Atzal, Cave of Eternity


Journey to Eternity  Flip


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Rare

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Atzal, Cave of Eternity

Legendary Land

(Transforms from Journey to Eternity.)

Tap: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

, Tap: Return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Atzal, Cave of Eternity Discussion

razelfark on A real fungi

3 months ago

Nice deck idea you have for the return of fungus and thalid cards. You have also done a great job keeping the deck very budget friendly as well. Might have to sleeve this up and give it a shot. Now to find a way to squeeze in Journey to Eternity because of the high death rate of Tendershoot Dryad so we can keep bringing it back with the flip side Atzal, Cave of Eternity.

Argy on Hapatra, Brawl

4 months ago

Nice take on the new format.

If I were you I'd lose the Bontu's Last Reckoning in favour of Heroic Intervention.

I know Atzal, Cave of Eternity can get your Creatures back, but you don't always have it on the field.

Bontu's can destroy all the work you've put into setting up your Creature base. Heroic Intervention protects them.

It might also be useful to find a place for Blossoming Defense.

Fliers cause this deck a lot of problems.

Fatal Push and Walk the Plank might help with that.

multimedia on Eternal Scourge of Standard

6 months ago

Hey, adding blue for Champion of Wits adds a lot a good way to churn through the deck to draw Journey while also putting creatures to be reanimated into the grave, nice job. Wits is also an excellent creature to enchant with Journey.

I have some suggestions:

All my suggestions are budget creatures that work very well with Journey since they give you a powerful ETB ability. Freebooter is especially good because it can help to make sure the coast is clear to enchant a creature with Journey. You don't want your creature to be killed in response to enchanting it giving your opponent a 2 for 1.

Zealot like Champion gives draw when it ETB and out of the options in Standard draw is up there as a one of the best ETB abilities. Because of the ETB draw for Zealot I think it's better here than Glint-Sleeve Siphoner.

Multiple triggers of Gonti's ETB is very good because each time it's triggered you get to exile a card from your opponent's top four cards and each card that's exiled stays exiled until you cast it. Gonti's ETB ability is better than World Shaper's abilities. The deathtouch on Gonti makes it a fine creature to enchant Journey making your opponent have to think twice about attacking you from the ground since they will lose a creature from deathtouch while also flipping Journey and then losing a card from their library to Gonti's exile.

For a reanimation target Noxious is good especially when you can reanimate it with Atzal, Cave of Eternity at instant speed which can be a blowout. It's ETB ability and more utility than Aethersquall Ancient.

I suggest main decking Moment of Craving as the budget Fatal Push alternative removal spell to combat aggro. If you don't need it as removal for an opponent's creature than you can use it to kill your creature who's enchanted with Journey at instant speed. It conveniently kills Wits, Chupacabra, Zealot, Freebooter, etc. It doesn't kill Brontodon or Gonti. Consider cutting Servant of the Conduit for Craving?

Energy is not where you want to be simply because there's better two drops with ETB abilities that have much better interaction with Journey compared to Servant. Servant and Hub make a nice team to splash a third color, but in this case I don't think Servant helps enough to be included.

I don't think you need to play Benefaction of Rhonas or Banewhip Punisher. Yes Benefaction can find both Journey and a creature, but it's another three drop and right now there's too many three drops. Wits, Brontodon and Journey are the best three drops here. 12x three drops is really pushing it. I suggest cutting the 7x additional three drops for two drops: Freebooter and Zealot. Punisher as creature removal is redundant because of Chupacabra and Chupacabra is more powerful card because of it's ETB ability.

For the manabase consider replacing Hub with Evolving Wilds and some Basic lands with some budget dual lands: Submerged Boneyard, Foul Orchard and Woodland Stream?

Good luck with your deck.

Darsul on Jund Dino Reanimator

6 months ago

The problem with Journey to Eternity  Flip / Atzal, Cave of Eternity is that, in what world is it better then God-Pharaoh's Gift?

Sure, once Refurbish rotates it can be revised but, right now God-Pharaoh's Gift > Journey to Eternity.

ahkyle on Rivals Standard Reanimator

6 months ago

Another thing to consider: easy ways to pitch things into the graveyard. Reanimating Noxious Gearhulk with Atzal, Cave of Eternity is great because it cheapens the rate that you pay for it. One way that helps with flooding and can also help your creatures get in for damage is Key to the City. It's card advantage in decks that don't have easy ways to get that advantage, and it feeds your graveyard.

orcishbarbarian on Golgari Journey to Eternity (RIX)

6 months ago

Thrashing Brontodon is perfect for this deck. Casting journey on the brontodon on turn four allow you To sack brontodon for 1 targeting your journey. The magic happens when you finally check for the destroy enchantement both ur brontodon and the journey went in the graveyard. So u get Atzal, Cave of Eternity and your brontodon.