Zetalpa, Primal Dawn


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Rare
Explorers of Ixalan (EO2) None

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Zetalpa, Primal Dawn

Legendary Creature — Dinosaur

Flying, double strike, vigilance, trample, indestructible

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Zetalpa, Primal Dawn Discussion

coloneldark on Zacama is Nutz

6 days ago


Thanks for the comment! I have noticed that this deck is a occasionally slow, but extremely powerful...sometimes unstoppable. Here is what is consistent: turn 5 Zacama if you have the correct pieces, Zacama will threaten other players and they will either lose the game or answer Zacama immediately. Occasionally I have ended up in top deck mode, which can be really annoying. I never considered Soul's Majesty, or Life's Legacy mainly because I never knew they existed. :p I have Rishkar's Expertise and Momentous Fall in place of those two cards. I think these cards are marginally better because you can play a card for free or respond to a board wipe with immediate value. If I was going to add them I would likely replace Zetalpa, Primal Dawn, or Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. I am already playing Greater Good, which can be infinite card draw and infinite mana. I am also playing Elemental Bond, which seems to work well.

I'm excited that you are making this deck! It's extremely powerful and one of my favorite ways to play Magic.

hydrothermia on Bolas Beyond the Trees

1 week ago

Helm of the Host would be an entertaining addition, allowing you to duplicate non-legendary versions of Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip. Enter the Unknown for could smooth out your mana curve a bit. You could do so much more with Thran Temporal Gateway, you could drop a Zetalpa, Primal Dawn in to beef up the Drover of the Mighty or add any of the Elder Dragons for to trigger the Dragon's Hoard more.

shawnledoux on Defending Arcades

3 weeks ago

Have you considered Zetalpa, Primal Dawn? He seems like he might be good with or without Arcades on the field. Especially since this seems to be a control shell. Maybe come down 1 Negate and 1 Aegis of the Heavens?

Kingtalk on First Deck, Dinosaur Commander

3 weeks ago

I'm a pretty big fan of dinosaurs, this deck overall looks good, could use a little work though. As far as lands go, I'd add in Jungle Shrine, Path of Ancestry, Rogue's Passage, and Kessig Wolf Run. If you want to splurge and ensure you can color fix more reliably, maybe throw in City of Brass, Mana Confluence, and Forbidden Orchard too. One of my favorite cards in this deck is Congregation at Dawn because it can either set up your commander to do crazy work, or just set you up for a combo, or even just grab a few mana dorks. Defense of the Heart is also a fantastic card in this deck. I like to run Return to Dust in any deck that can run it because it's stellar removal. I see you have a couple Huatli planeswalkers, and they're good, but I'd also consider Domri Rade and Samut, the Tested. As for creatures, I see you have a few that can trigger the 'Enrage' keyword, but only two creatures that have the keyword. I built my dino deck around that keyword becuase I think it's really powerful. Consider adding in Bellowing Aegisaur, Ripjaw Raptor, Siegehorn Ceratops, Silverclad Ferocidons, and Trapjaw Tyrant. I'd also consider adding in Zacama, Primal Calamity, Temple Altisaur, and Territorial Hammerskull. For creatures to support your dinos, Drover of the Mighty, Druid of the Anima, and Priest of the Wakening Sun and all pretty good. Odric, Lunarch Marshal is an include in this deck because of all the keywords flying around, Zetalpa, Primal Dawn is a reason enough to include him. They're not dinos, but there are two gods from Theros block that are great in here (and in general) Xenagos, God of Revels and Iroas, God of Victory are worthy includes in my opinion. For artifacts I like Door of Destinies and Caltrops to trigger your enrage abilities. Those are just a few suggestions, if you want to check out my dinosaur tech I'll link it here.

Life Finds a Way

PhyrexianWombat on For Fun Dinos

1 month ago

I'd definitely add some more dinosaurs if I were you, so you have a higher chance of getting some off Gishath.

Etali, Primal Storm and Zetalpa, Primal Dawn maybe?

Don't forget Regal Behemoth is technically a dinosaur now and is a lot of fun. Thrashing Brontodon and the new Runic Armasaur are solid too.

Edgarislife on Mayael EDH Primer

1 month ago

Have you considered adding Ghalta, Primal Hunger, the ability to hard cast for cheap could be nice if your commander is getting shut out.

Also Zetalpa, Primal Dawn is just big, fat, and amazing.

RustBeltGames on Keyword Bingo - Odric Style

1 month ago

@Alexbaylis20 Thanks for the suggestion. I think my issue there is the really high CMC of 8. My other 8cmc creature is Zetalpa, Primal Dawn, which while not strictly better, offers me some keyword diversity, in double strike and indestructible that occur less on my other creatures. I could potentially swap it in for Emeria Shepherd. What are your thought on that swap?

zenozia on

2 months ago

hi really like your list! but I feel that you rely on the wrong keyword you see in most of the case having flying double strike haste is far better then first strike and vigilence also hexproof is really not that good because it doesnt give it during main phase 1 same thing for indestructible

creature: Skyhunter Skirmisher, Aven Sunstriker Balan, Wandering Knight, Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite not sure about this one but it's such a cool card! Akroma, Angel of Wrath and Zetalpa, Primal Dawn if your local meta is slow enough this are the cards

artifact: Quietus Spike, Hammer of Nazahn,

instant: Disenchant

sorcery: Hour of Revelation Wrath of God I know it's pretty weird but I feel that you can try to make your creature indestructible and blow thing up. Add them if you want it's more a play style choice then the other card. Revoke Existence

land: Command Beacon

list of thing to cut in my oppinion: Archetype of Courage, Elite Inquisitor, Batterskull, Ring of Thune, Unexpectedly Absent, Darksteel Mutation, Oblivion Ring, Captain of the Watch, Knight of Grace, Precinct Captain, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Decree of Justice, Leonin Shikari

if you have any question for the cut or why certain card are on the list just ask me :)

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