Summary Dismissal


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Rare

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Summary Dismissal


Exile all other spells and counter all abilities.

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Summary Dismissal Discussion

ScourgeOfGod on Baral, and his best friend Counterspells!!

13 hours ago

Also maybe considering Summary Dismissal to the sideboard would be a good idea. Maybe an Aethertide Whale for energy

Kpan on Dynavolt Deadlock Hulk

2 days ago

Cool deck, been playing control for years and it's nice to see some new ideas! Here's some personal adjustments I would make:

Reasoning: You don't need 4 Engulf the shore, with Anticipate, Glimmers, and Gerahulk flashback, you'll find a copy when you need it. Trophy mage seems weak, only good against super aggressive decks to chump, and even then its not that great since you will easily find copies of the artifacts with those card draw spells. More than 1 copy of Rise from the tides is a little overkill, you only really need 1 in a control decks where you want to maximize the amount of early game spells to stay alive. Playset of Gearhulk is almost a must in mono-blue control as a win con and pure value, especially with all the instants and dynavolt towers. Don't underestimate planeswalkers! Jace is a great addition to this deck and my strongest suggestion. Turn 4: Play engulf on their endstep ==> Turn 5: cast jace on your turn on an open board ==> proceed to win.Lmk if you have any questions! :)

Rasanck on Honey Bunches of Nope

4 days ago

Your deck is based around Baral, Chief of Compliance and needs to turn 4x of him to count for removal and consistency. It would also allow you to have a clear dump for Geier Reach Sanitarium if your opponent can't remove baral, so I'd drop 2x Aether Meltdown for 2x Baral, Chief of Compliance .

I'd replace 3x Compelling Deterrence with 2x Unsubstantiate and a Jace, Unraveler of Secrets since you'd be able to remove spells while they were on the stack as well as creatures on the field, possibly allowing you to return your own Torrential Gearhulk to then flash in the gearhulk on the field to use a counter spell or draw spell in your graveyard, and Jace is great mainboard. You also don't have a zombie to activate its other effect, making it worse. You can sideboard these, however.

I'd drop 1x Void Shatter main board and go with a Disallow as disallow also prevents triggered and activated abilities. It's absolutely crazy.

I don't think any of your enchantments should go in this deck as they don't do enough for what they cost as opposed to other cards.. I'd replace 3x Trail of Evidence with 3x Anticipate . 2x Mechanized Production should be dropped for 2x Thing in the Ice  Flip, and 1x Torrential Gearhulk should be dropped for a thing in the ice.

Thing in the ice will flip, returning the gearhulks to your hand, allowing to use them more than just the once.

I'd also drop 1x Engulf the Shore for 1x Crush of Tentacles so you have the chance of removing all of their non-land permanents, not just creatures as well as getting an 8/8 Kraken.

We can gut the sideboard of counter spells that aren't going to change the game and spells you can use to change the game depending on how you're doing. This would leave you with 2x Ceremonious Rejection ,2x Compelling Deterrence , 1x Disallow , 3x Dispel , 1x Jace, Unraveler of Secrets , 2x Rise from the Tides , 2x Sphinx of the Final Word , 2x Summary Dismissal .

The total changes would look like this.

-2 Aether Meltdown Mainboard-2 Mechanized Production Mainboard-3 Compelling Deterrence Mainboard+3 Anticipate Mainboard-3 Trail of Evidence Mainboard-1 Engulf the Shore Mainboard+3 Unsubstantiate Mainboard+1 Jace, Unraveler of Secrets Mainboard-1 Torrential Gearhulk Mainboard+3 Thing in the Ice Flip Mainboard+2 Baral, Chief of Compliance Mainboard+1 Crush of Tentacles Mainboard+2 Compelling Deterrence Sideboard+1 Sphinx of the Final Word Sideboard+3 Dispel Sideboard-1 Negate Sideboard+2 Rise from the Tides Sideboard-1 Horribly Awry Sideboard-1 Westvale Abbey Maybeboard-1 Rise from the Tides Maybeboard-1 Thing in the Ice Maybeboard

What do you think?

emrakulinsmugglers on UR a stormchaser mage, Harry

1 week ago

i've noticed that Thing in the Ice  Flip and Young Pyromancer don't work well, one flips returning all non horrors and also is a big board presence, while the latter makes creature tokens that would be returned, i.e. erasing the tokens. go all in on either of them, so thing in the ice is still good without ruining your own board. Spell Snare could just be sideboard, since not every deck plays a 2 drop when you happen to have your 1 of in your hand. maybe try a Disallow, since it is so versatile. also sideboard Summary Dismissal could work, since it essentially kills all spells, also ruining any ability that may have popped up (e.g. Glen Elendra Archmage). Mishra's Bauble helps thin your deck (for consistency), and also gives you information of your next card, so you already know if your delvers will flip before your next upkeep. Also good cantrip, since it's 0 mana. +1 for the name lol

Jwillette72 on Blue Black Budget Control v1.1

2 weeks ago

I understand! If you were to ever remove something though, I'd think about removing Murderous Compulsion As you have no way of discarding cards and the fact that the creature has to be tapped, and it's only sorcery speed makes it the weaker of your removal cards. I definitely understand though for not putting in Decoction Module I should have thought about that too! If you do ever think about removing Murderous Compulsion I'd think about Dispel, Disallow, Fabrication Module, Ceremonious Rejection, Summary Dismissal, and Painful Truths. As I've been commenting here you've given me some ideas of my own to try! Thanks!

Argeaux on Dirty touch

2 weeks ago

I think Succumb to Temptation would be a good addition to let you draw faster into your threats.

I run a similar Control build Cast a Shadow. You need more Control of the early game to get you time to set up your mid to long range pieces.

All of these need to be a playset:

2x Fatal Push
2x Grasp of Darkness
2x Murder

That way you won't "miss" any Creatures or other threats you want to take down.

There are a whole range of Counter spells you could be using.

Have a think about:

Ceremonious Rejection
Turn Aside
Overwhelming Denial
Summary Dismissal, etc.

At the moment that deck can't do what it aims to. It just needed better supportive cards.

A Sideboard would be excellent, too. That's where Ruinous Path usually lives.

xyorrk on Trigger Happy

3 weeks ago


NOOOOO!!! no win cons!!!!! This deck is for fun and confusion. Thats totally the cheap way out anyways. The only counters in the deck either give you a spell for free Spellshift, or completely clear the stack just in case things get waaayy out of control Summary Dismissal and Time Stop. Handy when there's 15 spells under Eye of the Storm

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