Harmonic Sliver


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral Uncommon

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Harmonic Sliver

Creature — Sliver

All Slivers have "When this permanent enters the battlefield, destroy target artifact or enchantment."

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Harmonic Sliver Discussion

PookandPie on Sliver EDH, because yes...

1 week ago

So I'm going to preface this: I played Sliver Overlord in Commander for probably 2-3 years, so I definitely enjoy using him as a Commander, and will try to impart the best card suggestions I can based off of my own experience:

1): You need to run Intruder Alarm. It is probably the best enchantment you could run in Sliver Overlord EDH, and I'll explain why in a spoiler, copied directly from my own deck's page:

What you need is 5 Slivers total, two of which should be Sliver Overlord and Manaweft Sliver or Gemhide Sliver. Pay 3 to tutor out a Sliver with haste (if you have an open mana from any non-Sliver source available after casting Intruder Alarm, you require only 4 Slivers), namely Heart Sliver, and cast it. Then, proceed to cast every single Sliver in the library from mana costs 1 and 2 up. At the end of this, they should be getting something in the range of +50/+50 with multiple forms of evasion, indestructible, vigilance, double strike, shroud, etc., so you could probably swing one or two at each opponent to end the game.

If you're afraid of Fog or something similar, once you've pulled every Sliver you want out of your library with Intruder Alarm, you should control a shrouded and indestructible Sliver Queen, Cautery Sliver, and Gemhide Sliver/Manaweft Sliver, among other little dudes (you can literally just go get these, though, if you want the win to be quick). You should have lots of extra mana from the Intruder Alarm loop mentioned above, so you can begin dumping tokens from Sliver Queen whenever you pull her out, which will untap all of your Slivers again- thus giving you the ability to make as many tokens as you want. So, with infinite tokens, you also have infinite mana, which means you also have access to infinite damage from Cautery Sliver. Keep Hibernation Sliver in mind because it can essentially prevent opponents from interacting with your creatures during this entire step. So long as you're careful, it pretty much takes a Krosan Grip on Intruder Alarm to stop this train from rolling, so the more leeway you give yourself in terms of mana, the better (anything without split second just allows you to activate Hibernation Sliver or cast another Sliver at instant speed (Quick Sliver) to continue this process until you're satisfied).

Okay, now with that out of the way, I also suggest Paradox Engine, and for the same reason as the above: Paradox Engine is basically Intruder Alarm Lite that only you get to use if you control Gemhide/Manaweft.

Other enchantments I would suggest would be Mana Echoes, which goes infinite with Sliver Queen and is just generally absurd with Overlord (put a Sliver into play to collect tons of mana to tutor up more Slivers? Yes please). Rhystic Study is a solid draw engine for EDH, and Cryptolith Rite is Gemhide/Manaweft number 3.

Sliver suggestions:

Hibernation Sliver. Because exile is a thing, and it can protect your creatures with a measly 2 life. Also, it works extremely well with Intruder Alarm/Paradox Engine. A Merciless Eviction would completely ruin your day, while Hibernation Sliver and a sac outlet can help reduce the impact significantly.

Basal Sliver. Infinites with Sliver Queen.

Firewake Sliver. Basically better Blur Sliver as it can function as a sacrifice outlet against mass-exile.

Horned Sliver. Gives trample- basically a cheaper version of Battering Sliver.

Harmonic Sliver. All-important enchantment and artifact hate, don't run without it.

What I suggest removing to fit these in:

Battering Sliver. Horned Sliver is significantly better as it costs half as much for the same effect.

Megantic Sliver. While it's a nice Sliver and the buff is good, Sliver Legion costs less, does more, and I can see no reason as to why you'd ever be happier to see Megantic vs Sliver Legion as even by itself, Legion is larger (a 6/6 vs 7/7. With 2 Slivers, you'd have an 8/8 and at minimum a 2/2, vs Megantic with a 6/6 and a 3/3- Legion always gives the larger buff at a cheaper mana cost). For this reason, I see little purpose in keeping Megantic when, if you're going to tutor out a Sliver, it's going to be Legion.

Quilled Sliver. It's just not that great. Hibernation Sliver will surely do more for your deck as it is a much better defensive tool

Spined Sliver. You can do better than this card; Horned, Harmonic, etc., do a lot more.

Vampiric Sliver. While not awful, it still has an ability less useful than most others, and less useful than Intruder Alarm or Paradox Engine.

Toxin Sliver. I removed this one from my own list recently; I found it was, generally, just an overcost and worse Venom Sliver. This could easily become Intruder Alarm's slot, for example.

Anyway, hope this helps. There are a few more suggestions I have (like Seedborn Muse because she's insane with Sliver Overlord and Quick Sliver), but these are all for right now since I've already typed a bunch. Have fun, and if you want to look at a list for inspiration, here's my Sliver Overlord list here: Za Warudo! (Sliver Overlord Aggro).

