Boros Charm

Boros Charm


Choose one Boros Charm deals 4 damage to target player; or permanents you control are indestructible this turn; or target creature gains double strike until end of turn.
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Boros Charm Discussion

shaistyone on Alesha, who smiles at Commander

6 hours ago

Taurean Mauler - gets big fast, and returnable with Alesha
Gideon's Avenger - ditto
Instigator Gang - lots of extra damage, returnable
Chandra's Spitfire - burn enhancement + combo with Raid Bombardment
Ponyback Brigade - lots of tokens w/Alesha
Boros Charm - keep your stuff
Faith's Reward - ditto
Rootborn Defenses - double ditto
Fervent Charge - great value for aggro
Reconnaissance - best card nobody plays, so perfect in Alesha it's scary...

Johanson69 on Modern Allies - Primer (Updated for BfZ!)

15 hours ago

1 or 2 things that would polish up the appearance of the primer: Would be really cool if you could put the color-banners in WUBRG order, polishes it up a bit, as well as maybe updating the banners to have the most important Allies in these colors, so Black: Drana, Red: Battlesinger.

You lack a line break in front of Mirror Mockery in blue support.

Also, in case you need/want some inspiration and didn't see it yet, I compiled all sorts of support cards over here.

In terms of support cards, I think the following deserve some mention:

Mentor of the Meek can be decent in slower matchups, but still is not that good as a topdeck when we are in dire need for an Ally trigger. Potential is definitely there though.

Rally the Ancestors in case all you need is some more triggers rather than board position (or only need that to chump-block).

Unified Front for decks that solely care about triggers, with one Ally like Excavator or Ondu Cleric, you easily get 12 or 20 life gained/cards milled. Still at sorcery speed, but imo this can be a decent budget-variant to Collected Company (if you consistently get converge-4).

Tezzeret's Gambit can do some insane stuff in a Hardened Scales-deck.

Call to the Kindred can do work if you aren't afraid of getting 2-for-1-ed. Rather put it at not as good as they seem though, together with Infinite Reflection. Not sure where to put Polymorphous Rush, Deadeye Navigator or Leyline of Anticipation.

I've seen a deck idea involving self-mill and then Unburial Rites into Restoration Angel rather than simply Return to the Ranks. Maybe worth it pondering about that.

Lead the Stampede definitely deserves a mention as a hand-filler.

You already mentioned Tracker's Instincts and Commune with the Gods, but didn't include them in the support section. It is to note though that these only provide card quality rather than advantage. Grisly Salvage ought to be mentioned as well.

Colorless and multicolor cards deserve some consideration too, AEther Vial (together with Mimic Vat) could deserve a section on its own explaining the multitude of uses and whether to move the counters up to three. A paragraph on utility lands such as Alchemist's Refuge, Gavony Township, Vault of the Archangel, Slayers' Stronghold, Kessig Wolf Run. Mutavault can serve as an Ally for various effects, but likely destabilizes the manabase too much.

Multicolor cards I like to consider are Dromoka's Command, Atarka's Command in a very aggressive deck, Boros Charm, maybe maybe Beck, Kiora, Master of the Depths as well as Domri Rade, Venser, the Sojourner and Xenagos, the Reveler can be decent. Legion's Initiative and March from the Tomb can do some work as well.

t1stark on Naya Zoo

1 day ago

I feel like this deck wants to be faster than what Voice of Resurgence gives, so one card that I would suggest is Flinthoof Boar or Experiment One. Also, you could cut 2 Boros Charm and one Lightning Helix for 3 Atarka's Command since you have a good chance to have 3 or so creatures on the board forcing bad blocks or 6 damage from one spell.

PH01 on From Sea to Shining Seeaaaaaa

3 days ago

You could have Boros Charm over Lightning Strike or maybe even Lightning Helix. You will need to change the mana a little to support the white slash a little more though.

Coinman1863 on Burn It Down

3 days ago

Lets answer your question in the description:

I would personally go for the Boros burn as you take tons less damage from shocks in the Boros line than from Nacatl. Also allows you to play more Boros Charm and some Lightning Helixs. Also this land base costs (monetarily) less since you have less shocks.

This also opens up a ton of options in the sideboard like Leyline of Sanctity, to hose 8-rack, jund, and burn mirrors. Also Wear / Tear to deal with opposing Twins and Leylines.

Since you know what direction your main board will go, here are some suggestions for your board. Cut two Anger of the Gods and and two Pyrite Spellbombs for two Roasts (for them Goyfs, Tassigurs, Anglers, and Spellskite) and two Rending Volley (for Hatebears and primarily twin).

Here is my Boros Burn list which came in third in the last T/O Modern Tourney, RDW Funsies, which may provide some insight into the realm of Boros Burn.

Hope this Helps.

kmcree on Through the Fire and the Flames

4 days ago

NateJH: 1) It really depends on the deck I'm facing. I'll usually try to use hand disruption t1 and 2 to strip them of removal, and then drop Mentor t3 or 4. But against more aggressive decks or interactive decks like Storm, I'll push to get Mentor out ASAP.

2) Mentor doesn't offer advantage on his own. The advantage comes from his interaction with all the other spells in the deck. He is an engine that adds value and utility to everything else I play. Goyf is stronger on his own, but doesn't add as much value to other cards.

Shathief: Glad to see you like the deck. To be honest, I've switched the sideboard a little too in the list I play on paper. The Mirran Crusaders were for Junk and Boggles. I've since replaced them with Kor Firewalker to deal with Burn. The Boros Charm were originally for decks with Wraths, but they've been underwhelming. I've been considering dropping them, probably for something like Molten Rain to deal with Tron, although Path to Exile does tremendous work against Wurmcoil Engine.

The Shadow of Doubt is really just for testing. I've seen it hyped quite a bit, including on this site, and so I figured I'd give it a shot. So far in a handful of games its been neither impressive or disappointing. It'll stay for now until I see more results one way or the other.

Shathief on Through the Fire and the Flames

4 days ago

I Have been running your old list for the last few months as my go to Modern deck and it has been holding up really well - I have messed with the SB a bit though.

What match ups are you siding in the:2x Boros Charm2x Mirran Crusader

and why did you add in the 1x Shadow of Doubt

Cost RW
Converted cost 2


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Gatecrash Uncommon


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