Boros Charm

Boros Charm


Choose one Boros Charm deals 4 damage to target player; or permanents you control are indestructible this turn; or target creature gains double strike until end of turn.
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Boros Charm Discussion

jsansoldo on Naya Burnin' Down The House!

4 hours ago

Oh, and there is more! With 4 dmg, Firecraft is outside the usual "Bolt Range". This make you more flexible. People assume Burn have mostly 3 damage cards. Usually, our only 4 dmg spell is Boros Charm, that cant target creatures. They use Deceiver Exarch because of his 4 HP. With Firecraft, you can kill it in response to Splinter Twin.

Also, since most players fear the "Bolt Range", they tend to avoid going to 3 or less HP vs Burn, but will crack that fetch to 4 HP without a second thought in a close game. They might think: "The only spell that can kill me is Boros Charm, and I still have Spell Pierce ready, so I can crack it to combo...". And now they are dead.

3 manas for 4 uncounterable dmg is a good deal.

wwhitegoldd on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

6 hours ago

I have been playing burn since before Boros Charm and personally I think, in this meta, Lightning Helix is the worst card in the 75. I don't main any (instead I run 4 Searing Blaze) and there is only one in my side. I don't like it in the mirror because the chance of being in the burn match up and drawing 1 of 2 copies is low and I'd rather just have blaze anyway because killing there creatures and not losing tempo is a huge part of winning the match. And in every other match up besides the mirror it's just so much worse than helix. Besides the mirror, I have never lost a game with burn where 3 life would have made a difference. If I'm losing. I'm losing hard. (large goyfs, tasigur, twin on the beat down plan but with a handful of counter spells). And with all the Merfolk, zoo, and Jund I'd soooo much rather be killing a nacatl or lord or tarmogoyf, (blocking is a thing) or especially a scooze and NOT LOSING TEMPO than dealing 3 to the face and gaining 3 or, worse yet, killing a creature and gaing 3. If you get rid of the creature you don't need the life. 4 Searing Blaze also helps the AWFUL game one match up against affinity.

In the side it's even worse. The only match up where I want it is the mirror, and then Firewalker/Dragon's Claw is just better.

Deflecting Palm is great as a 2 of in the side. But in my experience DO NOT side it in against jund. All you have to do is race them and deflecting palm is just way to circumstantial.

Ad Nauseum favors burn. Tip one, kill any artifact ramp they play. (If they suspend a Lotus Bloom, when it comes off of suspend revelry/destroy it at the end of there upkeep and they won't get the mana.) Tip two, if they have an unlife out don't kill there ramp and wait for them to use it to cast Ad Nauseum then kill the unlife in response. Tip three, DO NOT side board in deflecting palm as they draw there entire deck and thus will have a pact in hand. Tip four, side out blaze and/or helix. Not Eidolons. This last one may seem obvious, but I was stupid ounce and sided out eidolons. BAD IDEA.

Errast on Mardu Aristocrats

9 hours ago

I've got a few suggestions for this list after digging around tappedout for a bit. These aren't cards that need to be in the list, but I do believe they serve their purpose, and should at least be considered.

theasianv2 on XIX Kallia

11 hours ago

Take out sunblast angel (will kill kaalia and itself on entry)Avatar of slaughter -> Savage BeatingSunblast angel -> Steel HellkiteOb Nixilis, the Fallen -> Lord of the VoidAngel of the Dire Hour -> Akroma, Angel of Wrath most og the time your doing the attackingBoros Charm is always helpful against boardwipes

just some suggestions, overall make it how you want so thats it's enjoyable for you

orionwinterfire on how dumb is this

20 hours ago

My current thoughts: Mogg Maniac, Boros Reckoner, & Spitemare are the core of the concept. Everything else should revolve around them.

Goblin Diplomats to make my opponents swing at each other. Must be careful using this one, and useless with fliers.

Wall of Hope is mostly to combo with Arcbound & Blasphemous Act. Doubles as 1-drop reason for would-be attackers to look elsewhere.

Arcbond- beautiful finisher, but conditional on having the right opportunity.

Boros Charm- with no card advantage, the flexibility is important. Creatures surviving combat damage or Blasphemous Act is imperative.

Valorous Stance- see Boros Charm. And I figure that some removal is a good plan in case of evasive creatures.

Blasphemous Act- holy crap.

Dictate of the Twin Gods- very explosive for this deck. I chose it over Furnace of Rath for flash. Possible quadruple damage is hard to pass up, but it has occurred to me that without it I could also lower the land count a tad . . .

So, any thoughts on this? I could also chat about the maybeboard pros/cons.

aeonstoremyliver on Literal Modern Deck Help

1 day ago

Naya Zoo isn't horrible, but not exactly a strong Tier 1. It's more of a 1.5-2 or so. Def got better with Collected Company, though.

If you did want to take Zoo to another level, the better lists run Tarmogoyf, if you can afford them. If not, Scavenging Ooze and/or Knight of the Reliquary are decent substitutes. Domri Rade is also very much at home in Naya Zoo.

Other spells to include are Lightning Helix, Path to Exile, and Boros Charm.

TheProphet333 on Red and White Strikers copy

3 days ago

I like the deck, thanks for the credit too even though this deck looks completely yours! Serra Avenger and Firemane Avenger seems like better drops in this situation than Akroma, Angel of Wrath and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight to help smooth out the Mana curve issues Red and White Strikers has. Boros Charm seems like a great addition as well, it looks really flexible.

I do wonder if Glorious Anthem could still find a place in this deck with the removal of a couple Pentad Prisms. Also is there a better 1-drop than Boros Recruit? The solider typing kind of throws off the synergy with Knight Exemplar.

thewyzman on "Greet Death With Sword In Hand"

5 days ago

15 lands seems awfully light, and Magmatic Insight will cost you another. I usually start with 17 lands in my TL decks and go from there. Dragonskull Summit would help. I'm building an Alesha deck myself, but don't have a list up yet.

Charms like Boros Charm and Mardu Charm are some suggestions. My local meta is mostly multiplayer (even tho the format is intended to be single), so even Rakdos Charm has use. There's also Orzhov Charm if you need any of its versatility.

I'll be trying out Bone Splinters for removal. I also have a Dreadbore and have found much value in Zealous Persecution to stop those weenie chump blocks.

Creature-wise, I run Vampire Nighthawk, and cards like Thrill-Kill Assassin unleashed (if I intend to use it for attacking. Otherwise, a 1/2 deathtoucher on defense is enough to scare away attackers).

Color(s) Red White
Cost RW
Converted cost 2


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Gatecrash Uncommon


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