Harmonic Sliver


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral (TSP) Uncommon

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Harmonic Sliver

Creature — Sliver

All Slivers have "When this permanent enters the battlefield, destroy target artifact or enchantment."

Harmonic Sliver Discussion

HawksFanatic on sliver

3 weeks ago

I'd suggest moving Harmonic Sliver and Spellskite to the sideboard and replacing them with something else because it will sometimes be useless. Tech cards are amazing in certain situations, but they are better in the sideboard so you don't draw useless cards game 1.

Sectiron on The First Sliver to the Last Sliver

1 month ago

Hi Strangelove, +1 for your list too!

  • This has definitely been tuned for a more casual play group. My group usually avoids combos, particularly infinite ones. But those are some very interesting combinations that I hadn't really noticed/ turned my attention to; I would definitely experiment with them in a more competitive meta. It just depends on the play group and what they're ok with.

  • I love Firewake Sliver and I really didn't notice the haste ability. I was too focused on the pay (1) ability, which I was trying to avoid haha. This will probably be an include- I want as much haste as possible. Mindlash Sliver is great, though in my group, as I wrote in the guide, is not too fond of hand disruption. Though in any other situation, it would be a definitely added in. Your suggestion of sac slivers and Dormant Sliver and Harmonic Sliver is an interesting idea I would like to actually test. I was worried about doing this because of consistency issues in seeing both a sac outlet + one of these slivers, because on their own these slivers and sac slivers don't really serve the purpose of this deck. Though, I've definitely thought of using Darkheart Sliver to capitalise on board-wipes; however I've been trying to avoid wipes entirely.

  • I'm testing the deck with more ramp and hope to add more soon!

  • Sometimes its super annoying to flip through the whole deck, though for me it feels very rewarding to potentially play 3 pieces of power in 1 turn. I guess that's just the gimmick of the deck. It's hilarious seeing my friends' faces when this happens.

I like reclamation, reconnaissance and summoner's pact, but I generally avoid cheap non-sliver spells. Instead of reclamation, I'll be trying to get recursion with my land base, e.g. Volrath's Stronghold and I'm testing Memorial to Folly and Mortuary Mire .

However, in future I would like to add more tutors to increase the consistency of the deck. Thus, Summoner's Pact would be a good include. Once I increase the consistency of the deck more, I'll go for more 1 cmc non-slivers, as you've suggested. This can be achieved by tutors or cards that reorganise the top of the library, e.g. Sylvan Library , Sensei's Divining Top or Scroll Rack . However, right now, I'm sticking to the current build in hopes of testing cards such as:

Maelstrom Nexus Living End Wheel of Fate Diffusion Sliver Mirari's Wake

This'll be the first phase of my testing before I go more into tutors and ramp.

  • And yeh, slivers are definitely going to be hated, no matter how you put it haha. I think in my play group, one which is not that used to slivers, they are a bit more kind.

Help was much appreciated! Glhf to you too,

Strangelove on The First Sliver to the Last Sliver

1 month ago

Hey Sectiron, +1 for you mate!

Here's my (casual?) list: Slivers/ First/ Lords

Clearly you've given it some thought, but it reads like you're underestimating your excludes... unless you're under-tuning for casual, tbf.

I wanted to list a few combos in case you missed them ;)

...Basically, Morophon, the Boundless , Sliver Queen , and Pulmonic Sliver go infinite in many ways... and Dormant Sliver , Basal Sliver (aka Ashnod's Altar ) , and Darkheart Sliver are all really good.

...as are Firewake Sliver (it gives haste) and Mindlash Sliver . Really, any sacrifice in general would let you play and turn off Dormant Sliver / Harmonic Sliver (aka Aura Shards )/ Crystalline Sliver /(etc) as well as capitalize on board wipes.

Ramp feels really nice... why not play more? Resigning yourself to 5 mana sounds miserable! I agree cascading into ramp is a bummer, but if you play 2:1 cards like Skyshroud Claim , (etc), you'll consistently play your commander as well as protect yourself from land hate (...it is too easy to deny the WUBRG player).

Also, play way more 1-drops, including non-Slivers. I personally like Phyrexian Reclamation and have been testing Reconnaissance . Currently my only 0-drop is Summoner's Pact , which effectively lets me stop cascading through <100 cards, tutor, and then shuffle. Your current setup is torture! Cascading for a single 1-drop (which you can't skip and just tutor) into <3 0-drops? You're flipping and shuffling way too much for a single rock! Either way, though, it looks like fun.

My tables are also casual, but Slivers are arch-enemy... no matter what! Embrace it :)

Hopefully this was helpful. glhf!

austintayshus on Many Claws, But One Hive

1 month ago

That being said, Mike is right, this deck isn't standard legal. Probably belongs in the 'casual' hub.

You could also use some more removal and card draw. Maybe find a spot for Harmonic Sliver and Dormant Sliver

BoredMusings on A Naya Direction {Rienne EDH}

1 month ago

Overall, great deck! I would suggest Harmonic Sliver , Zendikar Resurgent , Guardian Project , Marath, Will of the Wild , Mirari's Wake , Creeping Renaissance , Selvala, Explorer Returned , and Nature's Lore and maybe Faith's Reward or Beast Whisperer . The deck needs a little bit more ramp and card draw to get the full potential of out valuing your opponents.

Sectiron on The First Sliver to the Last Sliver

1 month ago

Also, I almost forgot. It's necessary to INCLUDE Blur Sliver to increase the consistency of hasty surprise kills and it's crucial to REMOVE Harmonic Sliver . It's ability is a MUST, so unless you're facing a full artifact based deck, Harmonic Sliver will work to destroy your own enchantments/ artifacts and shut off this deck's acceleration. However, this is a sure include in the sideboard.

Sarkhan420X on Modern CoCo Slivers

2 months ago

Eledain and stylejoker00: its also important to note that the "unearth" ability does not target, and so would not be impeded by "shroud", even if the shroud extended to slivers in the graveyard.

i've been running slivers in modern for a few years now, and noticed a few places in your deck where improvements could be made.

  1. run 24 lands. an easy way to make space for more is cut the Birds of Paradise and Mirror Entity . you won't need them. land drops are more important than a mana dork that is only good early game, and slivers won't need any p/t buffs from the mirror entity. they have plenty. 24 lands ensures you can still usually cast Collected Company without a mana-sliver, and gives more opportunities for color fixing.

  2. cut any sliver outside of Collected Company range. Sliver Hivelord and The First Sliver are good cards, but they don't function well in an aggro vial/coco build. slivers put into play with vial or coco won't trigger cascade.

  3. you need more swamps for Sedge Sliver . yes i see the Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth , but you still only have 7 total cards that count as a swamp or go fetch for a swamp.

  4. increase the number of lands that can tap for green for Collected Company . currently, you have 8 lands that can produce green or search for a green source. my recommendation would be to axe the Sliver Hive . yes its a rainbow land, but with proper distribution of fetchlands and shocklands, the Cavern of Souls alone should suffice for rainbow lands.

  5. Phantasmal Image . this guy is great for copying any stackable sliver effect, most notably the power boosts. but it can also come into play copying Harmonic Sliver , and then you get to blow up 2 artifacts/enchantments.

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Harmonic Sliver occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%