Mother of Runes

Mother of Runes

Creature — Human Cleric

: Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

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Mother of Runes Discussion

Davinoth on Sram's Serious Sword [Voltron EDH]

1 week ago

     Wiizy: Indeed, that's true! You're definitely not wrong, but there are a number of creatures in this deck that I don't have much interest in stacking equipment on that are still worth protecting (Mother of Runes, Bastion Protector, etcetera).

     Having the ability to give haste for no additional mana in a White deck is quite valuable with things like Giver of Runes or Stonehewer Giant as well. The Shroud part of Lightning Greaves can definitely be annoying at times, but they still draw me a card, grant haste and equip for zero. In my mind the Greaves are just too useful to not include. =)

JW398 on Arcades Commander Deck

1 week ago

Hello, I have some cards suggestions you could consider.

Chulane, Teller of Tales - Not a defender but provides insane advantage if he sticks.

Mother of Runes - Again not a defender but the protection from spot removal is handy

Spidersilk Armor - Free butt padding and some answers to flyers

Crashing Drawbridge - Enables combos - see below.

Aura Shards - Just be mindful of this one as its really powerful but depends on your group. I play against Zur so its incredibly useful to me. Might not be as useful to you.

Intruder Alarm - allows for infinite combos - Overgrown Battlement for example.

Oko, Thief of Crowns - Still powerful. Shouldn't ever be a dead card.

Concordant Crossroads - Just over $20 atm. Allows you to be incredibly aggressive and allows you to ramp with Overgrown Battlement and the like. Combine this, Intruder Alarm & Battlement/Axebane & Arcades &/or Chulane and you should be able to drop quiet a few if not all your defenders. Crashing Drawbridge can sub for Crossroads in a pinch though.

Worldly Tutor/Mystical Tutor/Enlightened Tutor - Pretty self explanatory. Fairly cheap options that add a tad of consistency

Aluren - Combined with Arcades/Chulane and you drop the entire deck into play.
Im sure there is more but this is what I could think of off the top of my head.

abby315 on Clerics WIP

3 weeks ago

I definitely agree with GoblinElectromancer's suggestions - Clerics were given a lot of new tools to actually win the game in the new set, rather than be supporting characters. I think you need 4x Angel of Destiny, 4x Fiend Hunter, and 4x Cleric of Life's Bond as a good lifegain and removal core. I also recommend 4x Soul Warden.

Here are some other good Clerics in addition to the above that you should consider. In general, I think going a lifegain, rather than a damage prevention, route will be more successful for you. There's a reason they've moved away from damage prevention in white.
Auriok Champion
Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim
Bishop of Rebirth
Bygone Bishop
Edgewalker - but please don't buy any now, as they've spiked and will go back down.
Giver of Runes/Mother of Runes
Mangara, the Diplomat
Selfless Spirit

These cards I think are weak that you can definitely cut for new cards:
Daru Healer
Oriss, Samite Guardian
Pulsemage Advocate
Shieldmage Elder
Ancestor's Prophet
War Report

Caerwyn on Best 1-drops?

1 month ago

To add some to the above: Sol Ring, Land Tax, Exploration, Skullclamp (especially if you have lots of X/1 token generators), and Mother of Runes.

Player3.14 on Sword of Body and Mind …

1 month ago

DuTogira - I actually do already have Swiftfoot Boots and Lightning Greaves in the deck; they're awesome. Cheap and efficient protection. Yet consistency is redundancy, so in addition to Mother of Runes and Giver of Runes, I thought having the swords in there too would make it even more likely that Avacyn isn't bounced/exiled/stolen/etc. The nice thing about the Mirran swords is that they grant a bit of a boost as well as some removal protection and unblockability (though admittedly, as you mention, green removal is almost nonexistent, green flying is pretty rare and green reach is fairly uncommon in practice, so the pro-green for Avacyn doesn't mean as much).

However, given that the cheap protection boots are already in the deck, I was thinking of following Peligrad's advice and using Champion's Helm instead for more comprehensive protection, or maybe just abandoning maintaining that slot as an equipment and adding a creature in there instead. I liked the prospect of having cheap wolves that become indestructible blockers or sac fodder to Plaguecrafter and friends, but that's a pretty small benefit.

Thanks for the advice!

RiotRunner789 on My Deck is my Phylactery

1 month ago

Nice. Down to 5. Basically when your down to just a few left, they all deserve to be there it just depends on flavor or more deserving.

Ghostly Prison and Propaganda: I love these enchantments but you can afford to lose them. You have a RIP and web of inertia combo that does this x100 times better. On top of that you have half a million combos that stop you from taking damage.

Hanna, Ship's Navigator: You have the Heliod land and a mass return spell. This one is slower and less efficient plus with RIP out, useless.

I'm a bit lost on the last two. I'd say cut creatures and I say that because they get hit by the most board wipes and spot removal. Maybe Starfield Mystic. He doesn't help ramp to zur.

Last rec would be to lose either path to exile or swords to plowshares and swap with Blessed Breath or something similar like Mother of Runes to just help keep zur safe (plus protection is a form of evasion).

Player3.14 on Sword of Body and Mind …

1 month ago

EleshNornsFs - The protections are the big thing, though the creature is nice in case I run into sac effects like Plaguecrafter. I actually do have both Giver of Runes and Mother of Runes and I can fetch them up with Ranger-Captain of Eos or the more flexible Recruiter of the Guard. (With only three CMC1 creatures, I'm not sure how much I'd like Ranger of Eos; I'm not sure it does enough for 4 mana). Thank you for the suggestion!

DuTogira - wow, I completely forgot about Umezawa's Jitte. I was a modern player (I only play casually now) so I've always thought of that card as "off limits." But that's a great suggestion! And the price isn't so bad either; it's cheaper than most of the Mirran Swords.

My commander is Avacyn, Angel of Hope, and so I do think the protection from blue is relevant as most creature theft spells are in blue, and having her stolen would be disastrous, though I have some exile removal and Homeward Path. Do you think creature theft would be relevant here? Is this the best way to go about stopping it?

I also like how the protections make her unblockable against the appropriate colors, as with such a large commander, commander damage is a very viable wincon, and it helps get Worldslayer through, too.

Peligrad - Sure! I was mostly focused on the "mill 10" portion of the sword as part of a general discussion, but ultimately, I do want to improve the deck and it seems that the strength of Sword of Body and Mind is much more context-dependent anyway, especially compared to the other swords. Thank you for the offer!

The deck is here:

Heavenly Annihilation Budget

Commander / EDH Player3.14


Previously, this build was listed as "private" up until today as I ironed things out, so please excuse the hastily written description.

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