Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
From the Vault: Realms Mythic Rare
Time Spiral Rare

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As Vesuva enters the battlefield, you may choose a land in play. If you do, Vesuva enters the battlefield tapped as a copy of the chosen land.

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Vesuva Discussion

Beebles on [[Primer v2.5]] - OM_RATH!!! (EMN Update!!!)

1 day ago

Hey there,

I like your list. I've written down a few cards to try for my Mina and Denn build that I've missed so far. Hope I can return the favor by mentioning things I kind of missed in your list.

  • Undiscovered Paradise can give you an additional landfall trigger per turn when you have no more lands in hand
  • I am running the panorama lands (like Jund Panorama) over evolving wilds because they offer more flexibility: they help get you that colerless requirement for world breaker, and you can wait to sac them when it is most useful.
  • You are running Scapeshift but not Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle, Vesuva and Thespian's Stage? So much additional damage potential is waiting for you (you can get valakut and X mountains with scapeshift even if you do not yet have 5 mountains in play, they will all trigger with valakut. If valakut was already in play, you can get Vesuva with scapeshift for double damage. And no, valakut is not legendary, so you can copy it).
  • Sheltered Thicket would be a nice fit here as well.
  • Quirion Ranger is a similar hero with burgeoning as ghost town

Hope there was something there that matches your vision for the deck.

GL & GF,


yahelhotam on Budget 12-post Eldrazi

2 weeks ago

Vesuva is needed

PookandPie on Mono Coloured Deck Choices

2 weeks ago

Ah, okay. In that case, you should be able to try out something like Chainer pretty easily, assuming you have some of the mono black staples.

A lot of non-combo mono black decks wind up being Big Mana Black, and I don't play Chainer any differently. Cabal Coffers, Vesuva, and Thespian's Stage are great, though you could abstain from Vesuva if you don't want to drop the cash on it. Bloodghast could be swapped for Nether Traitor to save some cash, Oblivion Stone could be Nevinyrral's Disk, some of the tutors could be swapped for their more inexpensive versions, etc..

Up to you. If they mostly run creature decks you should be set with something like Chainer.

entheogeneral on Need Help Compiling a List ...

2 weeks ago

Okay, so I just have a buncha lands for you. Most to protect you, others to slow them down or support your lands.Kor Haven

Balduvian Trading Post

Blighted Fen

Cabal Pit


Deserted Temple

Clacial Chasm

Halls of MistIce Floe

The Isle of Wak-Wak

Petrified Field

Prahv, Spires of Order


Sorrow's Path

Thespian's Stage

The Tabernacle at Penrell Vale


I hope you can use so of these ideas.

Flagellum on alternatives to Gaea's cradle?

3 weeks ago

Yup, Nykthos is your closest best. That or copy someone else's Gaea's Cradle with Vesuva or Thespian's Stage. Karametra's Acolyte is another Nykthos with legs btw but only works for devotion.

BossRanza on Avacyn and the 18* Wraths

3 weeks ago

Hi! I really like your deck and I've got some ideas for you to consider. It seems you are not on a tight budget so I'll recommend some more expensive cards too.

Card draw: while not actual card draw, I'd use Land Tax + Scroll Rack combo and it can effectively "draw" you 3 cards for mere 1 mana as long as an opponent controls more lands than you do.

Mind's Eye if you happen to have good mana acceleration, since the card itself costs 5 mana and requires mana to use.

If your meta has a lot of token and/or creature based decks, Farsight Mask can be a pretty solid card draw engine.

Also if you are OK with your opponents drawing cards or looting, Mikokoro, Center of the Sea and Geier Reach Sanitarium are worth considering.

And since you are running Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, you might wanna play Deserted Temple to untap it. If you fancy the idea, you can copy the Temple by using Vesuva or Thespian's Stage.

Tutoring lands such as Nykthos can be priceless so Weathered Wayfarer helps in doing that.

I also spotted that you are "missing" some wrath-effects, have you considered Austere Command.

And last but not least, since your commander costs 8 mana, it'll probably be a huge set back if she died, so using Command Beacon sort of reduces her casting cost, since you'll be able to cast her for 8, instead of 10 or 12.

chosenone124 on Colorless Artifact Lockdown

1 month ago

I strongly suggest replacing Tron with 12-Post.

The set up for 12-Post is 4 Glimmerpost, 4 Cloudpost, 4 Vesuva. This is extra powerful because Vesuva can copy Ancient Tomb for fast mana as well.

Remember: 12-Post was banned in Modern and Tron wasn't.

The issue with running Urzatron is that you don't have a lot of land tutors out there. Tron requires 3 exact lands to work properly. 12 post merely requires 1 Cloudpost and any of the other 11 cards works just fine.

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

1 month ago

Thinking about utility lands lately, I started to consider Thespian's Stage and Vesuva. At the least, they both come into play and are mana producing lands, potentially any colored. Both would copy a Maze of Ith or Kor Haven for added protection. They could both copy any of my multiple mana producing lands like Lotus Vale, Scorched Ruins, Boros Garrison, Orzhov Basilica, or Rakdos Carnarium for some extra ramp. They both could copy a Sea Gate Wreckage, Rogue's Passage, or Slayers' Stronghold for value in those areas. Vesuva could be dropped early to copy any mana producing land and then bounced with a bounceland like Boros Garrison, Orzhov Basilica, or Rakdos Carnarium. Thespian's Stage would not need to be bounced to continue to produce the most value for me throughout the game. I am pretty sure I would not want to run a Dark Depths myself, but it would open the possibility if I ever wanted to, and in a pinch it could counter those pesky Dark Depths combo decks out there that I may eventually face (I know, likely a rare occurrence, but wouldn't that just be amazingly dramatic?).

Anyway, does anyone have any opinion on both Thespian's Stage and Vesuva? I am leaning more toward Thespian's Stage if I only use one, since it comes into the battlefield untapped and seems more flexible than Vesuva, but I could be convinced to run both.

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