Summary Dismissal


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Rare

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Summary Dismissal


Exile all other spells and counter all abilities.

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Summary Dismissal Discussion

lets on Bolas-Grixis Control (HOU Standard)

2 days ago

@ACDAMAN I have a few suggestions for the deck, and I really do like it. First, The Scarab God is completely useless in this deck. Instead, i would run a third Harnessed Lightning, as it is pretty much your only energy sink and you're running 4x Glimmer of Genius and 4x Aether Hub which is quite a bit of energy. Also, you definitely need at least 1x Pull from Tomorrow. You have 12 counter spells; maybe cut 1x Negate or 1x Essence Scatter to run 1x Pull from Tomorrow. Actually, I'd say cutting one of each and put in 2x Pull from Tomorrow. Third, where is the Fatal Push!?!? You're splashing black, make use of it! Black doesn't only have to be for Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh, use it for at least 2 copies of Fatal Push. It looks like you just took a U/R control list and added Nicol Bolas, God-Pharoah, you're splashing black, use it, and a good place to use it is in Fatal Push. Fouth, I think you have too many board wipes. You have 2 in the main and 3 in the sideboard, which is a lot. I get it, you like the card Hour of Devastation (as do I)) but I think three is too many. I think you should instead cut the 1x Hour of Devastation in the sideboard and put back the 1x Negate we cut in the main for Pull from Tomorrow Lastly, Summary Dismissal is a pretty bad card. You would only use it in a control mirror, in which you already have negates and dispels for. Also, it costs four mana, so it would be hard to get use from. I can imagine you see yourself using it in a weird 5 counter spell chain war, but then again, if you're really only using it to counter a counter, a Negate is better and 2 mana less. In a 5 counter spell war, you probably won't even have the four mana necessary to use it open. I would cut the 1x Summary Dismissal in your sideboard to put back in the 1x Essence Scatter that you cut for the second Pull from Tomorrow. Just my suggestions, do with it as you may.

multimedia on Bolas-Grixis Control (HOU Standard)

5 days ago

ACDAMAN, those suggestions are good, other than cutting a land. I wouldn't cut a land for another spell. You want 26x lands because hitting your fourth land drop is very important to play Glimmer.

Here are my thoughts for the main deck (I lean towards more removal main deck because aggro such as Zombies, Mardu Vehicles and Monument decks can be bad matchups):

I like a hardy amount of each main deck creature removal and counterspells. In this case more counterspells because both Censor and Will can also act as draw and/or dig. These amounts allow me game one better chances to draw what I want in a variety of matchups. I can then games two and three better sideboard accordingly to the matchup.

I also like 4x Will, but 3x is fine. 4x Will is nice because it gives the best chance to curve Will into Glimmer into Devastation into Gearhulk.

For the sideboard:

I've omitted Doomfall even though I think it will be very good in Midrange and Ramp matchups, but there's just not room in the side for it.

Another approach to playtest is use more draw, Hieroglyphic Illumination. The thought is since you have more draw you can draw into more options faster. Illumination, Censor, Glimmer and Will make up a robust package of draw/dig. Using Illumination and Censor together to cycle since they only cost one mana to cycle, can give you more early game draw. Example:

  • 4x Glimmer
  • 3-4x Illumination
  • 3x Censor
  • 3x Will

multimedia on Bolas-Grixis Control (HOU Standard)

6 days ago

Looks good, but I think you need more main deck removal, +1.

A 3x Abrade, 3x Harnessed Lightning, 2x Magma Spray with 1-2x more in the side, 2x Hour of Devastation with one more in the side, seems like a good versatile deck removal package. You want a removal spell in your opening hand and I don't think you're playing enough main deck removal. In my opinion Abrade is a more important main deck removal spell for Control than Harnessed because it can instantly kill Gearhulk, Heart of Kiran or Oketra's Monument. These three cards are a problem for Control and Abrade can reliably kill them much more than Harnessed.

Magma Spray is an important card to use especially in the sideboard because it can exile the resilient creatures who are hard for Control to deal with, Scrapheap Scrounger and Relentless Dead. Because of both Abrade and Harnessed you don't also need Fatal Push I would cut it for more Spray in the sideboard.

