Estrid, the Masked


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) Mythic Rare

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Estrid, the Masked

Legendary Planeswalker — Estrid

+2: Untap each enchanted permanent you control.

-1: Create a white Aura enchantment token named Mask attached to another target permanent. The token has enchant permanent and token armor.

-7: Put the top seven cards of your library into your graveyard. Return all non-Aura enchantment cards from your graveyard to the battlefield, then do the same for Aura cards.

Estrid, the Masked can be your commander.

Estrid, the Masked Discussion

ZendikariWol on Enchantment Voltron Commanders

1 month ago

First of all, it doesn't need to be voltron. I can go wide with enchanted creatures too. Still, I want to make an enchantment voltron deck but I don't know which commander I want to use. Here's who I'm considering so far:

Tuvasa the Sunlit

Estrid, the Masked

Tana, the Bloodsower plus Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker

Zurgo Helmsmasher

Ruhan of the Fomori

Any of that cycle of legendary dragons (probably Dromar, the Banisher, Rith, the Awakener, Vorosh, the Hunter, Numot, the Devastator)

Storm Crow

Of course, new additions are welcome if you can make a convincing claim for them, but note that I play in a fairly noncompetitive meta, so decks that want to win immediately and shut out all interaction are off limits.

KayneMarco on Superfriends w/ Ramos

2 months ago

Rowan Kenrith would be amazing in here if you got her emblem from her ult. If you got the emblem every single walker activation would automatically be copied. Two for the price of one. And for using the chain veil Estrid, the Masked would actually be easier to go infinite with the veil than teferi is.

jaystorm on [PRIMER] Death & Staxes: Competitive Meren EDH

2 months ago

Hi! I've been working on a stax deck of my own using this list as a base, and everyone I know hates it! There's been a sort of power level arms race at my LGS, and I'm trying my best to keep things 'fair.' The decks arn't quite CEDH level yet save for a Selvala, Heart of the Wilds brostorm deck,Nekusar, the Mindrazer storm deck, and a tuned Derevi, Empyrial Tactician stax list. I have been experiencing some level of difficulty with Derevi and some Estrid, the Masked lists ramping faster than I can lay down my stax pieces/untapping and drawing cards through my stax pieces. Should I compensate with Pithing Needle and Sorcerous Spyglass to shut out their commanders? Usually at tables there are a lot of interactive decks and I quickly become the villain, so meren has a hard time sticking around. Should I add in ways to protect her like Cavern of Souls or Lightning Greaves, or should I just invest more into making my list more independent?

Crayfish on The Many-Deck Dilema

2 months ago

I'll preface this post by saying I love commander. I love the complexity and interactions of the decks, I love the long social and political games, I love it all. That being said, my problem comes from obsessive deck-dreaming, and I'm wondering what everyone's opinion on the matter is.

What I mean by obsessive deck-dreaming is I never feel satisfied with the decks I have. Currently I have 11 commander decks, 4 of which are somewhat modified precons, 1 of which is playgroup jank meme, and the other 6 are of my design.

The decks I have are, from at least what I can tell, not terrible decks. They all have their interactions, complexities, and enjoyment factors to them. Yet, everytime I'm bored I end up on EDHREC or TappedOut, looking at commanders and thinking "Man, wouldnt they be fun to play?". I have a mental list of at least 6 different commanders I would like to attempt to build, and a couple I've already designed that I havent the will or wallet to purchase yet. (Neheb, the Worthy I'll buy you one day, pal!)

Not to mention I'm still a lowly high-school peasant, with a near-minimum wage job and college fees to start paying. This means the money I have to spend on MtG is severely limited.

Another issue is I always feel like my decks are lesser than everyone around me. I don't know for certain if this is grounded in fact or if it's just a mindset of anxiety, but that also leaves me split between deciding if I want to upgrade my decks or just try to build brand new ones that may be better, in an effort to impress others and, ya know, claim a few wins.

So therein lies my question. Do I work on these sudden whims of commander brainstorming and continue to create and acquire new decks, or should I try and focus on what I have and improving those so they can be the best they possibly can? Do you prefer to have one or two decks that are your poster children, your heart and soul and major investment, or do you like to spread your money out and invest in a myriad of ideas? I'd love to know your thoughts!

hkhssweiss on Atraxa- SuperFriends boop

2 months ago


You can try lower the curve a bit more, and seeing the price point your not on budget so some cards I would recommend would be, Pir, Imaginative Rascal he is an auto include in any planeswalker deck as he is essentially a Hardened Scales. Kaya, Ghost Assassin, the amount of control she gives is staggering as well as CA. Estrid, the Masked, gives protection to your planeswalkers and can give great synergy with Honor-Worn Shaku as you can tap your planeswalker for mana. Mana Crypt should be an auto include as well. Sorin, Grim Nemesis is great CA as well as damage to your opponent and has relevant abilities. As Foretold is great with Atraxa as it can definitely get out of hand. Wargate can also fetch you any of your planeswalkers as well.

Hopefully these suggestions help!

eliakimras on Estrid, the Masked

2 months ago

You may take out the less synergistic cards of your deck: Altered Ego, Hundred-Handed One, Krond the Dawn-Clad (it's really hard to make on curve in a 3-color deck without shock and fetchlands), Seedborn Muse (your deck only has 3 instant spells), Spear of Heliod (only destroy creatures that already dealt damage - you might be dead at that point). Since you have a 4-mana commander, I recommend Abundant Growth, Burgeoning, Wild Growth and Overgrowth instead of Dawn's Reflection to ramp into her. Estrid, the Masked will stick longer the sooner you cast her. You might also consider switching to Tuvasa the Sunlit to have Enchantress-like draw power available right from the command zone.

TheEDHKid on Picking a Bant-chantress Commander

3 months ago


After purchasing the Adaptive Enchantment deck, I'm finding myself having a lot of fun playing around with it. All 3 commanders for it seem very fun and unique, I just can't decide, as I look to buy some singles for it, which I should build around.

My playgroup is more %75 than anything, and I love having fun unique decklists, but nothing TOO voltrony, although I do love auras, and going tall and sorta wide interests me.

Tuvasa the Sunlit

Kestia, the Cultivator

Estrid, the Masked

Any ideas?

Voke1012 on Tuvasa's Enchantments

3 months ago

i personally love Crown of the Ages to move things around as needed especially with Estrid, the Masked in changing what has totem armour based on what's needed was amazing

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Estrid, the Masked occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

GWU (Bant): 0.24%