Murkfiend Liege


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CM1) Rare
Commander 2013 (C13) Rare
Eventide (EVE) Rare

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Murkfiend Liege

Creature — Horror

Other green creatures you control get +1/+1.

Other blue creatures you control get +1/+1.

Untap all green and/or blue creatures you control during each other player's untap step.

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Murkfiend Liege Discussion

Pieguy396 on just keep swimming...

1 week ago

Hi! Looks like a sweet start to a Merfolk deck (a deck I've wanted to build myself for quite a while)! Here are some recommendations:



  • Treetop Village and Lumbering Falls; manlands are so much worse in Commander than in 60-card formats
  • Remote Isle; blue and green have better ways to draw cards than cycling away your lands
  • Vivid Creek and Vivid Grove; green has much better mana fixing
  • Bioshift doesn't really do anything
  • Tideshaper Mystic is the same; cutting one opponent off of mana doesn't do much, and 1/1s for 1 that die to board wipes are mediocre at best.
  • World Shaper isn't really where you want to be; you don't have a ton of graveyard synergies
  • River's Rebuke isn't my favorite board wipe in Commander, even in blue/green. I'd play Devastation Tide instead.
  • Slinn Voda, the Rising Deep just does too little for 10 mana. If you're spending 10 mana on a single card, that card should be winning you the game.
  • Talrand, Sky Summoner, as you don't have a ton of spell synergies
  • True-Name Nemesis is good, but mainly in Legacy. In Commander, a 3/1 that just one player can't interact with is bad.
  • Shapers of Nature is a decent mana sink, but I think you'd rather just be doing something else with your mana.

Hope this helps! If you'd like me to explain some of my choices more, or if you want help on another deck, feel free to leave a comment on my profile, and I'll take a look as soon as I can!

SpaceSpiff20 on Competitive Kraj

3 weeks ago

Cool, deck is good, but since Prophet of Kruphix is banned, you could place in Murkfiend Liege in for it.

Rawries on Shields up! Forward!

3 weeks ago

Spidersilk Armor seems like a cool addition. I'll have to play with the deck a bit more to see if I need it. Murkfiend Liege's last ability seems super powerful, but I want to keep my creatures power as low as possible for the other mechanics I have like boardwipes and the stacks.

Snooktf2 on Shields up! Forward!

4 weeks ago

That and Murkfiend Liege just to have around for static effects.

Cloudius on The Greatest Show on Earth - Merrow Wizardry

2 months ago

KayneMarco Thanks for the upvote and suggestions.

My friends were all using Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca as the Merfolk Commander but I wanted to do something more novel. Derevi fits into the tap/untap theme nicely. The deck has a Wizard subtheme too.

I've considered the cards you recommended when I was building the deck. Supreme Inquisitor and Lullmage Mentor require 4 other wizards and 6 other merfolks respectively to "turn on" their tap ability. In the games I've played using this deck, it is extremely difficult to reach that threshold, given how common board wipes are in EDH.

Galecaster Colossus synergizes well with Seedborn Muse and Murkfiend Liege so I may give it a try. The colossal casting cost was the reason why I didn't include him earlier.

Feel free to try them out and let me know how it goes for you though.

On the topic of Derevi, she helms another of my novel deck, which should be getting popular these days, thanks to the Bant Enchantment deck in Commander 2018. Attaching the deck list below to give you more ideas on how you can build Derevi.

Derevi, the Enchanting Tactician

Commander / EDH Cloudius


Boza on ::Budget:: Trying to Keep Up with Tuned Decks!

2 months ago

I personally went with a Wizards theme to emphasize the counterspells. Ertai, Wizard Adept is repeatable Foil, while Patron Wizard is just amazing at stopping your opponents, when paired with Murkfiend Liege.

Zegana Wizard Control

DarthMeatloaf on Trampoline Teeth

2 months ago

First Edits.


Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal - playtesting the deck just never brought about a situation where it was useful to play this even when I had the pair in my hand.

Stifle - the counter package is in flux. This may go back in later if my meta demands it.

Murkfiend Liege - I originally put it in without thinking enough about how much worse it is when compared to Seedborn Muse. It's useless in this deck.

Simic Initiate - the low CMC wasn't enough to justify leaving it in. The other Graft creatures in the deck all add useful functions that justify the higher CMC.

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir + Venser, Shaper Savant - I put these in the deck partly because they are useful but mostly because I got them recently and hadn't put them into a deck yet.


Exploration - Extra land drops to abuse Tatyova

Jace, Cunning Castaway - For the combo win with Doubling Season

Lifecrafter's Bestiary - Because reasons

Lotus Petal - Because reasons

Nissa, Vital Force - For the utility of her minus abilities

Reclamation Sage - I needed a way to deal with artifacts and enchantments, as I totally lacked the means.

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage - Utility

The reason for slotting in three new planeswalkers is because I clarified the interaction between Pir, Imaginative Rascal and Doubling Season. Specifically that if I have both in play, Doubling Season is allowed to affect PW counters when plus abilities are used.

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