Consider using Supreme Will as a 4 of. The curve of Will into Glimmer seems really excellent for Control. Being able to turn three use Will to find Glimmer and then turn four use Glimmer to find Hour of Devastation or Gearhulk.

Some good sideboard options are 2x Dragonmaster Outcast, 2x Kefnet's Last Word, 2x Doomfall and 1x Summary Dismissal. Dragonmaster is quite good in Control mirrors and midrange matchups because removal is taken out and since he's only one mana you can protect him. Ramp is back thanks to Hour of Promise and Ulamog is a problem for Control. Both Last Word, Doomfall and Dismissal are good to combat Ulamog. Either exile him from your opponent's hand or in play or cast. Last Word can steal Ulamog for four mana.

Good luck with your deck.

Jamminmagician on Kruphix EDH

1 week ago

While I'm here, I'd replace Dream Fracture with any of Arcane Denial, Summary Dismissal, or straight up Counterspell. The first is the closest to the original intention, but easier to cast and more political (when you counter their win-con, you don't get HATED on because you give them two cards for it, and it replaces itself all the while.
The second is an auto-include for me in any deck that is running blue as it's primary or secondary colour, it is easily one of the best counterspells around and can stop cast-triggers. Very useful if you fight cascade or Eldrazi.
The third is always always your first go to for counterspells. Being able to counter unconditionally by holding up only 2 just doesn't happen anymore, and that's sad.Really like Ertai's Meddling which you have, very versatile because it doesn't let them do anything with the spell and gives the table time to prep for it.
Be careful about Evacuation if you're trying to store mana, because if you can't re-flash kruphix before the phase ends, you lose what you built.I dislike Spell Burst even in kruphix, seems highly mana-intensive to a fault. Although DOES act as a rattlesnake if you cast it with buyback, and if you have infinite mana at instant speed it technically acts as ALMOST an instant-win.
I love cards from Kamigawa but Kaho, Minamo Historian Seems so risky to me, you don't get to activate them right away, they require the mana to put into them, you have to show your table the cards you search for, and if kaho goes, so do your spells.
Oh, and you need a Thought Vessel. Early ramp + no max hand size = teeny kruphix

Illusificate on 3, 2, 1....I Win

2 weeks ago

Hi! Thank you again for commenting on my deck. I figured I would take a look at a few of your decks too. I figured this one was similar enough to my deck that I could give some advice on it, mind you none of the cards i'm going to suggest to you are in my deck. Dream Twist is good, as it has flashback, but Tome Scour takes out two addition cards for the same mana cost, and in total for twice the mana, you only get one more discard from a Dream Twist, as well as being able to make Jace's Phantasm a 5/5 on turn 2 if you have two of it. and Evolving Wilds is only good in multicoloured decks, as it can only fetch basic lands, so you might as well put in 4 islands instead. Summary Dismissal would be good in this deck, being a mill deck, and is a good thing to play on your opponent's turn after they kill your (for example) Consuming Aberration. Also, Dismal Backwater is strictly better and costs less money than Drowned Catacomb. Also, Countersquall is always fun to have, also I would consider adding in a few Swamps, and lands in general, maybe instead of a Jace, Memory Adept and your Archive Trap, seeing as it isn't often an opponent searches their library, especially if there's barely any cards left in it. Basic mill cards like Millstone also are great. Anyways, good luck!

seraph1013 on Bant Flash

3 weeks ago

Thank you, Cicjose

I used to like Summary Dismissal on the eldrazi heavy meta. I just don't know what would we need to use it against.

Thraben Inspector can be a very decent turn 1 play replacing itself, I just wouldn't know what to remove. I have also considered Kessig Prowler  Flip for a 1 mana play that is not a blank in the late game with a sort of relevant subtype.

Cicjose on Bant Flash

3 weeks ago

Summary Dismissal

and just so you have a play on turn 1 Thraben Inspector

Neotrup on Summary Dismissal vs. Infinte Gyre

3 weeks ago

You can.

When Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre is put into a graveyard, it's third ability triggers and is put on the stack. Before the graveyard gets shuffled in, you have a chance to respond by casting spells. If you counter the ability, as Summary Dismissal Does, the end result will be the graveyard staying where it is, with Ulamog in it.

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