Boros Charm

Boros Charm

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Choose one Boros Charm deals 4 damage to target player; or permanents you control are indestructible this turn; or target creature gains double strike until end of turn.

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Boros Charm Discussion

beeplus on Uril gonna hate me...

22 hours ago

Just came across this deck as I'm also working on a Uril deck looking for ideas. I've found that Hyena Umbra is usually better than both Blessing of the Nephilim and Ethereal Armor. I would also suggest Nature's Lore and/or Wood Elves instead of Kodama's Reach because you can fetch your shock lands and it doesn't come into play tapped. Use Skyshroud Elf in place of Druid of the Anima since it can tap for all 3 colors, and you can channel all your mana through it (strictly better). Eidolon of Countless Battles seems costly, for same bestow CMC you can get Angelic Destiny or Ancestral Mask for even cheaper.

Soul's Fire is interesting. I didn't know this card, I wonder if it might play better than Boros Charm since you can potentially do triple damage, or play it the end of another players turn. Eldrazi Conscription is nice, good target for Academy Rector. I like Replenish and I want to get one. I'm also considering Rest in Peace since it seems a lot of EDH decks use the graveyard much more than my deck. I have only Eternal Witness and Rancor that deal with the graveyard.

Tomnofx on Vanilla Stompy!

1 day ago

Collected Company would be great for sure. Thanks for the suggestion.

I got carried away. My bad. xD

Wouldn't Asceticism turn off the ability of Muraganda Petroglyphs? It's only going to be a casual deck at best. Boros Charm would be nice too. I'll be taking the Rancor's out and make a few changes. Thanks for the suggestions.

JubleLemonSeed on Vanilla Stompy!

1 day ago

Maybe consider Asceticism instead of Rancor. Your creatures should be getting pumped enough to deal with most threats, so Asceticism could just provide some defense for your creatures.
Or if you'd rather stick with the offense approach, you could consider Boros Charm to counter removal, and offer some more versatility to your creatures. They'd potentially lose the boost from your Muraganda Petroglyphs for one turn, but they could survive more situations that way.

Collected Company would also be pretty good in this.

CurdBrosBrewingCo on Jeskai Prowess Unblockable

1 day ago

scorpix & Chronoloco- In regards to Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest. I have tried Monastery Mentor, Ojutai Exemplars, Thundermaw Hellkite, and other options at the top end and Shu Yun continually out performs them (with the exception of Thundermaw, but the deck can't support a 5 drop).

In terms or simple card evaluation in a vacuum, you are correct, Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest is not a great three drop in terms of power level for modern. However, in this deck, he has been great in play. He has won countless games on his own and is the second best creature (Geist) in midrange battles. Most of the time he will swing for 10+ damage on his own.

He lacks evasion, but typically by the time he is played the other opponent has utilized their removal spells on the first couple of threats I have played in the game and/or I have protection for him. He only has to live for one turn to end the game in most cases. Due to his lack of evasion I don't want to see him until later in the game and therefore he is only a one of in the deck, but in play and testing he has been an all star.

With all of that said, I am always open to making the deck better. What other options do you feel are better for the top end of the deck? I never I assume I have all the answers and I have been helped numerous times by members of this site to make my decks betters (I'm pretty sure scorpix has helped me in the past). I am open to cutting any card if a better option exists and is better in testing.

I LOVE Monastery Mentor and I have tried Monastery Mentor in testing. Monastery Mentor is a great card, but is simply seems too slow for the top end of this deck. We typically win with reach and he takes several turns to take over the game. I have built a more controlling version of this style of deck with him, Young Pyromancer, Haze of Rage, Boros Charm, etc. The controlling version is a lot of fun to play, but is not yet as competitive as the more aggressive tempo version listed above. I will list it on TappedOut shortly.

As another aside, I have added the maybe board to include cards that have been played in this deck before during the building process to give an idea of where the deck started and how it has evolved. Thank you for the help and the +1 votes!

philktoken8998 on philktoken8998

1 day ago

Ok. Let me know. If you still need the vault we can work something out. Maybe some Boros Charms or something. I'm sure I can pick something.

Metroid_Hybrid on Board wipes.

3 days ago

In that case it sounds like your strategy would want ways to avoid board wipes (ex. Boros Charm), but I generally don't play EDH, so I could be wrong..

sonnet666 on Need some advice on how ...

4 days ago

A few things:

Dictate of Heliod, and Crescendo of War are better anthems than most of what pahamaki listed (except Cathars' Crusade, beautiful card). As is Glory of Warfare, Archangel of Strife, Balefire Liege, and Gratuitous Violence. In general you should never be running anything that gives your creatures less than +2/+2 unless your commander is, in and of itself, a token producer. It wastes slots.

("But, but, but... Some of those are symmetrical! I can't have my opponents getting power ups. That's bad!" Who cares? So long as your 1/1's can trade with their big scary high cost creatures, it's a win for you. Just play Archetype of Courage and give everything first-strike.)

