Approach of the Second Sun


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Approach of the Second Sun


If Approach of the Second Sun was cast from your hand and you cast another spell named Approach of the Second Sun this game, you win the game. Otherwise, put Approach of the Second Sun into its owner's library sevent from the top and you gain 7 life.

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Approach of the Second Sun Discussion

i24 on Sunbathing Sram

11 hours ago

Mystical Tutor and Personal Tutor can help search for Approach of the Second Sun to cast it twice in 3 turns.

Traieon on Here Comes The Sun!

1 day ago

@ LCJ38 I thought that having anymore Approach of the Second Sun would be too many. As if they get stuck in my hand than they have the potential to become a dead card without Wildfire Eternal if I don't make land drops. I thought that I would have enough dig to find one plus it also has pseudo recursion by placing itself back in the library assuming it is not countered or milled.Wildfire Eternal and Wandering Fumarole also can function as alternate win conditions, in the event I can't find an Approach of the Second Sun.

MrBamsGoesBoom6874 on UW CONTROL

2 days ago

Hey for your Thing in the Ice maybe you could try Solemnity because it also acts as a counter to Energy decks in standard. Cards i'd recommend to take out for it would be the Void Shatter and one copy of Approach of the Second Sun.

justindarkforge on The Hour of CATastrophe

2 days ago

Yea, this is more of a gimmick than a serious attempt to build a winning deck. Theoretically, you hope that you come out fast and aggressive enough with the cats that you either win with that our hold out until you top an Approach of the Second Sun or Overwhelming Splendor and than its just a matter of time. Theoretically. I just wanted to put all my cats together and felt like throwing some suns in it

NobleGhost117 on Green-White Life-farm

3 days ago

I personally would recommend getting your deck down to 60 cards, though I won't pressure you since my friend's 90 card landfall deck is one of the scariest casual decks I've ever played against. Beyond that, if you want an alternate win-con there's always Approach of the Second Sun

Murphy77 on The Hour of CATastrophe

3 days ago

I would tend to rather focus on cycle for Approach of the Second Sun or go for infinite kittens with claws aplenty such as in Kittens Play

clayperce on All Things Pummeler

4 days ago

Are you speaking about the New Perspectives/Approach of the Second Sun combo deck? If so, I've played against it a couple times, though never with Pummeler. So please take my theory-crafting here with skepticism! But here are some thoughts:

  • New Perspectives is the key, so Instant-speed Enchantment removal is probably the best answer. Which I guess means Appetite for the Unnatural. Or Negate in Temur Pummeler.
  • They can't combo off if they're dead. Which means you've got until turn 5 or maybe 6 to kill them. Aggressive mul'ing for a fast hand may actually be the best plan.
  • IDK what the deck will look like in HOU Standard of course, but in AKH Standard they usually ran 4x Censor, 4x Sweltering Suns and 4x Haze of Pollen mainboard, and 3x Negate in side. Any of which can just wreck your plans. Of these, I personally think Haze is the most frustrating ... being Hazed after pumping up Pummeler just rots. Insult, Fling, and Dispel (in a Temur build) are all great vs. Haze. Or just drop the Pummelers post-board and add Lathnu Hellion/Glorybringer/beater of choice, and just keep hitting. Eventually they'll run out of Hazes, and every turn they're holding up a Haze is one they're not comboing off :-)

Good luck (and good skill) in the match-up!

MrSilk on I can't lose the game and you can't have fun

5 days ago

I love the deck, it's a smart idea. Do you have any other wincons than Approach of the Second Sun? That's the only thing I'm worried about here.

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