Boros Charm


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Uncommon
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Boros Charm


Choose one —

  • Boros Charm deals 4 damage to target player.
  • Permanents you control are indestructible this turn.
  • Target creature gains double strike until end of turn.
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Boros Charm Discussion

FinancedLoki on Modern Jeskai Tempo

1 day ago

Thanks for the feedback! These are definitely some cards I'll want to add in. However, my price limit may stop me from adding some of these, such as Lightning Helix or Monastery Mentor. If I put Boros Charm in the sideboard and ditch Distortion Strike then I may be able to add in Soulfire Grand Master and maybe a couple Lightning Helix, both of those cards look awesome!

aholder7 on Modern Jeskai Tempo

1 day ago

Your deck seems to be going somewhat in the tempo direction. i think you could probably drop the Distortion Strikes for 2 more creatures (any of the ones you currently have 2 of should work). i'm not sure if Mantis Rider is the best card for you. not that it's bad, its just that it has a lot of strong competition in the form of Monastery Mentor, Soulfire Grand Master and your other 2 drops that you don't have 4 ofs yet. (mentor is a bit pricy for the budget you set, so i'd understand if hes a no go).

also Boros Charm is nice in the fact that it can protect your cards and give one of your creatures double strike, but you may find that its more niche than say Lightning Helix. the charm might be better suited to your sideboard. the 1 extra damage that it offers on players doesn't really matter all that much unless you are full tilt burn.

Marid on Sliver Infestation

2 days ago

Hello. I've been thinking about adding Animar to my own slivers deck and decided to see if anyone did it before, and the only person who did, if the source I used is to be believed, is you. And, while I here, why not suggesting a thing or two that I have found interesting to add to my own slivers deck?

There are two things that must be said first, however. First one - I'm playing online and this I don't know anything about the card prices, so please excuse me if I'll suggest something that costs as much as ten such decks would cost without suggested card. The second thing is that I'm playing slivers in response or at EOT, "draw-go" either way, with the exception of artifacts/enchantments/ramp and with Overlord searching for quicksliver before any other sliver. Different approach means different needs, so some card I'll suggest will suddenly appear not as useful.

Now, when I'm done with the introductory part, let's start suggesting stuff!

First of all, there's really easy-to-gather combo for sliver overlord that uses Amoeboid Changeling. It's fetchable with Overlord because it's also "sliver", it can give your ramp creatures the powers of slivers (to save them from boardwipe or to return to the hand with hibernation sliver to use again if that triggers ramp - like with Wood Elves), but that's not what it's used for in the most cases. The idea is that you can make something like Ulamog sliver with Aboeboid's ability and then take control over it with your general's second ability, and it will be yours forever. And, well, you can give sudden boost to someone's attacking or blocking creatures by turning such creature into sliver, giving it things like regeneration, color protection or anything else your slivers have.

Everyone uses slivers in his or her own way, so I think I shouldn't comment on your collection of creatures, but Firewake Sliver looks just better than Reflex Sliver. And I also think there are better evasion abilities for slivers than trample (like Ward Sliver, but he is more expensive to cast indeed).

Next, suggestions. I can't imagine how Sliver Overlord deck can be played without Training Grounds - it's so cheap and useful and comboes so great with two of four our most powerful slivers (Overlord and Queen) (queen would need something else to finish the combo, like Basal Sliver). There's also Aluren, it is useful (but dangerous against some decks) by itself, but with training grounds it means that we can summon all the slivers with CMC less than 3 in one turn. All of them!

Judging with burgeoning, you must be playing multiplayer games mostly. Don't you suffer from boardwipes, I wonder? Because I was forced to add some boardwipe protection, but I managed to make it with some value. I use (depending on the mood) one of the following three spells:

1) Boros Charm. It's cheap, it protects our artifacts and enchantments too and it can be used as combat trick with double-strike mode (works good with our 7-damage commander sometimes).