Oh, and how could I forget Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite?

And here are all the possible heroic enablers: Anoint, Change of Heart (you can play it after attacking), Seething Anger, Conviction, Crown of Flames, Flickering Ward, Ghitu Firebreathing, Shackles. As you can see there are only eight. Consider some tutors or Sunforger to get them out reliably.

Looking over your deck zephramtripp, I see a lot of one shot instants and a lot of small creatures that don't really do very much. I know I'm going to get some flak for saying this, but there's no reason that either of those things should be in a commander deck. You should cut most of the one shot spells (i.e. all of your instants and sorceries other than Fury of the Horde, End Hostilities, Boros Charm, Secure the Wastes, and Wear / Tear) for anthems and the heroic enablers, and cut all the small creatures for efficient token producers. Go for things that can make at least 3 bodies: Hero of Bladehold, Assemble the Legion, Siege-Gang Commander, Martial Coup, Militia's Pride, Promise of Bunrei, Twilight Drover, Springjack Shepherd, Evangel of Heliod, Cloudgoat Ranger, Conqueror's Pledge, Elspeth Tirel, Geist-Honored Monk, Increasing Devotion, Knight-Captain of Eos, March of Souls, Nomads' Assembly, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Storm Herd, Dragonmaster Outcast, Rakka Mar, Emrakul's Hatcher, Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Goblin Marshal, Chancellor of the Forge, Shrine of Loyal Legions, Spawning Pit, Trading Post, Wurmcoil Engine, Goblin Trenches (more of late game card), Rise of the Hobgoblins, Kjeldoran Outpost, and Kher Keep.

Also some other good options for draw are: Outpost Siege, Endless Horizons, Land Tax, Liar's Pendulum, Mentor of the Meek, Mask of Memory, Slate of Ancestry, Memory Jar, and Sword of Fire and Ice

Also red/white aggro can reliably satisfy the conditions of both Spinerock Knoll and Windswept Heath, so there's no reason not to include both.

But seriously though, consider changing your commander to Jor Kadeen. CommanderTheory explains it better here than I ever could: (link).

pahamaki on Need some advice on how ...

4 days ago

I would actually urge you to go wide with soldier (token) tribal, boosting your side up from their weenie status, and then giving them trample with Anax and Cymede.

  • Anax and Cymede provides a mass boost, where the trample is clearly more important than the +1/+1. The goal should be creating a table position where trample matters enough to do a nice bit of damage. I'll get to triggering this effect reliably later.

  • Red and white both excel at token production, and soldiers are a prominent tribe in both colours. Rise of the Hobgoblins, Martial Coup and any number of "put a crapload of white soldier tokens into play" should help you here. If possible, focus on either creatures as token production, or spells that do something else in addition to token production to get maximum value.

  • White is good at boosting creatures. Glorious Anthem, Marshal's Anthem, Cathars' Crusade and so on help you a lot. Soldiers as a tribe have some pretty good lords, such as Captain of the Watch, Auriok Steelshaper, Aven Brigadier (which has pretty cool art, btw), even including oddballs like Cenn's Tactician. Also, focusing on soldiers as a tribe allows you to benefit from Obelisk of Urd, Coat of Arms and Konda's Banner. This should make your dudes big enough for the trample to be an actual threat.

  • You'll want to reliably trigger Anax and Cymede once your board is good and ready to blow out. To this end, I'd veer away from instants and sorceries, and rather focus on enchantments: both red and white have a bunch enchantments with built in bounce: Conviction, Crown of Flames (and its many variants, there's a number of these things), Flickering Ward and Mark of Fury to name a few. These cards mean that you can repeatedly trigger your commander's Heroic ability. Then there's stuff like Spirit Loop, which you can't bounce at will, but will get back if Anax and Cymede die.

  • Card draw is a challenge for these colours. You should look into artifact options like Mind's Eye and so on to guarantee a full grip. Inheritance is a pretty ghetto white option, and red has a number of Wheel of Fortune effects. Also, focusing on ramp which can be cashed in as cards later helps: Mind Stone, Commander's Sphere and Boros Cluestone at least. White has tutors for enchantments and artifacts, look into those for consistency.

  • Finally, support and removal: Purphoros, God of the Forge is really strong with a token strategy, Aurelia, the Warleader is really good too. Maybe stuff like Angelic Skirmisher would do: remember that you get a multiplied benefit from any mass effect like that if you have the most dudes on the board. Legion's Initiative and Boros Charm protect you from boardwipes nicely. As for removal, well, white is the best colour for wraths, you should play into that. Also, there's reusable stuff like Shackles to tie in nicely with the enchantment use in general, which is good for making the most of tutors (and you can even Shackles your own Anax and Cymede in a pinch :D).

Color(s) Red White
Cost RW
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 2.45
Avg. cube pick 11.96


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Gatecrash Uncommon

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