Archangel of Thune

Archangel of Thune

Creature — Angel


Lifelink (Damage dealt by this creature also causes you to gain that much life.)

Whenever you gain life, put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control.

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Mythic Rare
Magic 2014 (M14) Mythic Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Archangel of Thune occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.04%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.03%

White: 0.36%

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Archangel of Thune Discussion

SlappyBob on Glittering Company

1 day ago

Oh shit, I totally forgot about Archangel of Thune and Spike Feeder! I used to have the combo in the deck before Collected Company came out. Good looking out! More combos!!

SinAffliction on Triggered by Life

1 week ago

I would suggest Exquisite Blood just on the off chance of getting it and Sanguine Bond . Also Archangel of Thune .

TypicalTimmy on How do you all out ...

1 week ago

So it's not a "combo", so much as a "synergy".

The difference (Purely based in my own braincase) is that a synergy means several cards interact with one-another, allowing tighter play. Each card complements each other card, and together they complement the deck as a whole. For example, True Conviction pairs up lovely with Karlov of the Ghost Council , as does Archangel of Thune .

Combos are when you use one card to interact with another card to gain benefit, then use that benefit to interact with another card.

In my opinion, a synergy is like soup; The blended ingredients all work in harmony together to make a stronger experience. Meanwhile a combo is like a Rube Goldberg Machine; One event leads into another and this causes a chain reaction, which sometimes is repeatable.

With that out of the way, Golos, Tireless Pilgrim is used as the Commander to cheat Bolas's Citadel into play, but honestly you don't need him whatsoever. Cut Golos from the equation entirely.

With Bolas's Citadel , you want to cast Omniscience by paying 10 life. This in turn now means you can free-cast literally everything for the rest of the game (Barring that it stays on the field, which it won't).

It does not interact with Bolas's Citadel , by the way. Citadel is a replacement effect. You are paying life instead of mana. Omniscience is saying you don't have to pay the mana. Well, Citadel is already saying this because you don't pay for a spell, you pay 4 life for a spell. You're already NOT paying the .

Because Citadel is not an option, you don't have the choice on what happens. It's because of the wording.

It says you MAY play the top card of your library. However, if you do you MUST pay the life instead of spend mana. So Omniscience would not assist you here. It helps you for cards in your hand, but not for cards on your library.

However, here's where the synergy happens.

With Vilis, Broker of Blood out, you will draw that many cards off of whatever you play. For example, if you play a spell off the top of your library for the aforementioned 4 life, you'd now draw 4 cards, which are now in your hand and thus may be played for free.

Effectively, the setup works like this: (Assume Citadel, Omni and Vilis are all on the field)

  • Step 1: Look at the top card of your library
  • Step 2: Play it by paying life
  • Step 3: Draw that many cards
  • Step 4: Freecast anything you'd like to in your hand; If you don't have anything you'd like to cast for free, move onto Step 5
  • Step 5: Repeat

So yes, this is actually an extremely strong synergy. You'll end up locked once you hit a land, since you probably can only play one land per turn. So I'd recommend going until you hit a land, and play the land off the top of your library rather than one from your hand. This way, you can continue the synergy past the land you topdecked.

If you venture into Sultai, you can use the plethora of green spells that allow you to play additional lands per turn. This way, you can move past those roadblocks more effectively.

In that case, it becomes a combo with synergistic feels to it. The "combo" is in the synergy they create together.

DPenguin22 on Green/White Lifegain - Feedback Please

1 week ago

Obviously the mana base could be a little better (shocks, checks, etc) but I understand sometimes budget restrictions get in the way of good mana, however those would dramatically improve the consistency of the deck. Also, since you're gaining so much life, shocks wouldn't be as risky as in other decks (not that they're that bad, but still).

Heroic Intervention is a good card, but you might not need so many in the main board, if any at all. It's a good card if you're already beating your opponent and don't want to lose your advantage, but if you're trying to dig for a good answer it's a bit of a dead card.

I like Pledge of Unity as sort of a budget overrun effect that synergizes really well with your strategy, but again its pretty dead if you don't have any creatures on board. Maybe having just one as a finisher would be better.

I'm gonna be honest, I don't think Legion's Landing  Flip is necessary.

I imagine Legion's Landing  Flip is there to be able to ramp into Archangel of Thune , which makes sense, however, you might not need 2 of her. She's incredibly powerful, but maybe best as a 1-of. When you draw her, she can win you the game, but if you don't you can still win the game. Does that make sense?

All that being said, maybe mainboard Charming Prince . He's a great card that is low to the ground, helps you dig for what you need, works with your strategy by gaining life and can even give your creatures pseudo-vigilance or trigger their ETB abilities an additional time. He's an amazing utility piece.

And my final recommendation is Adanto Vanguard . Trust me, this card is a lot meaner and more aggressive than it looks.

PHATJER on King Darien

3 weeks ago

Archangel of Thune , Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Divine Visitation would be amazing additions to this deck.

DemonDragonJ on Theros: Beyond Death Spoilers

3 weeks ago

Coward_Token, since those creatures do not have flash, a player will need to wait until their own turn to summon those creatures, which shall then provide their opponent with plenty of warning about their strategy; if the creatures themselves had flash, the player could summon them during an opponent's turn and then immediately cast another instant, thereby gaining value from them immediately.

Cards such as Archangel of Thune and Rhox Faithmender synergize with themselves, so it is very unfortunate that this creature does not, as well.

DemonDragonJ on A Good Year for Commander ...

3 weeks ago

ZendikariWol, in this particular case, a player will need to wait until their turn to summon that creature, which shall then give their opponent plenty of warning about their strategy; if the creature itself had flash, the player could summon it during an opponent's turn and then immediately cast another instant, thereby gaining value from it immediately.

Cards such as Archangel of Thune and Rhox Faithmender synergize with themselves, so it is very unfortunate that this creature does not, as well.

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