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Boros Charm


Choose one — Boros Charm deals 4 damage to target player; or permanents you control are indestructible this turn; or target creature gains double strike until end of turn.

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Boros Charm Discussion

zandl on Aetherspouts...hmmmm?

1 hour ago

The Golgari Charm / Boros Charm argument is actually valid, as a single Boros Charm at the right time can lose you the game as a control player.

KrosanTusker on Modern Acts of Burn (Help Wanted)

3 hours ago

Just a heads up -- Broodhatch Nantuko isn't legal in Modern.

+1, I like the deck. Have you considered cards like Boros Charm , to ensure your guys survive the Act and then have a clear field to swing in next turn?

tastyichigo on Slives

8 hours ago

To be completely honest, you need red slivers to speed up your game. You want to make this deck as aggro as possible and your sliver deck just seems so defensive, which it shouldn't be. Whats the point of a Dissolve if they are going to Supreme Verdict you anyways? I say just kill them fast. My suggestion is replace Dissolve with Boros Charm which is effectively one mana cheaper and can be a very strong offensive approach as well. Also don't be scared of running higher cost creatures. Manaweft Sliver is amazing at getting fatty slivers out. Use that to your advantage. You have plenty of land and ramp. I suggest getting rid of Sentinel Sliver and sideboard Diffusion Sliver against burn and black removal decks. You need to run aggressive cards like Striking Sliver , Battle Sliver , and Megantic Sliver . I don't want to tell you too much since in the end this is your deck but keep working at it!


13 hours ago

I'd say red. That way you can maximize on the double strike guys (Prophetic Flamespeaker and maybe Two-Headed Cerberus ). You can get creatures with trample. Shrapnel Blast is really good. Until rotation you have Boros Charm and Legion Loyalist . You can play Hamerhand. Maybe even rock my goodfriend Scrapyard Mongrel . On a totally unrelated note: What equipments do you plan on running. oh and before september comes Fencing Ace might be a good buddy.

InstantSquirrels on 3-turn win

17 hours ago

You should consider:Akroan Skyguard Fabled Hero Boros Charm

Lightning Strike doesn't seem super necessary for what you're going for.

BarryS on Red Deck ALWAYS Wins! (Please help!)

18 hours ago

i wouldn't run more than one thunderous wrath at best in main, and wouldnt run magma jet. Unfortunately your best bet vs leyline is to run lands like City of Brass for sideboard tech like Destructive Revelry . but the upside of that is it gives access to powerful burns like Boros Charm and Bump in the Night . Some multi color burn decks like to take out Vexing Devil . He's good, but sometimes its just better to have a more consistent burn spell (turn four topdeck he beckomes pretty bad). Keening Apparition and Ronom Unicorn are also powerful side tech vs leyline, especially since they can beat face even if they didn't draw/mull into leyline

TheGamer on Let's discuss the future of ...

20 hours ago

There is already a list floating around my LGS that actually is doing pretty good at the standard events there. The deck's main focus is to cast lots of artifacts using Chief Engineer to give the high costing ones convoke. The deck also runs the 4 Generator Servant and 4 Shrapnel Blast you mentioned. It makes Scuttling Doom Engine an immediate threat, and can deal up to 17 damage when paired with Shrapnel Blast . The list also uses a consistent Ornithopter turn 1, Ensoul Artifact turn 2 for early aggression. Along with that, there is Darksteel Citadel to get an indestructible 5/5 creature.

There is another build that consistently wins turn 3, and if not turn 3 always turn 4. It goes something along the lines off this:

Turn 1: Judge's Familiar , Ornithopter

Turn 2: Ensoul Artifact on Ornithopter , swing for 6. (12)

Turn 3: Boros Charm on Ornithopter for double strike, then Rubblebelt Maaka for 19. (-7)

The deck is very consistent. Obviously if youre not big on taking risks, then you go the Chief Engineer build.

I have also been brewing up my own version of the deck, and this version is RUG Artifacts. The deck splashes Green for Elvish Mystic (ramp to get out the big creatures), Chord of Calling (to get out Soul of New Phyrexia , Scuttling Doom Engine , and if you're in a bad position, Chief Engineer ), and most importantly Life's Legacy . A sac outlet for doom engine to not only deal 6 damage, but to refill your hand.

Skitterkulk on Lord of the Hives

1 day ago

thanks for the thoughts. I was looking at Ranger's Guile I already have Boros Charm in there for the two job burn finisher and protection but that doesn't stop exile effects (of which there are tons). I want to stick with Naya (other than the sliver hivelord) colors to keep it aggressive. My only sources for black are the mana confluence so we'll avoid Golgari Charm but I can't believe I never really looked at that one the whole past several years. I might have played Golgari. Ah well. Let's see what I can do for spot protection against exile.