ago

Another you need to add, Approach of the Second Sun. Seems amazing to me...

And the new Gideon of the Trials.

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