Delta-117 on Sliver EDH, because yes...

1 week ago

It's edh and so I think Harmonic Sliver is good enough on its own in your main deck. I use it in my Sliver Overlord deck as well.

MrKrabs on Saffi's Weenie Hut Jr

1 week ago

Oh, Sol Ring. When I first built the list I omitted Sol Ring in protest of the RC. It should probably be in. Probably will go in at some point. Might be what I replace Boonweaver with if it comes out.

You'll find that a lot of my deck decisions are based on aesthetic reasons rather than good play choices. Harmonic Sliver just has a prettier foil, that's about it. I do the same thing in RuPaul's Drag Race, running the judge foil Orim's Chant over Silence purely because of the artwork.

Strip Mine and Wasteland were in for a while. I usually feel like those cards only truly shine in this format if you're also running Crucible, but they certainly have their merits normally. I'm on a bit of a crusade against non-basics that aren't pivotal to deck function (fetches, fetchables, key utility lands e.g.). Lands that don't tap for colored mana just feel terrible, and I found myself almost never actually using them for their intended purpose. If I were to add one back, I'd probably add Ghost Quarter back first, since at least that can awkwardly help you fix your own mana.

I haven't tried Eidolon, but I've tried Mentor in the past. They could both be good. Last time I tried Mentor I found the card underwhelming, but it was a very different build of the deck than I have now.

I've used Mirror Entity in the past to get around things like Null Rod, when used in conjunction with Boonweaver + Pattern of Rebirth. You keep getting reanimators into play until eventually you pattern into Harmonic Sliver and blow up the Rod. Generally speaking it's just there for resilience's sake, but I've also used it to buff my creatures and put pressure on another player.

Fetch cycle may get finished, but foil fetches are freaking expensive haha.

enpc on Saffi's Weenie Hut Jr

1 week ago

So first off, I really like the direction you've taken the deck in. I've always been interested in stax build Saffi, and this seems strong.

A few questions/comments:

  • Why no Sol Ring? It's one of the most powerful ramp pieces in the game and it helps basically every deck. It feel silly not to run it.

  • Harmonic Sliver should probably be Reclamation Sage. Better body, easier to cast. Unless you come up against a lot of Priest of Titanias it's a direct upgrade in moat circumstances.

  • If you're running a stax/tax deck, Strip Mine and Wasteland are right at home. I personally think that unless you're a super greedy combo deck, you should be at least running Strip Mine.

  • have you considered cards like Mentor of the Meek and Eidolon of Blossoms? Both would work well here and I have been impressed by both of them.

  • how does Mirror Entity go? I've always seen this card as underwhelming.

Other than that the list looks tight. I'm presuming you're going to finish the cycle of fetches?

herringtonr on Best Modern Slivers

3 weeks ago

Highly recommend Cavern of Souls. It is a bit pricy, but its worth it to get a Manaweft Sliver or Harmonic Sliver onto the battlefield. Also consider running 1 Harmonic Sliver in the mb and 2 in the sb instead.

Izu_Korasu on New sliver deck help-Colors?

3 weeks ago

to be fair, the /X slivers are easily the most powerful slivers you have access too, so it feels like a waste to avoid them, by extension Sedge Sliver and means losing out lifegain, removal, mana, and +1/+1 counters, and makes it harder to cast the 5c lords, but thats your call.

Anyway, as mentioned above bant is your only real option, red has some useful slivers left, but they are ability slivers and the splash for Blur Sliver or Two-Headed Sliver probably isn't worth it. so you may need to fill the gap with the any-lords Adaptive Automaton and Metallic Mimic

Collected Company is the most powerful card for slivers, and Mutavault probably has its place in the list as well.

other cards to consider are Manaweft Sliver, Sentinel Sliver, Harmonic Sliver, Sliver Hivelord, Warping Wail, Sliver Hive, Cavern of Souls, Telekinetic Sliver and Aether Vial

Pieguy396 on Roon of the Hidden Realm EDH

3 weeks ago

Yeah, that's a good point. Just looking briefly, Harmonic Sliver could be a good choice to go, or perhaps Angel of Serenity or Stonehorn Dignitary.

Pieguy396 on Roon of the Hidden Realm EDH

4 weeks ago

I've always loved Clever Impersonator in EDH, maybe that instead of Phyrexian Metamorph or Harmonic Sliver or something? Urbis Protector is also fun. Finally, do you think that just one flicker per turn (with Roon) is enough? I'd consider other flicker cards like Cloudshift, Ghostly Flicker, Acrobatic Maneuver, and Illusionist's Stratagem.

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