2) Eerie Interlude. It can save slivers from just against anything, including overloaded rift and merciless eviction (WELL, there is one exception - split second removal), it can retrigger our ETBs and it will untap our creatures (works well with manaslivers and other slivers with activated abilities)

3) Ready / Willing. It untaps too, but also have some additional tricks in sleeves.

Feel free to add any of these!

Well, I'm using a few tutor spells, so having just one protection spell is enough for me, so I'm not sure it will be as useful for you - but these cards must be better than cauldron of souls anyway, right?

If you don't think you'll be able to cast protection in time, there are always things that can be done afterwards - and I mean some graveyard manipulation. You have Patriarch bidding already, but there are also things like Living Death, Creeping Renaissance and Elixir of Immortality (it's okay to shuffle things into library because we can tutor them with our general anyway).

I also wonder why are using Cloud key, not Helm of Awakening?

And even if you're not playing at EOT like me, Seedborn Muse can at least allow you to search your library for slivers at your opponent's turns.

Crib Swap is fetchable removal - it has drawback of giving your opponents one sliver, however, and it can be disastrous with Necrotic Sliver on the battlefield.

Bloom Tender is also good manaramp for 5-colored deck.

Well, there are also 80 cards I'm considering adding, but I think I shouldn't suggest thing I'm not using myself, so let's stop here!

So, I'm done, I think? I can only hope it will be of some use for you. And thank you for sharing your deck - I was able to find/learn a few things here too!

Love-in-Theory on Zedruu FFA

5 days ago

Ocelot44 - I dunno how it got off the list lol. Boros Charm needs to find a home in here, I agree.

Ocelot44 on Zedruu FFA

5 days ago

So uh...where's the Sunforger? If you were still running it, I'd suggest adding Boros Charm so someone doesn't just Obliterate your entire board

Rusty_Shackleford on Heavenly Horde

5 days ago

I think the three most important features of any Kaalia deck are: (1) ramp, (2) haste effects, and (3) protection for Kaalia herself so that you can ensure an attack on turn 3 or 4 at the latest.

I would recommend cards that do one or more of those things: Lightning Greaves, Swiftfoot Boots, Mother of Runes, Boros Charm, Hall of the Bandit Lord, Slayers' Stronghold, Boros Signet, Coldsteel Heart, etc.

Also, because the Kaalia plan doesn't always work, I think it's important to have 5 and 6-mana creatures that you can reasonably expect to hard cast. Possibilities include Baneslayer Angel, Thundermaw Hellkite, Stormbreath Dragon, Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon, Archangel Avacyn  Flip, Kokusho, the Evening Star, Yosei, the Morning Staretc.

Check out my Kaalia build, which is a very aggressive version, for more ideas and to see how you might balance the deck.

ehuez on RW allies 3rd turn win for 50$!

6 days ago

Dear keevel,

I do not play protection against sweepers, because I have Browbeat and Return to the Ranks, which help me rebuild board position again. In this type of deck you can not hold 2 mana for Boros Charm unused, you must play as fast as possible.

I would not recommend playing Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Tuktuk Scrapper. These cards are very slow. My deck is able to win in 3rd turn so these cards are useless.

Against artifacts is Fragmentize great.

keevel on G/W Ally Claws

6 days ago

I love Ally Decks and although I went RW with mine, (Allied Boros Legion), this WG take is really cool. +1

I even like the token Sub Theme.

If you're keeping the high casting cost fatties, Harabaz Druid is a great accelerator.

I like the take on Oran-Rief Survivalist but think he can be in a deck with Hada Freeblade and Kazandu Blademaster.

The protecting the ranks you did with Hero of Goma Fada was something I also tried to do in my deck. I did Boros Charm Which doesn't fit here, but I also augmented that with Kabira Evangel, which has turned out to be amazing. It protects and it can make my guys unblockable by whole swaths of blockers.

You do need 1 drops, Expedition Envoy is also your friend.

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